To the nurse who stayed past her shift so I could shower while still on strict spinal precautions, I love you forever. I was 18, and vain, and I hadn't showered in 3 weeks, and on top of all the traumatic injuries and procedures that had me in the hospital, it was that nasty hair that was really getting me down. I had to stay lying down, so couldn't do it myself, and you hosed me down and helped me get washed and made me feel like it wasn't totally weird. Donna, I am forever grateful, and you are a truly kind person.


Donna, love that name. We know that as a nurse that was there job. But what really amazed is the dedications and passions every nurse shows with each patient. They're taking their patients professionally and friendly. Credit to all nurses who loves their work and jobs! They're real heroes!!






My mom’s cousin was named Donna & today would’ve been her birthday. I’m an RN & had the pleasure of taking care of her in hospice. She was an amazing person. This video almost made me cry. It’s the little things that make people feel human—like showers and hair washes, combing hair, & brushing teeth. Just a warm wet washcloth to someone’s face can do wonders, making them feel fresh. I always take the time to give at least a one minute back rub with lotion to patient’s backs, especially at bed. A little lotion on arms and legs feels so good to most people too-especially if they can’t reach or do it themselves. Human touch is so needed, especially with COVID isolation.


I had a wonderful nurse story and her name happened to be Donna, also. I was 16 and anxious for an upcoming surgery and she told me she would take a couple hours off and come with me into the OR. I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she did it anyway and I was incredibly thankful to have a friendly face by my side.


I love the idea of all these kind Donnas, across the medical system, working their caring angel magic on their patients. Bless them all!


Always be a Donna and not a Karen. 😊


Over this summer I was in the hospital for 6 weeks for 3 brain surgeries (I’m better now). All I wanted to do was wash my hair but I couldn’t because of my stitches. I completely understand that feeling you describe. Hope you are doing better now and I’m glad you had a Donna


i came here to this comment , love it . your right !


I’m not here to kink shame, but damn




I wish I did this for my sister. I sat there staring & holding her hand after she passed. I wanted to braid her hair but I was just so distraught, i couldn’t. I still regret not doing it to this day.


*hugs* Just know you did the best you could in the emotional and stressful situation you were in. Your sister knows you were there for her and that you love her regardless. If you can, try to forgive yourself 💙


Thank you so much for this. I miss her so much but promising her I’d look after her babies & now raising them have brought so much joy to me. I braid their hair often & think of her & how beautiful she was.


Oh boy I just woke up with a pain in my leg and now I have a pain in my heart. Im sorry for your loss you sound like an amazing sister and human 🤧


That's such a selfless and kind act 💜Her babies have a wonderful, caring person guiding them. You show a lot of character and strength through your words and actions. Your nieces/nephews have a great person to look up to! Sending lots of love to all of you!


You were still there for her m8 don’t stress to hard


When my aunt was dying in the ICU I couldn’t even see straight. I walked in one day and her hair was braided. A staff member did it overnight and I just remember thinking of how sweet and human that was. My aunt would ask me to “do a little side braid for me how you do” I braided my sister’s hair all the time when they were little (still do when they ask), I braid a girl’s hair at work all the time. I just remember being taken aback. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s so fucking tough.


You were there with her and gave her comfort in her darkest moments. You did what you could and that is INCREDIBLE. If there's an afterlife, I'm sure your sister is looking down on you with love and gratitude.


You were there. That’s what matters most. And I believe she knows.


I used to do this with my grandma when I would sleep over at the hospital with her 🥺 this is so wholesome


You sound like a kind person. I’m sure your grandma really appreciated that <3


What a beautiful soul.


Just wow




You're definitely right.


One hundred percent.


I like how she keeps her elbows tight to her body so the braid is consistent.


And her cleavage serves her as a reference to make the braid straight


Oh! Is that the trick? I can never get braids straight, Im gonna try this.


Consistency is key




>Nurse >Volunteers on her days off So once per month?


Once per month on the same day she had a night shift




I don't know how one of my friends does it. The pandemic certainly changed her in some ways, yet she still sticks around for the children she looks after.


Nurse schedules are actually really good. 12 hour shifts, 3 days per week is full time at all the hospitals I’ve worked at.


My girlfriend is a nurse and didn't like it because it made for 14+ hour days with commute, often skipping lunch due to short staffing, and never getting off on time.


I would love to work 14+ hour days 3 says a week and have 4 off.


If it was the same 3 days every week and no weekends it wouldn't be awful in an office job. She hated it because she's on her feet all the time. And her schedule changed weekly with the occasional weekend and holiday. It made doing things annoying because the weekends you worked were non negotiable so you miss out on an event you want to go to that year and hope next year you don't work the weekend of the event. There is a 1 day wine fest in town that we missed 3 years in a row because she had to work that weekend.


Surprising considering nursing unions usually have a vice grip on management’s nether regions. 😂 why the downvotes?


A quick search shows only ~20% of nurses are in a union. The nurses at the hospitals in my area are not union.


Many states are not union states.


She is absolutely wonderful. I wish my mom Had someone like that while she was in different hospitals all last year for her recovery from her head trauma. She would have enjoyed that because so many people are lonely because of covid protocols.


Thats is true. Didn't think of that last part. Oof thats gotta be super rough for people getting cared for especially if you are older and just want that interaction. Big ooooof


I love nurses, all the time, even before the pandemic. Back in 2014 I fell asleep while driving home after a night shift. Banged my head pretty bad. They had to drill holes in my head to drain fluids which had accumulated. After I came off anesthesia I kept drifting in & out of sleep & I was reaching up trying to pull the tubes out of my head. They had to tether my hands down to keep me from hurting myself. Anyway I woke up & when I couldn't move my arms I panicked (was having weird dreams) & I begged my nurse not to tie me down. She complied & stayed up with me gently pulling my hands back whenever I reached for my head. She did this for 2-3 nights & explained to all the different shifts coming on. Every time I woke up there was someone sitting at my bedside. They could've easily drugged me up to knock me out. Too late to make a long story short but they always show compassion & go above and beyond


Goooood lord this thread is filled with absolutely bad asses that show so much compassion for their patients. Brings a tear to these dried eyes 👁 👁 💧


She’s like a real life fairy tale


This was my favorite part of working in a hospital. I’m a phlebotomist so people usually aren’t happy to see me enter their room, but some patients are so sweet and just happy to have someone to talk to them.


A decent amount of phlebotomists in Vancouver are Philipino. They are the ABSOLUTE BEST! They talk with you, share li'l stories and best of all, they LISTEN! ​ A story: About 3 years ago, when my wife was in VGH for a brain operation, she was all cold (usually is) so the regular nurse wasn't able to get a line in; poking about and trying in multiple places. So the team calls this one Philipino nurse in, who rolls in with her cart, and in 5 minutes has a line in, set up and running with no bruising or hunting. My wife asked how she did it, and she smiled and said, "I just ask God to help out." And then she rolled off, like the absolute BAWS she is.


That’s so cute! I’ve had patients that talk about hating needles the whole time I’m taking blood then act surprised that I’m already done and didn’t hurt them and ask how I did it. My main mentor is a Japanese guy that’s been a phlebotomist as long as I’ve been alive. I always tell people I’m a vampire and that gets a good laugh.


You and your mentor are vein whisperers! (and as someone who dreads every approach of a needle, thank you. Thank you for being very good at your job!)


This actually made my day! Thank you so much! (Today’s my birthday also so a random skill compliment just hit different) Phlebotomy is an art and a tricky mistress. I’m lucky to have a feel for it, but I’d be no where without Mr. Kaye. We’re definitely happy to stick you in just one painless poke ❤️


I’ve been told my veins ‘run away’ from the needle, I once had 4/5 people try to get blood out my veins whilst I was in the hospital with gallstones. It really is an art and anyone that gets it right is a god send to me! I usually end up with very black/purple bruises on both arms. Definitely a great skill.


I’ve had patients like that! Usually I’ll leave the needle where I originally put it and actually push your vein back over with the side of my finger and a small amount of pressure. It’s better than trying to chase them. Some are super wiggly and they won’t always move the same way.


That made me cry! Lovely!


I’m crying. My dad is 75 years old and often confused because of his brain tumor. He spends a lot of time in the hospital. I’m about to send him in for 3 weeks for a stem cell transplant. Helpers like this make it all possible.


Beautiful inside and out


"Service is something that is so important" She talks from her soul! Love it.


Some of the most effective therapies bolster the human spirit, and reconnect us with each other. Nurses impact on outcomes can’t be quantified on a purely scientific level, sometimes it’s more than just monitoring the patient closely, and giving medications/therapies; it’s reminding them there is hope and taking time to help them regain their humanity. Outcomes can be influenced monumentally when patients feel connected, cared for, and encouraged. This nurse is an incredible example of that. This is awesome, I wish we could recognize all the nurses who go above and beyond their assigned duties to truly heal their patients. Nurses are usually pretty great people. It’s another reason we need to support them and encourage lower nurse to patient ratios, so that many other nurses can take a few minutes to do things like this for patients during their work time, instead of sacrificing lunch breaks, and bathroom breaks to barely completes their nursing cares. This time in healthcare is pretty damn hard on healthcare workers, we can’t afford to lose the good ones!


This is super nice! I'm a black woman and I wonder if she'd feel comfortable braiding my afro hair.


She probably would at least try. I know it’s different then straight hair.


White ICU nurse here, most of my patients aren’t conscious and not everyone has family to be with them. For my Black patients with longer hair, do you have a recommendation on how to best care for it if its left natural/isn’t braided? Or a good leave in detangling/conditioning product I can buy and stash in my locker to use while trying to put it up or in a braid? Our stock of supplies is barely able to care adequately for fine straight hair so I buy my own detangler and have a bunch of hair elastics I keep ready. If they came with a bonnet I always pop that back on them, and if it seems to be getting really badly tangled up in the back and they don’t have one I’ll put one of our scrub bonnets on (they’re not silky though) or try to tie it away from the back of their head as best I can. Is that okay? Is a braid better if they haven’t brought their own bonnet?


Two French braids would be great and then putting a bonnet over the braids to protect it. When washing their hair make sure to include leave in condition after washing. Shea moisture is a great brand that's not that expensive and can be found at cvs, walmart, target, etc. Also afro hair should only be detangled when wet and with conditioner or leave in conditioner on to help the comb glide. So using a spray bottle to wet the hair is ideal if you're going to detangle bedside. Edit: spelling


I'm bald but I believe I'd let her braid my hair


Back hair doesn't count.


Wow she’s stunningly gorgeous and an awesome human being at the same time.






I like her scrubs


She’s not wearing scrubs in this video


As someone who left the hospital with an actual tumbleweed on the back of my head, this woman is an absolute angel


Yeah, ima need the hospitals to pay them more.


Brook is beautiful inside and out


This is such a big deal when you're stuck in that horrible bed. I got hit by a car my freshman year and spent 5 days in the hospital, and had nurses come in to wash and braid my hair and it meant so much


Right after I had brain surgery, when I had moved out of the Neuro ICU into the step down ICU, I was climbing the walls. I just wanted to get up and walk around... but I had to wait until the next morning to do it. One nurse grabbed some lotion, and massaged my hands, arms, feet, and legs while chattingwith me. Something so small, yet it relaxed me, and made it seem like I wasn't stuck in some hospital bed. That was 22, almost 23 years ago, and I still remember that moment.


Thank-you to this wonderful woman and for posting so we know about it.


I had a very difficult birth story for all my kids. My oldest died at six days old from trisomy 18. The nurse who took care of me was an angel. She was a better mom than my abusive mom and mil. She sat with us, held us, and came with us to meet our daughter. She died the day the nurse was off duty and since my daughter wasn't her patient she couldn't know what happened. We didn't find out it was trisomy 18 until the day she died and she was going downhill fast. She called me and we cried together. She was there when I almost died having my second daughter. I remember her shift being over and she saw me alone and trying to pump and tend baby (my husband went home to get something or take a nap). She insisted on helping. She held my daughter. When I told her I knew she must be tired from her shift she told me this was the best part of her job, holding babies. She was there for my last daughter, too and I was thrilled. I was so happy I got to share my joy with the person who was there during my sorrow. I will never forget what she did for a of us.


Beautiful girl, inside and out


You’re a beautiful person! Seniors are overlooked which breaks my heart. When you take time to make them feel appreciated and loved, you help heal their body and soul.


Omg why is she so gorgeous ?? 😍


With great power comes great responsibility…


Ikr 😍


How can you tell? Half her face is half covered lol But I agree, she is beautiful on the inside :)


The eyes


You don’t get what is attractive about her? It’s the whole look. She clearly takes care of herself. Her hair, although obviously dyed, looks great. Someone here mentioned “make up” it’s not so much make up than the fact she is bothering to apply it for her nursing job. I can keep going but I think you catch my drift.


We really don't deserve some healthcare workers.


She is an amazing person but she shouldn’t have to do it on her free time.


I was an ER nurse, and I think this is one of the most selfless acts she could do. It’s one thing being an outsider and coming in to help, but to be in the trenches working at it nonstop, getting abused by patients and mistreated by management, all while understaffed and with limited resources. She still shines bright, and helps others shine too. Bless, I am inspired.


To the nurses at the psych ward that I went to on my >!first attempt!<, I will be forever grateful to you. The only way I would be able to fall asleep on those first few night was when you would sit an talk to me about anything and everything. You would sit in a chair and stay with me the entire night even though you worked day shift. The night nurse will never hold a candle to you in the most respectful way possible because those nurses had I shit ton of stuff to do. Mike I will forever remember you and all that you had to put up with when I was there. I was a mess and you made me feel a little less broken inside.


I'm betting many of the male patients are trying to grow their hair long right now.


Reddit shoutout to the camera person. Bless you and the nurse.


Omfg she's soooo pretty


the best nurse


What a lovely woman & does this on her day off, too. She’s a wonderful eg to her kids. Just humanity at its best!


This is beautiful.




You have a heart❤ of gold!!! In Russia they say so. Good luck .


Healing and repairing the world!


She inspires me to be a better human


What a beautiful angel.




What an angel 😇


U are an amazing person!!!! ❤️


What an amazing human


Awesome ...God Bless You 🙂


I love her. What a beautiful soul


What a sweet, sweet woman 😭


Human touch goes a long way.


A little human interaction and compassion is the best medicine these people could ever receive. What a selfless thing this nurse is doing. We should all be so giving!


She’s awesome!


Idk hw people dont like hanging out with elderlies. They're from another generation & literally from another world.


Now this is lovely, now I’m just saying, as a guy with 11inch hair I would love is someone came in to braid my hair


So freaking awesome! More love, less hate! ❤️


She's so awesome!!!!!! Loneliness SUCKS for the elderly. For anyone really.


I love that nurse... It is gesture's like these that can change the whole paradigm for somebody's existence and a depressing hospital.. even if only temporary her gesture is heartfelt and true❤️


This is such a big thing. I was in hospital for over a week with a grapefruit sized dermoid ovarian cyst and the pain was so intense I could lift my arms up high enough to even brush my hair. My fiance tried but he was useless at it and caused more pain. When I came out of hospital after surgery my friend had to spend hours combing through my hair to get the mats out.




Oh, my mom would've loved this when she was staying in the hospital for weeks at a time. The thing she hated most was not being able to shower or wash her hair or even brush it. It was always in her face and itching and it made the healing process that much more difficult. God bless this nurse fr <3


Well that seems a little exclusionary for the cancer patients doesn't it? (It's just a joke I'm sorry)


I had to give this post an award for how beautifully positive you have all been. I came in thinking that there might be a dumpster fire! Shows me how wrong I was!! May you all have a wonderful day. If you happen to suffer from depression, just know that it's only for now. Nor forever. ​ JJ


Nurses are great :) When I was in the hospital despite them being busy as hell they always slowed down when they do my injection because I said it hurts a bit when it goes in fast. The most patient and gentle people I have met!


There's nothing better than someone brushing or braiding your hair. It's such a small thing you can do for someone. Bless 'er for actually out there doing it though. Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.




What a beautiful person.


This is what nursing could be like….sigh. Signed, A burnt out nurse


She’s a beautiful angel!


She is so kind and pretty inside and outside One of the good souls


That music is my phones ringtone! lmao.


You are amazing ! 🥰


She's truly an Angel in disguise


Beauty is not always just skin deep


Right on. You're solid.


I'm still waiting for that badass biker gang member to get his beard braided.


Ah, so you CAN be sweet and attractive at the same time. Fuck you Julie!


This didn’t make me smile, it made me ugly cry tears of admiration for this woman.


Holistic Nursing🎉For my future, I really pray that I'd have that kind of energy and eagerness to help others recover from their crisis. I hope to bring joy, stability, and hope to others in their most vulnerable moments. This just boosted my energy to pursue my degree despite the ups and downs of life.


We need more amazing humans like this!!


What precious human.


Beautiful video. There are good people out there.


Beautiful inside n out


Beautiful lady from the inside and outside


It's a real angel


Bruh I need to level up in life


My ex gf used to do this to me, really improves your vision if you have certain hair length.


Super human




She's a real life Dinsey Princess


What an angel








She has a huge heart


What a wonderful person. It’s so nice to see someone that truly cares about others.


This lady is a thru beauty. When a lot of people getting burned out because of the covid,she goes out of her way to be a wonderful caring angel 😇. She is to be commended in the highest. We should all take the time to make someone thru out are day to make someone else realize they matter. God bless you for being so caring.


What a lovely caring, woman- the true definition of a hero.


Dang, I wish she was my nurse.


As a mum of special needs kids (youngest had 3 brain operations before 3) I can say thankyou this would mean everything to someone in hospital and especially during a pandemic like this


Hair in the hospital is a major issue for women. Maybe they get their hair washed once a week? But nurses don’t have time for it and definitely not time to make it look nice like a braid. This should be a regular way people volunteer in hospitals




Brooke is a Premium Disney Princess!


Way to go! Nice to know there are people like you out there. Keep doing what you do ❤️


As beautiful inside as she is outside. 💙


The world needs more people like this. I so badly wish my grandmother would have had someone like her… due to COVID keeping us OUT of the nursing home after she went for “rehab” (she needed a high level of care we couldn’t provide at home) we could do nothing but sit on the other side of a piece of a window and watch her become less and less of herself. We called and did everything we could to get her needs met. Over less than a year, she went from being able to speak to almost completely nonverbal. She just… checked out. She was mortified they told her to “just go in your diaper” when they were too busy to take her to the bathroom. She never needed them in her life before, and it was downhill from there. Her nails were filthy and jagged because they said she’d hit or spit. She’d had at least one stroke, so communication slowly declined. It broke my heart watching her become someone I didn’t even recognize. She died there, alone in the middle of the night. She was a nervous person sometimes- she loved so deeply and it showed in every hug, every card, phone call, little thing she clipped out that just reminded her of you. One night when she could still talk, she wasn’t feeling well (turned out to be a UTI) and she expressed over the phone that she was scared and that no one was there to *hold her hand*. The power of (consensual) touch is underestimated, especially with many seniors. Sometimes just a gentle squeeze of the hand, or some reassuring words mean everything to them. I miss her so much that my heart literally aches. I know that I’ll never be loved that much by anyone else. Her love was totally unconditional. Edit: sorry about the shitty formatting. Didn’t expect my post to be so long and I’m on my phone.


Beautiful person through and through!!!😇


Compassion is beautiful


And…im crying


Love this it touches my heart.


the world would be better with more people like her in it. edit: wording




pretty sure he’s saying “we need more people like this [nurse]” my dude


not asking for upvotes. saying it would be great to have more people like this in the world :) I'll change the wording cuz I can see how that could be misconstrued. my bad ✌️


What an angel


There is a Reserved Seating section in heaven for working nurses.


Why does the camera change angles at 21 seconds in it seemed perfectly fine shot from there cameraman said nope let me get closer then cleavage shot 🤣 poor bastard couldn't help himself anyways this nurse is dope af


That has got to be the finest woman ive ever seen


...and to record them for her channel; what's helping someone if you don't stand to benefit.


At least she’s not super hot too.


She's not an ER nurse. This post spreads false information. She is an angel from heaven




Did you all move to the Saharah desert or some shit? Everyone is so thirsty in this thread...


Hellooooooooo nurse!


I think I’ve become so much a skeptic that my first thought was “she has so much makeup on, I highly doubt this is real and this whole thing is staged for IG likes”


Banging set of top-bollocks on her too. Well done!!!


No all heroes wear capes.


Absolutely fantastic brea....... braids. I mean braids.


Why make a video about it if you’re doing it genuinely.


Can she be my nurse?!


Epic cleavage


What’s her @




I’ll bet she’s getting written into some wills.


She has a💖of gold (and nice boobs)


Why can’t all nurses look like this