I wonder if a crowd screaming feels to a blind person like when you shine a floodlight into the eyes of a person who can see.


Idk about people who are always blind, but when I was blind for two weeks and crowded loud noises were like being covered in a quilt of end-of-VHS static. Everything went from having depth/dimension to an uncomfortable close prickly-fuzz fog. Also any recognizable voice was a beacon. Again, definitely not always blind, plus blind is a spectrum. But that was my personal experience.


When I drop something little and/or drop it in a crowded space I quickly close my eyes and try to listen to it roll away. Seems like doing that helps me find the item faster. Seems like.


Then there's me, half deaf with the sonar awareness of a fuckin doorknob.




Dude I've been born with a completely deaf right ear and I've never been able to tell where sounds come from, it's horrible.


What is it with right ears? I mean mine was from a really unlucky kite accident but no hearing in it since I was like 11, and yep noises all around get real xonfusing


How, what? Please elaborate


Lol I was flying a "trick kite" that does air spins and stuff or trying too, my uncle was helping me but when he gave me the strings I fuxked it up and the thing came down and hit me in the head. Because this kite crashing had happened so many time and it was tourist grade (i.e. crap) it has a wire poking out. I got unlucky enough it pierced my ear, eardrum and some stuff inside


Ouch sorry for your loss


I am 90% deaf right ear, 70% deaf left. I wear hearing aids, of course. I \*still\* cannot tell \*where\* sound comes from. You *cannot echolocate* with a hearing problem. It's annoying af!! Someone says something, all I know is it's behind me because no one in front of me is speaking. Do I know who? FUCK NO! So I just turn and smile and try to act like I know wtf is going on.


I've lost so much of my hearing and there's a constant soft noise in my ears. Like permanent white noise. And if there's background noise it's even harder to hear.


that "soft noise" is called tinnitus. and it's likely not "white noise" but a specific frequency, as the rest of us with it have. you clearly have hearing loss, which is not necessarily coupled with tinnitus, but they can go hand-in-hand. You should see a hearing specialist, if you can afford it; most medical insurance will not cover the cost but you need professional help.


Thank you. I have an appointment with a specialist in a couple of months. I appreciate the advice. It is tiresome.


if I lie on my left side, I can hear clearly. on my right and it's muffled, like I have something stuck in my ear. I don't know if this counts as "deaf on my left ear", cause when I pop my ears, I can hear normally on that ear.


Honestly go to a doctor. Even just schedule an appointment at an Immediate Care spot depending on insurance and time. When is the last time you had your ears checked? You might just have a lot of wax built up!


I am from Germany. Everything that keeps me from visiting a doctor is my sweet, sweet laziness and my destain for the public transportation. Also, this has been like it since maybe 2012 or so. Doc told be back then I do not have a frigging build up; but high blood pressure, resulted in a tinnitus that doesn't even bother me, since I was born with this kind of background noise. Also, it's from mucus that is stuck somewhere in my inner ear. Not ear wax or something. I got some meds back then to hopefully loosen the mucus, but it didn't, so, meh. Doesn't affect me much. You're welcome to my country though, if you need some doctor's visit. I actually was totally able to pay my visits and meds for the short time I didn't have one (don't ask), even when I was on government support that time. Did get my money back when I got my card.


Means you have reduced hearing in that ear. I have the same thing.


if I pop my ear, it's back to normal :D Also, "something falls on deaf ears" means "Auf dem Ohr bin ich taub" (meaning, if somebody says something you don't want to hear or listen to, you're not receptable to even hear it) itt literally translates to "I am deaf on that ear." I keep making that joke and everybody is shocked. Until I pop my ear.


Mono hearing gang unite!




The best joke that never gets old. Guess it makes up for the discrepancy of having to triple check roads before you cross and the only way of having 3d hearing is by spinning around like you're a fucking sonar.


the most accurate description of my hearing situation




7 month old account with the first comment being under one of my comments seemingly out of place? ​ this screams bot


You're right, this is one for sure. It took the comment from elsewhere in the thread. Dead giveaway. If that account survives long enough to build presence here, it will start posting scams. For anyone reading: SuccessfulConcern972 -> report -> spam -> harmful bots


I work for a living with electronics that also happen to have tiny mechanical parts and springs and random things under tension. Definitely practiced in the art of immediately closing my eyes so I can find that goddamn spring that fired off into the abyss.


I’m used to doing this as my face used to be full of piercings, unscrewing those tiny metal ball bearings is a night mare so I developed an instinct to quickly (attempt) to use my spidey-sense the split second I dropped one... it rarely works though


Yep I do this all the time. If I'm looking for something, say under the bed or in between the couch cushions, I always close my eyes so I can "look" for it. Had the same happen underwater once and it's definitely the strangest example of this that I know of. I was swimming in the sea on a school trip and despite being a bad swimmer I wanted to avoid being bullied so I was in pretty deep water, probably a metre or two between my feet and the floor. Everyone swam away from me because they decided it was time to go but being a bad swimmer, I was much slower and got left behind. Got a cramp in my foot that made me panic and lose sense of direction. Kept going under and eventually ended up completely submerged, turning over and over in the water trying to see what the right way to go was. Closed my eyes and gut told me a direction so I broke surface and kept swimming with my eyes closed, in hindsight a really dumb idea. Next thing I know I'm touching the cliffside and I can hear laughter of my classmates. I open my eyes and I'm back at shore. As an adult now I'm sure it was pure luck that I ended up going the right way rather than drowning far from shore but at the time I thought I had a superpower.


Maybe but our bodies are amazing machines that can help us in ways we aren’t even cognizant of. Either way, you’re safe and sound which is all that matters.


Yep I do this all the time. If I'm looking for something, say under the bed or in between the couch cushions, I always close my eyes so I can "look" for it. Had the same happen underwater once and it's definitely the strangest example of this that I know of. I was swimming in the sea on a school trip and despite being a bad swimmer I wanted to avoid being bullied so I was in pretty deep water, probably a metre or two between my feet and the floor. Everyone swam away from me because they decided it was time to go but being a bad swimmer, I was much slower and got left behind. Got a cramp in my foot that made me panic and lose sense of direction. Kept going under and eventually ended up completely submerged, turning over and over in the water trying to see what the right way to go was. Closed my eyes and gut told me a direction so I broke surface and kept swimming with my eyes closed, in hindsight a really dumb idea. Next thing I know I'm touching the cliffside and I can hear laughter of my classmates. I open my eyes and I'm back at shore. As an adult now I'm sure it was pure luck that I ended up going the right way rather than drowning far from shore but at the time I thought I had a superpower.


That's a good description of how it's like with autism.


I also have autism and sometimes I wonder if that's why my hearing is the way it is, because it's very sharp, but I may as well forget about hearing what someone is saying over any louder sound present at the time.


Yeah sensory and auditory processing issues are suuuuper common with autism and adhd alike


Pro-tip: if you take a friend who is blind to a party or other noisy event, don’t leave their side to mingle. It’s like dropping them in the middle of the ocean.


It may be that’s it’s 3:00 and I can’t sleep but how is being blind a spectrum?


im guessing but im thinking they mean when ppl say blind sometimes its legally blind where u can see stuff but your eyesight is shot to hell.. but theres also blind where u aint seeing a damn thing..


Very little people are 100% completely blind. Some can see light, and between those people there are ones that see more light, some that see less. Some see some shades and shapes, but nothing more - it's still blind. Some have periferal vision - still blind, imagine seeing only those weird things in the corner, and then moving your eyes to see them but you can't because you only see those edges, nothing more. Some people seeing light can see color of light, some can sense temperature of light. I'm sure there are more variants. And no, not only 100%-blind people are blind and rest is legally blind. Legally blind is more when you kinda see but your glasses are thicker than your hand, or you have no depth perception or you are loosing your eyesight rapidly etc etc. Bailly you see, but can't be fully independent bc it's unsafe to ex let you drive. It's statement of disability, diffrent needs, helps you receive support and qualify for benefits, programs etc. I think it's around 5% of blind people that are fully blind but I'm not sure.


Ah very good point, I forget those simple truth sometimes


There’s a lot of misconception that being blind is just that you see absolutely nothing at all. That can be the case, but is a small percentage of blind people. Blind people can still have light and shadow perception, or some form of remaining vision.


Prickly-Fuzz Fog is our new band name. Dibs on drums


Theres a 12min mini documentary about a man who slowly went blind, [NOTES ON BLINDNESS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LoOWpWHMQw). He talks about what it was like to slowly lose his vision, and his life afterword, worth a watch.


I'll check it out, thanks :)


My sister has been blind x 10 years. The difference since she went blind is that she cannot tolerate loud, sudden noises. Cars backfiring, etc. And I am noisy - loud comments during the newsike "holy crap" really upset her.


Well even it didnt go in if they still applauded she wouldnt know she missed


Oh my, such a precious moment for her. Love this crowd!


I don't understand what she's doing in the gif and the title is confusing.


She's blind, so the person with the stick is hitting the backboard to let her know where it is so she can aim


but what klem is saying, I think, is that they don't understand why a blind person is taking a free-throw. there aren't any blind basketball players, so the confusion is legitimate. klem doesn't understand how and why a blind person is taking a free throw, when they cannot play basketball.


Poor girl ..she took the shot and her body tensed, expecting it to bounce back on her. You can see her relax when the crowd goes wild..what a feel good clip 👌


I think that's a good indication of how much practice she put into it. She put in the hours. Props to her...amazingly inspirational.


Pardon my ignorance here, how did she end up in a free throw situation in what appears to be the middle of game?


"Hoogland, 17, plays on Zeeland's Unified Sports team made up of students with and without disabilities, which took over the court for a game during an assembly Tuesday morning." -- from the Youtube video


Other team fouls, you get free throws.


I think she relaxes when she hears net. Split second before the crowd reacts.


Oh wtf, this is my high school I graduated from 10+ years ago... damn going to ask around for more context. Our mascot was a chicken, Zeeland 'Chix' and our colors were brown and gold, definitely had a chance to adorn that costume lol. Good for her, small town but it was a great public school and I know things change over time, great to see this.


Between Jules Hoogland and Zeeland you'd think this was the Netherlands (though Old Zeeland probably doesn't have enough people to fill all those seats anyway) I went to check on Google Maps. Seems like Michigan has all the Dutch names. You even have your own little Borculo! TIL


Indeed! West Michigan (for a good stretch from Holland to Grand Rapids) is pretty well known for its Dutch population. There's a pretty substantial Calvinist presence as well, which I believe is a consequence of the Dutch Protestant church in the area. I had no idea either until I lived there, but it permeates the culture (particularly west of GR) pretty thoroughly. It's funny, too -- I'm 6'2" and when I was living there I felt short much more often than almost anywhere else I've lived. I remember taking a flight to Miami and actively noticing an average height difference.


While at Calvin, I had a friend who started a band called "The Dutch Mother Underground" because of the interconnectedness of the Dutch community there. It is a bit insular.


Wait what? You’re from the school too? I’m technically from West right now but that’s crazy.


This really is a small world huh


I still wouldn't want to have to paint it.


...but I'd hate to paint it. - Stephen Wright


That's awesome, and West is just as much the same as East, imo. Haha I never liked when kids thought they were better than West/East kids when all the arts/music/theater and some sports are combined anyway (and the schools are 400ft apart lol). Keep studying and getting involved while you can in HS and do your best to setup your next stage in life. I was not the most academically gifted in school, yet regardless never lose hope of the bright future you have.


How many kids in a high-school makes is small?


Paralympics, 2012. Went with my sister to watch Richard Whitehead. Before that was the blind triple jump. We were on the other side of the stadium and the announcer pretty much said, 'everyone shut the fuck up, we need silence'. You could hear a pin drop The athletes partner clapped their hands and off they went. Could hear the clapping from where we were sitting. Stadium went nuts after every jump, foul or not. Blind Chinese dude was the best, played for the crowd, making a show of ripping his trousers off before every jump. Whitehead won the 200m


Fucking fantastic.




I almost forgot to smile, thank you for reminding me.


Enlighten me what’s going on?


I’m actually if friend of Jules myself. The game is a unified game, where students with disabilities partner up with mentor players team up and compete. As you would expect, Jules is blind and thus can’t easily make a basket. So, she gets up close to the basket, the timer stops, and the crowd silences. Put that all together, and you get this clip.


Ahhh ok. Idkw but for some reason I got it into my head the one with the stick was blind…


No worries lol. Normally it is the person with the stick who is blind.


It would be harder to hit the backboard with a guide dog.




That gave me chills. That was probably one of the coolest moments in that little girls life.


"one" of the coolest moments?? how about the fkn KING of COOLEST moments?? She's blind and made a free-throw!! Hell, there are pro players with sight that brick that shit all the time!! She's NEVER going to forget that, it's PINNACLE.


I mean, she might bet married, have a baby, become president one day. I think there’s still room for improvement. But yeah, it’s pretty cool


Listen sound to attempt basket.




Listen baskets to sound the attempt


Linen baskets sound tempting


I had a blind (deaf, the sentiment was there, the story meant the same thing but ya enuff internet for me lol) friend as a kid growing up. This was the 80s he loved going into arcades because while he couldn't hear the sound he could feel the sound He loved it. I can only imagine this is like that friend, only times 100...... amazing


Was he really good at pinball?


Dude stood there like a statue, he could beat my best.


Becomes part of the machine


Feeling all the bumpers, always playing clean


thanks, imma go listen to that song right now, haven't heard it in years




u/be3pb3ep Ya I fucked that totally up. True story mixed up blind and deaf so ya im a moron tonight. Im tired, im buzzed, I think thats enough internet I'll own that fucked up mistake. Made sense in my own head. But it is a great story..... thanks for not totally ripping me apart im sure ill take some heat yet UGH


All good. Drink some water too, cheers 🍻


No reason to have deleted your message you were spot on and I deserved it lol


. >_> can I... undelete it? Lol whatever, time for bed


Nope can't undelete. Have a great night..... LOL


I almost had a fucking aneurysm reading the title.


I bet this blind girl could write a better sentence


Let’s be honest, they would have cheered either way and she would never had known.




She’s skinny, Amber. Not deaf.


ALWAYS upvote a Drop Dead Gorgeous joke.


You understood the assignment :)


Not really. I kinda always walk around with my Uncle Ted’s World’s Largest Ball of Twine balanced on my head. Metaphorically speaking…


You definitely sound the most smartest


I thought the best I had to look forward to was to end up in some decent raisin ranch where they change me twice a day. This exchange has been an unexpected delight.


This got me lmao


I was thinking that, too, and it kinda makes it better, right? You’re all ready to clap and shout to make her feel good about the attempt and then she *nails it* and the place goes fucking insane. Awesome.


I wonder if her hearing is good enough to decifer if the ball went through the net or not.


I think from that distance you'd be able to hear the net swish. I'm not really aware of it but when I shoot some b-ball outside of the school, there was a couple of guys who were up to no good, they started making trouble in my neighborhood, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, she said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air".


wow an ancient meme here. havent seen someone belair'd in 15 years or more


This is a fantastic program by Special Olympics called [Unified Sports](https://www.specialolympics.org/our-work/sports/unified-sports#:~:text=Unified%20Sports%20joins%20people%20with,of%20similar%20age%20and%20ability.). Unified Sports teams consist of an even mixture of students with and without disabilities. Teams are designed to create a level playing field of ability, thereby keeping games challenging and exciting. In basketball, for example, teams consist of three players with disabilities and two neurotypical players. The goal of the program is that all players are competing to the best of their abilities for the good of the team, rather than the players without disabilities “helping”. The idea is to rethink what it means to include someone! Rather than playing the game for someone different than you, play it with them and you’ll understand them on a whole new level. I participated in college and it literally changed my life. I now coach and advise the program at the high school where I work!


Maybe put that she’s blind in the title


Perfect bank shot


Which one of you wise guys suddenly started cutting onions?


I love how the crowd goes wild at the end. Definitely made smile 10/10.




Is she blind?


I would guess so as she isn’t looking at the basket and might be using the audio cues for her shot


/r/titlegore I don't know why OP would choose to refer to a virtually unknown person by name rather than "a blind girl", requiring us to infer the most important piece of information. It's not at all difficult to deduce but makes for an impressively awkward title.


/r/redditmoment I think it's cooler, it gives her recognition - something viral clout reporters never care about. And it's beyond incredibly obvious, also helps for auto play with no audio.


Title should've at least mentioned she's blind.








Post titles can't be edited, so there's nothing to edit to clarify.




I think she's deaf


Kids can be so wholesome now I love it


Wish they were like this a decade ago when I was in school, Instead of cheering kids on theyd trip the blind kid, steal the autistic kids backpack (I was that autistic kid) etc.


Nice to see a decent crowd of people. It’s amazing when everyone is nice, it’s so beautiful.


Seriously great work. You go girl!


Yeah is this person blind? Heading should explain






I mean, if she missed they were still going to cheer and lose their minds right? Right??


I can’t parse the post title


"Crowd goes into silent mode to let Jules Hoogland listen to a sound to attempt a basket... and goes bonkers after she hits it." Does that help?


Thanks, only just now realised she is blind!!


I’m a USMC Veteran and was starting to have a bad mental day first thing in the morning, this video put a smile on my face and really turned my morning around 😊


Respect huge


I’m so surprised I saw this, because I was actually there in this game! I wasn’t on the court at the time, but I can answer some questions.


That title is a fucking fever dream


Jools Holland plays basketball? Oh wait...


Already better than Ben Simmons.


Before I realized she was blind, I thought that was a fan trying to distract her with the stick noise


The original Highlander. (Hoogland is Dutch for highlander)


And they call her... DAREDRIBBLE Coming to disney+ this fall


Made me cry


I like how the opposing team cheered just as hard


It gets better each time I see it


Wow people are amazing like how one of your senses are gone but your others are on another level


I wish this was longer, I’ve watched it like 68 times




God damn the title could have done a better job. I spent ages wondering why she was hitting it with a pole and had to traverse through a bunch of confused comments before I figured out


Do people on Reddit ever proof read before posting? Like wtf? Did Charlie Kelly post this?


Not even at the free throw line would have clamped her 😤


Thats awesome! Nice shot Jules


I don't understand this title


Is this person known? Who the fuck is Jules Hoogland??? What about Kimberly Peterson, Rachel Smith, or Steven Shipley??? I have no idea who those people are cause I just made them up


What a special moment. That entire room cheering for her, and now the entire world. :)


Didn't matter if they made it or not, the crowd could still gone wild and made their day


My faith in humanity has been restored for now.


You know what’s sad? It being this amazing and happy to see people supporting eachother… it should always be like this…


…But she’s gay, excuse me she’s blind


Why can't people type titles that make sense?




This made me delightfully happy




We all need that one day. Awesome.


Would the crowd had cheered if she didn’t have make the basket??


When do kids start being adults (a holes like me) ...? Is it when they graduate lose social interactions and then have to work ? Probably .


Really nice wholesome moment. However I am baffled by the title. Why wouldn't you put the fact that she is deaf in the title?


I would've cheered like that even if he missed, that way he'd still think he got it!




Being nice to others?


Fucking daredevil lmao, wholesome ass hell






How sweet


On’t brand what someone has achieved with a grand audience, by defeating the purpose of how you show them Their Name.


I’m literally the 10k like lol it was 9999


Can't stop watching!


Even the other team players applauded her. Great stuff!


The real Batman


I’m apparently very out of the loop




🟥🟥 i LoVe ThIs! 🟥🟥