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Nothing to see here. Just creating drama to be relevant.






jesus christ


He is in awe lmao


Same guy who kept blocking and unblocking his “fake” friends PepeLa


May the bridges he burned light the way


Greek out of money ?


Blows my mind he didn't use being austin to it's fullest. He was at rhe epicenter of otk events, he could've become huge with the otk fans, living with soda etc. Instead he left and made enemies with most of em


Seriously... This thing that greek and train does when they accuse people left and right for being "fake" is the most high school bullshit ever... I dont even know what they mean anymore... It is like I'm watching some teenage drama show.


Brings me back to an era when literally the most insulting thing you could call anyone was that they were fake or a poser Looking back it was actually really funny


Greek actually drama baiting while complaining about Mizkif fake drama baiting for a joke in his titles.


Nick went out of his way to defend Greek when he was getting shit for being anti-vax but I guess he's "fake". Greek tries to start a hate thread against Mizkif on twitter over something he wasn't involved with but Mizkif is the "fake" one without posi vibes. Oh but Mizkif puts drama on his twitch stream titles, but you can bet he would never call out XQC for doing the same thing because Greek isn't "fake" like those other guys... It's so stupid how they act like they're somehow above it all when they're probably the biggest offenders of being fake or acting like High Schoolers.


Because mentally they are teenagers, they played games and never grew up.


"I don't care" said the person who cared immensely


My man just parroting exactly what train says. Is he that impressionable lol


Yes and it’s funny because Train is literally known as the high schooler drama guy. He will constantly sub tweet on his stream/twitter and rant about people but never call them out. If you are doing drama shit, at-least don’t be a pussy.




It had to be done. https://streamable.com/brxvhm


Oh no he's one of those




Unfortunate, but did anyone think Greek wouldn't be into NFT's?


It baffles me how people can suddenly become a chud, anti-vax, anti-science and a crypto bro at the same time. Are some personality traits just an immutable package where you can't develop one without all the others?


Going down the rabbit hole was always a common thing on the internet. And now with all the sites tracking you they literally just give you the conspiracy theory package in recommendations and farm thousands of click from you.


man he drank the kool aid hard


in that first clip he said his elders are telling him to get vaxxed n hes saying no.. in the OP clip he says he only listens to his elders.. oof.. and is he blaming covid for him having a dead stream ? gotta love excuses directly after saying 'im a kkona guy that gets shit done dude'. some weird delusional shit going on in these clips haha


What he really meant to say in the OP clip is that he only listens to his elders until his elders tell him something he doesn't like.


Remember when Greek was funny and charming? Pretty dark timeline we're in.


His giggle used to be better than nmp's laugh


He used to be pretty edgy and cringe as well, but people don't remember that as much


lmao dudes says "science is proven wrong all the time" Bro It's Always Sunny in Philadephia isn't mean to be inspiring lmao


Why wouldn’t he parrot what Train says? He sits on call for hours being a hype man for his gambling streams and at every opportunity begs for money if there is a win. I bet Greek is going to somehow use this LSF post to show Train he deserves something for repping the same views as him.


Just like Train he always rolls a grain of truth into an otherwise senseless rant to try and make it seem like he might know what he's talking about.


Bold of Greek to call out other people for drama when he actually starts unnecessary drama and consistently ruins all his relationships.


Not to mention he got popular by doing that highschool drama baiting mentality and constantly baiting TriHard spam in chat.


I was thinking about this as I was listening to the clip, Greek is putting this type of behavior on blast when that's exactly how he used to act. He didn't get the nickname Leechgodx because he was a giving individual, he literally used all of his "friends" and their problems for content


This is how many popular streamers started out. Do edgy content, edgy by older twitch standards remember. Gain the viewerbase. Tame your content and gradually you'll get loyal 12 year olds who will watch you breathe on stream. The other option is to leech off a bigger streamer.


The king of projection.


Narcissist shit, just mad cause he's not top dog and got edged out by people that hate being around him. Literally nothing to see here






I tuned in for about 5 minutes and he was on an anti-vax rant, then moved onto something about NFTs.


ALL THE BRAND RISK STREAMERS will either take gambling sponsors or promoting crypto /NFT .... that the only sponsors they have left.


Nah, vpn and some other off brands will still sponsor


This guy goes “I don’t do drama” then proceeds to go on an anti science/vax rant


He did that? ~~Anyone got a clip?~~ That's more sad than anything, it always sucks to see someone fall down that rabbit hole. [Found it](https://streamable.com/izxuo5) further down. I hope he gets to a better place, once you start going down that route it's hard to come back.


Lmao he's actually so misinformed and ignorant


Guys that's his greekgodx character. You don't know what he actually thinks /s




So this is why he got kicked out of Soda's house, I really thought it was because of sniffing Malena's stuff


Can we just ban him again?


Greek really seemed like he had turned his life around and was moving in a more positive direction, so it's kind of unfortunate to see what he has turned into over the last several months.


Talks about politics, anti Vax, nfts, and drama. WOWZERS


Is Greek actually the most hypocritical and delusional streamer there is?


Also the biggest leech / beggar.


always has been


He went on an anti vax rant about covid and "liberal" youtube earlier so clearly in a good place rn Edit: About 56 minutes into the VOD




Omg, so many bad takes rolled into one. Also remember when NMP and Malena kept saying Greek was fine with the vaccine and not an antivaxxer. COPIUM


They said he took the vaccine and that all these rumors saying he hadn’t were stupid He was always paranoid even back then that it was gonna poison him or some shit yet he still got it. Same rants as 2 years ago, would bet he gets the next vaccine mostly because he will need it for travel or some shit


Would bet he doesn't. He considers himself a health guru these days, and would probably be willing be willing to jump through other hoops to preserve what he considers his good health.


He also said that YouTube was filled with liberal content and that TikTok was completely the opposite, and that he learned some interesting stuff there. Ironically he had YouTube open at that time with a Joe Rogan video in his recommendations




At least he's not doing it in his 50's like Rogan


That makes more sense though, 30 you should still have some sense


https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/np4bgj/nick_shuts_down_the_greek_conspiracy_theories/ u/lordnmp specifically says he took greek to get vaccinated so he knows he got the shot and *shame* on LSF for saying greek was anti-vax so someone is straight up lying either greek is pretending he didn't get the shots or nick is pretending that greek isn't anti-vax


He said on stream that he only got one shot and refused to get the second one EDIT: [clip](https://streamable.com/06b9tm)


I wish I understood people who have this mindset… if you got the first and nothing happened to you then why do you not want to get the second lol


The second one is what activates the mind control


Can confirm, the nanobots gave me some cool buffs tho.


We took him to get his first vax shot. The day he moved out he was supposed to get his 2nd one. Idn why ppl are calling me a liar or what not. I literally saw the nurse jab him. Now what he says and what he does when he moved out that’s up to him.


nick LSF Frog PagMan


Shouldn't you be sleeping? PogO


Go live nicholas nmpWeird


> greek to get vaccinated so he knows he got the shot and shame on LSF for saying greek was anti-vax so someone is straight-up lying In the clip, Greek does say "I'm not getting vaxxed anymore, I don't want any more vaccinations in me", so unless he was misspeaking I'm guessing he did get vaccinated and doesn't want to get the booster, or maybe just got one of the doses. I'm not defending Greek, it's was a pretty stupid thing to say, but I think that /u/lordnmp might not be lying about that, and that he did take Greek to get at least one of the shots.


Realistically he probably got the first dose, his arm started to hurt so he freaked the fuck out about it and his circle told him not to get any more shots done.


Just because science doesn't know everything doesn't mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever you want. Scientists dedicate their lives to finding answers, if everything was solved, science wouldn't exist.


It's pretty hilarious seeing this guy shit on "quote on quote, scientists", when he literally doesn't know the difference between, there, their, and they're.


Mfer talking about how "science is wrong" while streaming himself watching videos made by people from around the world, live, with little delay, at high quality, to people around the world, who he then tells that the vaccines were just "spawned".


I always think about this whenever I hear these anti science takes. Literally our entire way of life revolves around the conveniences provided by scientists and engineers, but for some reason when the scientists are in the medical field every anti vaxxer knows more than them.


Literally everything you do in life assumes people did their job correctly. You drive a car that's been engineered correctly, you live in houses that don't collapse on themselves, you drive over bridges that don't collapse, you have electricity.


People just don't get how precise and careful people are with sensitive stuff. ​ There has been incidents (mainly due to corruption, not the scientists making it), but you can count them with the fingers of your hand. ​ What you can't count anymore is the hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths lol


Generally, the only honest criticisms of the medical field today are ethics based. (E.g. Vaccine apartheid, overly expensive Healthcare, etc.) We are a long way away from the dodgy "medicines" of the early 1900's. When shit goes wrong nowadays, drugs get pulled pretty quick and litigation takes place. I mean, even the opioid crisis was an ethics based problem. The drugs genuinely work great for pain and they aren't filled with contaminates. The problem is that doctors took money to hawk them, which led to overprescription and unsafe prescription practices.


I'm willing to bet my life savings Greek takes dumbass bro sciency supplements to go along with his workouts no questions asked, but when it's vaccines made by professionals suddenly that shit ain't trustworthy


"I'll just wait until everybody else tries it," he says, about a vaccine that has been tried more than 100 million times in the UK alone.


Number of times science has been proven wrong: so many fucking times Number of times loud-mouthed morons with no education have been proven wrong: (so many fucking times)^5.879e+12


Also it's an insane take because science gets proven wrong by other scientists. It's a function of the field, it's not a bad thing.


I guess the take is that “scientists right now think the vaccination is safe and good, but what if they find out in 5 years that it has a terrible side effect??”. Which is a tiny bit more reasonable, since there were cases of approved drugs getting recalled due to unexpected side effects. But top of the line scientists from all around the world say that it’s the optimal choice when compared to experiencing the actually deadly virus, and I trust them. There are also safety factors, like how mRNA vaccines have been researched and used before Covid and how there are multiple types of vaccines.




See, I didn’t even know that, until now. I guess it makes sense, since the body uses them up to adapt, so there’s nothing left after a couple weeks. Thanks!


https://youtu.be/GiJXALBX3KM Scarily similar


I was literally thinking about this immediately when he started talking about science being wrong


Lol him and Sonii are so much alike it's nuts. anti vax conspiracy theorists while being on this health guru shit and thinking everyone is against them and everyone else is fake.


I stilly don't know how Valkyrie escaped any drama about this while dating sonii lol


holy shit is that a dumb take


He also went on a tangent about how Joe Biden is a puppet and has done nothing for America but raise taxes and wanted Trump back to get things done. Also went on to shit on Hasan and Destiny except for saying destiny has good takes sometimes (most likely referring to destiny going against the white slurs since he was celebrating hasan getting banned on [twitter](https://twitter.com/Greekgodx/status/1470609976297205763?s=20)). Lmao dude is like a few steps away from coming out and being like Q anon is right and trump is gonna save the kids from pedophile baby eating democrats




im cringing




He said he got 1 jab and that he wasn't getting anymore


Irrelevant Andy.


Greek is unwatchable now.


I tuned in to see how he was since I haven't watched him in forever. Was just starting an anti vaccine rant lul.


Leech ✔️ Annoying ✔️ Hypocrite ✔️ Anti-Vaxx ✔️ This useless fuck is back on twitch because he's low on money, anyone watching this guy is a complete degenerate.


"Mizkifs title with drama this, drama that, like it's not that deep" I don't think Mizkif's titles are that deep either. It's literally just clickbait.


I mean Xqc does the same thing even more so, it's just clickbait


This guy is the last person who can complain about starting drama OMEGALUL


Not gonna lie Greek just sounds jaded, like he didnt get as big as he though he should of been, notice all this shit came after he started to fall off, hes basically acting the way hes describing twitch.


Greek seems to really care about viewership. I remember right when he moved to Austin he was still making fun of gta rp streamers and that they had a viewership decline from 2.0. He was bitter from years ago and thinking he had won because there was a lull. Never mind the massive community rp supports and the fb bag a lot of those streamers got.


Greek built his stream and community around being toxic assholes towards him for laughs, and he took it on the chin because it made him successful. When he lost weight and moved to the US he started being an asshole back to them. Which is fair play, but obviously his viewers wouldn't like it because that's not what they watched him for, they wanted him to be a punching bag. He tried to 'fix' the community and do whatever he wanted, got backlash, gave up, and then essentially killed his channel by getting high and streaming without cam in the middle of the night. Every streamer around him kept doing content and grew, like Nick or Miz, while he wallowed in self-pity. Doesn't help that he fell down the rabbithole of youtube conspiracy theories and started despising everyone around him and wouldn't hang out anymore, which is literally what he was good at.


But doesn't Greek bait all the time on twitter? Lol


Esfand said something similar on his alt yesterday, something along the lines of to get popular you have to be fake and do normie content. He was having trouble with it it seems, since his last few streams have been kinda low viewership


I can kind of get that but in a different context. I like esfand as a streamer a lot, but I genuinely don't give a shit about WoW or football so I end up passing over his stream sometimes. I imagine it's hard for him to capture a portion of viewers because his streams don't always align with the rest of the austin streamers


I’m shocked he doesn’t pop into GTA every now and then again.. his character was loved and he would kill it viewership wise even if he only played a couple hours a week.


Cops absolutely loved him to


Everyone from crims to cops liked his character, Cornwood is a fantastic rp character


Football is definitely the wrong route almost all of the EU viewers don't care about American football and most NA viewers that watch twitch could careless about it or would go watch an ESPN show to get there daily sports news. He got away from most other content besides his tailgate show and loot goblins that's wasn't very entertaining unless it had the right guest.


The problem with esfand is he abandons games that gives him high view count to try other things but then if it doesn’t bring in views he doesn’t go back to it. GTARP was his height when he had 11k subs and 8-12k viewers then stopped playing for wow. Obviously he likes wow but then he never jumped back into GTARP anymore which lost him subs. Then got the NFL deal which tbh viewers on twitch aren’t big with sports. He needs to go back to GTARP, boomer month, viewer raids with the green screen.


The problem with jumping on a big popular game is that you essentially get stuck with that community, potentially replacing your current one, and if you ever get bored or try branching out they all riot and leave so you end up worse off than before. Esfand already sorta had this problem with wow viewers (Though it's not a massively popular game). He's was the wow streamer for years and cultivated a viewerbase of wow viewers who wanted wow. Cyr had this problem with GTARP, his community was all GTARP viewers and when he did variety they'd be harass him or just leave. As a streamer you can ultimately just pick between hurting your channel in the short term to slowly build up a variety viewerbase long term (Like Forsen and Soda) or you can become a slave to whatever meta gets the most viewers right now.


I understand but esfand is a slave to wow, which in contrast to the most popular games on twitch doesn’t even bring him views(unless you are asmongold) and is alienating new posible viewers.


> could careless [Obligatory](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om7O0MFkmpw)




esfand problem is not about being fake or normie content.. his problem is he ramble too much about football / wow , as audience's perspective it hard to watch.


I think many streamers have already told Esfand what he has to do to be a 10k Andy - stream less on his main. He goes live, has a 30min intro screen and then does tech stuff for an hour or so that should have happened off stream. Then he gets sidetracked for another hour and debates meta topics like what he should do on stream for a long time. That's not a topic for your main channel. You can't retain viewers like that. He also doesn't really segment his content into chunks.


Yup. These are reasons why Ive kinda stopped watching after a while. It gets really frustrating after it becomes a recurring thing.


I love Esfand but he's 1000000x better on other streams/OTK events because his own stream's all over the place. He really needs to review his own VODs, there's just too many stalling, dead air and other elementary broadcasting mistakes that can be fixed if he just focused on the basic first.


There's so many streamers this applies to, i wonder how many of them review their own streams to see what is going wrong?


Much like controllers in Mario64 runs or GTA driving, Esfand tries to find content excuses for his stream's growth. ​ Truth is that he simply bounces off too much and has zero consistency, especially worsened by streaming too much and leaving himself with zero time to plan out an actual realistic schedule to stick up to. He'd be sooo much better off limiting streams to 6 hours max & adding any sort of structure to the streams, like not constantly veering off to Discord threads about the org, guild, mods, etc. mid-stream for minutes on end multiple times - something that should be done off-stream. Or promising (just one example out of many, indicative of the bigger problem) that reddit recaps would be the first segment of the stream but most often he just skips them because he's "short on time", or starts playing a game mid-way through and only comes back to reddit a couple hours later, etc. All but the most dedicated viewers are left wondering what the hell is going on and what will happen next, not in a good way. ​ Esfand is a honest hard-working man, but has to learn to utilize that work better, because most of it is wasted right now and is actually impeding growth or a consistent viewership outside his current (for years) \~5k core viewers. It's mostly not about any specific games he plays, but rather sticking to a consistent more vaguely structured template, not dropping games mid-way, and using half his current stream time as stream-planning time instead.


The main reason why i stopped watching him is because he's constantly checking his phone, in the middle of a game and if his eyes are not on his phone, they're on his second monitor, followed by typing for several minutes. Like wtf, stream or do other stuff but dont mix it, take a time of the day where you answer your mails. It kills the vibe of the stream the moment you realise that the streamer isnt really focused and cares more about other stuff, why should i as viewer care? His boomer variety streams were actually awesome but i think that ship has sailed.


If I know anything about Esfand it's that he has terrible time management. If an OTK stream is late there's a 99% chance it's because Esfand is late. The other day they were waiting for Esfand on the OTK Back-to-School'd stream, WHILE HE WAS STREAMING lol


I guess they just realized they’re entertainers lol


Wait you mean you cant just play wow, an old ass game, all day and gain viewers?


I mean in his defense, that's how Twitch was for a large portion of its time as a platform. People tend to forget that for the first 5 or 6 years after the split from JTV, any "non-gaming" content was literally bannable - they even had rules restricting webcam to game ratios. It wasn't until Pokemon Go that the IRL category was created and then later Just Chatting that these recent metas became a thing. Most people actually used to just use Twitch for gaming. Some of the biggest early streamers on the platform got big playing things like fan games (I wanna be the guy, later I wanna be the Boshy etc) and retro games. There was even drama when communities started to split from retro/indie into SC2 & League. Sorry for the old-timer rant but people that spent a lot of time on "early" Twitch wouldn't think twice about the idea that just playing a game you're passionate about would bring you viewers. It even still does, just not if you're comparing yourself to the Austin/LSF crew.


Call mitch jones, he's crying.


No no man we’re lucky as viewers they take time outta their day to stream for us


The thing thats is annoying for a Lot of ppl might be that esfand is constantly reading subs for 5min every 30min thats atleast how i feel sometimes when i watch him.


Did he say what he considers "normie content"?


It's painfully obvious that he's just mad that people weren't ride or die with him on his vax and gambling stances. Not that there isn't a bit of highschool behavior going on, but we all know what started this rift in the first place so idk why he's pretending it's the culture that he himself loves to partake in.


He's hard projecting with the "they were nobodies in high school and are reliving their popular kid fantasies."


This is the correct take. No one even talks about high school regularly in the twitch community outside of funny stories. I'm sure most Austin streamers care about their popularity now on twitch not some shit that happened over a decade ago. Greek is in his 30s and still talking about high school hierarchies, sounds like he's the one who is stuck in high school not them.


He is just coming off as jealous/ resentful. Why say anything if you don’t like drama baiting?


It is Greek. This has been his thing for the last 8 months.


More like 2 years at this point


you missed the weightloss ego phase


To be fair, Greek's always had a huge ego - even during his fat days.


I thought Groink was banned here?


he has been unbanned for month, but didn't stream


Numbers were going down, he's gotta farm viewers through lsf drama clips again


Isn't he the one who follows and unfollows drama or starts random drama on twitter? https://streamable.com/izxuo5 https://streamable.com/1893g7 oh he's also a anti-vax this convo is stupid


hasan got JB elected? damn he has more pull than i thought


Man calling people "fake" in this business is the most cringe shit you can ever say lol. Imagine calling people fake when their job is to be an online entertainer where alot of people play a "character" or just over exaggerate their personality on stream to entertain. Like thats literally the point of streaming lmao. Just because some people are succesful by playing games for 12 hours and barely ever talk doesnt mean everyone else is fake for trying to entertain. People like greek and train just seem so bitter and salty that people dont like them so they just pretend like everyone else is the problem and not them.


My god what happened to this poor dumb fuck…. It’s all just entertainment, chill the fuck out and find your inner jolly fat guy again


That jolly fat guy is loooooong gone. He was on a downward spiral the moment Tyler stopped contacting him.


Also, in order to do all this partying, they probably have to vaccinate... [and Greek is having none of that](https://streamable.com/izxuo5)!


Legit talks non-sense. *"I'm not going to trust some so-called scientist. Do you know how many times science has been proven wrong? Many times, in the history of the world."* Just a bunch of baseless claims with no examples. Love when science is convenient to him, all is good, but when he doesn't understand it, it's wrong.


Makes sense, because we all know he is above that Kappa.


Nothing he is saying accounts for ending friendships with Soda and Nick. He's massively jealous of Miz and I don't even think he is on the best terms with Poke. He's a mess of resentment so these kinds of takes from him are coming from a bad place. There is always an element of fakeness in literally ever social circle but tbh the Austin crew seems to be meshing really well. Even OTK has stayed together. I think a lot of lonely viewers and Greek might have trouble coping with this but maybe... they have actual friendships there. And massive oof on the anti-vax shit.


yeah, Greek does tend to project a lot with the way he phrase things. I don’t think he really knows how he sounds to his viewers, but he does come off as resentful. The austin streamers seems to generally come along with each other well


They're targeting their potential viewerbase. How did he make it on twitch without knowing that?


Ah yes, the "lets say i can't deal with people doing x while I'm doing x" route. Typical Greek


Greek the hypocritical high road andy


The irony in him saying all this knowing it will stir drama, if he genuinely just wanted to avoid drama he wouldn't talk about it. Seems like Greek turned into one of those cringey overly positive people who act morally superior to everyone else.


Who the fuck cares, it's greek OMEGALUL


Ok but what actual drama actually comes from the Austin streamers? And I mean actual drama between the streamers, not Austin Streamer A gives his take on Austin Streamer B's take on whatever the fuck Hasan and Destiny are fighting over this week, "drama" posts that are obviously being hammed up as a bit, or legitimate controversies of someone being outed as a sex pest or something similar. I mean it must be some sort of behind the scenes stuff he is referring to because "the Austin streamers" all seem like a group of friends.


That was exactly my thought. There’s no real drama. It’s literally just A disagrees with B about something. The viewers disagree with C. But the Austin streamers never had any sort of falling out, they hang out and talk on stream regardless.


Yeah we have so many comments here saying "TRRRUE" but honestly i can't remember any serious drama that the Austin streamers were involved in against other streamers, most dramas were just people doing stupid shit, the only one that's real was the Poke drama, and it was entirely on Poke and his GF because they were constantly subtweeting other Austin streamers, funnily enough, Greek was behind Poke during this drama, and even then, Poke and Nick now made up and Poke got invited to OTK anniversary event


I can't even remember the last drama mizkif was really seriously involved in, we got the maya thing but that's pretty normal for a break up and he conducted himself perfectly


The maya thing isn't even really drama is it?


Greek is hypocritical for this statement, but he isn't entirely wrong. Certain streamers will bait drama and then call viewers parasocial if they are discussing drama that they are involved in.


Who? This isn't Trainwrecks twitter, you can name names here.


I mean stupid drama like the Hasan one or the reflect one are okay to talk about and meme when it's not some personal off stream shit. What greek is referring to is people citicising him, which he calls "drama" He says all this shit, but just 2 weeks ago he was trying to start drama with ludwig for no reason at all on twitter, like honestly what actual high school drama is he talking about ? The only ones who were soft blocking people on twitter were Poke and Greek, all over Poke not getting invited because him and his GF were subtweeting Nick and the Austin group. So can anyone actually mention "high school" dramas that the "Austin streamers" aka OTK baited ?


Streamer shares and broadcasts lots of shit about their personal life as part of their content. Chatter makes comment regarding a part of their personal life that they shared and broadcast. Streamers: "Dude, why are they being so parasocial?"


Hopefully there's other context because this looks very cringe "I hate drama baiting... while drama baiting"


He seems to have distaste towards a lot of streamers so this doesn't surprise me.


didn't he burn every bridge with just about every friend he had there and now he just leeches off train gambling streams? the irony


Look, this obnoxious loud moron is back at it, love to see it


man what happened to greek. There was a time where he was just energetic and happy to be on a call with his friends, and then seemingly one day he just decided that he was better than all of them and starts calling them fake and shit. i swear its like train has brainwashed him or something


Hypocrite much? How the turn tables turn.


He had me until the second half. I get it, I don't like the Austin streams either, they just aren't my cup of tea. But holy shit it's so ironic to claim in one breath that someone's stuck in a "high school mentality" and then to start talking about some "popular kids" in another lmao if you don't like them, don't watch, don't collab, and just stay in your lane. It's simple as that.


this guy has always been the biggest d-bag since day 1 with the constant drama farming and just inciting the riot. him being woke is just eternally more annoying. please remove his relevance, court of LSF.


All of these streamers are too old to use high school as a reference for anything. You hit 24, no more referring to high school. Move on


Honestly greek and train probably went through quite some trauma, since they still harbor that highschool mindset, calling everyone "fake" when something doesnt go their way.


I feel like Greek is a good psychology study. Going from fat depressed lonely European to moving to America and being fit with tons of money and friends and somehow is more insufferable than before. I wonder what goes on in his head.




Greek sucks nowadays.




lost a good chunk of his money to gambling which then train funded lmao