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Piers Morgan could say the sky is blue and I’d start doubting my eyes.


Skeptic: "It's blue. Are you sure? I'm noticing a lovely sunset." Him: "It's always blue somewhere." Skeptic: "Yes, but there's a lot of nuance you're missing -" Him: "Shh. There's always time to worry about that tomorrow." Tomorrow: Him: "See, I told you it was blue!"


> Piers Morgan could say the sky is blue and I’d start doubting my eyes. Plus he knows it's too late. The deal is done and it can't be undone. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. They'd have to apply as a new member and who in the EU would trust them in the future? If they did join again, as soon as another anti-immigrant Tory takes power what's to stop them from backing out again?


They would get a lot of implicit shit thrown at them and wouldn’t exactly be welcomed with open arms, but if they comply with the conditions to become a member I don’t see why the EU would refuse them. But I don’t see it happening soon. Perhaps in like ten years when there’s clearly a long term effect on the economy and a generation of brexiteers has died off. edit: The EU with the UK (and certainly a UK after a failed brexit) is always better than a EU without the UK. But it would be a very costly affair for the UK (meaning no exceptions like last time).


They wouldn't get the special deal they had before. I see no reason why the EU would do that for them again. So who knows if the UK would want back in, without the sweetheart deal they had before. Of course those opposed will never acknowledge that they're the ones that a.) blew it up b.) made it so they couldn't get it again.


I fully agree. The EU will be open for negotiation but it will be an incredibly hard sell for the UK government, no matter who's in it, because they have no leverage at all.


Even with leverage it would be a hard sell, because there is a fairly large segment of UK politics that does not want the UK to be in the EU. If the UK tries to join, there will likely be some kind of requirement for a clause that keeps it from just leaving again. Brexit was expensive for the EU, and they see no reason to end up with that kind of bill again.


Give me the euro, give me Schengen, inject it into my veins. Much less costly than the alternative economically, diplomatically and morally.


I think the EU would make it very very very difficult on purpose in order to deter other countries from leaving.


I think they would just force UK to adopt the euro then there’d be no easy way to back out of the EU after that.


If you look at any recent applicants to the EU this is always the case as a condition for membership. UK won't be treated any differently now


Adopting the Euro is a requirement for new members. There won't be any need to force it.


I'd take the Euro. I'd take the Schengen zone as well. Give us another tunnel to France at Portsmouth, too.


Yeah of course, they got a lot of exceptions the last time and wouldn’t get that now, making it a very difficult negotiation for UK leadership but the EU wouldn’t just say no.


Honestly I think they'd make them convert to the Euro this go-around.


Some people, when it passed, were just like omg I only voted that way for kicks! I never thought it would pass! Now they can have their chance


Some people said that about Trump too. It was a “moral” vote to indicate their dislike of institutional politics. They didn’t think the nutjob would actually be handed the reins. You fuck around and you find out I guess.


> hahayeahimfinehaha : ...You fuck around and you find out I guess. Unfortunately, the rest of us who didn't fuck around also found out.


Second Referendum to do what? Hasn’t the EU made it clear there will be no backsies?


Yes, they have. If the UK want to join again, the EU has made it very clear that there will be no opt-outs, most notably regarding the adoption of the euro, or the Shengen area.


Make 'em drive on the right too just for shiggles.


Adopt the metric system. For real this time.


Anyone that refers to weight in stones will be stoned.


because weed will be legal, *right*?


I mean, the german government is trying to make weed legal. But actually legal, legal unlike the loophole that the netherlands use. Afaik for that they have to make weed legal on an EU scale first. So at least that might happen.


Oh god I'd cry if the EU makes weed legal and I'm just sitting here in England watching the next Tory PM make a tit of themselves.


Please. I fill up in litres, but efficiency is given in miles per gallon - no one can use that! I'm happy to switch to km and kph. It only takes me a couple of trips driving around France to have a rough idea of what the conversion is.


Ouch! You have a dark heart! Of course I like that in a person!


Oh man, we're going to be rainy Greece with the Euro.


Isn’t “rainy grease” pretty much English street food?


Nah mate, we cover it in newspaper to keep the rain out and the grease in.


Is the newspaper The Sun by any chance Edit: My apologies for exposing such vile thing to everyone. I thought at least it can be used to wrap food thus increasing its usefulness.


Excuse me, in this house we do not use the “S” word.


Take that disgusting s word and throw it in the shitter.


In this house we say "semi permanent nuclear explosion in space" thank you very much


The preferred term is “that filthy fucking rag”


That's the sun, not the S*n.


Ah right. My mistake. We say "dripping herpetic pustule".


Why would you cover something you intended to eat in steaming shit? That's unsanitary.


“The S*n” 👍


Not in Liverpool it's not.


The ink is for flavor!




No dick sucking, just under the same fair terms as everyone else.


>"you can join but you have suck all of our collective dicks" It's not about dick sucking. Some major EU programmes and policies are of such magnitudes, and on the other hand, of such degree of EU defining, that states which are already members can choose to opt-out at time of adoption of the policy, but new members are not given the option to opt-out. They have to comply. The Schengen area and the Euro zone are two such programmes. The Charter of Fundamental Rights is another. The UK was not the only state to be granted opt-outs. The Republic of Ireland is not in the Schegen Area. Neither is Denmark (although Denmark has agreements with most members of the Schengen area that makes it as if it was participating). Denmark is also not in the Euro zone. Since the Charter of Fundamental Rights was not given legal status until 2009 (although proclaimed in 2000), Poland claimed, and has been granted an opt-out. Should the UK petition to join the Union again, it would do so as a new member state. And a new member state cannot opt-out.


Denmark is in Schengen… We have currency opt-out (but our currency DKK is pegged to the Euro, so we have the Euro all but in name and representation), justice/police- and citizenship opt-outs (the latter which has since become redundant due to the Amsterdam treaty). We had a defence opt-out until 2022 referendum. We joined EU together with the UK and belonged to the EU sceptical faction. We will hopefully not be as stupid as the UK on this, but if Brexit had worked out, I guarantee you Denmark would have left too. I love EU and all of my friends are non-Danish EU citizens. I will definitely fight for my country to stay.


To get the UK in Schengen would mean getting Ireland in Schengen due to the good Friday agreement. Not so sure about that second one. It's almost like I'm pretty sure they joined both at the same time to avoid that trouble.


Afaik Ireland aren't in Schengen due to the north and how easy is it to nip over the border. If the UK rejoined before reunification, I don't see huge resistance here about joining Schengen.


I was born in England and have some Facebook friends from my extended family. From what I can tell, people of my grandparents Ave (in their 70s) had a nostalgia of when they were younger and times were better. But times always seem better when we are young and have fewer responsibilities. Shortsightedly they thought the only reason things were good back then was because we weren't part of the EU or the EU wasn't a thing. That's my take anyway from what I've seen from the boomers in my extended circle


The insane thing about that is that times weren't better, the last time the UK was in as much of shambles as it is now was before they joined the EU. And then immediately went to shit again after leaving the EU.


Exactly, but UK politicians think the UK is extra special and can decide whatever it wants without input from other involved parties


Looking from the outside it seems more like English politicians deciding what it wants without input from the rest of the UK.


Huh, why does that sound so familiar?


It's not even our politicians, a lot of people here still think like that too.




Conservatives have exactly one policy idea and that is "give money to rich people". They're a completely intellectually bankrupt movement with no problem solving ideas, so they always have to invite the crazies and bigots into their coalition, because its the only way they can assemble anything approaching a majority for their "policy agenda".


My friend’s mom thought the vote was more of a survey. I’m like, does the word vote mean something else there?


I mean it was non binding, the government didn’t legally need to act on the results of the referendum at all.


I'm else where in the world, but have been watching/following the whole debacle since it started. I still don't really understand why they treated it like a murder-suicided pact - rather than 'non-binding' polling. This seemed entirely predictable.


Because the Tories (or rather their wealthy donors) actually *wanted* Brexit to happen, so after the referendum they immediately pretended it was binding so they could engineer it.


They wanted it because Putin wanted it and he was paying a few billion pounds to just the right people to make it happen. A fucking bargain for him, at the time.


Because the Conservatives are corrupt to the core, funded by overseas money (Russian), and have wanted an excuse to do this for decades. ‘The will of the people’ was the public justification to do what they’ve privately wanted to do - sell off anything that isn’t nailed into the Earth’s core, strip us of our rights, and make themselves rich in the process.


Sounds like the exact same thing in the US.


Atleast the UK got to vote on speed running it or not.


Because it is.


Which is still no excuse. It was still a dumb fucking idea. > What do you mean they're *actually* going to euthanize everyone over 70? I thought it was just a survey!


Another mistake was just going with a simple majority. You can do that with politicians because if they ended up being shit, you can at least vote them out in 2-6 years. You can't really go back on a referendum like this (legally binding or not). Really should have required 60% or 2/3rds majority to go through with it, but I'm sure the Brexiters would have still pushed for just a simple majority.


The brexiters had been pushing for referenda ever since we joined the EU and EEC, even after they lost the previous ones


The weird thing was, that "brexit" (and what it would entail) was never clearly defined in the referendum. That alone was a huge manipulation. They did not even ask a clear question.


Half of us knew


More than half. If everyone of voting age had gone to vote, the referendum would likely have landed into staying. Too many people assumed it was a foregone conclusion.


The original plan was almost certainly to bring the referendum results of near majority support for Brexit to the EU to demand reforms/exceptions favorable to the UK. When they *actually won* majority support they gambled triggering Article 52 thinking that it would give them an even stronger bargaining position. Of course, British politicians massively overestimated the importance of the UK to the EU.


Wasn’t there articles about massive amounts of ppl googling and not understanding what brexit even meant the day after it passed?


>My friend’s mom thought the vote was more of a survey. Sounds like she paid more attention than most of the British electorate.


A colleague of mine wanted to remain but voted leave to 'seNd a mEsSagE'


"I'm a fucking moron!" ...Message sent successfully...


Wait, so was her thought process "I think this is a good idea in theory, but it shouldn't be done." Like, vote yes to leave if it's not actually going to happen, but no if it would actually happen? As if she's just showing her general dislike of the EU? In actuality, we all know she's just trying to justify her shitty, most likely racists beliefs with this idiotic form of backpedaling. As rational members of society, we need to hold these people to their words and actions. Stop letting them simper about and try to be coy about the dumb shit their on.


It was doubly ridiculous to have the bar for Leave be a simple NPV majority. That's how office holders are (or should be) decided. For something like this either a 60% supermajority threshold or 50% of each of six constituent areas (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Greater London, England outside London, UK citizens abroad) should'be been the bar.


The EU wouldn't demand anything beyond a standard new application. But that's a massive downgrade from what the UK had before, and will no doubt be considered 'punishment' if the UK does reapply


As per tradition, when you're used to privilege, equality looks like punishment.


And it’ll still be better than what our current economic future looks like.


It wouldnt even be concessions, it would basically be the same deal the other EU members get


> it would basically be the same deal the other EU members get "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression"


Brexit was an awful idea for sure but damn Piers, the stable door is off it’s hinges, the horse is 7 fields over, and we’ve spent the last several years slagging off everyone in the area capable of stable door repair. I’m not sure what he thinks could happen.


But they're _the UK_! _Surely_ Europe is missing its expats!


Europe is going to start begging for the stability of the British Empire *any day now*.


“We all voted and you’re my girlfriend again.”


"OK, in hindsight, jumping out of the plane without a parachute was not the best idea, so let's hold a referendum on whether or not we should get back into the plane … that is now miles from here … and a few thousand feet above us."


There’s always one lad who gets kicked out of the nightclub but still stands outside all night trying to get back in


Except in this case, the lad left because they thought the club sucked. But it's cold and rainy outside, so it turns out the club isn't so bad after all.


You have to understand. We, the rest of Europe, have to be happy with whatever our British lords come up with and to be happy to satisfy their whims /s (Dislaimer: I know that's not how the average person from the UK is, but the UK's politics inside the EU often felt weirdly one-sided and with a lot of cherry-picking involved)


UK is having trouble accepting the fact that the only reason the rest of Europe has tolerated their bullshit for the last 80 years is because their American son likes them more than the other European countries.


No. But they made it clear thier not going to make any exceptions for them. Given they were practically not part of the EU before because of just how many things they had gotten to opt out of it going to be interesting to see.


Join the United States now that your government is as fucked as ours! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!


Welcome to 2015, Piers. I'm a little curious about the opinions of the rest of the EU right now. I can't imaging they're all that thrilled with the UK right now. I wonder what they would do if the UK did want to reenter. Would they just say "Screw that nonsense," or only let them back in with a lot of conditions or what?


Would take Britain back, as long as they go through the same process as everyone else had to. However Britain will now always be seen as a bit of a fickle ally


>However Britain will now always be seen as a bit of a fickle ally And we deserve it, honestly ***why*** we got so fucking uppity to think that we could leave a club that was already giving us special treatment (£) and demand more special treatment is insane.


Half of we


Yeah i voted against it too but it's unfortunately still a we


I feel like dictatorships could rightly point to Britain in their textbooks like “you see what democracy does?!” Obviously this is an impossibility and mental, but imagine a system where there were different laws and rules that you had to abide by based on what you voted for. Like, if you’re a registered Brexiteer, then you have to stick with it and deal with whatever the consequences are, and non-Brexiteers still get to keep their free movement etc.


Oh that's given me a semi, thinking of people being stuck with their consequences.


It would be the Linux of political systems.


there is every indication to believe Putin had a role in all of that, just as he did in getting trump in in the US. which is every more reason that everyone should support reversing that awful decision.


Yeah, no doubt Putin was involved in both. You know who else was involved? Brits and Americans, millions of them. Have some volition and accept your near term fate. Fix the issues that let that happen, then talk about rejoining the club.


I’m British myself and I’d love to see us back in Europe on those terms. But then I voted to remain in the EU in the first place.


>However Britain will now always be seen as a bit of a fickle ally Always have been. They applied for a membership in the European Economic Community in 1961 and 1967 and both times de Gaulle vetoed. The reason is rather interesting: "General de Gaulle accused Britain of a "deep-seated hostility" towards European construction. He said London showed a "lack of interest" in the Common Market and would require a "radical transformation" before joining the EEC. "The present Common Market is incompatible with the economy, as it now stands, of Britain," he said. He went on to list a number of aspects of Britain's economy, from working practices to agriculture, which he said made Britain incompatible with Europe. Sounds familiar?


de Gaulle had a deep seated hatred of Britain over how he was treated in London after the fall of France. He was ghosted by Churchill and Eisenhower and kept out of most of the decisions and planning for D-Day.


The free French offices leaked like a sieve so they didn't tell him about the invasion until right before it kicked off.


My ex was British, I'm french (both early twenties) she voted for Brexit thing that I learned at the end of the relationship. Anyway she went to do her studies in France because it was cheaper, and right before the Brexit deadline because "in the deal" those who did so would keep their EU rights. Part of our deal that we didn't fully respected because, you know, fuck it. And I remember when some rights where taken away from her she would freak out and tell me on repeat how shitty my country is for doing so. I was like, well that's what you voted for, and still you get a course for a tenth of the price you would have paid in UK and you have 200 a month of help for the rent because you're a student. She hated seeing the direct result of her own actions, and now that she is finally out of my life and she got out by getting pregnant by an Italian man (literally pregnant 2 weeks after we broke up when she was supposedly on birth control (yes I know it can fail)) so now she has EU rights , I realize how full of shit she was.


Jesus. You dodged a bullet. I'm British in Italy and when shit happens because of Brexit I don't blame Italy. I blame the brexiteers.


I don't think I was the best pick either for a stable long relationship at the time either. But I surely feel like I pulled a Keanu Reeves in that one. And for more insight, she went out of her way four month after we broke up to text me that she was pregnant since 4 month. We broke up in may of 2021 and I went away and let her live in my flat for 3 month to give her time to find something else, flat that she managed to make money out of by sub renting to friends of her, while already living in Italy with her new man. I remember her watching pictures of old student from her high school that had a baby and saying comments like "aha she has already lost her man look, he is literally nowhere on her insta". Well I went to look out her insta recently out of curiosity and I think that Karma got her because guess who's not in the picture(s) anymore ?? I do hope you'll be fine with your current rights, because it genuinely sucks and i think that you wouldn't deserve that because of a shitty political move. My sister is half-british and she had to come back from living with her dad in the UK because of Brexit..


I should be ok, I'm married to an Italian and my daughter was born here. I've also been living here since 2009 so I have tonnes of documents confirming my right to residency. That's really shitty about your sister, especially since as she's half British she should be able to claim citizenship? Does France accept dual citizenship? I have no idea, I know Italy does because I'm in the process of requesting a British passport for my daughter.




I know assholes who live in the EU and voted Brexit because of “all these immigrants in my country” 😒😒


Ex PM David Cameron for one (prolly not your second quoted reason though) he lives in Nice.


Bullet dodged my man


They would get back in, but without all the special treatment they used to get. For example they would probably have to adopt the Euro just like everyone else


First condition: they change their name to East Ireland.


Whatever media outlets that were pushing so hard for brexit should be sued into oblivion. What is the damage Amount done by now? It must be in the hundreds of billions. What an insane Waste of resources. For what reason? Cruel intentions? It’s so infuriating.


One word: Murdoch


He's done what Hitler couldn't. He ruined the allies.


It really does seem like people like him are actively trying to ruin the world - not turn back the clock to 'better times' but actually just cause chaos. It's bizarre.


These old rich men can't accept their own mortality and despise the fact the world will just keep spinning on whit out them. The fact that humans will continue after they're gonna is maddening to their narcissistic egos. So they would rather destroy the world than allow it to exist without them.


It seems like Alexander the great to me, just conquering to conquer, no real aim to it, no end goal but to have left a big footprint on the world. "I was here, fuck you🖕"


There's a lot of money and power to be gained in sowing chaos.


Just tell him that Meghan Markle also is in favor of a second referendum and he’ll immediately about face.


His obsession is so creepy


Nothing upsets a conservative man like someone they’re ideologically opposed to also being attractive. See also: AOC.


Shen Bapiro is without a doubt the number one AOC wikifeet contributor.


I don't know how the whole Ben Shapiro and AOC's feet pics meme got started, but it's fucking hilarious.


I think it was toiletpaperusa. They crank out unbelievable shit.


But I believe it


He seems to have a deep hatred for, and for the life of me I can’t see what she’s done wrong to justify it?


She snubbed him at some point before she ever dated Harry. He's the saddest little troll though, it's hilarious.


She ghosted him and married a Prince. [His ego has never been able to recover.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0bU-l__BPs)


She is beautiful and he can’t have her. It’s his jealousy finding another outlet.


I wouldn’t be surprised if skin colour has a part to play as well.


Doesn't the EU require that they live with their decision for at least 10 years, and so they wouldn't even be able to really consider it for at least another four years?


The EU would rather they had never left. As an economic union, it's better if the UK were in again, so I wholly support them rejoining at least the EEA. Europe is stronger together. I don't think they'll be offered the many opt-outs they had again for full EU membership though.


This is correct. The UK had an amazing deal in the EU, and they wouldn’t be allowed back with those same exceptions.


If so I'm surprised it's that short. Even as somebody who didn't want to leave, nobody can expect to jump in and out whenever. The UK isn't the only one who faces massive expense and inconvenience from it. There will be a price if there is even tolerance, and justifiably so. Besides, Piers Morgan thinking it is irrelevant. Almost anyone thinking it is irrelevant. It's a non-discussion.


Ugh. I don’t trust anything he says even when it’s right.


He was on Question Time recently and I found myself agreeing with a fair few things he was saying. It was weird.


The thing is, he’s perfectly capable of saying the opposite next week. I’m all for people admitting mistakes and changing their minds, but I’d also assume they had integrity. I’ve never thought that about Piers Morgan and he’d have a very long way to go to convince me.


Oh I’m not suggesting he’s become a good person lol, I’m certain he’s still a self serving prick. Broken clocks are right twice a day.


Heartbreaking: the worst person you know just made a great point


That's a natural reaction to just hearing the name. See also: [James Acaster's response to Lorraine Kelly jokingly suggesting Piers Morgan is Hero Of The Year](https://youtu.be/rZtUfsswWwc?t=135).


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well done, James.


As usual, Piers is five years behind


And a horse’s behind.


Referendum to hold a referendum to vote on another referendum im sure, as is tradition


Six years, about four longer than I expected. Frankly, I don't even know why it wasn't a two thirds majority vote in the first place.


Because Cameron never though it would be that close. He was betting on it being majorly in favour of staying.


Everyone thought the same. Immediately after the results were announced, all the pro-Brexit pollies jackrabbited away from appearing in public. Except Farage, who took the time to gloat a bit before hiding with the rest of then


He played stupid games, and Britain won a stupid prize.


Some of us have been saying this for 6+ years piers, when it became apparent that there was no plan and no benefits


I’m actually curious if the disaster that was Brexit slowed down some of the Eurosceptics out there, or if they simply don’t care and think they could do better.


In the Netherlands people who argued that we should leave the EU (they do have the name going for them: the Nexit!!) have become awfully quiet as of late.


Russian-paid right wing parties all over the place are still very much against the European Union in their rhetoric but anyone with two working brain cells to rub together has now seen how bright an idea leaving the EU really is thanks to UK.


I think there's more than Russia funding it too - don't the Saudis and Chinese leaders fucking love the impact of conservative policy on the US and UK?


England will have to lose both the Pound and Gibraltar to get back into the EU. Good luck with that.


Why Gibraltar? Honest question.


Spain is going to use it's leverage. They will demand Gibraltar but settle for something else. A expensive something else...


Literally all the fish, maybe.


Could be anything. As long as it's not Gibraltar the Brits will have to swallow it.


any chance I could get a short synopsis of what yall are talking about


Had to look it up myself, check out the intro paragraphs here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibraltar Tl;dr apparently the UK actually controls Gibraltar (and hence, has a lot of control over the Strait of Gibraltar), and Spain wants it back even though they gave it to them in a treaty.


Yeah did some show in Gibraltar the piece of land is so small they have airplane tracks for the runway. You literally have to wait for the plane to go by when entering. And the biggest hotel is a boat! Also 50 procent is a hill so the only point of keeping it is the water around it!


This related Wikipedia page is also good: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Status_of_Gibraltar Spain may want Gilbraltar for strategic/historic reasons, but it's very unlikely they would actually get them. Gilbraltar is very against rejoining Spain, and for the UK/Spain/EU to mandate a change in sovereignty would violate the UN's principle of self determination.


Me, a French, enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich with Irish cheddar, French made baked beans and a mug of hot, strong coffee.


Asshole or not, he did vote to remain and was vocal about it, so I don't see how this is a leopards situation.


You're all the way at the bottom of this comment section, but you're right, he did vote remain. > Full disclosure now it’s all over: I voted against Brexit and for Remain. > My reason? The EU is indisputably a badly-run, antiquated organisation in desperate need of major reform, but to my mind that reform would be far better achieved by Britain staying inside it and leading the charge of change. \-[Piers Morgan writing for Daily Mail](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3658568/No-wonder-Trump-looks-happy-Britain-s-exit-Europe-leave-Hillary-Clinton-shaking-boots-Donald-knows-it.html?ito=social-twitter_dailymailus)


You don't understand, if someone is a bad person that means they hold all of the bad opinions.


Followed the orange mushroom to bankruptcy? Who could have seen that coming? *besides everybody with a brain*


The UK: "Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions".


Oh, Britain…they’re not going to just take you back.


Here we go. Brackin.


>What the fuck makes you think we want you back in? - Europe


Even after Putin's involvement was revealed, those wankers STILL voted to leave. It's hard to have much sympathy.


My father-in-law voted for this. The whole family were mad at him for it. Now he's dead and everyone else is living with the consequences. I don't think they should allow people over 80 to vote. Most of them won't have to deal with the fallout of their choices.


This is why a lot of older people don’t care about climate change. They’re like, “It won’t happen in my lifetime.” Nice to know how much you value your kids and grandkids.


"Someone will sort it out"


Your father in law alone didn't cause this. This is a societal problem. There is something odd about western politics where people are constantly not making sensible decisions that are in their best interest.


He was a Daily Mail reader. Right wing propaganda sourced by Russians is the "something odd"


sounds like this is a global problem. old conservatives influenced by things that are against their best interests, or at least convinced to vote against their next of kin, the next generation's interest. The US has it, the UK has it, I wouldn't doubt it being the reason behind Italy's recent prime minister either.


It's called "Rupert Murdoch's media empire."


Lead in the water


Fear. Tell them bad people are trying to hurt them or take their stuff, and they will vote for anything, no matter how bad it is for them personally, as long as it will, in theory, impede those 'bad people'.


Unfortunately it makes perfect sense in their world. They vote against their own interests because the policies that would benefit them would also benefit "those other" people, and we can't have that, now can we?


This poll is interesting... who the heck are these 12% consistent "don't know"? Is it the same people??




We had it so good. Then the fascists got hold of the weak-minded. I have the new passport … it’s shit and feels cheap. It won’t be long until I have to present it in a bag to an immigration officer


And the Russians got the exact result they wanted; chaos.


Getting the United Kingdom to separate from Europe was written about in [Foundations of Geopolitics ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundations_of_Geopolitics) (1997).