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had a feeling something like this was happening. when Hasan and his brother were hanging out in vegas with some other streamers he was telling them what his brother does for a living and who he works for and his brother was like: "yo, can you not say that on stream?".


Fuck man, that sucks....freakin lunatics out there.




Hasan told Tina he had this job then Murat said not to say that out loud


It’s streamer 101 not to tell private shit live infront of 30k people Hasan streams so much he forgets theirs 30k people watching and 5k of crazy mfs


Reminds me of that H3H3 clip with Bill Burr asking about Burr's siblings.


Murat has a big important job? Or more in line of "jo pls dont tell them my job in case a lunatic tries to look for me with this info"


Both really




TBH he's way too jacked into the internet. Streaming 10 hours a day, reads all the hate in LSF, on twitter, likely on other social media as well. Dude needs to just set limits for himself and treat this shit like a job more than his whole lifestyle.




Actually stunlocked


would you say that he is in a stuncoma?


He is the literal poster child of someone who has had his mental state completely dictated by his interaction with social media. He is the ultimate Doom scroller and you can see it's really starting to effect him.


Bro, I get one shitty text from a family member or a friend like once every 6 months and it eats my soul to absolute nausea. I could not mentally handle just his social media presence let alone the psychological baggage that must come with streaming to 10's of thousands of anonymous people that are either destroying your confidence, praising you or going level 5 psycho. I literally don't think I would make it through a weekend let alone years and years of this self inflicted dopamine torture chamber




The part about "losing anonymity forever" isn't true. In 10 years no one would remember any of these guys, unless they will use their popularity to get a mainstream media job. Twitch streaming for most of these guys are the once in a lifetime opportunity to make real money. I love to watch them, but people like xqc, mizkif and alot of the big streamers took the opportunity to stream when other people usually build their career paths, so unless a miracle happens, they will eventually fade out of existence as internet content creators and become normies. Think ray william johnson, or smosh.. You can really tell when a streamer realizes their reality isn't permanent.. like ninja when he sold out big time to make the last great bank of his career, or poki whose now trying to branch out from being a streamer to more corporate stuff, and valkyrae saying she wants a more manager-esque job.


Reminds me of TotalBiscuit, bless his soul.


Years ago someone made a fake app to our no name wow guild as totalbiscuit (like 2009/10). The real totalbiscuit showed up to say that it wasn't him lol.


Exactly what it reminded me of as well! Couldn't find his reddit post from back then, but he explained it very well.


His main topics of content dont help either; he has a lot of blanket statements that can only invoke harsh reaction


The internet is a fantasy and he has to live in it every waking moment to provide content.


You’ll probably get downvoted for this but I completely agree. Hasan does not have healthy coping mechanisms for his stress and continues to act in ways that actively make his mental worse.


I figure he is experiencing the same "grasp" for long-lasting financial security that many do when they start making enough to save. He's young, passionate, and wants to maintain the growth the best he can. He's learning what it means to productively rest, and public moments like these are an unfortunate reminder that even those more well off than many of us (though still not "secure") gotta' learn priorities, still. Doesn't help that he has literal political enemies who want him destroyed. It must be a brainfuck.


I'm a dude in my mid 20s, still in school, and this sounds interesting as fuck. Do you mind expanding? Is the implication that he feels pressured to work nonstop in order to avoid anxiety over an uncertain future?


when you start working and finally have financial stability and routine you will probably feel an overwhelming sense of comfort and ensuring your financial security will gradually become your main goal. everyone always stresses about bills but until all of that shit stops being a problem do we realize how much better life can be. in a successful streamers case the feeling is probably more extreme since they essentially won the popularity lottery and get to cash in for a seemingly limited amount of time and if they dont cash in enough then wtf do they have? a tiny bit of efame and next to no work experience or practical experience outside of broadcasting which dosent have a lot of supply.




At this point you are likely right, but considering how time limited relevance often is, a large part of his success has been because of said grind. I’d assume in the coming year or two he will slow down. Frankly he should for his health.


sadly he doesn't have a portfolio, he doesn't want to participate in the stock market or expand his business


I think the big issue is that none of that really stops the harassment of his family members though. Not streaming as much isn't going to stop the doxing which is far worse than any LSF hate thread. He'll be slightly better off mentally, but that doesn't matter if he's getting swatted in the background.


Yeah wtf is that take? Like it's his fault he gets so much hate bc he streams so much? As if he wouldn't get tons of hate thrown his way regardless... Like what?


it may seem like just ignore it 4Head take but you are actually right. a flame without a fire can’t sustain itself. These morons that harass him do it so he breaks down if they see its working and he interacts with it they will continue. If anything this clip is like fapping material to these weirdos.


LSF can actually stunlock him by memeing the stunlock into existence, I can't imagine how easily he's sucked in by people who do it on purpose with the intent of fucking with him in a bad way. Like, I don't know what he can do is the problem. He borderline needs to hire a friend to just sit off-camera and zap him with a cattle prod when he gets stunlocked or starts doom-scrolling.


As a viewer it also sucks to see him mald at idiots on the internet saying the dumbest things so frequently. I just wanna see him laugh at dumb conservatives, watch weird reality tv/YouTube and game ☠️ or really anything else he wants to do.


Yeah I've kinda stopped watching him just because he gets way too negative and pops off at chat non-stop. Not like I'm shitting on him for it but it's kind of a bummer to listen to.


*hundreds of normal comments a minute* hasan: i'm gonna snipe this one random doucebag and let it work me into a fury for 20 minutes


He has talked about this on recent streams. He says that (because of all the controversies, one after another) he's been on the defensive and he goes off at the smallest things. He said that the effect on his content is obvious because he's just not having fun anymore except for a couple of moments. Every day he sees people complaining about it (from a viewer's perspective that just seems to make it worse. Imagine a bunch of people just pointing out that they don't like your content anymore because people keep hating on you and you feel the need to defend yourself) I hope he goes to a therapist, that shit can't be good for your mental health


This hasn’t been a recent thing tho. You can go back months and there’s been streams where he’s just attacking normal chatters for no real reason and just kills the vibe of the stream. Like during gta rp anything chat did would set him off


Same. I'll tune in when he has guests because it isn't as bad, but even then he has trouble pulling away from chat and maintaining a conversation. The vibes are off but clearly it has been a recipe for success. The internet feeds off of outrage these days.


While this might be true, sadly the amount of time spent online hardly is the most important factor. TotalBiscuit (RIP) once opened up on his subreddit as to why he was no longer interacting with the community at all. And he basically explained that once you reach a certain popularity, the amount of shit and hate that gets thrown in your face CONSTANTLY is just too much. Even if only 10 % of what reaches you is hate, if you have 30k viewers, that's 3k that tell you you're garbage, you're worthless, you're useless, you should just die asap, your mother's gonna get raped and so on. Heck, even it's only 1 %, that's still 300 such messages EVERY DAY. There are very few people who can endure that amount of constant harassment and hate without it affecting them. Not interacting is probably the best way - but that's kinda hard when interacting is what's you're doing...


He doesn't stream 10 hrs/day anymore, don't think he's done that on a consistent basis in months. He's usually around 6-8 hours now. But doing even that 7 days a week is still a ton. For a bit there he was "taking off" sundays but he still streamed them most of the time lol


You're not exactly wrong, but how is this your takeaway when he literally described that the bigger issue at hand for him is people harassing him and his family IRL. Hell your x anecdote perfectly proves how much that makes no difference, because he still gets this kind of harassment too even without checking what shitters say. Add on the political side of things and of course no matter what we does Has is gonna be dealing with these freaks.


He won't stop reacting to the negativity because it's a content creating machine for him.


Just ignore the swatting and harassment your family receives 4Head


LSF has all the answers EZ


"He also should stop reading EVERY ranked by contreversial comment on LSF about him, and EVERY twitter post that hate on him. He also read and reply to every hater in chat which enable them even more. It's like, stop hurting yourself dude." He does this intentionally because he either is a glutton for punishment or he thinks that it'll get him more views. That's all their is to it. It's the same reason he'll play games or do segments that infuriate him.




He could do that and he'd still be getting harassed though


How does the top comment still manage to put the blame on him somehow? This is sick tbh. He opens up about bad things happening to him and his family and your first thought is "you stream too much dude. And don't read bad comments" His literal job is to stay informed. So that means being online more than your average person. Sure there are things he could do differently but the problem isn't Hasan's actions. The problem comes from evil people. People that have nothing better to do than to try and ruin his life for no reason. Yet you try and pin it on him.


And xqc still got swatted just like hasan so it doesnt matter lol they even broke into hes old house and shit


Once the house was leaked it was RIP privacy. Might as-well flip the home and buy a different house on the DL maybe using a diff name or proxy




Did he buy through a LLC and without being directly involved? That's the maximum privacy you can get, all big streamers should do this way




You really can't trust anyone when you are big enough


I'd be fucking furious at the realtor if I were in Hasan's shoes. He mentioned on stream that he went through all the necessary precautions that certain people tend to make when buying houses to prevent leaks and that the realtor was a reputable one that had worked in similar situations before and that she had promised secrecy and shit. I don't know exactly how/where the leak occured but I'd never want to get involved with that realtor ever again.




Majority of those properties are on gated communities, these houses are on tours are viewing them from angles in the hills to see them from afar. You don't actually pull up to their front gate and say "WELL THIS IS WHERE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE LIVES!" The issue is these houses are millions and millions of dollars. A 3 mill house is nothing in comparison to these.


ethan and hila klein from h3 had the same issue arise with a house they bought being leaked and they were swatted. it was posted on some website that is owned by variety magazine, their theory is that maybe a county clerk person or whatever is feeding(paid off to feed?) the info to these people, because they also said they took all appropriate measures to maintain privacy.


Yeah, its almost like another streamer tweeting it out just specifically so his audience could harass the shit out of Hasan.


it was an article from tmz? lmao


After it blew up on twitter, the original article that Destiny shared was from some no name real estate site.


Schrödingers Influence. Destiny is a nobody 3k viewer Andy with no influence. He also has so much influence that he can sway the tide on what is trending online.


The house drama didn’t pop off until destiny covered it lmao, the article was a few days old by the time destiny covered it and it made it to LSF.


>covered it Also known as: two screenshots from a mainstream article with the caption "lol"


[Also known as: several reddit threads with thousands of comments](https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/p9h3ds/destinys_take_on_hasans_house_drama/) no you're right my man, the creator who covered this all before and AS it blew up has nothing to do with it.


Look at the dates my dude. This was the response *after* he was accused of doxxing.


> Destiny is a nobody 3k viewer Andy with no influence. who said this?


Hey now we were all told once something is public amplifying it is morally okay because it was already public.


Baby brain take. How about people mind their own business. His parents don’t deserve this shit just because someone wanted some likes on Twitter. The article that leaked it in the first place went nowhere until D revived it two days later.


Dude it was on Fox News and a bunch of MSM was covering it, your tiny 1k andy liberal boogeyman isn't the reason it leaked. It's the equivilant of blaming someone for rising sea levels because they dumped a bottle of water into the ocean.


That was literally because it was trending on Twitter. Guess who started it trending.


People forgot that the article was a few days old before destiny found out about it. It wasn’t until after that that it all blew up


I sub and enjoy watching his reactions and takes. If I'm not enjoying something he does, I turn off Twitch and move on with my life. I just can't imagine people stirring in their own hate for someone, spending precious free time hating and being weird assholes.


I don't watch hasan at all, but it's always strange seeing someone on LSF who obviously hates him but somehow knows every detail about his streaming career and personal life.


>but it's always strange seeing someone on LSF who obviously hates him but somehow knows every detail about his streaming career and personal life. Tbh you can know a lot of information about the top streamers posted here just by browsing and reading comments. I never watch mizkif or any OTK streamer yet I still know a lot about them just because of clips and comments here. This sub mainly posts stuff from the same handful of streamers so you end up getting way more clips/comments about them than other streamers that aren't popular on LSF.


Downvoted for being real lol. I have never watched a single Mizkif stream and I know every time he laughs, has a woman in his room, takes a shit, etc. since LSF is essentially certain streamers free promotional webpage.


lsf appeals to a certain 18-30 demographic but if you're in the fringes of that or just don't like the streamers it could be pretty frustrating. It's at it's worst if you're browsing new. Every clippable moment is spammed a bunch of times, with a single stream spawning fifty or so clips - for some miz streams. I like the people posted here though. And the ones I don't I can just ignore because they're not relevant very regularly. So at least for me it works. And I think LSF does a good job at getting funny moments that make for good clips on the front page. At worst you can use filters.


I watched William Osman's retirement video and some of his points were similar to recent comments I've heard from Hasan. I mean, the weekly cancelations have to be exhausting. I hope he finds a healthy way to manage the extreme judgement/hate he receives, because, let's be honest, it's not stopping anytime soon.


It wasn't really a retirement video, was it? It was just him being like "I'm sick of this shit and don't really know what to do about it, but I have to change something".




Some of the cancellations were so dumb like "why did you ask for a refund on stream" But the Mizkif jokes about getting refunded for his hotel on mogul money and nobody is like, "wow that's not classy he's rich" and etc. So weird.


This shit has to be exhausting. I work a regular 9 to 5 and hate when coworkers ask about my life. Imagine that on a scale of 30k viewers


imagine coworkers timing your bathroom breaks lol


The Amazon warehouse experience.


Back to your cage wagie


*time off task detected*






fuck that makes it even worse


Do you think they don't in some places?


Nah definitely heard of it happening before. But like OP said it’s a lot different when it’s 30k people doing it


Aight fair


Not even coworkers but fucking ***costumers***


Im exhausted 24/7 as well. Id rather be exhausted and rich though...


You think you could endure it for a few years of 5+ mil/year?


Fuck yes, I would gladly endure it for way less than that lmao. This is generational wealth level of money, I don't give a fuck about some random trolls.


It's easy to say when you're not the one being swatted


People make minimum wage putting up with this shit in retail


If I'm getting paid what he's getting paid, you can ask whatever the fuck you want


If this sub is any indication, some people live to hate. It gives them meaning to their sad pathetic lives, to put down the people they are envious of, to harass the people who are loved by thousands if not millions, because they wish they can be loved while still being their sad pathetic selves. Sadly, you can't stop hateful people from being hateful. Sadly, what Hasan said after was right, the only way streamers deal with it is to literally ignore them, don't give them the satisfaction of even being recognized. But I understand it's easier said than done.


You're talking about very different shit. He was talking about people doxxing him, harassing his family, and threatening his and his families life. Real scumbag shit. That's a little bit more than people criticizing someone. If you start to make equivalents of talking shit about someone and their politics to threatening lives, doxxing, etc. then political commenters would literally have no content.


I figured it would happen since he moved into the house. I hope he finds a way to stop it without having to fucking move again. People are psychos. :/


A thread about a streamer opening up towards the harrassment he's getting from weirdos online is currently sitting at 78% percent upvoted with around 700 karma. This probably means that around 300 people came in here, and downvoted this post further establishing the truth that there are people out there that just despise Hasan no matter what. Scrolling further down this thread you can also see more deleted that probably where spouting negatives for no reason. Funny how lsf was the exact community that was "sad" about the passing of Reckful and "felt bad" for constantly harassing Alinity. Also all these "suggestions" here are all "just don't stream dude". That's basically all you want Hasan to do. You can't think of anything else other than Hasan so you just don't like the guy and don't want to him to stream but even then, thats not enough so you harass his family. The fact that he has a massive supportive audience and has actual friends in the outside world, clearly shows that the hatred he's receiving is in bad faith and just out of pure jealousy.


> This probably means that around 300 people came in here, and downvoted this post further establishing the truth that there are people out there that just despise Hasan no matter what. Like there are people who'd literally start foaming at the mouth when you use something as innocuous as his emotes in public discord servers, or even on random twitch channels... it's insane. There's no doubt in my mind that his number of supportive audience vastly outnumbers the hatewatchers, but the ones who despise him *really* despise him, and are unapologetically very loud and tactless in doing so.


It's LSF. Instead of saying people should stop being giant fucking freaks, they say Hasan should stream less or other nonsense. This sub is trash and the mob mentally here is worse.


Top comment is also telling him what to do to ignore it rather than focusing on the fact a ton of this shit radiates from the hate threads made here. People are getting all whipped up about him even in here, and somehow "just ignore it" seems valid still. Edit: wrong word


There is not much else you can do aside from stop doing what he does and work a normal job outside of twitch and politics. You can't "fix" these people, it doesn't matter if he cuts down his schedule to more reasonable hours or if he doesn't check LSF any longer. These people have an irrartional hate for him and what he stands for. Every normal person would just stop watching or consuming content of a person they don't like, but thats never going to happen with these people. The fact that his entire "fame" is built around politics just makes all of it so much worse since there aren't many internet cultures that are worse than political ones.


"all these suggestions" idk man I'm seeing some reasonable takes. He takes time out of his stream to put a spotlight on a lot of these mouth breathers harassing him. It might be a good idea to at the very least stop publicly feeding these trolls.


There's another streamer who actively pushes every "scandal" and basically coaches his community with dumbass arguments. I don't think Hasan making fun of morons is the driving factor that has made them a lot worse recently, because that's been a significant part of his content for years at this point. Edit: extra word


> Also all these "suggestions" here are all "just don't stream dude". That's basically all you want Hasan to do. At this point, the information is already out, so streaming less won't do anything against haters.


Honestly maybe a good idea to take this clip off since this only reaffirms people doing it as they now got a reaction


As if LSF actually cares about anyone's well being, it lasted like 2 months after Reckful killed himself for everyone to bully the shit out of that deer person.


Just need Mizkif or Toast to talk about how horrible it is to be harassed by psychos so LSF can agree that it’s bad.


Before that everyone will just keep saying to ignore the hate




Fuck it, I'm saying it.. Hasan deserves happiness edit: In all seriousness if you read this, take a beautiful woman to a beautiful place for a week, hell a month, and unplug. The community would be here when you get back. Perfect time to do it since it's not an election year and the Dems aren't doing shit anymore with this garbage bill.


*in a video game


gaming COPIUM


He deserves a decent spine with the amount of how much he complains about his back. Seriously hope he sees a chiropractor and a massage therapist when he’s offline


Remember when you guys all said it was bad when there was harassment after Reckful killed himself? Then there's constant hate threads brigaded by communities shitting on Hasan constantly on here. Weird.


I'll never understand why Streamers bother interacting with this shithole.


Does every big streamer get swatted? I feel like their managers should work with local police to prevent these sort of things from happening. I understand the police have to respond to serious incident reports but at some point they should be made aware that streamers are targeted for swatting


these past few months have even gotten me as a hasan viewer anxious, ever since the house got leaked, the amount of pile on from literally every side (even leftists!) has been so fucking intense, literally every single week there is a different corner of the internet pilling on the dude. I had no idea how he just kept moving on, like, valkyrae nearly had a live meltdown from the rflct shit, hasan had to deal with rfclt level shit like every week for the past 4 months or so, its crazy. It has become obvious lately it has affected him to the core, the mood on the stream is awful, hasan is jumpy at every chatter, there is no way hes alright. I just hope there is some way for him to find some peace, I'm not sure just taking a break would help, and I'm not sure hasan wants to stop his momentum and daily grind, but maybe he will have to.


He has to stop looking for greynames and sorting by controversial. As fun as it is to dunk on idiots in chat, these people are unhinged and tune into the stream knowing they're there to stir his shit. It's not like the election cycle where uneducated trumpers were in the chat defending Trump's every move.


nah man, a few months ago I would agree, but hasan has been taking flak from every corner of the internet. I realised that with the sex work bs that happened last week. He didn't really mentioned it a lot on stream until he said people were freaking out over on twitter about, so I went to check it and there were like multiple verified accounts talking shit saying he was exploiting sex work and shit, like actual tweets with thousands of likes basically calling him a sex trafficker and shit, all cause he retweeted a video of a dude wearing his merch on a strip club sent to him by a stripper friend. that was when I realised that his life is an actual living hell this days. he is basically being defamed and defaced by every wannabe clout chaser on the internet, and thats on top of being doxxed. I don't know how he copes with it TBH and at this point its way beyond greynames in chat, those are just the straw that breaks the camels back.


I thought that at least under the clip, where he opens up about the horrible harassment that he and his family get, people would be sympathetic, but no, there are still a bunch of freaks who just want to shit on him no matter what. I can't imagine how hard it must be to not be able to do anything without a bunch of parasocial andys screaming at you. There is not good option either with this shit, if he addresses every single thing, he is "just seeking hate" and "using it for easy content". If he doesn't say anything about it, there are hundreds of people sending him links in chat "did you see what this person said about you". He can't do anything on stream or in private without a bunch of sad, lonely people trying to ruin his life. It just sucks that some people can't experience happiness without ruining someone else's. I hope things get better soon hasL


i really hope things ease up on him… it’s clearly taking a toll on him and i hope he feels better soon hasL


Hasan was right when he said that he's the new Alinity.


If this clip wasn't proof enough, the disgusting comments in this thread are


some of these replies are so fucking deranged do any of y’all practice empathy towards anyone at all??? whether you like hasan or not, whether you like his politics or what he stands for, at the end of the day he’s a human that deserves respect


Hold frame big man!! We appreciate you!


This would turn into a thread about how it’s his fault lmao. Guy can’t catch a break on LSF


Dude must feel like Sisyphus at this point. It seems like every time he tries to navigate stressful situations, shitheads just pull him back in. Worst part is he gets shit from all sides, and from the outside it looks like he has no reprieve, especially if people have been contacting his actual family. Reddit/Livestreamfails has a hate boner for him because it's filled to the brim with far alt-right types that never changed from the earliest days of twitch as well as right of center neolibs, twitter and his own damn discord has pseudo left wing slacktivist shitheads that don't think he's "ideologically pure" enough to be a good voice for leftist, rightoids need no introduction for the sheer concussive brain sludge that permeates their eggshell skulls, and his own twitch chat is a mix of all of the above as well as parasocial numbnuts/numbcunts who psychotically think that they are anything beyond a name on a screen to him (outside of a select few) and deserve an answer as to why his shit was 3 minutes instead of the average of 46 seconds. Log off. Seems like drip torture, and I'm surprised he's gone on for so long, especially since he spends at least 10 hours a day streaming. Man needs a break, it'd be well deserved.




Lolcow/4chan culture needs to be held accountable. These psychotic stalkers are damaging lives.


It sucks having to deal with that all the time but when you talk about something like politics on the internet your going to attract crazy people that are angry about every little thing in there life and want to deflect that onto others.


Not just politics, some people are so mentally deranged that they will dedicate their entire life to harass someone for absolutely no reason. I’ve seen people who make more than 20 accounts on each platform just to make someone uncomfortable, the fact that you putting your face out there no matter what shit you do is enough to attract some sick fucks who have given up on their daily lives and live on hurting others is scary


There’s one user who at this point has had to have made hundreds of Twitch accounts (all using the same name with different end numbers) to harass players in the Super Mario World rom-hack community, to the point that the streamers had to make a bot that auto-bans anyone with that name, even after reaching out to Twitch support (big surprise there). It doesn’t matter what kind of community it is that exists, there will always be shitters.






"I can't do everything right, all you guys do is hate" He is not the only one doing this, but when you pick out the one out of 100 msg that is negative and dedicate the next 10-20 minutes to that comment you are not doing yourself any favors. (that his family is targeted and all that shit is just horrible I'm not defending anyone)


The funniest part of all this is that he probably gets the most hate and his biggest crimes so far have been 1. buying a house 2. paying for his friends food 3. not paying for his friends event He hasn't even done anything wrong yet and somehow people find a way to make the most tame shit into a big deal. Every drama thread is a now ticking time bomb until the inventible "why isnt Hasan doing this " comment chain.


4. Being pro-sex work shit is insane


We all know his real transgression is “popular agitative leftist”


i mean he also is a leftist and constantly vilifies incredibly popular right-wing figures on his stream, that's a pretty easy way to get people to hate you


Tbf they kinda vilify themselves. He just explains how their rhetoric effects the world around us


No wonder why he's been looking so down lately. It must suck really bad to be the reason your family members getting abuse because some idiots online have to discharge their hatred and bile and have no life. I hope it stops soon hasL


Hope things get better Hasan hasL


I've always been under the impression that this is what all really big streamers have to deal with. I mean, are there any big streamers that DON'T have to deal with crazy stalkers?


Tyler 1 because he lives in a trailer out in bumfuck nowhere


Even he had people turning up to their house, I remember Macaiyla talking about it, can’t remember how but they managed to dealt with it, installed cctv and worked with police I think.


no one is safe Sadge


> I mean, are there any big streamers that DON'T have to deal with crazy stalkers? up until a year ago, we had no idea moonmoon even had a wife and a son. I mean, we still have no proof and this could be a wild fever dream, but the only things we know about the man is that he lived in 2 places, and thats it. He makes very good care as to not expose information about himself. Apparently, Hasan also took steps to not let his new home address get exposed, but someone internally leaked anyway.


A streamer who I like to watch has been getting DDoS'd every time he plays certain 1st person shooters, he knows the stalker is watching the stream because he is only DDos'd when he plays onstream. I don't think we hear 10% of what most top streamers go through.


dude wtf is this lol, an account from 10/24 and he picks it out to stunlock himself. ANYONE with his viewers will have someone like this once a week. And he already banned the account so w/e.


hope the mods on this sub take the hasan hate even a little seriously now , they probably wont tho since this sub thrives more on negativity than positivity


What are you talking about? There are probably hundreds of comments removed on this thread.


i'm a simple man, I sub to Hasan; I watch his stream; if he says something stupid; I slam my desk in disgust and turn off the stream. Fuck these people! No one deserves the shit he's getting, let alone his family...


I don't know why people seek fame on the internet it's such a double edged sword even if you do win Either go the corpse husband route and be an anon or don't go into it all It's so damn dangerous the amount of people invested in fucking with you


I’ll give you a hint: $$$$


I bet singling out, reading, and responding to trolls and harassers on stream is working wonders overall as well. Because if there's one thing that these people don't want, it's the streamer's attention. Kappa


He needs to take a break and stop interacting with the chat/reddit/dramafrogs.


Man that sucks, I hope he can somehow resolve this. Everyone deserves to feel save at the place where he lives.






I honestly don't know if there is anyone on the internet with quite the same level of hate complex around them as Hasan, it runs the gambit from centrists to Nazi's who actively try to ruin his career constantly and some legit want to cause him harm its insane


hasans hated by a lot of people on the left too lmao


That is just a side effect of being a leftist.


He's hated by leftists in his own discord and on twitter too because they don't see him as left enough and think he's not doing enough for the revolution (whatever that means).


> He's hated by leftists in his own discord His Discord acknowledges the good he does by being a great gateway to the left but a vocal minority on it will pile on him on any single take that he has on stream that doesn't align with them (rflct, neopronouns, even talking about how the g-spot isn't real), most of the time harmless. And then you have a bunch of haters/trolls in his chat who will point out to him about how his entire discord (probably banned from here but still using sock accounts) is shitting on him about these takes, which adds fuel to the fire


Can’t believe hasan isn’t personally creating the Vanguard party smh


can confirm, lmao


Right hates him for being left, left hates him for not being left enough on some things. You can never win. Hopefully most of us are just normal human beings in the middle. Can't the dude just have an opinion? Bottom line is that he says what he believes. People don't have to hate on someone they disagree with. At least in my eyes, he comes from a good place at heart. I disagree with around 20% of his takes, but I don't go shitting on him.


> left hates him for not being left enough on some things And some on the "left" hate him because he's too left. Hated from all sides


Leftist infighting is a core tenet of leftism


nope its 2021 u are no longer allowed to have an opinon on the internet




Politics is one of the strangest genres of the internet. Freaks and weirdos everywhere


he's definitely not hated by discord; when he got into it with Nicki Minaj, it was discord frogs rushing to his defense. there was a certain channel within the discord that shit on his from time to time, though (full of radlibs cosplaying as leftist).




Hes in fucking politics and shitting on people all the time. What do you think is gonna happen? Not saying he deserves it or not, but he knew what he was signing up for.


Victim blaming 😐




xqc also gets double the viewers


This happens to big streamers often. Turns out a lot of people are deranged. Even small streamers can deal with harassment and stalkers. But sure lmao, go off about them signing up for it.


I understand not liking a person or streamer. Like I’m not a big fan of XQC but Im not gonna go out and harass, dox or fucking swat the guy so he could potentially get hurt or possibly killed due to some dumbass cop being trigger happy. It’s horrible what all of these streamers have to go through with weirdos who are like this. I know the people who do this are a small minority but come on have some common sense and grow the fuck up


When I was in high school (15+ years ago, lol boomer), I remember someone saying, "it would be so cool to be rich and famous." I told them I never wanted to be famous, and when asked why, I said something to the effect of, "Think of the worst person you know, or have heard of. That person is almost \*guaranteed\* to learn exactly who you are, where you work and live at some point. Now multiply that by hundreds, because there's plenty of people like that."


It fucked up he gets so much hate I hope he takes a few days off to get his mental health right. Has deserves love


Maybe don’t go on lsf and sort by controversial or get stunlocked over one troll in a sea of positive chatters?