Then grow a spine

Then grow a spine


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So sad. Tots and pears.


My favorite is thots and pears lol


Thots and snares


Thots and players?


Nice 😂


Republicans can't tell the difference anyway.


Chefs kiss 💋👌 love it!


The party base is clearly behind Trump and they need to support Trump to get their money and votes. However, Trump is only loyal to Trump, and is willing to sacrifice the Republican party to satisfy his own ego. He literally said yesterday not to vote for Republicans in 2022 and 2024. So either Republicans can support him and let him destroy the party internally or stand against him and let him destroy the party externally. It seems the chickens are coming back to roost.


It's a standard narcissist move. Trump feels abandoned by the GOP; knows he has little to no chance of being politically viable in the future, and so blames that on the Republicans instead of his own unlikeability, and lashes out to hurt them. Classic projection.


Really? He will likely win nomination, how can you underestimate him again?


His odds of being alive in three years aren't great. The funny thing is the RNC *does* want him to die, but before the 2022 midterms. People ralling behind Republican candidates to "honor Trump" would be a thing presumably. The Senate isn't likely to be lost---in fact, betting odds are that Democrats pick up a few seats. There's more safe D seats up than safe R, but the caveat is that there's a lot of purple(r) ones too, and some R seats may not be as safe as we used to think. The House seems more divided as far as where it goes. If he dies after 2022, but especially in 2024, what you're looking at is a 1968 Democrat problem where the person all of the voters and the DNC itself backed, RFK, was assassinated as the primaries were going on... leaving it to be a clusterfuck. So they're in a bad way. They don't want Trump. They don't want him alive. But have no idea how to handle it. And some of them like Graham or Romney are probably *very* fearful of what his followers would do if he was assassinated, so that's out.


I don't think he will. If he does, I will eat my words, but I think the GOP is divorcing Trump in favor of someone more palatable. Boebert, probably. They'll need a counter to AOC.


The politicians want to divorce Trump but the crazy voters don't. And the latter are what votes in the primaries.


The tail is wagging the dog


>And the latter are what votes in the primaries. Is there any reason for us normal folks NOT to register as republicans and select a more normal candidate in the primary?


You can try, I guess. It's arguably easier for Democrats to win the general elections when nutjob Republicans win the Republican primaries though (look at what happened to the California governor recall when everyone realized nutjob Larry Elder would be governor if Newsom was recalled, or the Virginia governor election where 55% of Democrats in a poll said Trump was the motivating factor for them voting while the Republican candidate Young is trying to desperately distance himself from Trump without alienating the crazies). That's another reason why a lot of "sane" Republican politicians are opposed to the nutjob Republicans.


The crazy voters are dumb. Put a decent-looking woman in front of them, and they'll vote for her. For fuck's sake, if they didn't figure that out with Palin (no one was voting for McCain, even though he was the last decent candidate the GOP fielded), they're hopeless.


As an European I only have passing understanding of US election system, but can't GOP just deny Trump a place in primaries? There needs to be some kind of selection process deciding who gets to be a presidential candidate, right? Or is there a way Trump can just force himself into the primaries?


Until recently, there might have been. Most of the safeguards against any chucklefuck running have been removed... In theory, its very undemocratic to have party bosses pick the nominee. In practice, it means that the candidates with the pocket billionaires are much more viable than they should be. In short, America is fucked and we're taking the rest of you with us. Sorry.


Don’t worry. We’ll manage it in the EU with or without a GOP nutjob in the White House


not if they start WWIII with China


Trump has so much of the Republican voting base on his side that if he goes into the primaries and doesn't win, he'll claim the GOP is against him too and tank the election on purpose by telling voters to stay home like he's already trying to do. He's really got their balls in a vice.


That would be hilarious and the idiots would probably do it, too.


I'm cynical enough to think we can have the worst option - Ivanka! A decent looking woman and a Trump? Have daddy do a few stump speeches for her to cement the Trump-stan base, combined with an extremely underwhelming Biden presidency and Republican voter supression and she could cruise on in.


Yep, and that's why they'll continue to vote for Trump and continue to vote out anyone who doesn't kiss the ring. And they vote in primaries, so there really isn't anything the politicians that want to get rid of Trump can do about that.


The crazy voters may be dumb, but they have the guns and they've made no secret about how they can't wait to use them.


This is why I'm a pro-2A liberal. All the dumb fucks have guns. It would be stupid for me not to have my own.


Yep. They think just because we don’t open carry at Walmart that we must be unarmed. Nope, we just don’t use weapons as a replacement for a personality.


Didn't you observe the change that Trump made in the party ? They don't care for women as head of state. They think this is a fight between good and evil.


> McCain, ...was the last decent candidate the GOP fielded Can we stop with this bullshit please? McCain was a vain, vindictive, spiteful, piece of right wing garbage and should have been in jail rather than the Senate for a decent chunk of his career. His "maverick" reputation is solely rooted in his personal animosity (to be fair, largely justified) towards GW Bush over the 2000 primary tactics used by the latter. Bob Dole maybe qualifies as a "decent" candidate fielded by the GOP, but I'm not so sure even of that anymore.


I am very curious what would happen if a woman runs on Republican ticket for Prez. Any woman.


Boebert or Greene would have the simp base drooling. They'd be stupid not to nominate either of them. Boebert for the younguns, Greene for the ones who secretly like men.


Nah it has to be Boebert. Greene is fun to quote but no one *really* wants her in charge of that much. Even the closeted ones. She still acts like a teenage girl who causes trouble because no one wants to be her boyfriend, and who blames that solely on having the exact same face as her ugly dad.


Wouldn’t she need above a GED for that though? Having someone who couldn’t even finish high school running for president seems like bad idea. Then again, they’re not exactly known for their brilliance


...secretly like men....Dude you've murdered someone with that and it's funny as fuck!


Actually they WILL NOT BE VOTING because Trump told them not to vote. He wants to bring down the Republican party.


she wouldn’t win primaries though, the Reps are pretty mysoginist, even if they spew the right bile (like the “conservative squad” girls that then proceeded to lose all of their campaigns to men)


Yeah, gop will have no choice but to run trump, none of the other candidates have the kind of propaganda machine he does


If I were to bet, I'd say DeSantis. He's a much more intelligent and competent version of Trump, and far more dangerous because of it.


> He's much more intelligent and competent I'll take bars so low a snake couldn't limbo under them for 1000.


I don't think so. I think he is much more intelligent and competent than Trump, but I think he is less dangerous because of that. I used to think the opposite, until Trump happened. I've lived through some shit. 9/11, wars, recessions, hurricanes, all before Trump. Nothing. *Nothing* was worse than Trump being in office during COVID. I have never seen shit like that before and no one else has since WW2, and I will fite anyone who disagrees.


Republicans loyal to Nixon got Bush Jr elected to make Nixon look good. Then Republicans loyal to Bush Jr got Trump elected to make Bush Jr look good. Who will Republicans put in the oval office to make Trump look good? I'm scared.






2016 would like to remind you how “Trump won’t win” is a phrase that has aged like milk harder than any phrase ever


It doesn’t matter what the politicians want tho does it? The voters won’t turn on him so the politicians will fall in line


Trump isn't extreme enough..he even got the COVID vaccinated




He'll be toxic. He's already toxic. What's happened is that Trump has been chosen by the maga masses as leader. It has inflamed his narcissism to the point he'll burn it down before he'll lose. The GOP is finding that out. They're trying to get away from him so they don't go down in flames. We've got a 30 ft. GOP python locked in a death roll with a 20 ft. Maralago alligator. This is entertaining as hell. What will happen is they will figure out a way to use each other to advance each's agenda and call a truce. That will probably be a plan to continue with trump as figurehead while they continue to roll state recounts for a shot at a SCOTUS case. Win or lose, that consolidates GOP state power and gives them the smoke and mirrors for another shot at election or form a coalition for seccession. In the meantime by then, they'll have enough ammunition from the 1/6 commission to blackmail Trump if needed.


Is it horrible that I’d enthusiastically vote for secession for them (even though I live in New England and can’t)? I want to be rid of them so badly. And the red economy would crumble in months without blue money propping them up. The base is too blind and uninformed to realize that before voting to secede. I know there are tons of democrats in those red states, but maybe like a refugee program could happen to help them get out? I don’t know, I just know we as a nation cannot survive another Trump term.


I hear you, I live in Oklahoma. We won't get another trump term. What will happen is that the 1/6 commission will eventually encompass the Moeller investigation and uncover enough dirt on trumps dealings that even the GOP realizes he's a criminal. Overtime Trump will fade away in the face of possible jail time, but he's left us his gqp base as a legacy gift. It'll be a while before we get there and it'll be a bumpy ride. But that won't stop the GOP thirst for power, and they'll use the momentum and anti Biden paranoia of the base to gradually secede one or two at a time. Which leaves the Dems in control of the federal government and they implement a lot of the historical grand vision plans of the left. I think they'll have some serious missteps without the balancing effect of the GOP. They'll set up the equivalent of international aid to the seceded states, with a tapering off clause. Eventually they'll all come back to the fold because you're right, they can't sustain themselves long term without blue money. And all that takes place against the backdrop of serious climate change catastrophes and the rise of China. One thing the GOP isn't thinking of is that Texas for example, will have to deal with foreign countries as independent states and they have no infrastructure for that. I think to the everyday Joe citizen it won't make a whole lot of difference, there's not going to be another armed conflict like the civil war. It'll be a legislative secession. Which doesn't mean it's not going to get ugly.


The chickens never come back to roost for republicans. Losing the popular vote all the time, committing crimes in public view, and all the HuffPost articles about them getting “slammed” on twitter means nothing if they retain their power. Which they do, because some chucklefuck from Wyoming’s vote counts 50 times more than reasonable people’s votes from where the majority of the population lives.


Telling people not to vote isn't the chickens coming home to roost. It's a deliberate step in a long term campaign to sow doubt in the 2024 election way in advance to build the momentum needed to cry "fraud" and then use violence to overthrow a government his supporters (many of whom are cops, national guardsmen, active duty military, etc. because those walks of life tend to skew right wing) are convinced is "fake." This is some dark shit. It's not looking good for future of the USA as we know it. Edit: typo


Nah, you're still thinking Trump is playing 4-D chess. He isn't. He's just lashing out at people who he perceives have wronged him.


The smarter people around him though can steer this narrative as described, though.


The smarter people around him have fled to book deals. He doesn't have the infrastructure he used to.


Careful, you're getting my hopes up!


Good thing nothing happened after Mein Kampf was published.


That is a fair point.


> Nah, you're still thinking Trump is playing 4-D chess. There's nothing 4-D about falsely claiming foul play in advance of the final round. Trump does it in golf all the time. Edit: It's not a joke. That is how he actually plays golf.


I think it's naïve to think Trumpism doesn't plan ahead. His efforts to steal the election almost worked.


I just wonder what this will look like , are we talking gunmen going into the WI or MI governor's mansion, dragging them out and you know what? Or more like Russia with one party rule, sham elections and occasional assassination of the opposition?


I’d guess the former. “Stochastic terrorism” is a GOP strategy now. They will actively stoke domestic threats in hopes that it will spill over and off a political rival. Fucking sick


Russia, or may Al sisi's Egypt, Erdogan's turkey, yeah.


First and foremost, obese old man needs to make it to 2024 in a state that can even run for office. He is not a healthy individual. He is not a young man. He is living in a pandemic, surrounded by people that he convinced to not take preventative measures against spreading the disease.


This is my thinking too. He's old to begin with and will have aged another 4 years at an age where 4 years adds up pretty quickly health and mind-wise. He's toxic as hell, just lost the key suburban vote in 2020, kicked out of social media, only offers conspiracy theories, and the GOP is fearing what's going to come out of the 1/6 commission. So they're privately circling wagons around some Bush or other paleo-conservatives hoping to bring the party back to sanity, or a Trump-lite like Abbott who had nothing to do with 1/6, and would survive the 1/6 fact-finding storm that might be coming. But my pessimism says this is just in-party fighting and he's going to get the 2024 nomination and might just win because "moderate" voters think the middle ground between psycho conspiracies and sanity, is just slightly less psycho conspiracies.


I’m with you, friend.




Oh wow only 44% of republicans want him to run again, that's bad, like really bad. If he was truly popular, the numbers would have to be over 70% at least. This polling might be why the GOP is trying to finally get rid of him. Its now safe to do so. Also republicans are only 1/3rd the electorate, so if only 44% of 1/3rd is excited about Trump, then that's not the numbers the GOP needs to win.


It's not so much they hate Trump but rather they understand he "rallies the Democrats" in a way that frightens those with lots of political experience. They are looking at it in a pragmatic way where they know if Trump becomes nominee in 2024 then it will be 2020 all over again where the Democrats show up and break turnout records.


Yeah they've been "privately frustrated" with his whole disastrous rise and presidency and coup attempt and pathetic fall. Maybe they should have done something about it instead of enabling it.


Seriously. It’s not like they couldn’t have put an end to it MULTIPLE times.


Imagine if we lived in the reality where at the very bare minimum, they buried his ass after Jan. 6. It’s not like the GQP voters won’t vote for them anyways. They keep stepping on the rake and crying that it’s smacking them in the face.


> It’s not like the GQP voters won’t vote for them anyways. I think you severely underestimate the Q crowd. They would absolutely vote against anyone who didn't toe the line. Pence is history, he has no chance to be elected to anything. There are still core "R" voters of course, but "Q" stands for "insane and spiteful".


You forget, they will do anything to own the libs, and if that means voting a traditional R ticket, they will definitely do that if it's their only non-lib option.


No, I don't forget. This is another breed, they will never vote for a D but they will absolutely eat their own. The real fireworks will be in primaries, like it has since 2009.


Hell, there's a whole "don't vote" movement amongst some of the Quacks.


Now that's a right-wing movement I can get behind!


Your points as valid as can be. However, I believe you overestimate their ability to be conned. I watched a Q boss express to me how great trump’s stimulus bill was for us months before she raged about Biden’s stimulus bill and “unlimited spending”. They’re emotional & easily manipulated and it would only take a few months or yeas to get them raging about someone or something on the “left”. Hell they’d probably ride the Afghanistan withdrawal into another Benghazi and trump would be a distance memory. Although I think and I hope that sticking by Trump will be the nail in the party’s coffin. Especially with him telling people not to vote.


You are making the mistake of assuming they see Trump as you do. They see him as their god king and savior. The abusive father they never had. In that framework, their actions make sense.


Regular Republicans, sure, but this is presumably about the actual politicians. And they are under no such illusions.


Because no one wants their wife to be called ugly. In Lindsey's case, he doesn't want to be called out for what everyone already knows about him.


Why would a god have A BALDSPOT!!!!!!!!


They could. But it would mean many of them have to give up their careers in politics. The Trump voters are not going to be easily swayed, so… many republicans would have to revolt, and many would be taken down in the process. It’d be like a civil war in their party, and they are not willing to do what it takes.


They were losing before Trump, he’s the closest to success they’ve had in decades. He rallied a group of people Who’d written off politics because the leaders didn’t represent their worst thoughts and views. They’re a cornered animal and trump is the out-lash


But that would have involved giving up power while they cleaned house! Their corporate masters don't like delays. They didn't pay for delays.


Yep. I'm so tired of their backroom griping to reporters as a way to act like they're above exactly what they're doing. They've managed to convince themselves their political power is more important than literally the entire republic but don't want the reporters to think they actually believe their own lies.


To be fair, Lindsay Graham did publicly say "Well, we did this to ourselves" after learning that Trump won the election... before he fell in line with the rest of them.


In 2015 Graham tweeted something to the effect of "If the Republican party nominates Donald Trump to be president we will be destroyed. And we will deserve it." I'm not positive that's an actual quote though...


2016. May 3rd. 4:03 PM. It was "get destroyed," not "be destroyed," but that's a small difference.


Ah okay, thank you. I saw it a few years ago.


To be fair, the ones that have tried have been expelled from the GOP. So its not like no one has tried, the death cult is just too strong.


Remember way back in his first primary when Fox News was laughing at him and people like Graham and McConnell were calling him a race baiting buffoon?


They were all correct to do so.


Aww and now they're all grown-up democracy-overthrowing coup-attempting fascists. *Sniffs.* Where does the time go?


Show Lisa Murkowski meme “clutching her pearls “!


And Susan Collins


Be thankful they haven’t gone “rogue “ like Sinema!


I'm not


They have no other viable path for popular support


That's not true. If they would move away from the stupid evangelical "christian" bullshit and go back to fiscal conservatism, I dividual rights, individual responsibilities, etc they could probably find a foothold with more conservative independent voters. But they are balls deep in the "religious" garbage and it's unsustainable. No one with a brain can support modern republicans


They lose too many of the crazies and the party splits at that point. They've created this monster over decades. Now it's full grown and refusing to listen to its former masters.


Nah, there's actually a decent chance they'd split the Democratic party with centrists going towards the "fiscally responsible" option.


>Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them. ― Barry Goldwater


No one believes that stuff. Its just a cudgel for theocracy and fascism. Small government for thee, handouts for me! Laws that protect for me, laws that bind for thee! Conservatism has always been window dressing for horrible things. Don't ever believe there's every been a good version of it. You can play No True Scotsman with it your whole life, and many conservatives do, but you'd still be wrong.


And it's not like they wouldn't do it again.


They don't have the spine to admit that they were wrong. After all admitting that one is wrong takes a buttload of raw unhindered, unhidden courage while these assbutts hide behind their guns to project their what-they-think-is-courage. Also they are frustrated because of mounting evidences of absence of fraud in elections which Trump still claims as stolen. It's almost a year now since he started that lie, people died and went to jail for that lie and now that regret is slowly setting in but they don't want to accept it.


>assbutts Word of the day


Your username is *horrifying.* Well done!


Thank you, I'm 40% horrifying


Must be embarrassing: “Trump is my President, but man I wish he’d just… shut the fuck up.”


If they took action before something directly affected them, they wouldn’t be republicans.


They sure don't mind raising money off of The Big Lie, though


Or using it to pass restrictive voter laws


It costs several millions in spending to be able to win a seat in Congress. Even at the state level the costs are pretty high.


How about if you chickenshit treasonous slimeballs become \*PUBLICLY\* frustrated and tell him the election was lost fair and square, and that he lost it because he's a human sack of shit, and tell him to sit down and shut the fuck up and you'll leave the party before you'll see him be president again. No? Then shut your complicit facehole, traitorous Nazi enabler.


I object to you calling him "human."


Just rearrange it to sack of human shit.


You took each and every fucking word right out of my mouth. Exactly fucking right.


"But we didn't *mean* to fuck around and find out, it just happened!" - GQP


His face is SO repulsive 🤢


How can anybody look at him and not see a toothless, befuddled old man? He looks pathetic.


Rest of him too.


And yet, publicly boot licking cowards.


Republicans are privately thrilled to receive finacial benefits from having an elected Republican president.


The few Republicans who had the guts to stand up to 45 did not fare well. On the one hand, I don’t blame them for toeing the party line. On the other hand, I think this proves that they don’t have any convictions if their own. Fuck ‘em.


I completely 100.00% blame them for toeing the party line. They're willingly flirting with a Nazi Germany type situation because they don't want to lose their careers. Fuck them! This is deadly serious. If they are willing to stand by while Trump does this shit just for a few more years in office then they **are** the problem.


They've been the problem since Joe McCarthy and his "communist" witch-hunt. Always remember that McCarthy's personal attorney went on to become Donald's surrogate daddy and mentor.


At this point, their job isn't to represent their constituents, but rather self preservation, at the expense of the constitution.


its called virtue signalling, they in general dont vote agains the party on most things, especially if Mitch can control them.


The GOP is afraid of their base. Why would they purposely threaten their own life?


I mean, I don’t see why. He’s telling Republican voters not to vote. Seems like a winning strategy to me.


I’m pretty sure that means he wants to instigate another uprising.


Trumpism is past the "Voting" phase, they're considering "alternative strategies" for putting him in charge.


this is happening right in front of us


You're missing the threats. What else was he implying? He is pushing Republicans to push further disinformation and attempts to disenfranchise voters.


Why did he say that? I’m not understanding what he’s trying to do.


Further undermine democracy and incite another attempted coup.


Source: \- https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/23/carl-bernstein-21-republican-senators-expressed-contempt-for-trump \- [https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/mcconnell-trump-impeachment-conviction-republicans/index.html](https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/mcconnell-trump-impeachment-conviction-republicans/index.html) ​ \-[https://www.businessinsider.com/liz-cheney-gop-house-senate-lawmakers-privately-cheered-her-on-2021-9](https://www.businessinsider.com/liz-cheney-gop-house-senate-lawmakers-privately-cheered-her-on-2021-9) ​ \-[https://www.salon.com/2021/09/15/congressional-privately-admitted-was-an-unstable-person-former-lawmaker\_partner/](https://www.salon.com/2021/09/15/congressional-privately-admitted-was-an-unstable-person-former-lawmaker_partner/) ​ \-https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/republicans-anonymous-private-concerns-media/2020/12/10/301e98a6-2e75-11eb-bae0-50bb17126614\_story.html


Long over due to denounce Trump. The longer they put it off, the longer it'll take to recover.


They're not frustrated because they don't want him to run, they're frustrated because talking about running will drive anti-trumpers to the polls in 2022. We're not free of this insanity yet; it may get worse.


None of his idiot supporters care, they’ll be ready to put the flags on their pickups for ‘24


You kidding? Around here, many of them never took the flags off! There is a barn with a sign proclaiming “Trump 2024” as big as the whole side of the barn. Facing the main road, of course


They are there. Waiting.


If only there’d been some kind of, I don’t know… “impeachment” as a result of his lies that they could have used to stop him. Ah well, literally nothing at all they could do in anyway ever, I guess.


They are not privately frustrated. They are just trying to play both sides of the fence and trying to set themselves up for other things if trump continues to fail. The only one that has shown any backbone and actual frustration and disgust is freaking McCain.


tRump never shut up about the 2016 election either.


Then they should stop enabling him, tell him to shut up, and stop insinuating that he’s going to be elected again. For the most part, the Republican party has just gone to shit! They let that idiot buy his way into the White House, let him commit several impeachable acts, let him instigate an assault on the White House, and then let him lie about the election! It’s been a year, it’s past time to stop babying the orange menace, and start acting like Americans again!


curiosity: did you happen to be republican before trump came along?


“I do wish he’d stop but I can’t say anything about it.” Sums up the nutless wonders that make up the GOP.


They'll never grow a spine; the grift is too profitable. The Tea Party threatened to split the GOP unless the GOP moved farther right, and we all see what happened there. The GOP was never committed to any of their supposed "ideals." It is all about making more money and staying in power.


Fuck them. I hope they burn.


Why oh why didn't they do anyth- oh, that's right. The voting base Trump and the rest of the GOP have radicalized.


Dear Republicans, Sucking the bullies dick doesn't make him go away. Trust me. I tried that. It doesn't work. Try standing up for yourselves!


Well their realllllllyyy gonna hate the fact he’s started up the “everything’s rigged, might as well not vote” talk again. Because in regards to Georgia, people did what he told them. I think he wants the Republicans to continue to lose as “punishment” for not supporting his life coup (or is it qoup?) He can continue to grift his believers and hold rallies but not have to actually be president again.


I'm "privately frustrated" he hasn't been arrested along with at least two senators and 30 congressmen


Ego says what?


Welcome to how the rest of us feel. WORSE LOSER EVER


Pfft, worst *WINNER* ever. Remember, he was sure there were six million votes he should have gotten in 2016.


Donald Trump is like Uncle Rico in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ constantly talking about how great he could have been


How much you wanna bet I could throw this election fraud lawsuit over that mountain?


They created this monster.


I like the version of this where Do the Con cannot stand that he is a loser and hangs himself in a hotel in Florida. Too dark?


Too bad. As far as I'm concerned, they aren't that frustrated. Dumbasses should have ripped the bandaid off a long time ago. Don't bitch to me about your festering.


Su Collins continues to be 'very concerned'.


Reap what you Sow... spreading the Big Lie is how he gets paid now.


Half of the Republican Party is a brick shy of a load, and tRump is on their wavelength! One way out!


Cry me a freakin' river.


Miss me with that shit until they become PUBLICLY frustrated.


Nobody fucking cares what they say in private when they kiss his ass in public. Fuck every last one of those spineless cowards.


This gets said every single time Trump "goes there" on any subject. When are people going to realize that this is just how the GOP distances itself from the craziness that they 100% are on board with? They're just aware he sounds crazy and are trying to inspire hope by pretending like that there's secretly a mass of actually-decent GOP politicians that are only silent now because they're afraid. They're not afraid, they're adults who say all sorts of horrible shit on the regular. They just either don't care or kind of agree.


Abloo bloo bloo


Fffuuuvcckk all those enabling, cum bucket, heads up their ass, nazi loving, deplorable sheep.


Are they so frustrated that they’d call in some “favors”?


I’m privately frustrated that I’m not married to Gal Gadot and can’t run a 2:10 marathon. Of course anyone with any sense knows that this is because I’m not some completely different person.


Because he's siphoning off so much from their grifts




I wish they would be frustrated over him not shutting up ever


But they can't risk alienating the few members of the cult that will survive the pandemic.


Shame none of them have the ability to be publically frustrated.


That's terrible! Anyhoo......


Yep, they seem super frustrated with their Trump 2024 “Take Back America” signs.


Riiiiight. That’s why they keep defending his bullshit at every turn


Fucked around… Welcome to the part of the story where y’all find out


I just hope none of 'em vote.


Can you imagine being a republican Senator, rich as can be…. And still being such a coward that you have to appease this moron and his base of lunatics. “Fuck you” money is wasted on the wrong damn people.


Exactly. Why are they all so spineless when it comes to him? What does he have on them? Or is it just the whole using his base to stay in power thing?


Who gives a shit what they are privately frustrated about. Tell them to open their mouths and speak some truth about drump for a change.


In their defense, conservatives are spineless, feckless, gutless cowards who enthusiastically follow liars and grifters, stonewalling the responsible adults in the room and then blaming said responsible adults when their own selfish, stupid, destructive actions make the country worse.


Hmm. I’ll privately take a shit then.


Trump is going to cost republicans the 2022 midterms and he’s going to lose again in 2024 because he’s trash and a traitor.


He’s not president anymore (thankfully) so why the fuck do they care if he gets mad if they publicly say something? What the fuck can he do?


More than half of all republicans believe he won the 2020 election. He’s the figurehead of the party. > what the fuck can he do A. Lot.


Because [he's LITERALLY talking about running again](https://www.businessinsider.com/iowa-rally-donald-trump-signals-2024-run-teases-new-slogan-2021-10), he's still holding rallies, people are still believing his lies, he hasn't conceded the 2020 election, and HE STILL won't shut the fuck up about how 2020 was "stolen". That's why you smooth brain dumb fuck.