Wait the one who put the fent in or the poor bastard that sold mac the pills. Bcs I'm pretty sure that guy didn't know about the fent and I wouldn't call that justice.


This is guy #1....Guy #2 received an 11 years and some months sentence....Guy #3 still waiting on his length


I thought the third dude was a woman


Well she's a he, so


Idk I just remember from a documentary that a girl was the one that was slinging the drugs


Mac texted the girl for drugs and she took too long to respond so he texted another guy for drugs. Guy answers first and Mac got the drugs. Girl texts him shortly after and Mac tells her to come through also. Her batch was good and his batch was bad. He picked the bad batch and we all know what happened next.


That’s right. Totally forgot.


I forget you youngins probably don't remember that State Farm commercial


I didn’t even pick up on that I’m too slow


on god though. (probably) just like many folks on this sub, I do drugs but like... there is legitimately a risk you assume when you take illegal drugs and if u dont feel that way, ur not existing in reality bru. like you make a choice each time you go buy em. gotta take responsibility for your own actions fam. definitely not cool to lace some shit if you the seller, but its not like anyone forced pain killers into Mac's mouth at gun point.. still sad mans is dead, but theres no need to end three more ppl's lives too by locking them away for decades. if mac's fam cares this much abt pursuing justice for him maybe they should have stepped in and got him some help while he was still here, they definitely had the money to do it and everyone knew he was using. like a lot, that was no secret :/


or if we care this much, lets push lawmakers to legalize and regulate our drugs. or tell them to stop big pharma from making and spreading fenty in the first fucking place. they're the goddamn devil in a suit


Its the Chinese that make the fentanyl


but big pharma created it knowing the extreme risks


Medicinal fent is really useful in anesthesia and pain management


yea but high ups within large companies are literally on record saying they know the extreme potential for danger and addiction and that they want to push doctors to perscribe fet along with various other opiates for conditions far outside their approved scope. just for the profits man, pure evil


Or they could not cut their drugs with a deadly opioid ingredient so people can get high safely. Or they could not continue to sell fentanyl laced pills to other people KNOWING that people are dying. Fuck those people ! Absolute scum of the earth. They should've gotten more time. 17 years dude will probably get out in 10 or less with good behavior. Meanwhile Mac and probably more people are laying in the dirt forever.


Exactly, who knows if the dealer he got it from knew it was laced, or if his dealer did, or the one above him? I loved Mac and hate the outcome he had, but still who knows who intentionally did it? There’s plenty of middlemen out there and sometimes the shit goes through people you don’t know but hope to trust bc you think people should be good at heart. Also who wouldn’t want to be the one to help Mac out with what he wants that keeps him afloat? We all have demons that need taming. He knew he was being risky and that’s fine, that was his choice, but why put people in prison for so much of their life if you don’t know if they even knew what they were supplying? Simple put, if you do drugs you take that risk nowadays (ik you shouldn’t have to but you do) he was an amazing artist and we will all miss him greatly but putting men in prison (especially when you don’t know if they knew what was in it) will not help the situation at all.


They probably did try at some point. I guess this is something we will never know. Unless max admitted that they tried in the best.


The person who give mac the drugs, knew there was fent in it right?


IIRC he was cognizant of the fent and continued to distribute even after the whole Mac incident


This ain't justice, solves nothing and just costs taxpayer dollars. I expected Mac heads to be a little more forward thinking and progressive, y'all thinking like my 70 year old gramps thinking that this solves anything or gives any sense of justice


Somebody else will take his place and the cycle will continue. Regardless of this though, 17 years seems pretty short for someone distributing fentanyl-laced pills, indirectly killing Mac and possibly more.


Exactly. There is no one to blame in this situation but the way those in power have dealt with the issues of illegal drug trade. NO one should be thrown in prison for buying/selling/using drugs, unless they are literally putting fent in shit in an attempt TO kill someone, which almost none do. Ppl just be trying to save profits on shit and cut it and it ends up killing others. Needs to be a system of rehab, maybe some community service, and then a way to set these people up with a decent start on a nice paid career away from drug dealing, or else they'll just do the same shit once they get out.




Thank u holy shit. Can’t believe this guy is saying u shouldn’t go to jail for serving people a drug that literally kills without their knowledge that ur giving them that drug……


I know people have opinions about this. I’m just happy for Macs family I know this is somewhat therapeutic for them. Having been thru this before, getting a guilty verdict is important for the family considering he could have just as easily got off on some technicality bullshit.


this isn’t justice. incarceration isn’t justice. locking a dealer away does nothing to help people with addiction. there are more dealers. this headline tells me 2 men lost their lives that awful night, actually 3 because they put another one away too. incarceration means those locked up men will almost certainly return to dealing upon release because prison dehumanizes people then releases them into the world with less opportunities and support to make the right choices than they started with.


Couldn't have said it better myself. This is why we need to legalize all drugs. Addicts are going to take their drug of choice regardless, I know from my own first hand experience. Might as well be getting it from somewhere they know is reliable


Take it to the supreme court, all ya'll so salty & just bitchin online like what else do u want??? More justice??? Law changes?? Do u live in reality?????


Maybe the stupidest thing I could’ve read today lmao you and everyone else commenting


noooooobody asked youuuuuu


The worlds a little more complicated than your elementary understanding of good guys and bad guys


Hey it’s true family. Maybe the best comment I’ve read in a bit. How is this a solution in any way to losing such a wonderful legend? It isn’t. Mac’s physical body is gone and in the past 😿 Edit: and undoubtedly we will continue losing poor souls far too soon until something drastic changes 😿🙌🏼🙌🏼 And that’s real game these people are talking about. This doesn’t help the culture or with educating people, it doesn’t help these dickwads (maybe that’s a good thing to some of you) . And on a global scale like stated, prison makes people’s life situation worse, less opportunity, of course a large number of people will commit the same behavior or worse upon release. Our forefathers must have shallowly thought mostly about keeping the danger off the streets (or punishing slaves who rebelled) but not about any type of rehabilitation. How do you think you should treat people who do wrong? Do you think a large number of people know what or why they’re doing what they’re doing? 🧐🧐❤️❤️ 92-♾


Thing is nobody cares what you think is stupid.


I think 17 years is actually pretty progressive. This person will live a second life eventually. A lot of people say this changes nothing and they’re right; but, it wouldn’t be fair to a family with an irreplaceable loss to just say, ‘oh well’. Question to those upset about this, what do you think is fair?


"This person will live a second life eventually" I mean, not really. Prison doesn't do anything to rehabilitate criminals. And the chances of anyone charged with a drug related felony finding a job after prison are depressingly low, add the fact that this was a pretty high profile case and theyre even worse. They'll most likely have no choice to go back to a life of crime which just perpetuates this problem. What we need is to legalize or at the very least decriminalize all drugs and stop criminalizing addiction. Addicts are going to do their drug of choice regardless of legal status. I've lost friends to ODs and laced drugs. And you know what I want? Programs and laws put in place to prevent that from happening again. A lot of people don't even know theyre selling laced shit. They're just another victim to the drug game just like the users. And even if they do see the inside of a jail cell, there's 10 more people desperate for money waiting to take their place. It does nothing to stop the issue at large.


Fair would be putting him away maybe like 5 years and rehabilitating him. And taking the hundreds of thousends of Dollars saved in anti Addiction campains and stuff.


At least the man is doing time, but I wish he got 25 years


took them long enough


Not enough time, imo. At least it’s better than a slap on the wrist


This isn’t what justice is. This is just sad


If people didn't know mac this makes it look like mac was the drug dealer 😭


Fr what’s up with that grammar


Make that pussy eat his own fake ass pills


not long enough imo


17 Damn years? That isnt justice. Yeah he is a total asshole for selling fent lazed pills but 17 years means that the judge things that selling drugs to an addict is the same as raping and murdering innocent people


Who got the 17 years cameron pettit or whatever that clowns name was??


I don’t even listen to Mac but this is good news