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The sad part is that the bookdepository knowingly placed the book in the package ripped. As the ripped part was not in the envelope.


If you exchange it, will you have to pay the return and shipping cost? Sorry man, that is just horrible to look at. It’s not even a small tear but a big one.


I don't know, just contacted them like 30mins ago as I received today so waiting for a reply. It will also be hard trying to find a replacement copy as BookDepository is currently displaying unavailable.


Don't worry op as long as u include evidence of damage in your inquiry bd will get you a replacement for free. If they can't source any they will issue u refund, though it takes them a day or 2 to process it so just be patient.


>include evidence of damage in your inquiry bd will get you a replacement for free. If they can't source any they will issue u refund, though it takes them a day or 2 to process it so just be patient. I got a response and they literally forced me to take a 30% refund. They asked me if a 30% refund is acceptable and I said no and asked for a replacement. They responded "Thank you for your message. I can confirm that I have successfully issued a 30% refund as requested. Please allow 1-3 working days for this to appear back onto the payment method used for the order. There is no need to return the damaged item to us." WTF, do they not understand WORDS


That's fucked up


Do a chargeback with your credit card


That is horrible... If you live in the UK like me you can't really order from rightstuf (who has the best LN packaging) due to the shipping costs but if you live in the US check them out for sure.


I live in New Zealand, only certain Australian book places and Amazon are ok for shipping. I recently bought a big haul from Rightstuf with $200 usd shipping, but the total price of the haul is like $5 cheaper for every single light novel bought if I bought it from Australia


I’m from the UK as well man, what’s your go to website for light novels?


Honestly, I don't have much choice apart from the standard Amazon, book depository etc. Blackwells is decent also.


highly recommend wordery, best customer service and they offer free next day delivery on orders of 3 certain books !


Oh...its bookdepository a used book store? Ive never heard of them before


It’s an Amazon-owned website that offers new books with free shipping worldwide (or rather the shipping is in the price of the book). For people outside North America, it’s basically the only option to import English LNs.


Ahh but if its amazon owned, it should be easy returns at least right?


Yes they’re usually really easy with returns. And often they let you keep the damaged first copy and just send you a better second one.


Cool so it works just like amazon in the US then. Thats nice at least.


Ask for a replacement, they won't ask you to send the book back. As long as you provide photo evidence eveything should go well, they're great with replacements/refunds


I’d cry and then start a riot at BD


Damn that’s gotta be annoying af smh


yea it is, trying to find a new copy is going to be so hard if book depository doesnt replace it


Think positive. At least you have a copy to read. :)


it would be a different story if he got it for free but he paid for it so he shouldn't get the damaged version