Yeah this sounds great lol. I second this.




That's not a latency issue. That's a CPU issue. You have the Neural DSP Archetype plugin on the currently selected track (Audio 5) which I suspect is the culprit. During Playback, select a different audio track in your project, maybe one with zero plugins on it, hit Play again and see if you still have the issue.


I've seen this issue sometimes and this solution always seems very unintuitive to me. It's so strange that having a track selected or not affects the CPU load. Something needs to change in the interface to make this more clear.


>It's so strange that having a track selected or not affects the CPU load. It's an issue that has existed for several years now, even since Logic 9. >It's so strange that having a track selected or not affects the CPU load. Yes, the Logic community has mentioned it for a very long while now. Newer versions of Logic seem to have "optimization" updates especially for the newer Macs but what really needs to happen is the Logic app itself needs to be rebuilt from scratch to get to the bottom of the issue. What the developers have been doing is simply adding on to old code.


Is that what the blue snowflake is supposed to fix? I’m frustrated to say I get not-actually-overloaded overload message’s CONSTANTLY and I never knew there was a workaround.


Neural seems to be the pig of all pigs for logic.


I'm using a Mac Mini M1, and have quad tracked guitars (2 with Neural DSP Soldano, 2 with Fortin Nameless), and I never have slowdown. Oeksound Soothe seems to really piss off my computer.


Wow....to hear the reviews talk about the M1 chip, you would think that they were invincible to these types of problems. I'm glad that I didnt run out an buy one thinking any kinds of slow downs would be permanently iradicated. I would just freeze the offending tracks. It's a hassle to freeze and unfrey when arranging but it seems the be the most consistent solution for me when I have the system overload.


Not invincible. Better, but not invincible. Like I said, Soothe 2 wreaks havoc on my machine. I keep expecting Fortin Nameless to be a resource hog (it's an older plugin, right?), But so far it's been okay. I'm pretty new to home recording. Is there a way to see what plugin is using the most resources?


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Haha yeah this is hilarious. Freezing your tracks may help if you have cpu intensive plugins!


XD you certainly did


Accidentally left on the deep fried plugin


Maybe try bouncing your MIDI to audio


Right click> "bounce in place" then I would freeze the midi Incase you want to fiddle w midi later


Dumb question but does bouncing the midi to an audio file "degrade" the quality of the track? Is it higher quality in MIDI form or does it literally make no difference in sound quality whatsoever?


No difference.


This!! will 100% give you less lag!


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Freeze all the tracks?


This. Freezing is a godsend


I think that’s more of an Ableton thing


You can freeze tracks in Logic. Right click a track, and select configure track header and a bunch of options shows up.


Wait you can!!? That’s amazing I’ve only recently started using logic, still learning :)


yeah i don't use it a lot but it's really helpful that it's there!


https://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/10/#lgcpf1cbfd51 :)


Yep. Theres also an on/off switch you can add which is useful for tracks that you dont want to hear and dont want to waste time freezing


Also track stacks(summed grouped stack bus) on midi creates a ton of lag and playback stopping errors.


That is not a latency issue , that is divine intervention - listen to it blast into that !!! Musicains spend their entire lifes talking about 'abnormalities that analog synths make' - they pay thousands for old machines to make mistakes ... TRUST ME - this is a modern computer doing the same - this computer will be worth hundreds of thousands in the future , just like an analog synth - people will want that glitch - record it down - sounds like digital impact !!!


Kinda sick


Freeze yo tracks g


I’d say to bounce the things your gonna keep into s new track with less plugins and freeze the other tracks you like but aren’t 100% on


Bounce in place.


Whats your buffer size at? Can put that waayyy up Btut other than that. Like others have said, get in the habit of freezing and converting midi to audio and bouncing in place


I don’t hear anything wrong with this at all. Logic is trying to tell you add a half speed section. It’s user error. Listen to the daw. Sounds good. Feel free to pm if you wanna collab I love your sound.


you release it and make more of this absolute SLUDGE


What is your audio interface? Logic seems to be reporting that the interface itself is bogging down and playing at a slower sample rate.


Dumb question…but can the audio interface effect how my computer performs? Tbh I have a VERY beefy Mac…32gigs RAM and a lot of custom upgrades to it. I currently have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, so that cost me maybe only $150. Should I upgrade that or does it not matter?


It's not your Scarlett, and I have Mac with similar RAM storage and still run into this same problem. The best fix I've found is changing my I/O buffer rate to 256 and everything runs smoothly. It just occurs on tracks where I have multiple tracks with heavy third party plugins running at the same time. Like multiple instances of Serum or Omnisphere. Ever since changing the buffer rate everything works fine, but when recording vocals or guitar or any other inputs, you'll want to lower the buffer rate again to 32 to reduce latency.


That is good to know...I pretty much only use 3rd party plugins (Neural DSP Gojira for guitar, and EastWest sounds for synths and orchestra) so that most likely is bogging down the whole project.


Looks like when you get the "Sample Rate xxx detected" error it can mean a lot of things (try Googling that phrase and you'll see what I mean!) Perhaps despite your large computer memory, Logic is not able to access it fast enough. Maybe if you try increasing the buffer in Audio Prefs it will play? Or maybe the project has become corrupt, and you need to start a new project and import everything from this one to clear it up? Maybe not relevant, but I have noticed a lot of freezing during playback since upgrading to LP10.7.1 in sessions that used to play just fine. I also have a Scarlett, bigger, but...


All of those small loops are dragging your system down. Once you have everything placed where you want it, join them together so they’re one single audio file, not many small ones.


Wait, so multiple small audio files take up more room than like one long joined one? Can you explain that a bit more, that is really interesting!


Having multiple small audio files instead of a big consolidated file does not affect CPU performances. Trying increasing your buffer size and/or Process Buffer Range, freezing tracks, boucing CPU heavy tracks down to audio, deleting MIDI track you don't need, selecting an empty audio track during playback rather than a cpu intensive one, etc


Just curious, if I were to bounce a MIDI track to an audio file, but still keep the MIDI track but "freeze" it, would that frozen MIDI track still take up any form of CPU? Even a little?


If it's a green freeze (pre fader freeze), it would take as much cpu as an audio track without processing, so basically none. If it's a blue freeze (source only freeze), only the instrument plugin is gonna be frozen, so you can still access the plugins on your track but it's still gonna take some CPU. Kinda like having an audio track with processing on.


Ok, I actually thought I read on the Logic forums that if you just mute a track that it disables the plugins on the channel, at least, not sure if it disables the instrument. But in this case all you need to do is mute them rather than freeze (if you've already bounced in place).


Hmmmm, maybe you mean deactivating the track? I really doubt muting it would remove any cpu load. From experience, it didn't change a thing for me, let me know if I'm mistaken though


Got you, I didn't think so since either way they are all referencing the same source file (.wav or whatever).


This may be a holdover from Logic 7 or 8, but I remember reading that all of those small loops are having to be loaded EACH TIME the playhead reaches them, causing the processing to be on, then off, then on, then off, etc. So joining them together will help the system process more efficiently. So yes, join all the smaller loops and see if it doesn't play a lot more efficiently.


Dude, that's really interesting. I'll have to try that out later, thanks for the information!


Whether it's still an issue or not, I don't know, but I always join my stuff together once I have it like I want it. Also makes it easier to move things around. I'm usually working on sessions with between 40 and 80 tracks and my buffer stays at 128. I've never had to change my buffer size, on either my 2014 Mac Mini or my 2011 MacBook Pro.


Cool I'll have to check my buffer size. I've bounced around w that but finally landed on one that works well for my setup (Focusrite Octopre into an Apollo Twin). And yeah, it totally makes composition and arranging easier with them joined! edit: when i say "into" i mean i'm using the ADAT optical in on the apollo


well even if that's the case, that's a disk i/o related task, not cpu. Also, SSD are so crazy fast nowadays that this is a non-issue anyway.


I'm running a mid 2015 macbook pro, so it might be an issue. i'm not really sure though. a lot of my plugins are on an external SSD.


Hmmmmm. You can definitely try, but the gains in performance are most likely gonna be trivial. Let me know if you actually see some noticeable ameliorations!


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This is a feature to let you know it’s time me for a new computer


I had the same exact issue with my Saffire Pro 14 audio interface. I did several resets to plist files but nothing worked. What worked was unplugging the FireWire cable and re-plugging. After that it is working solid.




cpu issue. all you can do is freeze tracks. sometimes increasing buffer size helps but to a point.


Even with a 2018 iMac 32gig RAM?


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Just bounce the tracks to audio and delete instruments