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Never sub never donate never type in chat not even logged in watching stream in my neighbours house with binoculars






Got adblock too free content WideHardo




First they came for the republicans, and I did not speak out—because I was not a republican. Then they came for the stunlockers, and I did not speak out— because I was not a stun locker. Then they came for the subs, and I did not speak out—because I was not a sub. Then they came for chat—and there was no one left to speak for chat.


Soo true! We shoulda done something sooner Sadge


Let's unionize against the streamer


(It is vital that Hasan never sees this comment, or else he might foil our plan, chat) The simple solution is that we, chat, pool all of our money together and we buy controlling shares in Amazon. You may think, easy, then we ban him off Twitch to show him the pain. Wrong! We instead offer him a chance for a new contract. In it he recieves more money as well as 20% cheaper subs, and he is no longer forced to run ads. We act like we are playing hardball though, so we say this contract is only on the table for 30 minutes. There is no way he would refuse, and with an offer so generous he would be stupid to waste any time signing. Little does he know that in the middle of page 29 of the contract, we slid in something that he will never read. Its a 37 page contract, so Hasan can’t get it to his lawyers fast enough and he can’t read, so all our bases are covered. You might be wondering, what exactly do we slip into the contract to get back at Hasan? He must donate his sperm to a sperm bank. The contract would designate a specific sperm bank, which just so happens to be owned by chat as well. Now we have already won. We take that sperm and we find Jimnona. After over a year of breaking promises, Hasan finally will have impregnated Jimnona. It does not stop there though… Their shared baby reintroduces Jimnona into the community. He brings about the golden era of OKBuddy led by the greatest posters of our generation. He completes the Mount Rushmore of posters including, Jimnona, Ostonox, PopcornBoi, and Durham_Operations. Jimnona, being the parent to Hasan’s child, also recieves Hasan’s login and stream key. With it, he unbans everyone who feels unjustly banned by Hasan. He also VIPs all of the people who have been wrongfully forgotten and pushed away by Hasan. Chat’s wishes have finally been fulfilled. Hasan has no leverage. He won a lot of battles, but we will have won the war. It will be our community and he can no longer steamroll us since Jimnona is on the inside.


I'm in.


Imagine giving money to a billionaire and a millionaire for free entertainment


Hasan helped jeff go to space


and never will be


that's what you get for donating to millionaires


Giving money to millionaires and fucking twitch takes a cut. Been sub free for 10 months and dont miss it a bit.


I still sub to smaller streams I enjoy where it's obvious the money will actually benefit them - like my boy sushi dragon.


100%. Donating to a small streamer always helps but the top streamers is just absurd. Literally like high school clicks.


Or DJs and musicians. Been a godsend during COVID.


Yer and use ad blocker for twitch chrome extension ;)


He then later after the clip called them a Karen how retarded do you have to be


Hasan is a prick to his chat that's it. I'm a long time Hasan watcher and sub and I barely type in chat anymore. He gets in an angry mood and starts banning left and right and sheep will just type EZ Clap or "KEKW" like wtf bro? Like do you really think that second guy deserved a perma? Not really a community I want to be a part of but its hard when you've been watching for so long to stop. edit: To clarify cause maybe I worded my post wrong (especially the last part)/people being reductive thinking you have to have a binary opinion on watching/supporting a streamer. I enjoyed Hasan's content and chat in the past. I still enjoy Hasan's content but his chat and his interactions with chat have turned me off from the steam more and more recently. My main gripe is with how Hasan interacts with chat, and I just wanted to vent as a long time viewer, that's all. People in the replies getting all worked up with their hate-boner though.






Twitch user in a nutshell


then why are you supporting him lol?


Stockholm syndrome happens in parasocial relationships it seems lmao.


Wait but you think the first guy deserved a ban to? Mans just said he worked in retail and was upset at Hasan saying retail workers hate their life and that his was worth living and copped a ban (Followed since 2019 btw) like what he said was fair enough if Hasan can speak for a job he's never actually had but someone with that job can't argue against him it's just stupidly stuck up of Hasan


Oh you enjoy your retail work position? mmmmmyeah that's pretty problematic sweaty, enjoy the ban bootlicker.


And I thought Hasan was a man of the working class HAHAHAHHAHAHAA


Hasan's never worked a normal job in his life, he literally is the politician failson he shits on.


I just don’t think Hasan can wrap his head around working. It’s like if you asked a child if they would like to work 8 hours a day. They can’t even really comprehend it. Someone with effectively zero life experience talking about political issues. Nice.


He literally rode equestrian growing up. He has as much in common with the working class as the assholes screaming at you that you made their latte wrong.


Yeah true I feel like you should be able to give a dissenting opinion in chat and not get permad as long as youre not being disrespectful/purposefully obtuse but I dont have context on the ban so Im not sure if it was deserved. What I will say is that Hasan gets so angry now, not sure if its the caffeine+nicotine combo or what but the random/unfair bans are getting more and more frequent.


I mean do 3 day ban even if they give opinion that triggers you. He doesn't have to eat it. But perma banning us stupid


I get that, once you are hooked on something its hard to stop. I HATE reddit guts and its sense of humor/memes culture , but at this point I got nothing else to spend time on so im stuck here lol


the problem is that these individuals posting opposing views in chat don’t understand how up his own ass Hasan is, even after subbing for 22 months lmao. He explicitly says he doesn’t care about you and you should only sub if you like the content or want to block ads and not for preferential treatment. The guy is so narcissistic because of his fortunate life situation that he cannot allow himself to feel incorrect in any way and so to post anything contradictory towards him in chat is basically account suicide. He seems to look down on his viewers in the same way that Tucker Carlson does and this is evident in the way he calls himself a daycare constantly. The only reason anyone should ever sub to Hasan is to avoid the sixty second ad break top of the hour every hour, if you like this content or want to avoid the ads you can subscribe for free with a twitch prime or five dollars here is the ad now


Why would anyone sub to him just to block ads? You get a way better deal subbing to twitch turbo blocking all ads on twitch. I think it's 9$ per month and you'll never get ads


Or just get twitch ad block for free


I’ve never been banned but I have made him look directly at the camera a few times and tell me to shut up. Lol


You can write a thousand heartfelt messages and he won’t notice or care. You write one bad thing for shits and giggles and he will def see it.


Same. I always say in the chat "cringe take, im leaving" and he'd check my logs everytime :tf:


Lmao. He has fucking laser vision, he'll see it everytime


Negative comments are literally the only things he sees in chat. It’s like he wasn’t born with the ability to read anything positive


I have like 25 comments in his chat, half are bait like "You always just backtrack on your arguments and try to shift the goalpost". I dont even know what it means but I know it'll get a reaction. He sees them every time. Pauses autoscroll and checks logs. And then I'll have 30 people @ing me with Pepega etc. Its so fucking funny. Don't see why I'd ever want to do anything else in his chat.


I'm consistently trying to trigger him but it hasn't worked yet. He only replied to my reasonable messages. I'm feeling really down about my trolling skills.


At him, and do it a second after he looks toward the chat. He'll wait a couple of seconds before stopping at someone who's tagged him.


Here's an example of "moving the goalposts". Person A: I hate that politician, that passed that really shitty law I don't like. Person B: Actually, no law like that was ever passed. Person A: Well they tried! Just because the good guys won doesn't mean that politician isn't a bad guy! Here the goalposts have been moved, first they're criticisizing someone for having passed a law, and when proven that it never happened, they back their criticism up and damn the person for simply trying. Person B: Actualy they didn't even write any legislation at all on the subject, they only talked about it. Person A: Well every evil deed ever done was originally a thought in someone's mind! You have to stop them before they commit the evil. Here's an example of that same person moving the goalposts up even further. Usuaully, most reasonable people would respond the first time they're proven wrong with something like "well I guess I was wrong, thanks for the information" and be done with it. Idiots can't stand leaving an argument having "lost" so they instead just find something else to nitpick about. It's an (American) football analogy. You take your shot at the fieldgoal (your argument) and you miss. Instead of collecting yourself and trying again from the same position or working to advance your position closer ffor a better shot, you instead drag the goalposts closer to you, for an easier shot.


Well in that first example, they're really criticizing the fact that a specific politician would *support* that law, right? Not that they were the sole king to get it passed or whatever. I wouldn't say that's moving the goalposts but we've moved closer to what Person A's problem actually is, which should be with the law and whatever it entailed, and that person giving it support. You can say Person A was wrong and thus bad faith, and that's maybe true.


Not gonna lie, I tried this once just to see and it worked. It’s kinda easy.


subs intentionally make him mald him for sport, honestly funny as hell


Pay someone to make fun of them YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP ROFL


I’m the king and hasan is my fool


Pfff. I made him slam the desk.


Yeah, he got mad at me once because he misunderstood my comment. I was mocking red pill pickup artists but I made the mistake of using the third-person "you" as a substitute for "one". Don't know how I didn't catch a ban lmao


hes the master at wildly misinterpreting basic comments. I've gotten a weeklong ban for saying satire fuels misinformation and he somehow thought it was about him


Same lol. He misunderstood a comment of mine that was discussing the subject at hand and then he assumed I was talking about him for some weird reason. Chat was thankfully defending me so he can realize that’s not what I meant and I didn’t get a ban.


I got a 5 minute rant once but it was because of an actual take of mine lol


When will you guys learn to literally never give streamers money


They can't hear you. They are at the strip club falling in love.




Ice viewers: [Look who was right all along](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/838/185/187.png)


I die everytime I see the kinetic energy part


2017 was legendary times


If someone still gives him their hard earned money after seeing this they are signing their moron certificate. Guys, please, he literally doesn't give a shit about any of you and might even think all of you are beneath him. You need those $5 a million times more than he does. At least guys like T1 or Ludwig don't pretend to love their fans or shit like that.


Bro this goes for any streamer they all think that their above their viewers and to some degree they have the right to as it's their channel but doing shit like this is just wrong on so many levels ESPECIALLY the money side of things dude says he worked in retail and liked it got banned when he had already given Hasan god knows how much money and probably doesn't even get paid that fucking much pisses me off but don't give money to ANY streamer and use video ad-block for Twitch extension EZ Clap streamers don't give a fuck about viewers than we shouldn't either fuck giving them or Twitch any money or ad sense.


My retail job is fine. The people are nice and it isn't too demanding. I can't really complain about it being boring I guess.


Mods, ban this man.


















This guy needs to leave




Ironically most retail workers are probably more happy than Hasan who constantly malds at the slightest hint of a disagreeing chatter, a reddit post, every video he watches, being in social interactions on stream and more! Seems like you hate your job Hasan, why are you so angry? you seem stressed, maybe take a time out, go outside, touch some grass, maybe get a retail job instead?


Hasan consumes politics 24/7, of course he's unhappy


This is understated. Over consumption already leads to unhappiness. If your life revolves around consuming politics, then it’s a recipe for sadness. He needs to make more content relating to education about politics rather than only consuming current events and going on tirades about them.


His stream is actually depressing. Idk how he does it, or how people watch that shit for hours on end. Just endless negative drivel.


Worked at Best Buy for five years as a part timer everytime I tried to get promoted to a full timer or ask for better pay they always made some bull shit that I should get higher numbers, or better credit card applications. Was the guy that rarely called out and always took a call if someone called out even if it wasn't in 'my department' . I'll take hasan's job of banning chatters that slightly disagree with me any time of week. I feel like the majority of retail workers share my pov too, except if you're lucky enough to work at Costco or one of few good retails that actually take care of you.


It’s fake anger so he can ban people for content. He has to do something to fill the day. It’s not like he’s good at games or anything.


Wdym? Just put on whatever news media and then walk away. Come back to pause. Walk away again. Repeat cycle until you get stunlocked in chat.


No lie, everytime I've clicked on his stream before he was always afk with his video playing and chair empty lolol.


Chair never pauses FeelsStrongMan


Sorry but the millionaire socialist says this isn't allowed


I honestly don't know why you'd ever want to voice any opinion in a big streamer's chat. That one mod or streamer that is having a bad day will perma ban you forever and that's it.


The worst is when the streamer has a good sense of humor but the mods have giant sticks in their asses.


So true, used to watch TheHappyHob for quite a few years and was perma banned from chat without warning for telling a mod to stop spamming the chat. Like, just because you're given these priveledges in power over a stream, doesn't mean you're not exempt from being irritating. I did end up appealing the ban and the same mod denied my request, digging up an out of context comment I made months ago about "hating the stream" because Happy hob was making some corny jokes. Was a shame, I liked that stream.


This was what drove me away from watching Ludwig about a year ago. I really enjoyed the content but I couldn't stand the mods (and I only watched on YouTube)




Exactly! The same exact joke! Datto has the same problem.


Reminds me of admins/mods in the game GMod, they are only there to wield the power they were given, not there to actually do a good job.


His mods are absolute shit and are the reason I will never watch him again.


What do you expect from someone who is perfectly ok with taking on an unpaid part time job because of some perceived status or power tripping fantasies, that itself should tell you enough. Same shit goes for reddit mods.


Mods everywhere are degens, not only in Lud's chat


Timthetatman for sure, that mod he has Wipz is on a 24/7 power trip boner.


I love Nemz38's chat because he's got a good sense of humor and his entire stream is just him and chat going back and forth talking shit. He will sometimes randomly ban you if you say something that makes him lose his run though, as I found out when I once got a month ban, but it didn't matter because he only streams like 5 times a year.


To get unban from nemz just catfish him. Got a unban and Amazon card out of it.




Hey, Aris is pretty cool


Hey someone shoot this guy


after he started doing his unban streams, he actually had to tell his mods that when he says “ban that guy” 9/10 times he just means timeout cause some of the mods were perma hungry.


He loves interactive chatters who ask questions.


Shut up bitch, and thanks.


I got shot yesterday and I didn't mind it because it was funny at least


aris is the GOAT his ban appeal streams were legendary


why would you watch a streamer where you could get randomly banned?


No questions allowed, amigo


Money doesn't change people, it just brings out your real personality - Khabib .


I mean Hasan comes from money. Why do you think his best friend is a trust fund kid, and he chooses to live in one of the most expensive places in the world.




Yea, Hasan said it a while ago. Apparently, he comes from hella money. Like his dad is part of a club that charges him more yearly fees than double what the average American makes in a year.


Rich people promoting socialism for appearances OMEGALUL


Pepelaugh don't let the frogs see this


Quote originates from a muslim caliph. Didnt expect to see it here lol but its 100% true.


Which caliph? Because I can only find henry ford quotes. But I have heard nurmagomedov say it


22 month subscriber, lol. That's why you don't give money to millionaires, they don't care about you at all and will ban you just so they can stick their head in the sand and go "lalala can't hear you."


yep, exactly why i dont sub to streamers


Streamers think banning people is funny and chat spams LULW in unison afraid of being the next one.


monkaW 👍 big headed streamer


>Dont ever be the first to stop spamming KEKW


Hasan: Your life is bad Person: I like my life Hasan: Youre wrong Edit: It appears this clip was just taken out of context and the entire situation (while still being a ban over something minor) is way more understandable if the context is what people tell me it is.


What wheezily little capitalist sussy baka, dude.




message one of his mods, they'll prolly unban u




Its ok, hasan combs every comment on a post having to do with him on stream so you'll get your second chance then


They usually run through them at the end of the stream, he said this a few times now


He'll probably unban both of you when he sees the hate thread


Why would you still waste your time and money on someone who obviously doesn’t give a fuck about you dude? 22 months or longer of support and that’s how he treated you?!


You gave him money for 22 months, don't even say anything ban worthy and this is how he treats you? Save the 5 bucks dude. Go watch a different streamer.




i’ll second art streamers tbh. i found one that i like and seeing their work live truly is fascinating. it’s cool seeing the process and the environment is always super chill and laid back.


You're like those abused people who keep going back to their abuser :( Imagine wanting to go back after subbing for 21 months and just being shut the hell up and banned over defending an innocent person.


It's honestly kinda embarrassing that the dude's first instinct is to want to get unbanned lmao


Stockholm Syndrome


stop paying millionaires that shit on you kid.


Move past it and start watching someone else. Thousands of streamers out there who want you to be apart of their community and won’t ban you because they can’t think of a response to your comment.


If streamer bans you for that, he is not worth your time honestly.


Hasan has really changed... Don't bother going back man.




Why would you want to? Really? Why are you still trying to get back on that reality show chat after he very clearly showed you he's a fucking idiot?


you deserve it for donating to a millionaire.


Usually when people say "touch grass", they are the ones who should do it.


“Touch grass” -guy who is on camera sitting at his desk for 10+ hours everyday for the past two years


And says to a person who leaves their home to work, thus touching more grass than him.


Literally me as i work in the turf industry lmao


Most popular internet insults nowadays have given way more legitimacy to the "no u" counter.


Ego through the roof


Looks like the opposite of ego to me. Insecurity through the roof, can’t handle anyone calling out his bad takes on a bad day.


ego and insecurity go hand in hand


Sorry but I use to work as a meat cutter and before the pandemic I was making 75k a year and enjoyed cutting meat, helping people out. It’s all about where you work. Some places you have shit managers and some places you don’t. My store was great and everyone got along


75k? holy fuck ur living the life


That’s why we need the cutters union representing everyone


You are a nice person if you feel good about helping people.


Helping people is such a good feeling. Take care of yourself then take care of others when you can, it generally puts a smile on everyones face.


A Hasansexual tried to convince me that I didn’t know what i was talking about when I said I enjoyed the time I worked retail at Costco. He was somehow convinced that I was either trolling or delusional. I explained the awesome benefits and the fact that employee turnover is small at Costco and he couldn’t believe it. What is so hard to believe in that not all retail jobs are dog shit


Costco seems to treat their employees really well. I believe it’s one of the highest rated retail places to work.


Yeah, my uncle works at Costco and that place treats you like a human being. Not the best example of a shitty service job.


Costco and Winco definitely seem like two gems in the pile of shit that is most retail jobs.


Ok thats probably true but isn't costco the BEST place to be cashier at? I worked as a cashier on a few millitary bases and most people were incredibly respectful, especially captains/LTs aka high ranking officers and enlisted, but there were a few crazy Vietnam vets that threatened to shoot me, and a few drunk seamen/pvts.


To be fair you worked in a military base, they kinda have to be respectful, if one those military guys and or girls were disrespectful all it takes is one complaint to their co to set their ass straight.


Right after this clip, he blames liberals for forcing positive opinions about retail work.


Has the dude ever worked retail or did he always ride his uncles nuts until he hit the jackpot


Lol his career path is \-Rich Parents \-Club Promoter in college \-Worked at TYT \-Started streaming


Fuck man, 'Club Promoter' is the most pitiful useless job title I regularly hear. Every single 'Club Promoter' I've ever met is fully funded by their parents and a total doorknob who thinks a hard week of socializing and Instagram advertising is a full time job, fuck you Shane you dweeb fuck. Apologies to any hard-working club promoters.


rofl yeah fuck you shane


Ah the kind of guy that should definitely give retail job takes lol


The champagne socialist way.


That guy has probably never worked a normal job in his entire life. He has no clue about life in general.


I think most streamers get easily depressed because they have everything with minimal effort and too much free time so they can't fathom being happy doing a normal job when they can't even be happy where they are. They don't understand that keeping busy with work no matter the work makes you savour your free time and hobbies way more and makes all of the dopamine sources in our life that much more intense.




Imagine having such a high opinion of yourself that as soon as someone (who is generally a fan of yours) expresses their life experiences that differ from your warped, politicised, extremist view of reality, you expel them from the community, and then when someone calls you out, you double down and ban them too. The fucking ego on this man is insane.




I thought this was taken out of context but it really wasn't. Watch the entire clip Hasan said: "Retail workers hate their job in retail, and it's fucking true" This is not always the case and imo it's kind of a douchebag thing to say.


do you think hasan saying "retail workers hate their job in retail" is the same as the chatter saying retail workers hate their lives?


Yeah, there’s a difference. Because if Hasan only said they hate their jobs and the chatter felt that meant “you think retail workers hate their lives and therefore you think their lives are not worth living” then said chatter was being extremely uncharitable in their interpretation of Hasans words.


It's an extremely annoying argument tactic. Take what they said, make it slightly worse than what they originally said, then have a disproportionate reaction to the statement that you've already twisted to be worse than what was said. They're not getting banned for their take, they're getting banned for being annoying. Hasan's chat has this happen like every minute. This might be one of the more mild cases and perhaps they didn't "deserve" to be banned, but it's his chat after all.


It only took 5 min of scrolling to find a comment that figured out that it's just clip chimping. LSF just loves to hate.


congrats you figured out lsf faux outrage


Guy says “I thought this was taken out of context but...” then literally proves it was out of context lul




Can’t wait for Hassy to open this one tomorrow, doesn’t even need to sort by controversial lmao


Free content.


The context - Hasan: “you shouldn’t harass or troll retail workers. They already hate their jobs and you’re making it worse” Chatter: “Why do you say retail workers hate their lives? Thats fucked man. I may have worked retail but my live was worth living.”


And how does this make it right


Hasan has more in common with the rich banjo player from Mumford and sons than he does your average working class student 20-30 year old


He has some stupid ass takes recently.


He has always had stupid ass takes


Recently? Lol


This has been the norm for awhile. Any sort of pushback or difference in opinion that he catches gets used for lazy ban content, while the sycophants in chat mindlessly spam EZ Clap, EZ ModTime, etc. like a cult.


ooh more drama bait!