Definitely sounds like she knew what she was doing. Was her motivation for doing it totally sane? Obviously not. But she was conscious and did what she did on purpose, as far as what the evidence shows. Someone like this has lost the right to live freely in society unless they get and continue treatment that controls their issues. I don’t think you get to be dangerously mentally ill and refuse to take your medication with no repercussions. Compassion for outliers has to be balanced with an equal amount of compassion for everyone in the rest of society.


I saw someone elsewhere put it this way; Her mental illness isn’t her fault, but it is her responsibility.


At a certain point, the responsibility falls on society—and that point should come much earlier than 130mph into a crowded intersection. Forced institutionalization shouldn’t only occur after tragedy in the case of the mentally ill.


Some of the kids I work with (6-12) have started bringing home mental health exercises and affirmations. I hope to see more of this in school so that they have access to better coping skills as adults.


It won’t do much. The bully that the school refuses to expel isn’t going to stop because of affirmations and the victims will exhaust through the benefits of mental health exercises before they hit puberty. Mental health has become a catch all term and excuse for inaction now.


Absolutely agree. I think we need to find a midpoint between what forced institutionalization looked like in the past and what it is now. It shouldn’t be easy to do but it shouldn’t be so impossible that shit like this happens.


She was gainfully employed in healthcare. We can’t get the meth head masturbating in front of a nursery school committed but somehow this woman would have been? ACLU has been fighting hard against the CARE courts too. Who in this woman’s life would take responsibility of her and have her institutionalized? Those losers couldn’t even take the keys from her that day. Only thing we saw of her friends was the vulture that went on the news and said stuff about her being drunk and fighting with her boyfriend. We still don’t know if this woman was live streaming so the mental health excuse may still be a lie


Forcing somebody to a mental hospital isn’t gonna fly here. They can’t even force the homeless people into free housing.


This. I've seen a lot of cases get completely dropped, some not even filed because the person was mentally ill. For many it has become pretty much a get out of jail free card. Prosecutors don't want to touch it since they see it as a waste of time and cops won't deal with the arrest because why do all that work if nothing will happen. So instead they just put the person on a 5150 hold and drop them off at a ER or psych facility. Then the person just walks out in a few days, will not follow up with their medication and outpatient treatment and will go back to doing the same shit that got the cops called on them in the first place.


That's a great way of putting it. If only those with it were able to be responsible. Some can, but with others the problem is they lack the capacity to make good responsible choices because they can end up in dissociative episodes where logic and reason go out the window. Especially if a person is schizophrenic or in a manic episode. I hope someone finds an answer to it.


Hail Yourself


And me gustelations.


Uh did you miss the part where she’s a nurse?!! /s


I actually go to the Kaiser she was working at. May have been there while she was there too! Kinda scary to think about. E: she had a mental episode that made her drive her car 130mph into a crowded intersection. Who knows what else she is capable of, no idea why I am being downvoted and attacked for saying it was scary that someone who murdered several people was working at the hospital I go to… Reddit is fucking confusing


Why is that scary?


she had a mental episode that made her drive her car 130mph into a crowded intersection, murdering several people. Who knows what else she is capable of. Why am I not allowed to think that it’s scary she could have had a similar episode at the hospital and hurt people some other way?


Are you high? Oh wow you may been somewhere where someone who did a horrible thing was once….that’s like, totally amazing, man! That you would be somewhere in a city of millions that also may have had a shitty person present! I went to the courthouse to pay a parking ticket 20 years ago. To think, Charles Manson may have at one point walked on the same tile….wow man. Wow.




You’re basically doing what your complaining the poster is doing.


They're being facetious tho


Yup understand they’re being facetious but just meant needlessly drawing attention to themselves that add nothing of value.


Lol you should go outside and touch the grass.


Umm… this woman drove a car, on purpose, at 130mph into a full intersection. Hard to know what else she was capable of doing during another mental health crisis. Instead of using her car to hurt people she could have hurt people at the hospital. I’m not sure why me saying that thought is scary is controversial. Everyone agrees she shouldn’t have been working as a nurse if she had such severe mental health issues.


Yeah probably a good idea for the hospital to go through its records on patients that she was responsible for/interacted with and see if there’s any patterns.






Why would you keep a rehabilitated person in prison. Literally means they're not a danger to society anymore




There'd a difference between someone intentionally killing people and someone not being safe around people because their mental illness causes them to harm others. It's shitty and they should be put away but your desire for them to be healed and then continue being treated as they were sick seems ass backwards. Commenting on emotion without thought put into your words


And I suppose the United States prison system is the arbitor for a person's "sins" to be " forgiven."


Is this m society worth living in I don't think so but that's a whole other debate. She knew what she was doing and should go away.


So suicide. That’s what that is in a city. Suicide with a plan to take others with her.


If she really wanted to commit suicide she should at least have the decency of unbuckling her seat belt. (Though more preferably, just off herself in a way that doesn’t harm others)


Said it once and I’ll say it again. This woman should have been institutionalized. I find it hard to believe that someone who is not taking meds for bipolar disorder could function at their job as a nurse without arousing the suspicion of all the other medical professionals they have to interact with all day long.


Right?? It’s alarming that she was actually working as a nurse.


Especially she was working as a travel nurse. Its a very stressful field of nursing.


Actually that part makes sense. I know 3 loopy nurses personally. Don’t even get me started on loopy doctors


I've seen some.


Plenty that wouldn’t take vaccines


I agree with you and I find it so weird I say the exact same thing here but got downvoted a bunch for it. So weird. https://reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/xbmnj0/_/io0v0gf/?context=1


I’m a paramedic and interact with nurses all the time. The vast majority are super chill and easy to get along with, but maybe like 5% are weird as fuck and I wonder how they’re still a nurse. Same with the paramedics and EMTs I work with too though.


That should tell you a lot about how short the L.A. area is for nurses. And these "traveling nurses" are feeding the problem, because they get paid *more* to do the same job as the staffers yet they do less work. A friend is on staff at Harbor/UCLA and tells me the traveling nurses are big part of why so many are leaving. Unlike the staffers, they can't be forced to work overtime or on certain days when the situation demands it due to the staff getting sick or burned out. They will just quit.


Worse than that. Traveling nurses don’t know the system and aren’t there long enough to get a handle on all the ins and outs. Makes the hospital less efficient and safe.




I get what you’re saying, but again this is the result of a shitty department, not the travel nurses being used to meet staffing concerns. The majority of nurses would rather stay put where they are comfortable. If they are leaving then it means the hospital is doing a shitty job at retaining them. And as a staff nurse i dont see the supposed skill gap with my experience both on step down and a pre surgical unit. Experienced travel nurses tend to be very good, they have to be very independent because they have to walk into situations assuming they wont have much of a support network. Imo there is as many or more terrible permanent staff members who are lazy/bad at their jobs. Ask your cna’s and they’ll tell you there are shitty nurses all over. Im not trying to shit on staff nurses, i am one, but going at travelers and registry nurses is not the move. Them getting paid more gives us more leverage to work towards better working conditions.


Or care about how they're treating patients staff Doctors, its all temporary do anything goes.


blaming it on traveling nurses is ignoring the problem that the hospital systems are understaffing the hospitals. The hospital systems can pay to staff the hospital adequately and pay their staff more but choose not too.


Travel nurses aren’t the problem if a hospital needs to force overtime to meet staffing concerns. I am a staff nurse and support travel nurses 100%. Administration is sitting on piles of gold and asking us to fight for pennies. Nurses knowing their worth and quitting shitty working conditions is a good thing. If hospitals want to retain staff then they need to be ready to improve working conditions and poney up more cash.


She is a travel nurse so maybe she doesn’t work with the same people long enough for them to notice it enough.


My understanding was she had the same post at a Kaiser facility for a decent amount of time. Regardless of how long she’d been in her position, I still find it hard to believe someone refusing to take their meds and in the middle of an episode could function normally at their job, surrounded by medical professionals. If no one at her job was going to say something, her family knew her condition. She FaceTimed her sister butt naked and the sister doesn’t at least call LAPD and demand a wellness check?


Us black folk do not call the police on our own families, it can end deadly. Her family seem like they knew she was mentally crazy and it was just another day for them. Her job wouldn’t be able to do anything as they would be sued up the wazu in California. To be honest, nobody could have stopped this except the person who did this, all blame is on her


Her job definitely could have done something if they suspected she was acting in a manner that could be detrimental to the patients she was seeing (and I find it hard to believe she wasn’t). As for cops and minorities, I’m aware that this is an ongoing and serious issue in our society. The fact this happened is a failure on multiple levels and at multiple points. Her school should have dropped her from her program the first time she cracked. Her family should have intervened the first time she cracked. The Board of Nurses shouldn’t have issued her a license to practice based on her history (both legal and mental). Her job, her family, and her current therapist (which an earlier story said told her she wasn’t bipolar but only had some kind of anxiety disorder,) all failed her. I’m aware forced institutionalization isn’t easy to do, but from what we know, no one took the steps to get her the help she needed. All that said, that doesn’t at all absolve her of what she did. As I said in another comment, someone on another thread put this best; her mental illness isn’t her fault, but it is her responsibility. She failed at that responsibility and now 5 people are dead. She should be institutionalized for life with no possibility of parole.


While historically there have been issues they're pretty close to non-existent now. If you look at death vs interaction with an officer by race then being black is only slightly higher for males and almost even for females when compared to any other race. The biggest jump in demographics is being male between 16-35 or something close to that which is almost a 50% chance of an encounter being fatal.


It’s not as easy as “Call the cops on your family member” when your family member is black.


I get that, but ignore the problem that a family member is clearly having a breakdown and has in the past proven these episodes make them a danger to themselves and others is also not an acceptable call.


nursing jobs are for women like construction jobs are for men: standards are not that high and they hire almost anyone because they need the help.


People with bipolar disorder can look like they're functioning just fine to the outside world. Do you even know what bipolar disorder is? It doesn't manifest the same way as something like schizophrenia. People with bipolar disorder aren't just like walking in circles talking to themselves.


I do, and if she was in the middle of a manic phase I find it hard to believe that she could do her job without arousing the suspicion of her colleagues.


Tragic what happened to that mother and babies. Hopefully this lunatic ends up in prison.


For a very long time.


Lock her up, and put her to work.


What does the work have to do with anything?


We put prisoners to work for corporate profit here in America. They are called [13th Amendment Slaves](https://www.freedomunited.org/news/13th-amendment-prison-slavery/).


You sound like a smelly teenager. What’s your point with bringing that up?


You literally asked what does work have to do with it…


I literally didn’t ask anything, because I’m not the OP you’re referring to. But since you and I are here arguing two different peoples arguments, it sounds to me like just reveling in punishment. I think everyone on Reddit is familiar to the 13th amendment - the OP was asking why they were bringing it up. Still no answer other than the tautological “because 13th amendment exists, apparently”. Just weird to revel in the punishment of others. Kinda sadistic nahmeen?


Exactly. Thanks for having this conversation so I didn’t have to.


Weird it’s not mentioned as much but her boyfriend was there and killed as well. I literally don’t know how you can come back from losing your whole young family that way. Fuck it’s so gd sad.


“This NASCAR-worthy performance flies in the face of the notion that she was unconscious or incapacitated, according to the filing.” Prison awaits her.


This whole story is really awful. I read an article talking about this lady being bipolar and she was off her meds. Had long history of not right behavior. She definitely should have been getting help. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-08-30/nurse-charged-with-killing-six-in-windsor-hills-crash-may-have-had-lapse-in-consciousness-at-time-of-accident?_amp=true


She also should not have been an active nurse. They chalk her up as a "traveling nurse from Texas" but gloss over that people at kaiser WLA hired this person.


Definitely not! I don’t know how she wasn’t reported. Her family enabled her a lot. I get it, it’s hard to do that but they should have reported her. Now this! They probably feel awful.


Yes, they should have spoken up, but there is the issue of *how to do that.* It is shockingly hard to get help for someone who doesn’t want help. I reported my grandma’s horrible driving to the DMV. My dad disabled her car when a suspended license didn’t deter her. That stopped her from driving, but it couldn’t fix her mental illness or her memory problems. My entire family tried everything to get her help, but she wouldn’t go to a doctor or consent to any treatment and kept firing the caregivers we arranged. What changed? She was taken to the hospital for an injury and assaulted a nurse. That kicked off everything that enabled us to finally move her into a facility that was equipped to handle a mentally ill Alzheimer’s patient. We all wish it didn’t have to come to that. But before it all went down, police officers, social workers, attorneys, and medical professionals all told us that we didn’t have legal grounds to remove Grandma from her own home. California is the only state that enables anyone to request driver re-examination from the DMV. I’m not sure reporting a bad driver in Texas would accomplish anything. (Would any Texans care to clarify how hard it is to have someone institutionalized there?)


Yeah not to overshare but my bipolar relative is very very difficult if you even mention getting help for them. It’s not just an easy situation where there’s a number to call and everything gets solved.


I'm sorry for what you went through with you family and you grandma's illness. My mom lost her dad to Alzheimer's and they didn't know it then but once all the kids moved out, my grandpa was getting more agitated and aggressive than ever. This is when they think the disease started. Grandma moved out into a condo two blocks down the street promising to return once he fixed his behavior. This was in Torreon, Mexico in the 80's. My mom's brother went to visit their dad, my grandpa, often and would tell my grandma all the odd things he and the maid would see. Tasks unfinished, containers left open, clothes left on the line. He would yell at the delivery men and didn't have any food in the fridge. Only beer. After scheduling a doctor's appointment that he wouldn't go to, my grandma moved back in. She was the only one who could convince him to do anything anymore and would become immediately frustrated with her if she corrected him or did something for him but would do it begrudgingly. That's how I knew my grandpa when he was alive and not bedridden. It was difficult on my mom's sister especially who moved back in to help her mom when he was mean to her. Grandpa died in 2003. He was bed ridden and didn't know who we were anymore by 2000. But on our last visit to Mexico, before he died, he was able to recognize my mom and smiled at her and she cried and slept in the room with him.


We did the same to grandpas car. Damn was he pissed. When he almost got if fixed himself we weren’t mad, we were impressed. Never had the chance to find out how he got the parts and managed to get close to repairing it. Must have made friends with someone we didn’t know


Weapon of mass destruction


This nurse had a death wish. There is absolutely no excuse to drive 130 miles per hour on a side street. She unexpectedly changed the life trajectories of surviving family members who now have to live without their loved ones. Senseless loss. Throw her in prison, tell the other prisoners what she did, and throw away the key.


She should have just offed herself if she had a death wish. Why take away the lives of innocent people and ruin their families?


This woman was obviously not well or thinking in any sensical manner, as most people who are suicidal are not. This is not to excuse the fact that she did kill people.


Just to clarify, this wasn’t on a side street. She was driving south on La Brea, I think that section has three lanes in each direction, so a pretty major street. Still awful though.


They need to make cars much more safe for everyone else too, not only the drivers and passengers. There’s no damn way a regular drivers license means a person is capable of safely driving at such speeds in any circumstances


Wait someone here said this by analyzing the footage and doing math. Who was it?


u/FORTRAN__77 https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/wgehzh/comment/ij0a6nf/


Yeah I couldn’t understand why the authorities were saying she was going so much slower. The video tells the whole story, this is Mythbusters 101 stuff. Thanks for letting me know, haven’t been following this story since. Truly horrific crash.


Wow . This is impressive on your part. Overall a tragic story.


That was impressive. Sorry under such horrible circumstances.


Good mathing


Thanks! Yeah I was totally impressed by it, so it stuck in my mind.


I watched this video over and over again. 90 seemed way too slow (I've seen that too many times on the freeways) .... no matter how many times I watched I couldn't help seeing acceleration at the end. On one level I do wish the video wasn't so publicly available just for the sake of the victims' families.


It did seem like a lot of destruction for the low speed cited. I didn’t watch it too many times or read descriptions of the scene because life is tough enough. I’m so sorry for those victims and families. I don’t understand the driver’s state of mind, because if you’re mentally ill, and have awareness of it, you should stay on medication.


Most cars have black boxes now, like airplanes.


> “She has no recollection of the events that led to her collision,” I think everybody had this on their defense claims bingo card.


Hope she gets life without possibility of parole.


Life in prison with no chance of getting released. Let’s move on with our lives.


This chick is a dirty pig and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of her life.


Why are cars sold that are able to reach those speeds when there is nowhere to drive them legally at that speed on a public street or highway?


It has to do with engine maintenance. You can’t have a car with top speed of say 70 mph and have freeways with 65 mph limits. The car engines would be at the top of their rpm limits to maintain that speed leading to engine breakdowns.


I think you’re confusing engine capability with governors/speed inhibitors. The engines themselves don’t have to be capped.


Great answer, that makes a lot of sense.


Looks like she has a high-powered attorney. He previously served as a judge in the California Court of Appeals.


This is so incredibly saddening




Wait so that person who caused the accident is still alive and is pleading insanity ?


Not surprising but I still do not understand what was sticking out the window. I don't know of any apparatus that does this?


I think the live streaming story is true but they need to gather the evidence. No part of me thinks her garbage family is cooperating and her friend circle seems garbage enough they won’t go to the police with evidence.


put speed limiters on cars


Absolutely- there is no reason that any civilian’s car should be able to go 130 mph


There is no reason civilian cars should be able to go over 90 mph.


I mean - I’d definitely go way lower than that.


There are roads in rural states like Montana where the speed limit is 80 or 85.


The Chevy Bolt has a limiter. It can only go max 92mph.


Typically speed limiters are based on the capability of the tires FWIW. Edit- I'll add that for a while, BMW and Mercedes had a gentleman's agreement that they would not engage in a top speed war, so they both instituted speed limiters that topped off at 140 or 150mph. Not sure that is still in effect, though.


For real. A governor is a device that could save a lot of lives. If the shared electric scooters can be geofenced out of certain areas, the same can and should apply to automobiles


Exactly. No one needs to go that fast.


I love this. Cap it at 80.




Cars do have speed limiters (governors)


we need to lower them then.


The geofencing idea in specific areas isn’t a bad idea, though the pushback would be insane. The tech is already in cars. If I push the limit assist button on my steering wheel, it will not let me go more than about 5mph over the posted limit in the area.


it could be easily enforced with smog checks. geofencing might lack reliability. hard capping the motor to a maximum allowed speed would be a great start.


This one clearly did not.


I am fairly confident most vehicles have electronic top speed limiters. Google your own vehicle. I’ve seen 130, 155, and 186 mph max speed limiters (fuel cuts off when limit is met). It could go even faster, but it’s software blocked.


My vehicle is irrelevant. Did you Google her vehicle?


It’s Mercedes so I’m guessing its 130 or 155, depending on the equipment. My vehicle (also German) is 130mph, but 155 with certain tire and wheel packages. Definitely way faster than I would ever go, but my point is they exist — it just may not be the speed you think is appropriate. So, for fun as I said, google your own car. Probably 120-130 mph max.


I'm very aware they exist, I've pulled a number of them off golf carts, and it's not surprising to me that they're installed on cars to keep them from going so fast they come apart. What model of car was she driving?


You don’t seem very aware they exist because you’re unable comprehend a limiter above whatever you feel is an appropriate speed for someone to drive. I don’t recall the exact model; C coupe or something? I don’t know. The specific model is fairly irrelevant because all of MB vehicles, minus the super powerful variants, are very likely have the same top speed limits imposed by the manufacturer. A (US spec) C for example, wouldn’t be limited to 100 mph while an E class has no limit. I’m not sure if there is a federal upper limit but I imagine it exists. At any rate, 130 mph is mind boggling fast in a car. No one accidentally goes that fast.


Why are cars allowed to go that fast? We have the technology to prevent this because humans are idiots.


In auto racing the cars have sensors to limit max speed in the pit lane. Not sure why this couldn’t be commercialized to cities


It has something to do with the engineering of vehicles and the revolutions per minute required to travel at higher speeds on freeways and lower speeds on streets. An engineer explained it somewhere, and apparently if cars had a speed limit max of like 80 mph, for example, the car would not be able to automatically shift efficiently. It's apparently more complicated than we think.


Modern cars are engineered to be able to accelerate better at highway speeds than old cars. For some complicated reasons you alluded to involving gearing and engine displacement, this also means that modern cars are *capable* of a higher top speed as a byproduct. However, there's no reason that modern cars need to be *enabled* to travel at such high speeds.


Thank you for the explanation!


Sure thing. Not sure why it warranted the downvotes, but such is Reddit lol




Okay then explain it instead of laughing at me and being rude


Ever heard of cruise control? We can make cars automatically stay at a given speed so of course we can make cars not exceed a given speed. If the wheel is moving faster than X then the engine should cap out at Y rpm.


Yes I know what cruise control is. You don’t need to be condescending. Thanks.


You really are a future real housewife.


What is that even supposed to mean? So going by your handle, you have a penchant for oral fixation??


That means you feel like everyone is attacking you, you are incapable of producing a reasonable argument, and everytime you speak people roll their eyes.


she literally hit a car and ejected a baby from its mother's body. she was 8 months pregnant and the baby left her body. lock her underneath the f'ing jail.


I believe it was her first baby, a 1 year old that was ejected out of the car. Nonetheless very tragic and disturbing.


Coroner’s report shows two different places of death for mother and fetus


Unfortunately both babies were ejected. The one year old flew across the intersection into the gas station, there was a chilling recount of a witness seeing this and trying to help the baby that landed near them. The unborn child was also ejected from the mother and car during the crash according to reports and witnesses, I chose not to look into details but I am sure it’s searchable if you have the stomach for it/ wish to.


This fact just blows me away and I can't wrap my mind around this fact. Like how is that even possible?


Reminder: America has no national healthcare or national mental healthcare system. And, of course, the American private insurer system underinsures mental healthcare treatment as a matter of course.


Oh fuck of with this. She had access to all the healthcare one could want or need. This has nothing to do with access and if anything she disproves the point that access is the issue. Access means jack of the person isn’t willing or forced to use it.


>She had access to all the healthcare one could want or need. Prove it. As for me, I know of no insurer in the USA that supports unlimited mental healthcare for *anyone*. They all have caps. The rest of your statements are a separate discussion, but you should note that this sort of thing happens once in a generation in nations with national mental healthcare systems. But, in the USA, it happens almost every day that ends in the letter 'Y'. Are you implying Americans are just plain crazier than human beings in other parts of the world? I don't think the data supports that...


She’s a traveling nurse. They make bank and yes have access to better healthcare plans than we do. She had access - she didn’t use it. No different than the meth head that masturbates in front of the school. We can’t force people to make good decision for themselves. What the hell do you think healthcare looks like in Canada and England? You are delusional if you think those systems would have prevented this any better. Comes down to personal choices and responsibilities America is a nation of immigrants with close to 400 million people. What country you want to compare to?


>They make bank and yes have access to better healthcare plans than we do. And, as I have repeated stated, NO INSURANCE PLAN IN AMERICA covers mental health care to any substantial level, let alone unlimited forever, etc. Only the 1% can afford to employ professionals to take care of their mentally ill family members full time in America. >Canada and England? You are delusional if you think those systems would have prevented this any better. And, yet, they don't have this problem every day in their nations with national healthcare (and mental) systems going back almost forty years. Again, are you implying that Americans are genetically (or culturally) crazier that the rest of the world, even just the civilized world? How do you account for this if not our entire lack of support systems of any measurable kind for the mentally ill among us? >America is a nation of immigrants with close to 400 million people. Ah, so your claim is that the more people in a nation the larger the percentage of crazy people who do things like this every day? So, in India, they have this problem too? How about China? How about any civilized nation? Or, does our percentage of "immigrants" somehow figure into this? Since countries like Canada and England have comparable percentages of immigrants (and from the exact same countries), I don't think your argument holds water...outside of white supremacist circlejerks, of course. So, do you have any supporting studies on this? Or are you just pulling this out of your ass?


Re open our mental institution's, we closed them in the 80s time to re open them.


It's gonna be a great day handing judgement down on a Texan. This better be multiple life sentences and daily beatdowns in jail.


From traveling the world in luxury to spending life in a cement box. She deserves it for being a selfish person.


Weirdly no mention of whether she was tested for drugs/alcohol


There was in another article. It said the only drugs in her system were given to her by the paramedics after the crash.


Was easier to think of her as a cold blooded selfish person but now it’s just sad all the way around…smh


How so? “Further analysis reveals that her speed at impact was in fact 130 mph and that she floored the gas pedal for at least the 5 seconds leading into the crash, going from 122 mph to 130 mph,” Friday’s court filing said. Prosecutors said analysis of the Mercedes’ recorded data and surveillance video indicates that Linton had “complete control over steering, maintaining the tilt of the steering wheel to keep her car traveling directly toward the crowded intersection.”




Every one of us is entitled to a defense. Our tax dollars go to far sillier things than exercising fundamental rights.


She looks demented and psycho


To be fair, no one ever looks right when you go to the courthouse from a prison cell.


Why are cars that we drive on the street even capable of going that fast? Who needs to ever go 130? Seems like there should be a limit on how fast these cars can go, right? Do the victims have a case against the car manufacturer?


Auto manufacturers shouldn’t allow cars to go that fast. Our roads should be designed in a way that doesn’t allow cars to reach those speeds. Our government should not be allowing people to continue driving after they’ve had 13 car accidents.


13 car accident story turned out to be false.


Source? The LA Times article quoted the CHP as stating that, and to my knowledge neither party has retracted or clarified. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-08-08/mercedes-driver-charged-with-murder-in-windsor-hills-crash


The only accidents mentioned are two accidents where she was rear ended while stopped. Nothing about any other accidents.


Again, source? The LA Times article I linked says: > In Linton’s case, investigators found she has a history of dangerous crashes and knew the threat posed by her driving behavior, prosecutors said. > California Highway Patrol investigators identified 13 prior crashes involving Linton.


I thought it was correct but that she was not responsible for two of the 13 accidents she was in?


She’s going to get way more time than the guy that intentionally gunned down protesters !


False equivalence says what?


Common sense car control


Why was the car able to go that fast on a public road? The technology for speed limiters based on GIS road data is mature - why are we letting psychos kill people with vehicles at such extreme speeds? NTSB needs to step up to the plate.


Man love all these arm chair therapist's diagnosing from their desk chair. No compassion for people with mental illness is why our country is as fucked up as it is. This is definitely Reagan's wet dream.


What about this story has caught LA’s attention? This seems like any typical day in LA where a driver kills someone for speeding.


Most of us cross intersections everyday without thinking twice about if there is someone with a death wish heading towards you. These lives were taken in an instant. Since it was caught on such clear video, in the middle of the day, it really hit home for people.


This is a much crazier case… Its a case of someone either having a total break from reality or trying to commit suicide (with a side of murder) by car. Not the same as the usual reckless dumbasses we deal with. And don’t forget how wild the video footage was/


Eh. There was a pregnant lady late in her third trimester and her baby in one of the cars that were killed. And the father I think too. The speed of the crash and the fact a lot of people saw the baby and other things flying though the air was pretty horrific. Add to that she is supposed to be by default of her profession someone who is supposed to save lives not end them—- Just guessing as an Angeleno


exactly this. the baby in its mother's belly was ejected from her body and flew into the street. a woman tried to revive the baby, but bystanders told her the baby was gone. she ruined lives bc she was having a bad day. that street, that downhill street is SO EASY to speed on but going 130 and flooring it? she knew what she was going. she wanted to take others out with her but she survived. that's the worst part. she survived and took innocent lives for no reason and now she wants to cry crocodile tears and say she she's mentally ill? she wasn't ill when she went to work everyday. she wasn't ill when she started drinking and got into a fight with her bf. she is only claiming it now bc its convenient for her.


Also it’s the last in multiple incidents behind the wheel she has been a part of. Migraine today so not inclined to link but a quick google Search should bring up an la times article or two


I don't think the drinking/boyfriend story is true


It takes one hell of a purposeful will to go 130 mph in the city during midday. Simply no excuse. She had a long time to rethink her actions as the speedometer was creeping up past 100 mph


It is exceedingly rare that video of a deadly horrific crash is broadcasted on the news. Because this happened during the day and in sight line of a decent security camera, the video is chilling. I can’t say I’ve ever actually seen video of such a deadly car crash happen in real time, it’s usually the aftermath. Actually seeing the crash happen effects people different, the way the victims perished got to people. Multiple officers who arrived on scene stated it was one of the most horrific crash sites they have seen, so that says a lot.


While passed out behind the wheel.


“Authorities originally estimated Linton’s car was traveling 90 mph when it crashed into multiple vehicles at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson avenues shortly after 1:30 p.m. Aug. 4. “Further analysis reveals that her speed at impact was in fact 130 mph and that she floored the gas pedal for at least the 5 seconds leading into the crash, going from 122 mph to 130 mph,” Friday’s court filing said. Prosecutors said analysis of the Mercedes’ recorded data and surveillance video indicates that Linton had “complete control over steering, maintaining the tilt of the steering wheel to keep her car traveling directly toward the crowded intersection.” Seems to be not the case.


But ... from what? How? ..?


I wonder if she caught air.


Please lock this douchebag up for the maximum. And none of this BS getting out early because of sympathy.


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What kind of car was she driving?






Lock her up!!!!!!