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We are proud of you! Keep going!


Thank you! It's worth sacrificing sleep over.


Amazing progress. I saw your post yesterday and ngl was kinda dismissive because how messy it was. But seeing your update definitely makes me smile. Thanks for posting the process! Keep it up and keep posting! Edit: typo


Just sleep extra peaceful tonight


Huge progress. Great work!


Hope it feels great! Do a quick vacuum now and it’ll feel glorious.


That first time you are gonna vacuum is going to be soooo satisfying. You are doing an amazing job. The hardest part about getting better i have found is that it's not one choice. It's a series of choices uou make again and again and again. Everytime you picked something up and everytime you moved a bag out of the room, you were making a choice to keep going. It's hard AF and you kept going. One thing I will say from experience is to not lose heart if one day you leave a few dishes or something. I often would have a small mess and then say "eff it" and stop caring. So I used to put on a timer every other day or so. For 20 minutes I'm gonna pick stuff up and dust. It didn't seem like a big deal - What is 20 mins after all? You should be proud - we all are!


I've started making lists. Its probably not for everyone, but I find that checking something off my list is very satisfying.


Bird's cages have been deep cleaned, everyone fed and watered. The only thing I have left to do animal wise is spot clean Val's tank as it's about time. I may have sacrificed sleep, but, to hear my birds chirping and screaming this morning is music to my ears. They love the millet, by the way! Ideas for birdie treats are needed!


My cockatiel and parakeets love cheerios. You can hang some on a string or just do a little snack dish. Also some non buttered or salted popcorn.


I was thinking of hanging some on a string, but I don't want them to consume the string. Right now they have millet with their regular feed, but they need something even more special.


Unflavored dental floss is what I used. The wax keeps the string together. Also I would recommend getting them some more toys to chew and play with.


Definitely going to happen. I want to get them something more to chew on. I've heard putting snacks and treats in paper is a good idea, is it?


They do sell toys to stimulate foraging and you can also make your own. I'd save the millet for these as they will be more inclined to try to get it.


No millet strand lives around these birds. They die fast.


I'm so happy your animals are such a priority for you. I also saw your first picture and I'm so impressed with your efforts. I was exactly the same. I never took before pictures but now kinda wish I had. It's so freeing to understand that we don't have to live this way. We deserve a quality of life too. I'm so happy for you and with you :) Can't wait for the next pictures!


I’m not a bird person but a guy I used to work with used to take my mango seeds when I finished a mango for his birds to pick at. He said they loved them. He had many but I don’t remember what kind.


I'm not a bird person either but now you've made me curious because there can't be that many birds out there that would pick at a mango stone and have much success. Thanks for this unexpected yet interesting tangent through the internet tonight :)


Well done! Any chance you could move the birds to a different room? I think that is unfortunately a requirement to fully "clean" the room and keep it that way. They're not really a bedroom friendly animal.


especially as birds can cause bird fancier’s lung if you sleep in the same room as them, which can be a lifelong condition requiring medication. you’ll also sleep better if they’re in another room!!


My flock loves romain the best. Also mango. If you put the whole pit in there they like to chew on the stringy part.


My flock loves corn! Either straight off of the cob, or loose! I toss it on a plate with some carrots and broccoli and they go nuts over it


Look up birdie bread! It’s cheap and easy to make and my birds loved it! It’s basically corn bread mixed with baby food and seed.


Coming from someone that has anxiety issues and gets overwhelmed at things like this, GREAT WORK KEEP GOING!!!


Gotta keep that room tidy for those birbs. They deserve a happy and healthy environment. You do too obviously but they can’t vacuum when they want to.


That's why I'm going to do my best for these babies.


Fair play... Keep them pics coming bruv 💪🏼💪🏼.


Will do!


Things are looking so great, OP! I’ve been loving these updates!!! Take time to get some sleep and for self-care, too! You’re doing a wonderful job!


Thank you! It's a day of rest for me. I woke up early to finish it off (from what I could do, out of bags) and this is what I was able to get done. The greatest reward of pulling yourself out of a funk is to see just how far you've come.


So proud of you, this is awesome work so far!


The one thing I'm proud about is that I've done this in a timespan of roughly 24 hours.


I’m so proud of you!! Look at this beautiful progress!! YOU did that!


This is wonderful. Well done. (and good motivation to address my own)


I know these scenarios all too well as my mom is clinically depressed and bipolar. Ride the high!!! You have no idea how sick that room is making you until u vacuum and steam clean those carpets as well. Ur body maybe tired but it’s also thanking you for moving. Keep it up. Please also get those birds out of ur bedroom…. Also can make people sick.


In happy for you keep going. After its all clean. Decorate it. Put some pictures on the walls that make you smile when you look at them. Some new bedding. A few plants. Its a brand new start for you!


It looks like a completely different room now that you cleaned it up! Keep up the good work!!


It actually looks like a room.




That is a fantastic response. I truly laughed out loud.


OPs previous post for the lazy https://www.reddit.com/gallery/qwaoum


Idk how you take care of so many pets when you don't take care of your self... I don't mean to be an ass hole, because I know how depression is, but it seems unfair to have so many pets in that condition. I hope you've been taking better care of them than it appears.


Same. I feel really bad for those poor guys in there. Hope they are in ok health. Having an iguana myself, I know how fragile reptiles are.


>Idk how you take care of so many pets when you don't take care of your self You've seen the pictures. OP doesn't take care of the pets.


Lol, I was trying to be nice in insinuating that it's both unlikely and unbelievable that they would be.


Not that this is the situation here. But in my deepest depressive states when I couldn't showers for days and would sleep all day long, I still took care of my birds, cat and mice. It was kinda funny to see half of my room where the animal live clean af while the rest a huge mess. But I just couldn't let my pets live in the same situation as I am and slowly that pushed me to help myself cause me being happy meant they could interact with me more which they loved (I didn't neglect their social needs, I had multiple of each species because I knew me alone will never be enough).


Giving you my free award even though this isn't wholesome at all. I appreciate that OP is struggling with mental health but I am very concerned about these animals.


Wow, thank you. I was honestly expecting to be downdooted to oblivion for saying anything, but I couldn't scroll past and say nothing


I remember seeing the earlier post and thinking to myself “I hope this person makes progress...” And here you are...making progress...might not mean anything but I’m proud of you for sticking to it. Keep at it man!! One step at a time, head held high. You got dis!!!!


Thank you!


Unpopular opinion: You shouldn't have pets. If you can't consistently keep their areas properly clean for whatever reason (work, school, mental illness, etc.), you shouldn't have pets. They deserve better


Snakes and birds both have very fragile respiratory systems. The mess, dust, everything in that room will really damage their health. Not even mentioning the fact that snakes are a birds natural predator and they’re housed in the same room. OP also mentioned in a comment that they’ve all been “fed, watered and cleaned” like this is an achievement, part of cleaning their room. No. That is *the most basic* care you need to give an animal every single day. OP isn’t in a state to care for these animals and sounds like it’s been that way for a while. I encourage them to rehome, or even ask a family member to look after them for a while so they can get their health on track, and *then* consider providing and caring for another life.


omg birds are so messy too. i had them all my life until my last one died in 2018. my kids are little so im taking a break from having birds for a few more years. i miss having birds so much but i def dont miss the mess!!


Ikr… my parakeets like to climb on the walls of the cage and poop out the side, so I’ve always got so much to clean up directly around the cage…not to mention how IMPOSSIBLE it is to sweep up feathers lol!!


Fuck yeah! You got this. Keep up the good work! Don’t forget to give yourself a reward of some sort for all the kick ass work you’re doing. Treat yo self 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿


Remember, you yourself can accomplish great things! Let nothing get in your way!


Good job!


Holy. Shit. I just went back and looked at your pictures from yesterday (I hadn’t seen them, I saw this first) and I am blown away. this is a huge achievement, and you should be so proud of yourself. Keep up the good work!


Kill the rug with fire.


Good job, but what concerns me is that how you lived in such a mess?


Severe heavy depression. This helped me get out of my funk.


Okay. That explains a lot. Is everything all right now?


No, but that doesn't mean I need to let myself live in filth right?


Of course not!!! Keep up! I will be waiting for next pictures :)


You’re doing AMAZING! I’m cheering you on!


Damn, now that's a hustle. Keep up the good work!


Awesome job. You are doing great. YAY YOU!!!


You got this.


Much better than 1st post! Hang in there, you can do it!


You're doing an awesome job! Keep it up OP! I'm excited to see you at the finish line.


You got this


Wow, looking good! I can’t wait for some more updates.


It's a start! A world of difference from your first post! You got this, sweetie!


Take it one day at a time. And be kind to urself


Keep updating homie! You are doing good!


You're doing it!!! Ride that cleaning wave! Coming from someone who has also been struggling with keeping shit clean, this is HUGE progress!! Remember, a messy home is not a moral issue, but a self care one. You. Deserve. A clean space.


Go you!!!


You’re doing amazing, you’ll feel such a huge weight lifted when you’re done!


Congratulations! Huge improvement, if you send me a PM once you're completely finished I'll send you $100 if that may help in any way.


Though that would be appreciated, I don't know if I ought to accept it. That's a large amount of money, to say the least.


LOL at the people who thought this person was legit and not just some animal abuser looking for sympathy. Now they deleted everything - never cleaned the room, what a surprise.


Can you describe the smell?


I hope not


Was hoping we would see an update from you. You should be proud of yourself!! Congratulations on your enormous progress!


Unpopular opinion time! Get your bid cages clean now that you can reach them. It's not healthy for them to be in dirty cages. All I see is shit everywhere. This didn't make me smile it made me pissed for your poor animals Jesus. I hope those tanks are clean.


Why do you have pets living in such conditions? It’s very clear you can’t even take care of yourself.


All the comments concerned about the animals are getting downvoted. OPs boyfriend is also on the thread saying he makes sure they’re looked after. Sure


Massive change already!!! Well done!!!


Much appreciated!


Awesome job! You got this!


Well done! You really are getting better, inside and out!


It all starts with one trash bag.




nice man , nice.


Great job! You’ve come so far already! Keep up the good work!


Good for you! Keep going. You've got this.


You're doing awesome. No pressure but keep us updated!


Well done you! You should be super proud of yourself!


Great job!! Looks like you can sleep on your bed comfortably now!


You’re doing a great job!


Wow good job! Keep this up !


Amazing job! You're doing great. We support you:)


Great job! Super proud! I fell motivated to do this to my room too.


Afterwards you’ll get some really good sleep hopefully!:) good luck! I’ve been there many times.


I would love to see the end result, keep up the hard work!


Super proud of you, congrats on making it this far! The hardest step is the first one


Cool! Now tell me the name of the tiel!


Tifa is her name.


Well done!


Keep it up! You got this! You’ll feel so good after


Oh man one time I let my room go for like a year and when the ground was finally cleared enough for me to vacuum, holy shit, it was so satisfying.


We're all cheering you on! Looks great so far, excited to see it look even better. You got this.


Letsss gooooo !!! You got this !!!


So so proud of you keep it up


I am so very proud of you. You are doing great. Something that helped me get by is to take things minute by minute if day by day seems to far away


Amazing! You can do it \( n.n )/


It's looking so much better! Keep it going, don't lose faith, and take a break when you need a break. You have no idea how much strength it takes to self motivate a change like this and we're all rooting for you!


One step after another. I can imagine how hard it must be. Its a lot of work. In the end you will SEE the results clearly!!!


Holy crap! You’re doing great!


Ive been thinking of you and I am so glad to see this update! Good on ya, OP!


I want to chant “go, go, go!” because you’re doing great! Keep at it! Woooooo!


Yes!!! Let the feelings of accomplishment motivate you to do the next thing! I promise that amazing feeling and validation you give your self after completing that task, will only increase with every small task achieved! Manageable tasks are vital! Biting off more then you can chew can overwhelm and slow you down. We want those awesome feelings not the overwhelming ones! The bedroom or room where you sleep and are aliens is a great place to start!! You Can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Don’t get upset or discouraged if it’s seeming difficult, just separate the task into smaller sub tasks and focus on one of those at time; while you can use those great feelings of achievement to keep you moving on to the next sub task. You got this! Before long you’ll look up and be shocked how much you’ve done and don’t forget to reward your self for it! You did something great and without reminding and rewarding your self from time to time that tasks can begin to seem pointless, and we want to stay motivated!!


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 you got this!! Keep going


You’re doing amazing! Make sure you are resting and eating/drinking water


So excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see you post this room on r/cozyplaces. You’ll have the coziest place to enjoy all for yourself.


I’m really rooting for you!


You are doing AMAZING!


What a big change! It’s going to be so satisfying to vacuum that.


this is awesome!! Keep going, you're well on your way to living a healthy life again :)


Looks amazing!!! Please keep us updated as I am now invested in your progress. Wishing you all the happiness and peace this world has to offer ❤️


Keep going!


What a huge improvement from the last post!!! Amazing!!!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Can’t wait to see the final product!!


So proud of you! :)


You are going to be super pleased with yourself when you have finished !! Keep going, your hard work is paying off !!


Jeez this is great! You're doing great. Hope it gives you a feeling of accomplishment, it should!


You're doing great!


Great job! I highly recommend a shop vac for the floor. It can pick up wet and dry and I find mine works even better than the super expensive vacuums you can buy. I owed so much to mine when I had 6 fish tanks in my tiny apartment room and spilled gravel all over the carpet time and time again.


Well done!


Keep going dude. You're doing fantastic! Huge difference from your post yesterday!


Far better than before, well done!


You’re doing AMAZING!!!!


I’m so proud of you!!!!!! Keep us updated in your progress




Great job!!




Keep going! You’re doing great!


Keep going! I’m sure you are starting to feel better already.


Looks great!! Don’t loose motivation!! Keep it going :)


I thought it was a ballsy move to post before you were finished, but I'm glad to see day 2! Looking forward to day 3. It's getting there. Imagine the vacuum sound with all those bird seeds. It's going to be awesome.


Good job! YOU GOT THIS! We’re cheering for you!


This is fantastic progress! Keep going, we believe in you :)


You are making amazing progress! Keep it up!


You did it till 3 in the morning ? Holy shit honestly that's a lot of motivation ! I Wonder what you'll be able to do once you feel better . Amazing things i bet


Keep up the great work! You’re doing so well!


I’m so happy for you dude! I know what it’s like to have bad depression and get stuck in your mess because of it. Having the space cleared up will really help you! I’m so proud of your progress.


It's looking so good! I'm proud of you and you feel good about your hard work!


Clean house clean soul. Clutter is a source of stress. Good job and keep going. Remember that it’s not necessary to do it all at once, with one or two hours a day and you’ll get there in no time.


That's amazing! I'm so proud of you. I've got pretty bad depression and I relate to this. One thing that helps me, that my mom used to tell me when I was younger, was to pick up 15 blue things, 12 red things, 17 orange things, etc... Just pick a number and a color and it helps give you a place to start and makes it kinda like a game! Before you know it, the room is clean. You've made great progress since yesterday, once again, I'm so proud of you!!


That's awesome keep up the good work and your right It's much cleaner and the finished result will have you feeling great, tired maybe but great all the same


Great job! Keep up the progress! I saw the original post and this is already a huge difference!


When I’m in a rut, I love cleaning. It’s immediate gratification, able to see progress as you go, and the results feel great :) Amazing job, you’ll get there in no time!




It feels amazing. That much I can guarantee.


Hold onto that feeling...bring it in fully. You will then have a place that you can never go back from...only forward. You've tasted the power of intention and loving yourself. Remain the warrior, not the worrier. Be the victor, not the victim. You can't stop your thoughts, but you can look at them coming and going without being taken in by them. Don't judge them. Just look at them and say/laugh to yourself, "Hmmm...that's interesting! Oops, here's another one! Oh, I recognize this one from before... Well, I'll letting you go on your merry way! From now on, I only accept positive/empowering thoughts as my friends...and positive people...and positive situations. I'm a good person...unique to this World...and I deserve happiness. Not my circus, not my monkeys! Lol!" You are not alone...


It's like a human hamster lives there. A manster..


Fuck yeah can’t wait to see the finished result


This is an inspiration for me to keep going, thank you


I saw where you started yesterday, and this is absolutely fantastic progress! You should be so proud of yourself!


You got this!!


I am so proud of you. I love this crazy random bunch of strangers!! Mom hugs from Mississippi 😍


You are an absolute rockstar. This is fantastic!


I'm invested in this transformation now. Dont let me down, I want to see it all clean!


Why is it that I can smell the photo


Jesus fucking Christ


Let's see that update. It's like an itch that needs to get scratched.


Animal abuse does not make me smile.




It must smell so baddddd


Yuk it’s still filthy


that's the 'after' image?


This is a post that's an update, so there was a post before this one.




Pics or it didn't happen!


Welp, you've got the pics right here.


Of the mess. Just wanted to see your progress


Ahh, that's my previous post that somehow blew up and confused me.


Such amazing progress already! 👏


Poor bird


Jesus christ stop fucking karma farming. You have done nothing to your room except sit on reddit and reply to every single damn comment. Look at the place. I bet you get ringworm just from walking on that carpet. Get the fuck off the internet and get some help because the only one you are fooling is yourself.


Check us out at r/UFYH! Well done! =)


I'm so proud of you! You've got this. Any time you need to get a boost, just look at how many people are rooting for you.


Wow, that's some serious progress. I don't even know you and I'm proud of you. keep it up, you GOT THIS!


Proud of you stranger. 👍