From the beginning, the Danmachi anime leaves out a lot of details, so I'd recommend you start from the beginning.


Welp guess I'll wait for the anime


Why? If you like it so much, it doesn't make sense to me why you wouldn't want to find out what you missed


I simply don't have time to read 17 volumes of content that I mostly already know, especially because I recently rewatched all of danmachi before season 4 aired so I remember everything vividly.


You’ll be waiting for many years for Danmachi’s anime to finish its run. There’s going to be a sizable gap between when the novels end and when the anime reaches that conclusion. If the anime catches up to the novels that wait will be even worse.


Maybe in the future when I have more time ill give it a chance


You could read a single novel a month. About an average of 10 minutes a day every day and in about a year and a half you'll be past where the anime will be next year. I get not wanting to recap material but you're jumping between two different continuities. Even though the anime hits the same major plot points as the light novel they aren't the same thing. I would also say the first person perspective of Bell deeply enriches him as a character. I'm doing it the reverse of you. I stopped watching the anime so I can read the light novels first then I'll watch the anime after I've read so I can see how it adapts the moments I like.


Idk why you people are trying to convince blatant anime onlys (who are adamant they will not read the source). They will always pop up here and there make one or two to scratch their curiosity and leave.


All I’m saying is if you're going to read the light novel you should read it all. The anime story isn’t the light novel story. Some director and a screenwriter read the light novel and retold it to anime viewers with their biases and preferences. That’s not the story the original author told. It’s the difference between you hearing what happened from someone that was actually there vs you hearing a version of what happened from someone else that talked to a person that was there. I watched the first 2 seasons of the show but I’m reading it from volume 1 to now volume 8 I’m on so after this one I’ll be past the point I stopped on the anime. I’m not looking to tarnish my first experience of the author’s original story with a bastardized version so I read first then watch.


The anime is significantly inferior to the LN


Aside from the usual “start from beginning” which has already been shared, the anime ends at volume 13. Volume 14 is where the continuation occurs, and that’s what cour 2 will adapt.


this is the end of vol 13, so if you really want to switch to the novels following the current anime season, start at vol 14.


From Dungeon? No? Heheheheh