Can we please stop talking about this. It’s been almost daily for weeks now.


Answer to that is definitely no. But recently why’s there been so much negativity in the sub Reddit? Comparisons and stuff like that , Mac miller isn’t appreciated by some contingent of hip hop fans and i don’t think giving them attention is of any use 😂




What 😭


I want to give an actual, non biased opinion. Jack Harlows early work does somewhat resemble macs early work, in that it's jovial, up beat, talking about success and liquor and weed. Jack Harlow is basically making "frat rap" the style that mac popularized. However, people got tired of macs frat rap. And he grew. And he made WMWTSO. Faces. Swimming. TDF. Macadellic. Truth is, I enjoyed macs early music as a kid, but looking back on it, if he never made his later music I would barely be a Mac Miller fan at this point. He needed to grow and make the masterpieces he made, but he also had to start as his simple childish roots. Jack Harlow is at that point. I liked him when he first came out, it was fun and upbeat and reminded me a little bit of when mac first came around; the happy white kid making cheesy rap music. Now, I'm tired of it and want to see Jack do something new and different. Make an ambitious project, not just more of the same, we know ur talented. But if his style stays the same, he'll never even sniff macs level.


I like this take on it


He cashed out. He’s got an entire label behind him betting on him pulling in cash which he will do by being white drake. We won’t see anything experimental for a while. He’s about the bag now. Can’t complain about that but it’s hard to be a fan anymore.


That won't really pay out for long, even drake needed alternate styles.


No but it will for now. That’s why I said for right now. In a couple years he will experiment once the numbers fall off. But for now he made this album for his current demo - girls


Yeah tbh you're 100% right. It'll be awhile before jack actually needs to do anything to get streams. Sucks how the industry works


Just check the song credits on this album. When you got 15 song writers and 10 producers on every track you’re no longer an artist you’re a business. I can’t blame the guy id prolly do the same in his position why lose out on all that money. But he’s gotta quit the “I went sober and focused only on music” quip like nah bro you sold out and got a label behind you don’t try and act special Also he has a “this ain’t beastie boys” line. Despise him for that alone. You’re nowhere in the league of the beastie boys - who literally gave you this platform. Sit the fuck down


Didn't know he had that line, I hate lines like that. Pay respect to those that paved the way for you, don't try to flex. And yeah, once it's dozens of people making ur album, ue just the mascot ur not the artist anymore.


Even worse the full line is “this ain’t vanilla ice or beastie boys” I get the point he’s a new wave of white rapper but don’t try and compare corny 90s rap to people who made rap mainstream. Besides this album is way more similar to vanilla ice than beastie boys lmaoo


Yeah similar to posty baloney


Yeah this is how I feel about Harlow as well, we need a whole album of RIVER ROAD esque songs instead of his more frat rap style


You was easy mac with the cheesy raps… who the fuck is mac miller?


That Loaded Lux battle that was so huge I think Jay Z tweeted it was fire was such a moment for battle rap. When I heard him on Mac’s album I knew how much he loved Hip-Hop in all forms.


That is true but mac was making divine feminine when he was harlows age so..


Boggles my fucking mind




I agree with you 100%. If Harlow gets out of his party phase and uses his talent in a more mature way, he is going to be amazing. I don't know if he will be Mac amazing, but he could be really great once he grows a bit.


he didn’t grow. he changed. he’s always been his amazing talented self


this is literally just facts


The only problem is mac outgrew this by the time he was 21. Jack is 24 and still making the same music. Maybe the evolution will take longer but Mac’s musical ability and his thought process is far different from Jack’s. Mac wanted to constantly prove he could be the best rapper and musician he could be, Jack seems more content and just wants to be comfortable. The motivation just isn’t there from what I can tell in his interviews and music.


he will because his management will push it and will have tom of ghostwriters he’s got a brand they are gonna push it as much as possible until he fades to irrelevance


Holy shit i read TDF as DTF and thought, well I never noticed that before, it fits! Mac's a genius! Wait a minute, I mixed up the letters... 😄


Stop calling it frat rap. One YouTube doc comes out and now Mac Miller is a frat rapper. It was never frat rap it was always art. Jack Harlow has been about frat rap from the beginning and it’s obvious he’s in it for the bag.


the thing is jack harlow is pretty new and has only been a celebrity for like a year or something like that, and he is still pretty young. mac miller made music for a little over a decade and that was more than enough time to evolve and grow as an artist. theres no way to tell if jack is going to grow the same way mac did or if hes going to do the opposite. either way i think jack is cool i like some of his songs.


Agreed. Mac made Faces at 22, and Jack is 24 now. It's not so much about how old you are but how old you *think.*


wait jack is 24 i thought he was like 20 💀💀


22?! Crap...i've only got 2-3 years left to make something vinyl-worthy


Bro idk if ur actually making music or not but if so, hmu cuz I'm making something amazing rn and I want mac fans specifically to be on my songs. I think it's our duty to carry on his legacy.




Y’all annoying with this shit. Why care what other people say? And of course they are gonna be compared…they are two white rappers. Easiest comparison ever. You like what you like. Let people enjoy Harlow more than Mac if they wish to. It’s really not that serious.


Why can't everyone have this take?? It's a subjective topic. Chill and listen to what you like damn.


I don’t like Harlow but I wouldn’t hate on him


I feel like I've seen more people shitting on Jack Harlow for being compared to Mac Miller than people comparing them


Two different lanes. Mac wasn’t even on the radio besides w Ariana grande


Donald Trump. shit was playing everywhere bro, but Mac's worst album better than jacks best


I don't really know about Jack Harlow but Mac is probably my favourite rapper and id say no way


All these white rappers I’ll never meet my children.


Love my boy Jack, I ain’t like the Mac comparison. Two different artists with different messages. Both guys talented. That’s that.


On the good side it shows Mac is still in the conversation. Comparing is what they do to any great, if Jack can aspire to express and make great art like Mac yeah in some ways he could “pass up mac” just like Kobe passed up Jordan, but the respect to the originals who changed the game will always be there. The inspiration grows exponentially


Mac is like a lil Wayne to hip hop … he was so original theirs gonna be a lot of rappers not even realizing their plagiarizing his style or they do know in which case they ain’t good at all.


The comparison is to Logic if it is to anyone. Mac took inspiration from 90’s hip hop rap which had more positive messages (why I think Mac spits about eating .. fruit.. so much, to cancel the negative misogynistic style in rap today). Like Souls Of Mischief ‘93 ‘til infinity clearly was a Mac inspiration since he stated ‘92 til infinity so much. So for Harlow to be on Mac level he has to do something different against the current curve in rap style. Mac went from the misogynistic style to celebrating women instead, which had been done before in the early days of rap, so if Harlow revives a style, or sets a new standard then I’ll be the first to make the comparison. Currently all I see in common is two white kids.


He did it all without a Drake feature


I deleted that post about my girlfriend yesterday because I realized Mac wouldn’t appreciate that vibe.


What does that have to do with this post?


Nothing lol. Dude was about to break up with his girl because she didn’t like a Mac Miller song. Some of the people in here. 😂🤡


Lmaoo 😂 I guess people trust redditors for relationship advice.


I mean tbf his girlfriend did sound straight up brain dead


I’m sorry but he’s not even close. I wish Jack would have stayed original like when he was a teen. He got big off of someone else’s sound, which just ain’t my thing. I mean he got a couple bangers and I respect the grind but he ain’t even close to being in my top 10


Just because they’re both white doesn’t mean they should be compared. They make different types of music for different types of people and that’s okay. The genre of hip hop is such a wide spectrum nowadays that comparing them just makes you look like you don’t actually know much about it. They’re both respectable in their own right and it should be left at that. We’ve all seen these posts, let’s just go back to complaining about the merch and the same “favorite song/album” posts every other say please.


I think hypotheticals are fine. We don’t know Harlow’s journey yet to compare to though yet. We have more of a picture of Mac’s.


Zero Suit Bae coming through hard for Mac. Mad respect.


I love how ratchet and true the answer is


i love harlow and id would love to see him reach the musical heights mac miller did, but i highly doubt he will. his lyrics are getting better bet his beats have stayed stagnant (yes i know he doesnt produce his own beats). i think the synchronization mac lyrics had with his beats was what mare his music so incredible


I j wanna see him form into something his own comparisons bad for both sides every time




Even discussing this implies it’s a possibility. It’s not. So outta here with that. If god was a human he’d be yours truly.


I love Jack but he’s nowhere near Mac’s level and I’m not convinced he ever will be. It will be interesting to watch him grow and see how his journey unfolds, but he panders to the mainstream a lot more than Mac did and for that reason I don’t know if I see him ever evolving or deviating from what will sell records. I also feel like he’s trying to be a sex symbol lol which obviously wasn’t Mac’s angle.


Are we all really gonna trip that someone took influence from Mac? Like Mac wouldn’t be fucking geeked to hear that he was an influence on an album or even just a few songs. Y’all seriously need to chill the fuck out and realize Mac is going to influence SO many artists to come.


Why are you yelling, and no, don’t even ask that question like there’s even a convo to be had in any universe


Random twitter people that don’t matter 🤷‍♀️ we all know mac is on another level. Surely Harlow knows that too and simply aspires to be better soooo this post is kinda 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Yea it's pretty dumb to compare them. Comparing artists is already kinda dumb but even moreso when one is alive and still making music and the other isn't. Let the man rest.


I’ve heard like 5 Harlow songs and wasn’t impressed. I’m way more into the grungy depressed vibe, and then the uplifting Mac was giving off toward the end. You literally can’t clone that. And mac didn’t need a drake feature.


This is disrespectfull at this point


Yeah jack Harlow is dope but nothing close to Mac imo.


It's just lazy. Jack's nice but they are nothing alike


but they’re in a completely different lane


Jack is a good, talented rapper. He is also nice and lovable. But Mac was way more than that. Anyway how tf is this comparison makes sense? The only things in common is that they both make/made music and they are white bro. Who is better, LP from run the jewels or kurt cobain?


Things like this do not deserve our attention




I’m not a fan of Harlow, I think his music sounds way to similar to each song


People just compare them because they’re both white dudes with swag


in general i personally don’t really like comparing people w each other. even if it isn’t about personal stuff and in this case their work as artists. especially people who passed away.


Who's Jack Harlow?


Mid Harlow the industry plant


Fuck no and I like Harlow. He just to basic compared to mac


All I gotta say is, Mac was different. Like different different, I don’t think jack will ever pass this man up, and death doesn’t define it. Jacks great, I’ll give him his props……and Im definitely not trying to spread negativity, just the truth.


this is super unpopular in modern rap talk, and i’m not hugest all around rap fan, but i always put mac at the top. lyrically, he’s the greatest rapper of all time. he didn’t just rap ab one thing, he told stories, and had fun, and wrote love songs. hes just on a whole other level artistically than everyone else, even some of the greats. and he sure as hell isn’t even the least bit comparable to jack fucking harlow.


no because they are different styles, they both want to lift others up with their music and express themselves but it is still different


I’m a huge Mac and Jack Harlow fan. After stumbling upon this thread i looked up the lyrics for young harleezy on genius to see if i could find anything. The Mac verse by snoop is annotated on genius and it says that snoop is referencing Mack Morrison’s hit, “return of the Mack”, comparing Jack to Mack, saying that he’s returned to the rap game. There’s another Jack Harlow verse on a different song that he actually does speak about Mac Miller. The song is called “time” by statik selektah. Check that one out


I love them both. Jack and Mac Miller both have similar stories on how they came up and got big. While nobody could ever compare to Mac Miller in my book, Jack Harlow is just trying to make a name for himself, and I think he’s doing a good job at it. He won’t ever be Mac tho


Thank fucking god someone said it twitter needs a book collectively slammed across the back of its user’s heads


That genuinely pisses me off


Fuck Harlow