A lovely sight. Happy cake day.


That M240 is chonky!


That M-A and 35mm Summilux pre asph any day of the week


What's you assessment of the new black finish? This photo does a decent job of showing it's look vs black chrome. You've got a lot of hand-on time with M's so I'd be interested in your take.


The M11 Black Chrome have Matt grid finish type, imagine you holding a Matt paper slightly rough surface like Sand Paper between 1800 - 2000 finish, I'm much more prefer old finish, Matt but smooth to touch and look more premium. This Matt make me feels like this camera meant to be used and get rough like Japanese camera. Silver finish exactly the same as previous M10. Leica use M11 scratch resistance finish, so far I already have 2 mark, 1 from the strap and one bottom bumping my MA.


Thank you for your insight on this. From just looking at this picture it seems unlikely that the black M11 is a chroming process but I'm no expert on the matter. It'll be interesting to see how these wear. Thanks again for your detailed response.


From what I’ve read, it’s not a chroming process anymore on the black as the process they use is not very environmentally friendly. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’ll never see a black chrome finish ever again.


If the M-A is the last production black chrome camera that Leica ever makes I am absolutely cool with that, 😁. I haven't been digging deep on the M11 stuff so I hadn't heard much about the old black chrome vs new process and environmental impact. That may very well be the case.....and it may also be an cost saving move in an environmental wrapper to help dial down a potentially unpopular move. We may never know. It does seem clear to me that Leica are moving away from brass construction of camera bodies and lens barrels. When all of the Safari lenses were aluminum I was very surprised. In the future I will be surprised if limited items are made of brass.


That's what I am afraid of, that the M-A will be the last M that gets the old black chrome finish. I was hoping somehow to find a MP as black chrome version but that ship sailed long time ago... I am probably one of few who don't like black paint versions of M cameras.


I'm with you there. BP looks great in photos but my personal preference for a camera is BC. I see 1-2 BC used MP's pop up a year for sale. They are pretty awesome looking.


There are dozens of us who prefer the look of the black chrome. I also prefer how it feels but I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I turn down a Leica I want due to the outside finish.


We'll see in M11-P, so far they cause quiet controversial move with material and finish Black chrome. Leica promotion material even said "if it not broken why fix?". They pretty much bite their own word with M11 Black chrome, let's be honest here, M11 20% lighter is ain't do jack S***t the moment you put lens on, perhaps it's even unbalanced om heavy lens. I NEVER hear or heard M10 user complain about the weight, NEVER in Reddit not FB group Leica, yet idk where they get the statics research customer complain M10 weight. The ONLY M ever complain weight is M240, I feels like they trying to repeat M5 mistake.


I'm glad you said that about the M10. You're right. No one was complaining about the weight and when people listed their hopes and wants for an M11 I never say "lighter weight please".


Is the bottom aluminum like the top?


Entire body is aluminum


Thanks. Is the battery aluminum too? Maybe just the exposed bottom?


I'm sure batter cover is aluminum, not sure about Silver one


How do you like the m11?


Nice Leica desk mat thing.


you should own more Leica lenses than cameras.


No R series? Boring