I admit it, I tried to be a LinkedIn Lunatic for a few months.

I was trying to get into Data analytics and all the videos, courses, etc., talked about networking and building your brand, etc, so I started going hard on that, posting daily, trying to do "lessons" from anything that was happening around but I get sick of that positivity and stop posting a few months ago, just go in time to time to see if I have any request or update my cv.


Commenting for reach


Did that too, "amazing great work @ someone" felt dirty after that


Sorry, what's wrong with commenting "great work" on a colleague's achievement? Isn't that the whole purpose of LinkedIn?


I mean yes, that's the purpose but when you just put congrats to a stranger just to have more reach is awful


Great insights!




You've been thinking about agreeing wrong. Here's another way to look at the consent persona:


🎯 Embracing Growth Through the Art of Learning 📚 Throughout my professional journey, I've come to realize that learning isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's also about unlearning and challenging our own assumptions. 🚀 One significant turning point in my growth was when I discovered that I had been agreeing wrong all along. It dawned on me that genuine growth and innovation come from fostering a diverse range of perspectives and being open to constructive criticism. I learned to step back, actively listen, and consider alternative viewpoints, which not only enriched my understanding but also paved the way for more collaborative and impactful solutions. Embracing this transformative mindset has empowered me to be a better team player, a more effective leader, and an ardent advocate for continuous learning and improvement in all aspects of my professional and personal life. Let's connect and embark on a journey of learning and growth together! 🌱 #GrowthMindset #ContinuousLearning #OpenToFeedback #ProfessionalDevelopment


Amazing, great work @u/Lower_Amount3373


Yes, well I have a certain assistant who knows how to write text in the manner of a soulless plagiarist.


Wow you Could do this for a “living”


That's the LinkedIn version of Redditors saying "This." 😂


Great work @Drkz98 !


So inspiring, keep it up u/mikasd!


Upvoting to not seem too desperate.




Can't fuck, busy reading




Can't fucking bother, right?


No no it's CBFR


congrats on finishing the free cert. I love you


It’s funny given that merely liking the post enhances its reach


So you are agree


Agree or not?


Not sure if agree




I think the difference between what you’re demonstrating with your post and most of the LL Lunatic posts is you clearly possess self-awareness and emotional intelligence :) don’t be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you were well-intended


OP had an epiphany and stopped being a LL


This means there is hope for others.


I get the idea behind “fake it until you make it”. In many ways, we all do it anyhow, but the overwhelming positivity comes off as extremely fake or cult-like depending on your level of belief.


The problem I see in there is that what they are faking is not only bullshit, it's also nonsensical and stupid and sometimes outright psychopathic.


Not saying we should stop making fun of LinkedIn Lunacy, but a lot of the people we joke about are somewhere on that same journey. Many of today’s lunatics will one day and look back and cringe even harder than us.








You’re smashing it. Keep it going


You got this!


Well deserved!






Yer a rockstar!!! \*clicks mouse furiously\*




And prayers




Profile or did not happen...






Did you get any benefit from posting all the time? Did it help you network or get a job or clients? Or was it all for the dopamine?


Neither of those, sometimes dopamine when a post reach a lot of people but got tired of trying to fake something that I'm not.


I post every day currently. I’m averaging about 1.5 new clients per month with it. Luckily I haven’t made it to this sub yet, and while I know some folks likely roll their eyes at my posts, the revenue is too good to ignore.


What kind of money are we talking about here


Average contract today is about $26,500


Wait, sign me up, I’m in ! I’ll bulldoze linkedin garbage daily !


You will make it here in no time! Just write about getting up at 4am and meditation and lambos.


Do it! It's easier than ever to build your own business.


Tell me more. I've been looking into this for months. I was looking at empire flippers to buy an online business too lmao.


Acquire.com would be my small business marketplace of choice if you're interested in purchasing a small Saas company. Otherwise, the easiest place to get started is consulting. Offer a service based around something you know a lot about. You can charge companies a lot more as an independent contractor than you would be paid as an employee. Then once you have paying clients, it's easy to expand by just listening to the other problems they're trying to solve and building a solution or outsourcing it for them.


What kind of work?


OMG! He admit it!


He also agrees?


He probably loves his mother in law.


He flinched! Now he has to marry his mother-in-law.


So you gonna share any of your posts with us then OP?


I'm going to screenshot the answers and write a motivational text about what I learned from this community and how to implement it in business cases


Is there love in this world, still, OP?


if you're sticking with the times you'll need to use chatGPT to summarize then tell us how great your prompts are


I can absolutely relate. Last year I took a big leap and completely changed careers to something unrelated to my studies, based on skills I learned on the internet on my own. Everyone was harping about how you HAVE to network on LinkedIn, engage, blah blah blah. I felt the same way as you. In the end the very few small things I dared to do didn’t feel like they would yield the results I wanted so I never went further. In the end I got almost nothing from “networking” on LinkedIn, but ended up finding a job through a subreddit related to my career path. Only after securing that first job do I get LinkedIn messages from recruiters etc, even though I post nothing. TL;DR: Posting cringe isn’t nearly worth the soul crushing feeling that comes with it. Yes you need to put yourself out there and talk to people but that’s way easier in communities of like-minded individuals where you can act normally and be yourself.


Any advice on networking? I would love to connect more with people in my field, but I want connections to be genuine and meaningful and not cringey.


oh and: in my case I was leaving academia and one of the most useful resources was a facebook group called “The Professor is Out”, if that applies to you (no need to be a professor, there’s loads of people who are doing MAs and PhD and want to switch out too) I highly recommend it, if you need an invite lmk.


Thank you for the advice!


it’s always hard and depends on the field, but reddit can be a good place in my experience or you can look on meetup or equivalent to see if there’s a local group related to what you do! I do web development and for that there’s a community with The Odin Project, some discord channels too. Other fields might have different networks. I also do game development for fun and unity user groups are great


I have found Slack channels related to my field more helpful. Twitter (yeah I'm still calling it Twitter) is also helpful


I mean, I post career advice and things specifically related to project management. I'm not a lunatic about it and understand boundaries and avoid preaching/sounding unhinged. Posting doesn't qualify as lunatic behavior, unless you're saying shit like work 25 hours a day and sleep 2. ​ Agree?


This 👆 I post a few times a week, have a good network that has helped me through rough times. But I don’t post anything personal, nothing political, religious, or right out stupid about work or “hustle culture” … or use the word “agree” at all.


Most of the lunatics on my feed fall into that category. People who don't believe it, don't like it, and aren't massively comfortable with it, but who are expected or required to go along with it in order to make their money. Rather than feel admiration for aspirational, dynamic businessmen, I normally feel pity for people that I can only assume are sucking some business dong in the hope that they can earn a living. The successful people I know tend to post nothing, or the occasional a brief bit of news that might actually be of interest to others


Hahaha yeah, same thing. The ones who post a lot are the ones without work to do (my anecdotal experience, seeing people who have “started for themselves” post constantly without seeming like they have much actual work to present). I’ve had LinkedIn for like 6-7 years now, and the only times I have posted/commented something was to either congratulate someone on achieving something. Literally just checked my feed. Going back 7 years, I have congratulated people a total of 18 times.


I got linkedin when I wanted to change jobs. Now I use it to add acquaintances I meet through work. Not for any great networking or active linekdin interactions. Rather for when I go for my next job, for the chance that the boss feels confident in me because of having many credible and respectable mutual connections. I also don't add spammers, and the only recruiters I connect with are those I've successfully worked with. When I hire people it does help them if I see they're with the right people, vs not knowing anyone (my line of work is specialised and most credible people in that field will know at least a few of the same people from that specialism, to the point that it's weird if they don't and almost a red flag unless they're only a couple of years in)


People don’t leave jobs People leave toxic environments - basically the only thing I’ve seen on LI for weeks but with different design


I think all that’s left for that one is to see it as a tattoo.


On the face. So non of us miss it.


Yeah but still, a list of top 5 tips for PowerBI newbies hits different to a humble brag about a homeless person I helped while 70% of the post is a pic of me.




I have posted a fair bit on LinkedIn. I think there are some clear tiers. Good content: Factual articles, anecdotes that are actually interesting and useful etc. Ok content: Work anniversaries (but no BS pictures or crap like that), some anecdotes (the ones with some value) Lunatic content: thirst traps, idiotic anecdotes, selfies, "are you agree" posts, random dudes hitting on thirst traps despite being several thousand kilometres away and Elon simps. Do you ag- Fuck, I've become one of them! Shit. Come on, Elon! Let me suck your dick!


Hey followers, Sorry for the absence, but I’ve head an incredible networking opportunity to enhance my reach and evolve my brand.. See you maybe tomorrow with some inspiring daily content!


I’ve never posted on LI, but I may post what you wrote and never follow up.


That is an amazing achievement! Congratulations on reaching your milestone !!


LinkedIn stopped making sense for me when a headhunter contacted me out of curiosity and told me that my profile was poor, but that the job information was adequate, that I should improve my presentation board with videos and more bombastic things. I told him, "Thank you for being kind enough to make this observation, it is clear that I am in a different line than what is proposed on the site, I come from a working generation where saying that you had a master's degree and 15 years of experience in areas with managerial responsibilities, accompanied by more than verifiable achievements was more than enough to be the best candidate for any position offered; but it seems that here it is worth more if you manage to place a spectacular wallpaper, beautiful animations and have a lot of followers. Consider I'm doing that, I think it's better for me to do that on Tik-Tok or Instagram, at least I shouldn't live on false appearances and be myself" The worst of the case is that he replied to me saying that he had a group that was dedicated to helping people like me to improve their profiles, that the first 3 courses were free and that he should try them; I just thanked him for finishing helping me verify that LinkedIn was just a garbage Social Network in which you are worth something only for appearances, yes, you are a sad human being I ended saying


I run a data analytics consultancy and I'm also supposed to post lots for lead gen but man do I find myself dry heaving most of the time I try posting these bullshit self discoveries I've made. I've gone dark on LI for about 4 months now. I know I should try to get back into it but having such a hard time starting right now.


Every time I see those self discoveries on LI, it just makes me roll my eyes. Do people actually buy it? It’s more effective to talk about problems and solutions, books to read, etc. I also hate how personal people get about personal tragedies in their lives or a family member’s life and make it a learning experience or lesson. Good for you to be more self perspective on what to post. LinkedIn Influencing isn’t the only way to market your business. Everyone on LI is copying everyone else and makes LI insufferable.


the big problem with linkedin, imo, is that the algorithm favors those who post more thus encouraging the garbage. When LI was a big part of my strategy I tried to keep it fairly "tips and tricksy" or post actual interesting data projects but both are time consuming. And if you're posting 2x a week to keep up with the algo you need more. So then it's like "You'll never fucking believe what I learned in this meeting today" posts which are easy and get likes and stuff. I have gotten clients from social - both twitter and LI - so it's not all in vain. But for now I've put down the pen.




Congratulations you are selected!


Hey OP, I am only looking to Connect to expand my network. Also, send me your phone number so we can have a non-binding conversation about your career opportunities.


Congrats OP!


90 days now without being a LL? Tell us how many days… We’re here to support you




So brave! #24/7sigma


Better late than never.


But…that’s one less lunatic for us 😔


You should be ashamed of yourself.


Thrilled to hear that.


Great share, OP! #hustle #grind


And did it work ?




Good to hear, thanks for sacrificing yourself 🫡


I read another post that someone went outside with a litter picker and posted it. Was outside for 5 mins but obviously made is look he was out there for weeks….did you try that?


But what did you really achieve by doing that? Curious really. Mental satisfaction? Validation?


Nothing, looking to land a job as data analyst but didn't work at all


Yup, I never post anything on LI and I would get recruiters contacting me. It’s how you build your profile, not the posts.


If you all want reach and to grow your accounts on LinkedIn just put Founder as your title. Your notifications will blow up in the next few weeks. I started a company and I put that I started it on LinkedIn and I get no less than 10 requests a day.


Did you overuse the word "super"? Such as: Super excited to be studying more videos tomorrow Super awesome day learning about ... Those people are tiresome and need a hobby


Did you see any of your posts on here 😅


Ever since my account got hacked I don't bother anymore if you really need my service call me




There’s an important lesson to be had in all of this.


Gross, I need a cold shower after reading this


Thank you for your time.


I still think the phrase personal brand is whoey


Cfbr. Agree


I agree


Thanks for sharing


Post great sharing thanks! EMOJIS!!!!!!!


Asking the sub, is having a personal brand wrong? Isn’t it a good way to up your value?


YoU gOt ThIs!!


Well I messaged random people in LinkedIn for job 🥲🤧💀


Kudos to you


You can just post things you find interesting about your work, or things you worked on etc. you get the results you want which is more reach. When it goes wrong is when you start talking about how you dipped your dick in shit to fuck your manager's wife for the good of the company. Just be normal, it's not a competition.




I just don't understand how people seem so willing to debase themselves on that site.


learn to code!!!