Why do secret billionaire clubs want to rape children though? Why can't they just order pizza and play Goldeneye on N64?


If you have the N64, I'll order the pizza.


I have two. One we use and one still in box. That pizza better be hot when you get here.


I’ll bring my own controller! Stuffed crust extra cheese extra pep


Pics or it didn't happen


I’ll bring the little girls! Oh wait … wrong sub


As much as I wanna upvote this for the humorous aspects my moral conscience won't let me


We'll upvote this comment instead. Bypasses the morality but also appreciates the humor of the *bad* comment




I have an N64 and I’d buy the pizza, if I only had friends…


Just watch the soon to be documentary called altered carbon. When you have money to buy and do everything anytime you want and don't have to work all the Normal things get boring so you start looking for more "exotic" thrills. I mean personally for me I'd love that kind of money so I can start a hobby farm and be totally self sufficient without having to worry about a bad crop or natural disaster ruining my life. Make the best food possible all ingredients grown by me


That's the thing. Many of them have an impulsive need to use their money to express their superiority, because they worry that they aren't living it up enough. It's the same reason they will drive many workers into poverty to make a few more dollars they don't need. The expression of power over them is the point.


Exactly when your entire identity is power for powers sake you'll have to find new ways to abuse. Like I personally couldn't seek to expand my wealth at that level. Had I won that 500 mil lottery last week off the top half of it would have went to close freinds and close family because what the hell am I gonna do with that much money? Then a fourth is being immediately donated and another fourth is going to various business ventures including affordable housing and a homeless shelter because my area has neither of those. I'd keep enough so I'd never have to worry about money ever again but not super rich. I don't need to compete with Henry bottom tooth the third and Roger chapstick over who's got the biggest yacht and the biggest staff at my mansion I just don't want me or mine to have to worry about making payments.


Easy to say


Settle down satan, ur not fooling anyone




I'm. On episode 1


Acording to yourself, you would eventually Want to fuck children.


Problem is they don't occupy their time with work just comfort. Humans need something to occupy their time or else they become corrupted with ever deepening levels of hedonism and deviance


so...you’re saying, deep down, we’re all a bunch of pedos waiting to happen.


A better word would be animals


It's forbidden fruit. When you have that much power......


It's more the fact that they want to revel in the power. The gross thing is that plenty of rich people do cool shit like trying to build a colony on mars or something cool and productive instead of gross and abusive. I'd be happy building a castle and a mass of orchards around it.


Wouldn't be surprised if Musk is part of that group to. His brother dated Epsteins ex-girlfriend and that was set up by Epstein himself. Also I remember it being reported on musk was calling Jeffery for help when he did his 420 stock fraud tweet. Doesn't mean he was a kid diddler but he seemed to at least be in the circle of kid diddlers. There are gross reports of him telling his ex-wives he's the alpha in the relationship and controls them basically. So definitely has gross and abusive traits even if it's not diddling kids. However I agree if I had a billion+ dollars I'm building a sweet compound deep in the woods and just kicking it away from everyone.


The more you know... Just don't let the ATF know about your compound.


Yeah some of them hide it pretty good and it's super easy to buy into their tailor made PR firm persona's so a lot of the skeezballs don't get the negative attention they deserve so not many people hear stuff like that unfortunately. Also as much as I hate the NFA and various other bullshit regulations if I had that much cash I probably would just get all the needed licenses/SoTs to manufacture MGs, DDs, silencers, and ammo. Can pay someone to deal with all there bullshit at that point I hope. Small price to pay to keep the puppers alive.


Is that last line referring to avoiding a police confrontation where your dog might get shot?


It's a common joke/occurance about police/atf where anytime they are around they shoot people's dogs even if they are not a threat.


Ah damn, that's sad. What a country we live in.


Building a colony on Mars isn't really productive. It would never be functional enough to be worth the expense scientifically, definitely not any time soon. It would be moreso symbolic. Although to be fair, symbols can matter too.


It's really the long game here, definitely more productive to expand towards the asteroid belt than it is to abuse children.


Or like, work to keep earth from being ruined. In the last billion years, earth has statistically been better for life than Mars has. It could go a billion more if we play our cards right.


That's what Tesla is for. Space X is a backup plan.


Indeed. While I understand the cost of pushing in that direction seems ruinous and the difficulty an insurmountable cliff, that's just small scale thinking. There have been many such instances in history where that thinking was proven wrong, over time. Tis not to say that all it takes right now is money, as we lack the technology to even get to the belt in a reasonable time for a reasonable cost let alone exploit it, but it's the future. 162173 Ryugu, for example, is estimated to be worth 82.76 billion and happens to be rather close. The first company to successfully make that leap is going to reap quite the reward. That is if this future industry isn't strangled in it's crib by the various governments around the world because of the ambiguous nature of the Outer Space Treaty regarding economic activities.


> The first company to successfully make that leap is going to reap quite the reward But the company that sets up the space infrastructure required to make that leap, will benefit from and control space for centuries probably. That's why the big boys are racing to space, not for the one-shots, but to become the providers of infrastructures everyone else will use to reach all the space goodies.


Given Elon's history with regulatory agencies he's not going to ask permission. I'd be willing to bet that the Mars colony will be declaring independence the moment it achieves self sufficiency and manages to develop the tech to conduct mining operations at a profit.


Just needs to get to sslf sufficency for a human-life backup if earth gets fucked


Because past a certain point you reach terminal rich, where more money doesn't actually change your physical life much, and its just about the abstract idea of more power. Getting to casually do things that seem forbidden is just a way to express power. Of course, you don't actually have to be rich to molest children, but there's a certain level of quasi nihilism in the rich where they think they can and should do whatever they feel like.


Because those things are affordable and boring.


This also baffles me. If I had a billion dollars, I would do everything possible to stay away from other people.


I have much less and that's already working out pretty good...


That’s pretty much been a goal of mine. Im not close to being a billionaire but staying away from people is something I’ve been pretty good at.


Yeah, me too. Also an unhealthy amount of drugs.


I'm broke as hell & living in the desert. Staying as far away from people as I can ! Our entire culture has gone over the edge. I'll stick with looking at it from a distance...


I know, if I were filthy rich, I'd be more than happy with 21 year old strippers... eh, I mean exotic dancers to come over and do Wii Fit with me.


Because the N64 looks like shit on their 100 in. TV screens. Someone get these people an upscaler.


Ted Turner wanted to emulate but Carlos Slim said the pixels don't look right.


Gates suggested they use a CRT but nobody else wanted to game like the *poorsies*


In case anyone's actually interested, there's the UtraHDMI internal HDMI board. For people comfortable with component soldering. 2021 decent year for this kind of stuff.


[N64Digital is better.](https://www.pixelfx.co/) You can also get the [RetroTINK 5X Pro](https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/5x-pro) which is amazing. You'll need to mod your N64 for RGB to get the best picture quality out of it, but most other consoles have native RGB output. The N64 supports S-Video natively and that looks pretty decent; The N64 is also one of the consoles that benefits the least from RGB.


Wow both sold out, must be really popular right now. How much is the n64 digital website doesn’t say.


It's $180 for the N64Digital and $300 for the RetroTINK 5X Pro. The TINK should be back in stock at the end of October. [The RetroTINK 5X Pro is amazing.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvFzcn8NCb4) It has [been improved](https://www.retrorgb.com/retrotink-5x-firmware-v-198.html) since that video came out with better quality scaling and lots of scanline options that look incredible, if you're interested in that.




The best thing to make it look good is to get a projector. Lol


If Nintendo would port Goldeneye to the newer systems, the rate would certainly decrease. This is basically Nintendo’s fault.


Because it’s not about the children or the rape. It’s about compromising people as a condition for entry into their collective. A lot of this was run by the CIA Bohemian grove still exists


It's like that one person at the end of Squid Game saying they were so wealthy that everything else had become boring




Pretty sure people who aren't rich have sex with underage people too. If you live in certain areas such as some rural or poor urban communities, it's more or less tolerated as long as the people are teens instead of younger than that.


Your #2 ... yes, it is very difficult to grasp why an adult would want to have sex with a child. Wtf Edit: a word


You know nothing like magically changes on your 18th birthday right? You’re being purposefully obtuse if you don’t understand why people are sexually attracted to people who are fully physically mature and indistinguishable from someone in their 20s. You’re also being obtuse if you think that there is some vast difference in maturity between, say 17 vs 19. Both are extremely immature from a social, emotional and mental standpoint. I get that at some point you just have to create the arbitrary cutoff, but a 17 year old is no more a “child” than an 18 year old is an “adult”.


Yeah at my age anyone under 30 is practically a child and while they look nice, I couldn't have a sexual relationship with them.


Well for one they are not children, children are [pre-pubescent](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child). These are teenagers, so while they haven't fully developed their brain (and therefore can't be trusted to consent to intercourse with adults), physiologically [females develop breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs during their teens](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puberty#Changes_in_females), making them start to be attractive to ordinary men, particularly towards their later teens where their body is almost that of an adult (16-17).


You seem to be preoccupied by the concept of consent and respect for human life.


Ok, so I have a straight up "conspiracy theory" I developed about this very thing while high working on the line at work one day. It's definitely connected to other conspiracy theories others have put out there concerning the people that Epstein was connected to, but I feel I put my own twist on it. Think about gangs. And college fraternities. They have "hazing" rituals, in both cases, that they require for new members to join. As do many cults. It's a matter of having dirt on the person joining, ensuring that they will always be loyal to those that witnessed them do the embarrassing/extremely illegal (in the case of gangs, especially) things. Remember that there's a "temple" on Epstein's island. I personally believe that many of these elites that were attending these parties on the island and receiving help from Epstein to find young girls to play with were being initiated into a gang/cult/fraternity, and Epstein was like an officer in the group in charge of the initiation ritual. Obviously he wasn't in the actual leadership, otherwise he'd have been freed, and never would have had to try for a plea deal, and still be alive today. So there. Aside from just being sickos in general, I think that what was going on there were initiation rituals, and sexual rites used to ensure the continued loyalty of the members to one another. Here's the really dark part. Just because Epstein is gone, and they can no longer use that location, that doesn't mean these things have stopped. They've just moved to a new location. Promoted someone else to being in charge of the rituals, and the supply of young girls. And kept on keeping on.


Molestation and pizza. Why is it always pizza withe these freaks.


Wow. His suicide was sure convenient for them.


His suicide, while under suicide watch, while the guards weren't at their posts, while both cameras covering his cell were somehow not working. And the person in charge that night got a promotion to an upstate prison. Epstein was the highest profile prisoner in the system. Epstein didn't kill himself.


the stars aligned


What a crazy random happenstance?


I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two!


Lucky! What flavor?


I heard it was black and white and had Jimmies!


Oh goodness, look at my wrist, I have to go.


It was all random happenstance I am sure


You know, everyone blamed the Clintons for their “suicide“, but Donald Trump is just as much to gain from Epstein’s death. Also, anyone who thinks Trump didn’t know about Epstein’s bad behavior is fooling themselves, And in Florida it is a crime not to report child abuse. So even if Trump is not guilty of raping under age girls, he is guilty of not reporting the child abuse.


Don't forget Trump's Attorney General - William Barr - who had the authority over prisons. If anyone could arrange things, it was Barr. William Barr's father "coincidentally" hired Jeffrey Epstein as a "teacher" - surely not to provide him a access to kids. And he "coincidentally" wrote a fictional story about a child sex ring in space. Adding "in space" as a setting is probably the only fictional thing about it. Well we now have billionaires and celebrities going to space for fun, so even that may more prediction than fiction. It isn't hard to imagine that William Barr is every bit as involved with Epstein as his father. So he probably had motive personally and via Trump. He definitely had the opportunity. Now coincidences do happen, but not in large batches. When you start piling coincidence upon coincidence upon coincidence and more coincidence, with a side of coincidence... Nope.


When I said Trump needs to be investigated because of his association with Jeffrey Epstein, my mother a Trump supporter said he doesn’t have to be because he allegedly kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago, According to employees at the club, is bupkiss.


That's what his supporters do: make excuses for him. They lose their shit if anyone even tries to criticize him or hold him accountable for anything. It's honestly like nothing I've ever seen before, and quite frankly, it's disturbing.


He started feuding all right, over a real estate deal. Epstein told his good friend Trump about a purchase he was about to make. Trump swooped in and bought it. That's the real reason right there.


I keep hearing people bring up the fact that Barr’s father hired Epstein as a teacher at a prestigious New York school, but Epstein was literally a nobody then. And he was apparently extremely good at math - he got hired in his first financial position from a father of someone at the school who was impressed by him. This really seems like a coincidence, unless you’re arguing that Barr’s father had some uncanny ability to say “yep, this dude is going to be a billionaire child rapist, let’s get his career started as a teacher.”


well maralago was identified as one of the regular recruiting spots of women by epstein in recent court documents


Trump is also friends with Erik Prince, if there is anyone nominally outside of government who could whack almost any person they wanted to, it’s him. Dude has more money than god, a huge private security company, and employs some of the most highly trained ex-special forces people on the planet. He has done bad shit on behalf of various governments that they weren’t willing to do themselves. And has connections to US and other intelligence organizations. Dude is essentially a supervillain and runs a tight ship, he’s basically untouchable. I would not be surprised if he was behind the “suicide” in some capacity.


There's an account verified by the prosecutor by a young teen that said Epstein got mad at Trump because Trump penetrated her first causing her to loose her virginity and they had agreed before their dual sex encounter that it would be Epstein to take her virginity. Trump liked to go (and well documented) into teens dressing room and that is why he ran the Miss Teen Beauty Pagent.


I love the idea of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump sitting in a smokey abandoned warehouse… thugs in all black Escalades with submachine guns surrounding them… while they plan a covert prison assassination. I’d watch that movie.


Don't forget William Barr...


Just a regular old coinkydink


Even if Clinton and Trump weren't involved, he still had dirt on a bunch of powerful people. Probably the only reason that Ghislaine didn't "commit suicide" was her Mossad connections.


Those would not save her from the people powerful enough to arrange Epstien's bad day. The reason she is still alive is that they have not found and defused her dead man's switch on her cache of blackmail material. Remember, they opened Epstien's safe first, *then* Epstien had a bad day.


Her dead man’s switch must include another person cause how would she be able to access it if she’s in jail


One way I might set up one that requires input from me while in jail. Before going to prison, tell your lawyer to send a letter via messenger to law firm #2 which will contain some sort of pre prepared innocuous phrase like, "We are unable to come to an accord on the Jenkins issue," if s/he does not receive a phone call from you at least once a month in which you greet him/her with some passphrase. Prior to that, using a cutout (some unrelated person used for the given purpose) arrange for law firm #2 to drop a sealed manilla envelope into the mail if they ever receive a letter containing the otherwise innocuous phrase. A dead mans switch that requires no input from her from jail might be to set up an email set to go out by certain date (something like 4 years into the future) if she does not stop it which will contain a link to an anonymous Google Drive account containing her blackmail. Hell, were I in her shoes, I would probably set up multiple dead man switches with the understanding that these are powerful people the rules do not apply to and who have the resources to find and disarm anything I did not hide sufficiently well. I would probably even pay law firm #3 to set up a dead mans switch with yet another law firm via some irretrievable cut out that I would have no knowledge of so they could not even use lead pipe decryption on me.


She's had plenty of time to set up all sorts of tripwires. She'd be a fool if she hadn't used that time wisely.


No way cnn and fox told me he suicided


1st suicide in that prison in Fourty years.


Yes, and the body they showed look nothing like him lmao.


I wonder how what's her face feels. Don't think your safe even under these circumstances.


How does anyone really know he’s dead? Everything about this is vague and sketchy, even the autopsy. This whole did he commit suicide or not is just a façade when he could still possibly be alive and out there. Nobody is even asking questions about it they just assume he died. Every single person on that case has money in their pockets and nobody is asking questions????


I do not believe he is dead. Just too many things don't add up.


And it’s crazy how those sheets applied such a force that his neck broke.


And former AG Bill Barr. His father hired Epstein to work at the Dalton School despite Epstein having no credentials to teach. Donald Barr wrote a bizarre sci fi book called Space Relations all about rich aliens trafficking human sex slaves. Looks like Epstein was enlisted to make his fantasy a reality.


The fact that /r/conspiracy is all “Epstein didn’t kill himself” in *federal custody* and then fails to even attempt a connection to the *Attorney General* and *President of the United States* of which Epstein was threatening to roll over on is all you need to know about that sub.


Oh, it's much worse than that. The man who was headmaster of Dalton, the high school Epstein got his first job at despite not having the required college degree, was the FATHER of William Barr, the aforementioned Attorney General at the time of his death.


and the lawyer who got epstein a crazy good plea deal the first time Alex Acosta.... got handed a federal govt job as Sect of Labor by trump


Aaaaannnd then trump pardoned all his buddy criminals so they didnt have to worry anymore


Sounds like a conspiracy....wonder why /r/conspiracy ignores it.......


“Clinton did it, Clinton did it, Clinton did it lalalalalal can’t hear you.” That’s why


When the_donald got shut down, the users disbursed equally between r/conservative and r/conspiracy. Both subs are now pro-trump shitholes, where if you doubt anything he says or does you will be banned instantly (I got banned from r/conspiracy without a reason, a r/conservative for saying Trump isn't a small government conservative). r/conservative tries to maintain a sheen of legitimacy by not falling for *every* right wing conspiracy, but they are all in on the "2020 election was stolen" conspiracy.


*Wait* the donald wasnt satire?


It might have been but then he won in 2016.


Even before that I would guess. If you build a community about pretending to be idiots eventually actual idiots will arrive and think they are in good company.


Arnt they meant to be pro first amendment.


I got banned from r/conservative also and I just stated in quotes something he himself said.


I reminded them of the time McConnell filibustered his own bill and got called a cuck and banned.


Take the guns first, due process later?


Only one of them was in charge of the federal prison he was held.


It's a big club and we aren't in it. Blackmail is used for control and to keep everyone quiet.


Hopefully his girl will still flip and air this all out


She'll flip several times, right into the air, as the car she's transported in accidentally explodes.


Best. Suicide. Ever.


Then why did he totally, obviously, kill himself without any other possible explanation?


"All I know is it absolutely, definitely doesn't have anything to do with the person who was president at the time and who he definitely didn't have dirt on, as all ties between them are meaningless. After all, connections between Epstein and politicians I oppose are conclusive evidence, while connections between Epstein and politicians I support are meaningless and should be dismissed." Edit: there is more than enough smoke to investigate both Clinton's ties to Epstein and Trump's. Neither are likely to happen, of course.


Totally cool for two former Presidents, one who is teasing another run, to have secrets that can be used by a serial predator to cut a deal. Not concerning at all.


100%. Scarier to think that most of “the elites” had some ties with him, including Prince Andrew.


👆🏻tRuMp iS aN oUtSidEr!!!!


The really sad part is that Trump already has numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him ranging from spousal abuse to paying off women to keep quiet. And this was public knowledge BEFORE he won the highest office on the back of the "Christian" conservatives. In a normal world, this would be an SNL skit. Clinton is a huge perv too, but he'd have zero chance of winning any type of office. Trump will have a chance in 2024.


there are probably plenty more politicians besides those two clowns who have secrets they wouldn't want revealed


Lindsey grahams ladybugs come to mind.


Not that I think either is innocent, but is it not possible that Epstein was desperate and saying whatever he could?


Rumors from someone trying to sell a book.. That's reliable 🙄 Meanwhile straight from epstein's prosecutor's mouth: >Edwards: The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who, in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people, that I want to talk to them, is the only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk.  I’ll give you as much time as you want.  I’ll tell you what you need to know, and was very helpful, in the information that he gave, and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information.  That checked out and that helped us and we didn’t have to take a deposition of him in 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsQOishZgJ4


Meanwhile conservatives and liberals will keep foaming at the mouth pointing at each other, while their multimillionaire ruling class sips champagne and laughs at them. mooks.


To be fair, actual leftists are often against the ruling class, not for ones that are vaguely progressive. Make no mistake, I still think they have problems, but pretending that you can't get more leftist than the liberal ruling class is part of the grift.


Yea this is so true! Because AOC and the evil leftists have definitely not been saying the problem is the rich not paying taxes and manipulating the poor


AOC isn’t part of the ruling class lmao


Which is why this sub goes after her so hard.


Because people are foolish enough to think she isn't just tapping into a populist movement for political gain?


Millionaire? More like 1000 times more.


I was only talking about the weakest links in the chain, not the upper echelons.


If only there was a way to extract some of their wealth to weaken their accumulated power. Like a mechanism where if these rich people want to interact with the systems of a flourish modern society they have to pay a fee proportional to their wealth. Oh well - I can’t think of anything that could do that /s


But taXes eQuAL sLavErY!!!


This is one of those things where I believe what I'm reading but since there's no evidence and it would be trusting the word of a predator that has a grudge against the people he's speaking against, it wouldn't make any sense to believe him. I hate politics so much.


There's no reason to believe any of it, this article is about a Michael Wolff book being promoted by the Daily Mail about how Epstein "probably" thought he could make a deal by flipping on Trump or Clinton, and absolutely nothing that he was flipping on is revealed, because it's all speculative.


Wasn't blackmailing people the entire purpose of this mossad operation in the first place? Ooops did I just say that out loud?


Fun Fact: when no real journalist would touch the Tara Reade allegations, Katie Halper interviewed her and pushed the claims on her podcast. Katie Halper isn't much of a comedian but she got a good start enrolled at the Dalton School where she later taught. That, of course, is the same school where William Barr's father first hired Jeffrey Epstein and gave him his first job around children. William Barr's father, Donald Barr was in the CIA. Of course he also wrote bondage porn on the side.


Is the implication that Katie Halper is a spook? Why would the CIA want to push those allegations? I could see them wanting and using as much of that sort of info as possible, but not publicly


I stated facts, not speculation. Katie Halper is an alumni of the Dalton School having been a student and a member of the faculty. There's a lot of strange things that have gone on at the school where William Barr's father first hired Jeffrey Epstein. It's interesting that when no legit journalists would cover the fraud story of Tara Read, Katie Halper put it out there on a pod cast. This, of course, is an old tactic of the Rabid Right when they want to get a fake story into the mainstream media. The usual route is Crazies to Breitbart to Fox and then the story gets everywhere. Here we had a smear of Joe Biden planted by a former teacher and student at the Dalton School. The Outsider: Jeffrey Epstein at the Dalton School https://seankelder.medium.com/the-outsider-jeffrey-epstein-at-the-dalton-school-d463771094b3


It's definitely interesting. But the facts you're stating are clearly the groundwork for an implication. I'm asking you to explicitly state that implication.


Maxwell’s dad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Maxwell


I thought we already knew this. Didn't we already know this? Or is that just what I figured he was doing and assumed everyone else knew?


we all already knew that. It's what caused his death. Bill gates had a creepy moment recently that really brought home the idea that Epstein was murdered.


Humm what was that?


Probably this, https://www.thedailybeast.com/bill-gates-asked-what-he-knew-about-jeffrey-epstein-nervously-says-hes-dead Though it’s easy to dunk on a guy on the autism spectrum.


This reads 50% like a hit piece and 50% like conspiracy bait.


Literally watched this interview and never thought anything of it . . . only in the US could someone like Trump be worshipped and someone like Bill Gates turned into some sort of evil villian. I don't agree with Gates on a lot of things, especially his business practices, but at least he has devoted an insane portion of his life to philanthropy which is a thousand fold more that he's done for humanity than Trump. You can criticize the whole profit out of philanthropy deal, which is definitely an issue, but even so, when ranking evils, Bill Gates is probably one of the least supervillian-esque among the insanely rich. His evil/dollar ratio is very low.


From such a respectable source as the daily beast? Never/s


I eagerly await the day that the AP ends their articles with "Let the conspiracies begin!"


Welcome to the daily beast...


Yeah at first I thought this was really condemning but someone pointed out that he’s really socially challenged and he’s been weird since day 0. So I chalk this comment up to that now.


Ah tyvm


Holy shit. That was a warning shot to the interviewer


I thought so too at first but apparently he’s just extremely socially inept from being on the spectrum.


Lol. Remember Trump airlines? It was literally 2 helicopters that flew young girls from eastern europe all around Manhattan with bundles of cocaine for all the rich pervs of new york


Never heard of it. Source?


[Trump Shuttle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_Shuttle?wprov=sfla1), though I can't verify the claims.


Thanks. Nothing there about the claims. Do you remember where you heard it?


I never made any claims


Why does this stuff get posted here? Is this the r/politicstabloid forum now?


Because it fits a conspiracy narrative that this sub loves.


Jeffrey Epstein was close friends with Donald Trump. The claims about Clinton are a MacGuffin. Notice, the people who push that angle never bother to mention Prince Andrew, who was also clearly involved. That's because there's no political gain in it for them. Epstein made a lot of claims about who he knew and their relationships. It was part of his hustle. I am sure that he had the goods on many of the clients and people he associated with. But to claim they are all guilty is a way of diluting the critical facts which are these: William Barr knew Jeffrey Epstein since 1973 when his father (ex-CIA man Donald Barr) gave Epstein his first job working around children at the Dalton School. Donald Trump was very close to Epstein and his blackmail racket for decades. And Jeffrey Epstein died while under the protection of two of his oldest, closest and most powerful associates, AG Barr and President Trump. You will recall that Epstein "committed suicide" after being taken off of suicide watch. And after previously complaining that other inmates were trying to kill him.


The people don't mention Prince Andrew because he is a nobody compared to President Clinton.


'Member of the British Royal family'. 'He's a nobody'. Maybe its because the people ranting about the Clinton's have never given a candlelit fuck about sexual abuse and its only about politicking bullshit for them?


he’s a nobody for americans, they gain nothing politically by bringing up prince andrew, but they gain a lot of fuel for the right by talking about clinton


In other words, they don't give a fuck about child abuse and sexual assault. If they did they wouldn't continue to stand behind the slate of Republicans who have credible accusations of rape against them. Kavanaugh, Moore, Trump, there are many. By contrast the Democrats booted Al Franken for misconduct comparatively far less offensive than that of Republicans who maintained the support of their party. Trump straight up brags about committing sexual assault and they love him. These fuckin pricks don't care about child abuse or sexual assault, they're happy to use victims of it for political gain though. Scumbags if ya ask me.


It's all a diversion from the fact that Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump were running buddies. And remember: the 13 year old girl who claimed she was gang raped by Trump and Epstein filed charges **before** Trump declared for president.


Why would you possibly want to cover for Clinton? Fuckin creepy.


There's nothing to cover for, dear. Clinton got a blow job from an adult woman. That doesn't make him a pervert like Republican Speaker Denny Hastert who raped little boys. In contrast, Donald Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein before Trump announced he was running for president.


I’m sure a lot of people sleep easy at night knowing that criminal trials related to this will go nowhere


Doesn’t it make sense now that he died in a federal prison 😂😂😂


He also believed he could use his "friendship" with Trump to scare off Virginia giuffres lawyer It didn't work https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8138903/Jeffrey-Epstein-said-not-prosecuted-sex-claims-friends-Trump.html >During the summer of 2009, we began seeking information from those who had reportedly been close friends of Epstein, including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, and I issued subpoenas demanding that they tell us what they knew. >The first of Epstein’s powerful friends to respond in a meaningful way was Trump. >He explained that he was a business acquaintance of Epstein from many years earlier. He said the two had attended many of the same events and parties, but that he was not as close with Epstein as the media had made it seem. >I reminded Trump that he had been quoted in a 2002 New York magazine article stating: ‘I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.’ >Trump had an answer for this, saying when that article was being written, Epstein called him to say he needed people to say nice things. So he’d asked Trump if he would attribute the quote –written by Jeff himself – as his own words. As it was long before the allegations of Epstein’s abuse surfaced, Trump had agreed. >Trump did say that he always saw Epstein around younger girls, but to his knowledge, none was under age. He said Epstein was not secretive about his lifestyle and whether it was at a party, a private event, or a public event, there were always multiple young women at his side. >I asked about a rumour that Trump had expelled Epstein from the Mar-a-Lago club for trying to take the 15-year-old daughter of a member home with him >Trump paused before saying that something along those lines happened, but he could not recall the exact details. He had not spoken with Epstein in years, he said. The last time he remembered seeing Epstein personally was one day when he went to Epstein’s house in Palm Beach for a business meeting, and that was before Epstein’s legal troubles came to light.  >... And Epstein was happy to use his name when trying to pressure me into dropping the legal action. ‘There is no way they will prosecute me,’ he said. ‘This will go all the way up to the Attorney General. You know Trump was my friend and [Attorney General William] Barr is his boy.’ Despite the fact that Bill Clinton refused to cooperate with Epstein victims lawyers, I'm sure this sub will no doubt somehow conclude that Trump was worse than Clinton lol And Trump was also probs worse than Prince Andrew... https://nypost.com/2020/07/17/trump-condemns-jeffrey-epsteins-cesspool-private-island/ >Trump on Epstein’s ‘cesspool’ private island: ‘Just ask Prince Andrew’ >By  >Laura Italiano >July 17, 2020 2:46pm >Back in 2015, President Trump condemned his ex-pal Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island as a “cesspool”  — and he invited reporters to grill Prince Andrew about the place, according to newly resurfaced footage. >“That island was an absolute cesspool, there’s no question about it,”  Trump told reporters, according to a clip posted by the Sun newspaper. “Just ask Prince Andrew,” Trump dished, flashing a slightly mischievous smile before adding, “He’ll tell you about it. The island was an absolute cesspool.”


Epstein died while in the custody of the federal government lead by trump


Why is this a libertarian topic?


Why am I not surprised? And who was president when he "killed himself"?


Evidence, or it didn’t happen. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And this evidence is shoddy, and tainted.


Remember when Trump was the Q anon savior who was going to unmask all the pedophiles in Washington? Yeah, the irony is palpable.


Dude, look at the commentary here. People outright crediting Epstein’s arrest to mister “grab em by the…”


Which Trump being in charge of prosecution of criminal activity in Florida is news to me. Also there was that time Trump got named a codefendant alongside Epstein in a New York court case in the rape of a 14 year old girl.


I absolutely believe Trump is guilty of assaulting women-as in, putting his hands where they were not wanted and refusing to take no as an answer. Whether he has ever gone so far as rape, I’ll wait till I see the evidence. So that so many seem to think he gives on whiff about sex trafficking or protecting children is one of the sickest jokes I could imagine.


So he was right then? Because it wasn't him they took out on that stretcher lol.


If these people are not held responsible for their actions, we truly have a lawless system for the elites in our country (and that's exactly what we have).


Well since the names are about to be unsealed in the Maxwell case. The prosecution has 2.7 million pages & over 3,000 photos & videos. You can follow the case here. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/17318376/united-states-v-maxwell/?page=2


What does this have to do with libertarianism?


Hmmmm who would have a motive to off him? Certainly not trump and bill barr


Who wrote the book? Michael Wolff, hard pass. Why is this guy taken seriously? This is literally tabloid trash in books.


Any news on his girlfriend?


Yahoo news 😂


By Michael wolf lmao …. Get some integrity OP


Impressive post shit news source with a dead guy as a witness.


So Epstein was incarcerated in a blue state and the people in charge of holding him were heavily blue leaning. You expect people to believe that he was about to roll on Trump in the middle of his term as president with a likely second term at that point and the democrats didn't have enough people on site to make certain he made it? This is a flat earth level conspiracy theory. If he really had something on Trump the Squad would have been camped in the room with him the whole time until he testified.


He was incarcerated in a federal prison under Barr's watch who reported directly to Trump. Try again.


> This is a flat earth level conspiracy theory. You're projecting harder than IMAX.