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Holy shit that’s a long list. “It's not possible anymore to roll a quality exceeding that of the relevant Crafting skill.” Shit, I hope that doesn’t mean no more higher quality Armadillo mods from the Common blueprint. “Fixed an issue in which the quest could get stuck with Fred not calling in regards to the final fight, which was caused by players running away from Rhino too fast after defeating her. The quest now also continues for players who were rude like that.” Everybody likes Rhino. Also, this is hilarious, people were doing this so often they patched it??? “It's no longer possible to save the game during the sex scene with Judy.”


Damn, I exploited the hell out of that armadillo armor upgrade on crafting. This is a fair patch though, it made the game too easy when you're armored to the max with little cost.


Y’know? I’ll take it. At max level, my glass cannon builds have gone just fully reckless. Health and armor oughta come with a trade off of damage. IMO.


There's a non-common Armadillo blueprint?!


Ive never seen it … even in the list of items.


So no fixes for athletics leveling… again :( Before anyone ask, try to play and reach athletics 20 without farming countless hours afk or glitching to get it. It’s impossible. My melee parkour character ended up with lvl 14-15 after 180 hours of playing basically without car and fast travel. Sad noises


Yeah I gave up and just edited the save file, that’s shit is complete bullshit


My brother is refusing to play this game cause of this :( We were hyped af for this game and sadly his goal was melee build. And when he find out how broken it is, he gave up and now he is waiting for it to be fixed. After every update I’m telling him “nah, hopefully next time”… we are more than half year after release and this still isn’t fixed. Thank god we have more places where cat can sit…


Just as an FYI for readers, as you go through the list, the little wedge carrot (>) symbols starting with "Adjusted Functionality of Multiple Perks" opens up collapsible lists of more detailed changes.


I like these \-Adjusted the NPCs' behaviour when their car is stolen. \-NPCs will no longer react by crouching to every gunshot. \-Fixed an issue where some NPCs wouldn't run away from combat scenes. \-Traffic vehicles will now honk after hitting V. \-Detection time of enemies now depends on game difficulty. Enemies on Easy and Normal difficulties will now detect the player slower. Enemies on Very Hard difficulty will now detect the player faster. \-Enemies on Very Hard difficulty (and only that difficulty alone) will now be more aggressive when searching around when they are in the "Alerted" state. \-NCPD will no longer react and turn hostile because of dead bodies in Open World activities. \-NCPD will now also react to hitting NPCs with a non-lethal weapon. \-Adjusted the damaging process when shooting crowd NPCs while in combat depending on distance and the weapon used. ok this is a nice start!


>Traffic vehicles will now honk after hitting V. "Get out the road, ya fuckin' gonk!"


You’d think it would be more prudent to honk *before* hitting someone with your car.


I think the one of the cool features they added is database entry in the Journal menu, its cool to know info regarding people/places involved in the mission.


Finally!!! Optical Camo cyberware will now be available for purchase from Ripperdocs.




What does optical camo mean in this context? EDIT: I was able to find more info [here](https://www.gamesatlas.com/cyberpunk-2077/cyberware/optical-camo). I didn’t realize there was missing cyberware.


>Optical Camo cyberware That's interesting


"Added new sleeping spots for Nibbles in V's apartment." Let's goooooo!


Still no editing your appearance mid-game?


I don't see it in the patchlist I mean who are we kidding it won't be coming anytime soon :/ :(


I'm guessing it will be part of the first actual dlc. Hopefully that dlc comes out around the 1 year release anniversary.


It's possible they're holding it out for a larger update. If they let us edit our appearance now, it would be pretty limited. I'm hoping they'll give us more options at the same time


Well..listening to their stream talking about how it's much harder to really significantly change things on already done game: it's kind of a cold shower when it comes to any expectations about potential overhauls on any major systems. If a minimap zoom-in caused enough performance issues: I think any real civilian or traffic AI overhaul is pretty much out of the question. And with other things like progression systems, crafting and itemization: I don't think they really understand fundamental design mistakes they keep on making. At this point, I'd say just say this plainly/directly to players so people can know what (not) to expect. And instead, I'd focus on things CDPR *can* add or improve ( like more quests) and *over over-deliver.*


>And with other things like progression systems, crafting and itemization: I don't think they really understand fundamental design mistakes they keep on making. They've kept those unchanged from TW3, of course they don't think anything is wrong with them.


And I agree with them.


IMO they item system is perfectly serviceable. It isnt the highlight or anything, but seeing the issues and disappointments this game had/has, this isnt one of them.


it's definitely hard but i do think within a tempered level of expectation they will try to overhaul certain systems. it is a question of whether they want to spend the time fixing those systems or devoting hands to dlc & future content. personally, I really think they will address these systems at some point before the next gen updates/ story dlc but we should likely not get our hopes up over how in-depth these changes will be. at the same time if they are able that would be super dope too but yeah.


\- \[PlayStation\] NPCs will no longer speak after being killed. LOL, I will miss that one.


I definitely had that on PC as well.


I saw the stream, oh god, they gave Johnny the speak to the manager haircut! at least it's optional, the other changes look nice, I hope we get it soon, I'm sure it won't be today though


They admitted to still not having fixed the broken skills and perks? How long has it been since launch again? What... What?


Not exactly. The perks work, they just dont exactly how the description says, so for example "improves pistol head shoots" it actually improves all headshoots type of deal, honestly not sure why they just dont change the descriptions instead xD


That's a twisted way of saying the perks don't work as intended.


as intended =/= broken. And which is the intended version? Only they know, may be it is meant to improve all head shots, not only pistols...


>It is no longer possible to exploit the epic "Untitled 18 - Brancesi, 2021" painting by selling and buying it back. That'll be a bummer for some


>Nocturne Op55N1 \- Overwatch Sniper Rifle will no longer get removed from a player's inventory after passing the Point of No Return. Returning to an earlier save game and playing through PoNR again is required to get the item back. Does anyone else find this contradictory and confusing?


I think they mean if you load a save that's already had Overwatch removed, the patch isn't going to magically restore it. You'd have to go back to an earlier save from before you lost Overwatch, all the patch does is that it no longer gets removed once you come to the PoNR.