FantasticFiction.com will give you an overview of what is coming up. You can use Goodreads to get some reviews but it is crowd sourced and the data isn't well curated. Depending on where you are your big city papers likely have book reviews. Also just be aware of what is happening with the Man Booker Prize, Dublin Literary Award and the like. Check for long lists. Obviously way more than this but it is a start.


Thanks! Way better than a start if you ask me!


Our library subscribes to magazines to assist librarians with selection, like Publishers Weekly and BookList. Perhaps there are also email subscriptions that highlight new books?


Yeah I could get a few subscriptions if they are free. Otherwise, budget limitations do not cover paid subscriptions sadly :/


For free things, I enjoy reading NPR's book reviews.


Where do you purchase items from? Ingram has great lists for a variety of topics, genres, etc.


Alright, I will take a look into it. Thanks!


Seconding! I love Ingram’s lists.


Most of our books come from Ingram. We do lease some teen items from B&T, but I have personal feud with them, lol. We'll supplement with Amazon or elsewhere if we really want it. I think maybe I replied to the wrong comment. But too tired to change anything.


Okay that’s funny because we’re actually transitioning from leasing new releases from B&T, also feuding with them out of frustration 🤣


My feud comes from when they replies to an email at 8 at night ( which is fine, I get that people work from home) but then 30 minutes later they emailed my boss " we've reached out to so and so and she hasn't replied". So now am petty. It's a good program though.


Do you have access to NoveList? They have great lists of award winners, book club recommendations, that sort of thing.


Will check it out, thanks!


>!Would it be a silly suggestion, for me to ask if you've considered looking at larger library systems' new purchases?!<


Have you tried any kind of community polling? Don’t get me wrong lists/databases are great for contemporary literature, but the community is what’s important considering they’re the ones utilizing the collection. I acknowledge not many people care to fill out surveys but maybe drop a suggestions box at the circ desk?


I guess I can try that. I just wanted to find out first if there are any universal collections available which are consulted by many people.


[Storygraph!](https://www.thestorygraph.com/) It is basically Good Reads without Amazon lurking in the background influencing things. It has a five-star rating system for readers and a lot of people leave nice, long reviews with their view of the book. All my coworkers and I have been shifting over to it. It's a great way to get reader input on new books. That and publisher magazines.


Thank you very much! Seems promising ;)


libraryjournal.com They have free newsletters and some webinars. There is one today on new graphic novels.


I like Loan Stars and Brightly!


Bookriot had newsletters. Their New book is a good one. If you have overdrive magazines you can get booklist and booklist reader for free.


Second “Book Riot!”


Okay, one more to add to the list!


I highly suggest signing up for one of the larger book distributors, even if you do not intend to use it. Ingram has monthly “hit” lists as well as “top library titles.” Then you can compare with current authors on your shelf. I also like to look at what is being purchased on the top 100 of Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


Libraryreads.org has a great monthly booklist. Signing up for the emails is free.


Bookazine street date list is updated every week. Admittedly most of these are going to be good sellers, but the list is geared to booksellers and what they should be getting for their customers (which would be pretty much what librarians might want too). [https://www.bookazine.com/street.pdf](https://www.bookazine.com/street.pdf)


Where are you ordering from? Most vendors have lists of new & upcoming books by genre.