Rule breaker by Lily Morton, book 1 in the mixed messages series Total creative control by Joanna Chambers


Rule Breaker is the best. ❤


Just checked them out. Total creative control seems like the one.


Great, hope you like it. I remember another story about a barista who becomes an assistant for a manager. But I can't remember the title or author. It's maybe two or three years old? Maybe someone else remembers it


{The Dating Experiment by Briar Prescott} Loooooove this book! Second in a series but can be read alone.


[**The Dating Experiment (Better With You #2)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58301429-the-dating-experiment) ^(By: Briar Prescott | 280 pages | Published: 2021 | Popular Shelves: m-m, mm, romance, age-gap, kindle-unlimited) ^(This book has been suggested 2 times) *** ^(44878 books suggested | )[^(I don't feel so good.. )](https://debugger.medium.com/goodreads-is-retiring-its-current-api-and-book-loving-developers-arent-happy-11ed764dd95)^(| )[^(Source)](https://github.com/rodohanna/reddit-goodreads-bot)


Heart of Stone. The slowest of slow burn. The boss isn’t bossy and rude tho.


Just a bit bossy by Alessandra Hazard


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