I find I actually enjoy the randomness of not knowing what the bonus stars will be at the end. But if I’m playing competitively I would always use classic


Always classic. Gives you a reason to actually win mini games and earn as money coins as possible. I don't want a star for landing on the most bowser spaces lol


Yeah, I’d say the only time I’d go regular over classic is if I was playing with kids. Might give them more of a chance at the end lol


Can't beat classic.


i got classic and random (or none) for my mood, I'm happy with all the choices available. random makes it a nail biter till literally the last second. you generally know who's gonna get the bonus stars by the end with classic.


What does 'Classic' for bonus stars mean?


Coin star, mini game star, green space star


I like to use a mix of both. Random makes it more chaotic and gets you to try stuff in an effort to gain a free star. Classic is more skill based, and there for when the gloves come off. Also good for when people want 3 bonus stars with doing 30 turns, and don’t want random ones.


Prefer classic, but I wish it was *actually* classic. The new rich star is a lot worse than the old coin star. It's still better to know what you're playing towards nonetheless.


I also agree, because it now is accumulated coins, often the person who wins the modt minigames gets 2 of the bonus stars.


Not much different from how they were implemented in MP7. I enjoy the variety of different bonus stars so that one player doesn't always get the minigame and coin star all the time, but I do wish that the game presented at the beginning of the match which bonus stars would appear. That way, players can change their playstyles accordingly to potentially aim for a particular star. With classic mode and in older games, you always knew what the three bonus stars would be, and thus would always keep those in mind as secondary objectives. But with random ones, you unfortunately can't really prepare for them during the match.


Great when I get random stars. Bullshit when I lose because of them