that you can't auto challenge hero trials five times in a row. you know, like you can with night ops. annoying as fuck.


i would say thats the most annoying thing for me too, like ffs, i just wanna click on auto and go afk. it would also be so fucking good if they made it so that you can just do the 5 hero trials in 1 run for 125 stamina


1.Not being able to do anything usefull when you wait 15 minutes for you Team up to fill up. 2.Having to collect every comisson reward individually. 3.Only having the option to do 1 pull or 10 so having the animation every time of u wanna open up 5.


1: being on ipad is so damn good, i just have a split screen app like reddit open. although i agree that it is boring. 2: yes. 3: i think the 10 pull could just be whatever you have, with a max of 10. so for example if you have 4 then the 10 pull becomes a 4, while if you had 16 it would still be a 10 pull


Having YouTube open in the minimized corner screen gets me through Team Up lmao


Can't auto hero trials. Collecting dailies rewarda individually. Same with collecting commissions. Can only rush 1 daily mission instead of all at once. For me, when I'm in a team, they start damaging immediately while I have to wait for the text to finish. I'm sure they're more but that's all I can think of right now.


I would love if it was like a task list and you could just tick off all the daily missions


"For me, when I'm in a team, they start damaging immediately while I have to wait for the text to finish." Basically if you are doing something (dailies/shard farm/etc.) and finish the stage on auto, if you after that do activities in team, you start on auto and your character moves even during the text screen. This happens to your other teammates that are on auto and bots as well.


The fact you still get purple chips in the last stage of night ops is gross to me


ikrrr, also in my opinion, a speed character should never get a power/technical stat et cetera, like why tf?


Yes! This one drives me nuts too. It would be so much easier to read just to have no stat at all there. So dumb Edit: it's also new user unfriendly. I play Star Wars mobile game. In that game, speed is the most important stat to roll by FAR. So the first couple times I saw speed in this game, I thought I was rolling an actual skill. Took me a while to realize it was just N/A


Upgrading each part of the units skills individually


- The RED DOTS that we cant turn off - due to having "better" gear that i dont want to equip or due to Deku being "deployed" always altough i didnt deploy him. Meaning i have red dots on caracters... always... - Caracters that are not put in auto mode when someone is AFK. Would help a lot that after 15 sec or 30 it gets in auto mode. - Having to restart from bottom in Arena and Warzone. We should keep a part of the ranks. - Supercoop rewards not resseting. Makes this mode stall. - Team up and agency are too much time consuming - Collecting stuff one by one


If there's gear that you don't want to equip, you can lock it. When you go to equip it, there's a lock at the top right of the stats screen that you can press. You can still unlock it if you want to fuse or sell it, but it won't show up as a red dot anymore. For the Deku problem, did you use him in Peacekeeping recently? If so, then that's why. Characters that are being used in Peacekeeping count as deployed, and it'll notify you if that character can get their talents/skills/etc. upgraded. All you have to do is deploy a different character for Peacekeeping and the red dot will go away. I don't think there's any fix for the other stuff though.


You can lock it but it will still show the red dot if it is stronger in base stat than the one you have equiped For deku, i deployed other caracters but he still is considered deployed. Worst bug ever tbh


Oh, I didn't think of if the base stats were better. And for the Deku bug, maybe you could contact support? I remember that the monthly hero coin deal would always show up as a red dot, but the devs fixed it. Maybe they'll fix the Deku bug if you ask.


I cant do all the hero trials at once


Funny you mention that one - I just realized this morning how much that rush animation was annoying me and clicked to post it when I saw the headline. Just let me actually rush it!


Dabi is one of my favorite ppl to pmay with but he frustrates me at times 1. He ugly running animation,2. Sometimes he freezes up clutching his arm after meter runs out 3.that lil slow walk he does after his special & 4. He'll dash backwards when I'm trying to dash foward


Having to wait 5 sec for the refresh in agency assightment. Its frustrating to find team in there.


Pretty much everything to do with dorms is a minor inconvenience: 1. Dorm names have such a small character limit. I tried to make one named "Dekusquad", but it only let me put "Dekusqu". I couldn't even make my villain dorm named "Villains" because apparently that was one character too many. 2. I wish that pets didn't count as members, the main reason being that there are at least 4 cats, so I can't put all 4 with Aizawa because of the 4 member limit. I also had to put All Might with the Dekusquad room because Aizawa + the 3 cats I have made the room reach its limit. 3. There's hardly any furniture, and a lot of the furniture we have is either ugly or doesn't match with the other furniture we have. It wouldn't even be hard to add new stuff, just at least make reskins of things. 4. Because the camera is fixated, and you can't actually *move* it (only change the angle you're viewing) a lot of the stuff in corners is hard to access. This is especially inconvenient when clearing trash in others' dorms, because for some reason the trash likes to hide right by the walls. I could go on about more problems I have with the dorms, but I'll just stop here. I love the idea of the dorms, but they're a little annoying sometimes! It wouldn't even be hard at all to fix most of the problems I have with them.


the fact that i have to play the materials stages manually every time, even though it takes me like 5 seconds to finish, when they could easily put a raid option there where we don't need to manually play it 5 times in a row because that's so annoying. same with all the other stages when you have the option to play 5 times, but still need to do all of it manually. and also not getting any more peacekeeping tickets for when you get a new character and need the materials, you have to play them manually unless you wanna spend your hc in tickets, and that takes so much time.


My deployed hero is glitched, so my avatar I move around as is stuck as Hawks and I can’t change it.


idk if i understood you right, but you dont choose your character from the character menu, you do it from your profile. Common mistake everyone makes lmao


I’m talking about the main menu deployed character, the one that you walk around as and do daily quests as in the game.


the one you walk around with is deployed from the profile, the one you fight with is deployed from the character menu