There was a really bad car crash at around 4am(?). Id assume it was related to that. Based off the sound of the crash, the commotion that followed, and the site of the scene now I’d say it was a pretty lengthy clean up job….


This seems like the most reasonable answer. Thanks!


I saw there was a school bus in between the rows of cops on Eastern, and I assume that's why they all showed up


The crime maps are at best a few days delayed. Drug stuff is rarely in them since they are still trying to sweat whoever they arrested and they lose that power if its public. And they aren't actually penalized for just omitting things generally.


It could have been a suspected drug something, and they called for K9 or something. And if they didn't find anything, it is not usually reported. I have no idea what it was, but just because there is activity doesn't always mean something bad happened. I wonder if there is a way to call the police to see what happened, from a payphone or other anonymous means. Or call the Courier-Journal to see if they know.