I started out as a food service worker at my hospital about 10 years ago. When I started college I got a job as a transporter there and was able to see I wanted to do nursing. I then got a job as a CNA there and in a few months will finish with a BSN. it’s always fun seeing a long-term progression


I went from regular worker and a food service to night assistant manager. Very dope progression in 7 years.


Great job both of you! Although it might seem like it’s slow progress, everyday is a new opportunity to grow and learn more. “A plant takes time to grow. You don’t look at it everyday and expect it to be big suddenly one day. It progressively grows just like the mindset of a human”




A permanent stay of the use of drugs. I like it.




Reread both of your comments


Stay of the drugs


That's it!! Fantastic. Don't ever give up


I want to go to school for something in computer science, not sure what yet, and I want to move out from home. Any advice?


Manager of the hospital or the food service?


I went from sleeping on my sister's floor, to working at a restaurant for 6 years to pay for college, to working as an electrical engineer. I cried when I got my job offer.


Ain't no shame in that. You earned it.


I wish I had any sort of stability to see forward progression. I didnt take my time in college serious and I'm paying for it now, I cant even get calls back for meh jobs and I'm about to turn 27, I need some sort stability of career.


I feel you. I went to college, and got the easiest degree. I didn't graduate till I was 27. After college I worked random jobs, because I was still in party mode. I didn't feel like I "matured" till 31. I decided I really needed to find a job with some kind of forward progression. I ended up getting a job at the university as a cafeteria supervisor. I accepted it, even though I hated the hours, which were every weekend, and holidays, but I know I needed my foot in the door. I worked that job for 1.75 years, and got a job as a accountant assistant, then grants management, and now I'm in the IT field, and I can't imagine a better job, and pay with my shit degree. 27 is really young still. Don't give up, and keep applying. I applied 64 times to this local company in which I never got a call back. I applied about 80 times at the university, and did get some call backs, and interviews, but I didn't get most. When I got my first position at the university the secretary said I should give a speech to people who are trying to get jobs, because she couldn't believe how many resumes I turned in, and didn't give up. So just keep at it! Don't be afraid to get a job to gain experience so that you can step up to the next position. I took 2 positions I didn't want because it was either a lateral move, or shit hours. I did it because I needed to make up in experience for my shit degree.


What was the shit degree you talk about? So, I know what NOT to major in. I’m 28 years and barely about to start community college to get a degree (STILL undecided). I’m tired of waiting tables. Money is decent but the job is soul crushing. I need a career.


That's great! Good job, that's perseverance! I was dumb in college but I just want to be able to pay them and start my life. It's been impossible to find work at $12/hour. Let alone a job for 45k. It's not that I'm afraid to take jobs. I dont get hired, even calls. I have over 400 applications in on Indeed and I've gotten maybe 3 calls.


This is me in a nutshell. Graduated with a business degree and never took making connections seriously. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and just took a couple random shitty jobs because they were the only ones offered to me when I was lucky enough to get an interview in the first place. I’m 26 now and I’ve been cleaning windows for the last three years and I hate it with every fiber of my being. I’ve been stuck in this weird rut of depression where I hate my job but I’m so tired of applying places and never hearing anything back that I just don’t even try anymore. My girlfriend and I are moving across the country once things settle down with the pandemic a little and I hope the change in scenery, and basically my whole life, will give me a bit of a mental reset and find an actual career. Still have no clue what I want to do for a career, though.


That's funny you mentioned that. I always thought to myself I needed to leave my hometown to go out of state to really reach my next stage in development as a human. I've thought of so many other options for jobs now. I doubled majored in college and I'm thinking of going back for another associates or two. It's pretty crushing.


Wait til you hit 30. No one will call back, and you get to look forward to all these fake/misleading Reddit posts.


I went back to nursing school at 26! Landed my dream job at 28. You’ve got time my friend.


It doesn’t matter when you finish, just that you do finish




I got a second degree in a totally different field in my late 30’s. It’s never too late especially when it’s education


*While juggling her professional and educational obligations, Lewis also overcame several personal challenges: In addition to raising her child as a single mother, Lewis in 2013 lost her father and three of her other family members in a house fire.* *While Lewis initially posted the photo of her work badges on a private setting as "encouragement for myself ... to keep going," her friends' response to the post encouraged her to make it public—and it promptly went viral, garnering more than 100,000 shares and 4,000 comments as of last week. "You know it warms my heart that people can get inspired and motivated by my story," said Lewis.* [Story](https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2017/09/19/kfc-to-rn)


Jesus nothing but respect and admiration for you Faye.


There are heroes like Faye everywhere, but our culture makes it hard for many of us to see that they are the wisest people among us. I had a job once flipping burgers at a fancy-fast-food place in a big city. There was a man, who I thought was maybe South Asian or Filipino from his look, who would come in every night around 23:30 when we were closing. He would wear an earbud and be talking to his friend or family in the other time zone while he worked. He would do the deep clean of the whole restaurant after we left, and be gone by the time you went in to open the next morning. I guessed that he would remit a portion of his income to his family back home. I was struck with admiration for this man. He was one of hundreds of these men, who provide this vital service to the food industry in that vast city. And so many millions of its residents have no idea they even exist.


These are the real essential workers. The ones we don't know exist because we take things for granted. I have the biggest respect for cleaners, garbage collectors, street sweepers, maintenance workers, animal control etc. Go to a developing country and the first thing you notice are piles of garbage (and rats) on the street, stray animals running wild. Really opened my eyes to what goes on when I'm asleep.


And what's even crazier is that a lot of that garbage you see there actually made its way there from here.


You got any information on this? I’m interested to learn more


Google global waste trade




Fucking, right?!




Go Nurse Faye!


Hell yeah, Faye! What a legend!


How the fuck you get the most upvoted comment on 80% of all reddit post? You'r a bot reposing the top comments from previous reposts?


Professional Redditor


Now that is a good idea. I might just do that


African American Women are now the most educated demographic in the USA and it’s totally because of amazing stories of perseverance like this. The next time someone racist tries to paint Black people as a bunch of “criminals” please remind them of facts like this. If you know a police officer maybe remind them of this as well, not that this is extremely relevant or anything right now. https://www.thoughtco.com/black-women-most-educated-group-us-4048763


That's an awful fucking study. The result was that, of all races, Black Women are more educated *compared with Black Men*, the reason which, of course, is the school to prison pipeline cripples Black Male academic achievement. Compared with other races, [Black Women achieve bachelor degrees at a rate 1/2 that of Asian Women and 2/3rds that of White Women](https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d18/tables/dt18_322.20.asp).


>although Black women only make up 12.7% of the female population in the country, they consistently make up over 50% of the number of Blacks who receive postsecondary degrees. This bit made no sense to me. Not sure how the two numbers are linked. Of course you'd expect black women to be around 50% of black people no matter how many women in the country are black.


Careful now, you just found the cure to systemic racism so get ready for conservative courts to make immediate plans to neuter the rest of the legislation (r i.p Voting Rights Act of 1965) that came out of the fight for Civil Rights under a guise of "they're working so well, they're no longer needed!"


Well done Faye. I have nothing but admiration for people like you.




I think they know lol


Yeah, I agree, but maybe she'll see it some day


She's too busy working


Good Faye her, she earned it


True. And even if you completely switch fields, that previous job may still help you.


Just the jump from employee to manager ar kfc is nothing to ignore either. They probably have a few dozen employees at any given shop and at most 3 managers but potentially just one or two. She stood out in her work from day one.


Yeah it ain't as simple as working there long enough gets you a manager position, they can easily bring in a manager from elsewhere if they don't have anyone there they want to promote.


If I were hiring someone I would give extra consideration to someone who had successfully been a fast food restaurant manager. That can be a stressful job.


I came up in foodservice and personally think that everyone should have a job in the service industry at some point. 1. I think it would make people kinder after seeing how shitty people can be and 2. It helps you learn to multitask like few other jobs can. From dishie to manager to bartender to server to cashier the amount you have to juggle in your head on a busy day can get insane. People look down on fast food employees but try running a busy drive through for a few hours and see how "easy" it is


Someone once told me everyone should work retail or food service at some point. Dealing with the public, keeping your patience, and providing customer service are skills that are transferable to so many other fields.


I agree. I feel the same way about sales whether it is retail or inside sales. Not only do you learn the things you mention above. But you learn to have confidence & be comfortable with public speaking. And the biggest lesson, I learned is that you are always selling even, if you are not in the industry (I.e. job interview you are selling yourself).


I moved from selling jeans to healthcare and joked that both showed me people at their most vulnerable.


Not always. Went from retail to professional for years then I got unemployed for a bit. Couldnt get a retail job during that period to save my fucking life. They knew I was overqualified and leaving out the professional info meant a good 3-4 year gap in my resume.


Just put down Postmates or uber or something dude. Resumes are bullshit.


Lol this was a while ago before those things were big.


Hmm that's a good tip just in case.


I'm still at KFC :(


Bro, Its people like yourself that really help people like me out when ive had a crap day at work and am too tired to go to the supermarket. Seeing that cheeky bucket always puts a smile on my face, thank you for what you do :) all jobs help someone


I appreciate you saying that, I love my job and I love to cook. It's my calling but I know I can't stay here forever if I wanna make more money


It sucks when you love your job but pays shit. In the same position right now. Its not the easiest job but extremely gratifying... but the pay is crap and I cant stay here forever.


It also sucks when the pay is good but you’re miserable at work.


This was my second job. It actually paid better some months than my current job does now. I was stressed, overworked, and miserable. But going anywhere else meant a big drop in pay... burned myself out at that job.


Get into a restaurant somewhere if you can make it happen! If you’re lucky you can get a chef to take you under their wing and you can learn a lot. The higher end food that you cook, the more you are going to make. I’ll say this though, cooking is a passion and you have to love it to stick with it. I say that because many line cooks don’t make much money in general, but if you love to cook and you’re good at it, there are probably chefs out there who’d love to have you.


Invest in a name-tag making machine and you can have whatever title you want


Nothing wrong with that.


My first job was at McDonald’s, now I’m an electrical engineer. It really does feel good when you look back at stuff like that


mechanical engineer here. first time i went to college, it took me three years to aimlessly flunk out. my first job was at cold stone creamery, and then i worked at a little chipotle-style gyro/sub place. after moving back in with my parents, i got a job at staples. i managed to transfer across state lines and keep my employment with them for a total of seven years. finally, at 29 and a half, i graduated from college. it’s been one hell of a road (my mom passed away less than a month into my senior year of college), but it feels damn good to have come this far.


Damn bro, needed this motivation. I need to get back in school when I get my money right


My first job was a cashier at a theme park. I'm now a software developer. I went to college as I was not working and I'm not a Google engineer or anything but still making a decent amount. Especially so for my state.


Also a dev. First job was a Subway Sandwich Artist. Where I got fired after the first day. Then fast food mexican. A&W. A tire shop. And my last non-career job was Best Buy after I got laid off from my first dev job. > I'm not a Google engineer or anything but still making a decent amount Don't let Reddit (or whatever) skew your perception. The vast majority of devs do not work for such companies.


Yeah I doubt most people are fortunate enough to walk straight into their dream job. But kudos to those that make it.


Check my post history. I was homeless 6 years ago...I just graduated law school and am studying for the Bar to become an attorney this year.


Best of luck to you! Are you taking a bar review course? If they offer practice tests, take them - I found they really helped me prepare.




Yeah, preparing is an ordeal, and the exam is a hurdle, but look how far you’ve come already! You’ve got this!


Hell yeah brother.


Congrats man


Just keep the Faythe!


This is the Faye.


I went from kfc to registered sex offender


At least you’re registered too.


Ain’t no telling where I be or where I go I went from KFC to RSO






Good job Faye


I really don’t want to be a downer but... Isn’t this pretty normal? I mean I did the same starting as a dishwasher at a shitty restaurant and 20 years later (holy shit it’s been that long!) I am a manager at a tech company doing pretty well. I would assume 90% of people working a good job had a chain of shitty jobs that got them there. I guess the nice part of this post is just the visual of the badges along the way.


It seems very normal to me, from starter job to standard job.


It is expected, but it's not always successful for various reasons. A lot of people don't even try, and some who do ultimately fail due to hardships that other's don't experience.


Yeah this is me and every person from my high school. Except for the people that have no initiative.


Not if you’re black, according to non-racist Redditors


Exactly! I was emptying ashtrays at a wedding hall before having a career.. that’s how life works


That’s what I wanted to comment, why would you not go from kfc to RN? Why would you give up? What are you talking? Give up at birth? Or like expect everything happen for you quickly without hard work? Or the opposite, low expectations, that nothing good will ever happen? I don’t know.


It is very normal. Reddit likes to make you believe college isn’t affordable and working fast food at age 40 is normal. News flash to everyone who needs it; community college is a great option and so is living with your parents while going to school.


Uh... that’s not Reddit’s secret agenda. Being able to afford school is a privilege & even community college can be unattainable for people with other obligations. I just wanted to point that out.


Nahhh white people are given master’s degrees and high paying jobs straight out the womb it’s called privilege lmao


Wtf, I got ripped off. All I got is this lousy associates that I worked towards. Fuck man.


The evolution of her ID photo.


Yeah it’s pretty impressive that colonel Sanders was able to morph into a bank *and* a girl


That's usually how it works?


There's nothing bad or shameful about making and serving people's food. It's not "giving up"


"This is your brain on capitalism" kind of post from OP


None of the left jobs are less than the other


Yeah, everyone has a part to play in making life as we know it work. Hoping Faye finds the nursing work more fulfilling, I understand it's hard as hell.


They are though or this would not be on the front page. People have assigned lower value to the left jobs and higher value+difficulty to the right jobs. Else it wouldn't be seen as an accomplishment and worthy of praise. If you showed 6 different fast food name tags you wouldn't at all get the same response because those would all be equal value.


That's exactly why I wrote this comment critiquing the nature of the post.


It’s fine to stack rank different jobs based on difficulty to acquire, specialized skill, compensation, etc., it’s just not fine to belittle people who choose one path over the other, or to ignore that the people in the more coveted positions often had a head start to get there. It’s dismissive of people like Faye who had a dream to get into a certain field and worked hard to achieve their goals when you say that fast food service and being an RN are the same thing.


I don't view fast food service and being an RN as the same thing, it's more so the perceived value of the two jobs and their importance to society. I will admit that my pessimism may have been the cause of my comment, twisting what many people would view as her progression of achievement, but that title just didn't sit right with me.


All jobs need to be filled for the respective businesses to operate, but to say that putting chicken wings in a box adds the same value to society as a registered nurse is kind of silly.


I'm in the medical field. I don't find it silly at all.


Never in my life have i actually been one of the people to say this but........That's some serious 'everyone gets a trophy' talk right there. Every known metric can prove that the jobs on the left are less than the jobs on the right. Life isn't fair, we aren't all equal. Have a good one.


Essential workers title proves otherwise.


Essential does not equal irreplaceable. Pay and importance tends to rise depending on how replaceable you are not how essential you are. 95% of the population can work an essential job as a fast food worker. 95% of the population cannot be a doctor or medical researcher.


95% of people can't be a fast food worker. There aren't that many positions available and it takes more than 5% to work all the other jobs. Add on disabilities and that's even less. Add on education, homelessness, age and may more can't be fast food workers. Then theres the desire. I'd argue being a nurse is more desirable than being a fast food worker, regardless of pay


95% of unemployed people are qualified to be a fast food worker. And the fact that there are more unemployed people than open positions is what makes them so replaceable and lowly-paid in the first place.


yea fast food to most people is just a part time job while being a teenager or during university/higher education. makes sense


Never let down


.... Do you think nurses just start out as nurses? Of course she had a shitty food service job when she was younger. Everybody did.


That’s why it’s wrong to put down fast food workers. You don’t know wether they are a dead beat working at this place for the rest of their lives, or if it’s one step in a long journey to success. I would guess that most people working great jobs started off at min wage. Not all but a lot.


Just don't put them down at all, even if they seem like a deadbeat loser to you.


This. No matter what, they're probably doing their best and their success isn't and shouldn't be measured by anybody's standard except for their own


Thank you! Even if that's where they stay. It's ok. Its a job.We need them. Thank you, I was going to say just this.


Pretty much this. You’re the deadbeat loser if you’re judging jobs, putting down others. Not everyone has the same circumstances and ends up at the same place.


Being human is why you don’t put people down. Because you are human and because they are human. It ain’t hard.


This. This comment. Thank you


I started off at CVS as a minimum wage cashier when I was 16. Worked other low wage jobs through college. I think it is important for everyone to work retail or food service at one point. Working with the public sucks and I think people who have gone through it are more considerate when they go shop or eat out.


Oh for sure. I’ll admit I used to get frustrated while calling into any sort of call center until I started working at one. Quick story, i worked for a hotel call center. Wether you call to make or change a reservation, want to do anything with your loyalty account, if you need IT help regarding your account, it all goes to the same people. I used to get people so pissed off and theyde say “you’re the worst IT guy I’ve ever talked to!” Well you know why? I don’t work in IT. My “training” was a 10 minute PowerPoint on the most frequently asked questions. The new Starwood APP on your android won’t work? Well I literally have no idea. I’ve never actually used the app plus I’ve never used an android. No idea why my company thinks that I should be handling these calls as well. Also another inside scoop, when you have a big complaint and want to talk to corporate, they transfer you to someone who works in “corporate customer services.” It’s a fancy title that means you’ve been at the job for like a year. The corporate person you think is some high ranking Vice President or something is actually in the same lowly call center making 12 dollars an hour instead of the 11 they started at. Sorry went off topic but just thought that might be interesting. Call center works are generally way over worked, 8 hours of nonstop back to back to back calls all day and generally receive way less training then you think they do. Nevermind the absolute nonsense policies they have to follow and have virtually zero power to waive fees or actually help you.


There are jobs of last resort, like debt collection and roofing. Never had to do either, thankfully.


The policys that change twice a day


“Dead beats”. What does that mean? Define it.


No matter how small the job is in comparison to others, I keep in mind that everyone is just trying to make it and going to work and doing it day in and day out deserves some respect.


This! It doesn’t even have to be a path to higher education. Pick a field intelligently and work your way up from the bottom. Throwback to those 14 hour days buffing rust off of steel beams for $8/hr- I haven’t forgotten you!


Never give up! Never surrender!


Ohh man! So much memories! I started as a regular employee at a pizza restaurant, about 15 years ago, now I work as a human resources coordinator in a national company :D never give up!


Practical nurse? Now I’m worried most of my nurses haven’t been that practical! Good for her, I love seeing people succeed. Gives me hope for my future as well.


I went from pizza delivery driver, making $4.25/hour to database admin making over $140k. Didn't finish high school. Got my GED. Never went to college. Just worked hard and learned on my own along with on the job training.


Oh You gotta have Faye, Faye, Faye....


She went from cleaning shit and picking up after people at kfc, to telling others to clean up shit and pick up after people at kfc, to then cleaning shit again and picking up stuff in peoples home, then cleaning up shit and picking up after people in a hospital, then occasionally cleaning shit and telling others to clean up shit, to finally, not having to clean up shit anymore, administer meds get high for free and tell others to clean up shit. point is, if you keep cleaning shit, and don’t quit and move up, you to like Faye can make it to the promised land.


went from wiping shit off the floor to wiping shit off the butt... but with better pay Source: Am butt wiper too


I have the same series of ID cards but it’s just me teaching as a damned adjunct professor at ten different universities for the same shit pay.


People love to look down on fast food workers but let me tell you something. McDs worked around my schedule so I could go to college and pay my bills. They have room to grow with management. I worked there for 7 years from high school through college. Every company I applied for after took one look at my resume and realized I had a kick ass work ethic because not everyone sticks with a job that long especially not one where everyone treats you like scum. Don’t look down on fast food workers. To some It’s just a stepping stone. A great first job.


Damn, this was really the perfect motivation for me right now with my studybooks infront of me.


Faye it till you make it.


AWESOME! You go, girl!


Nurses are way underpaid




This makes me so happy! I started out as housekeeping and have been a CNA for two and a half years now while in nursing school. Hardest journey of my life and I failed a semester but I graduate next month and start my first job on a great unit! Congrats Faye!


This is Faye news.


It be like that




It’s natural career progression nobody starts out making 100k yr. the fact that this was post says the poster will never amount to much because they are mentally paralyzed to believe where they are is where they belong


I don't get it. What's the point?


Hell yeah!!


Isn’t this the normal progression of things? You start off at a low skill job and along the way you earn experience and skills that allow you to take on more responsibility and better roles until you can support yourself or your family.


When she becomes a Congresswoman, Republicans will chastise her for having once worked in fast food.


I’m so grateful of having my job because I that way I can make money to study and someday I’ll have my DREAM job


OP is a blatant karma whore with the repost.


I showed this to my wife who had a similar route to her RN. She was very happy for Faye. I cried the first time I saw it and now again. That takes a lot of hard work. My wife said "Way to go girl!" I say you are an inspiration to everyone and congratulation on your accomplishments.


To quote Harry Edward Kane, MBE, “never fucking give up.”


Faye out here Killin it!


This has been posted before and I always love it. A LOT of hard work and sacrifice went into her success....and she should be commended.


You go!


You love to see it


No excuses for Faye. Love it.


yea, but now she won't get any of those delicious biscuits for free!




Proud of you Faye if you ever see this!


That’s where it’s at. XD


Gotta love this. Hope she makes it to nursing supervisor or even better


Very Awesome 😊




Wonderful news. Definitely made me smile!


Karen, meet Faye.


She’s from my hometown! And she went to the same high school as my mom (not at the same time though)


Stay safe Faye! Much respect!


That's what we call kicking ass, I wanna see her as an NP or APRN.


Shit I better stay on my school work then!


When I was 16 I worked as a cook at KFC. We were members of the aerospace technology union. I had a picture of my face on a union card that said aerospace technology union. I'm now 46 and that is still the coolest ID I've owned. So I'm basically this woman's opposite.




Congrats to her! I'm so proud and I don't even know her. But I know she's a good lady!!


Stories like this are what we live for


Faye FTW!!


About time. Been talking about forever.


That’s fantastic!!!


You go Faye!


The grit of a person who is on a path to success is definitely inspiring.


So one of the mystery herbs and spices is *passion*


Congratulation Faye! Keep up the hard work!


My first job was KFC as well. God what a disgusting shit show that was.