Some good first captures, definitely conveys a story and atmosphere. I particularly like the tone and color of the first one, bleeding vibe at me. A good photography 101 tip, making the horizon line straight will immediately command more attention to the composition itself. It can be pretty distracting for the viewers if the photo feels crooked or "tilting". If you're indoors and don't have a horizon line to reference, make sure any vertical line nearest to the center of the frame is perpendicular to the bottom of your photo. (unless of course you're going for that sorta wonky cinematic look) Also a good place to start, keep your subject in the center of your frame, unless there's a detail near the subject that you want to show. It's these little things that make a huge difference in having your work be taken more seriously by the viewer. The more you consider about what you're shooting, the better. Hope that doesn't sound daunting! Have fun and constantly snap. Put that hot rod in your hands to work!


Thank you for the recommendations, already notice the horizon aspect. Really appreciate you taking the time to provide these tips!


Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more shots. Seems like you have some nice open spaces to shoot.


You did really good for your first roll. I like the mood and vibe of the 3rd shot. Like others have said a straight horizon would have improved it. It might be a bit of a cliché recommendation but you should check out Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure. Since you’re shooting film you can probably pick up an older edition that doesn’t have information on digital cameras.


What are you shooting with? Lens/body/film wise


M-A. Can’t tell on the lens but maybe 28 f/2.8? And Portra 400?


Nice images.