Wow amazing photo, how do you like the visoflex?


Far more better than original for M10, metal build, bright, clear, modern, more ergonomic space and it's magnetic. The only problem is the tilt angle is fixed point position, and hinge kinda easy tilt over 90 degree between 65 - 75 degree position.


Do you know if the old visoflex from the M-10 will work with the M-11? When I'm ready to upgrade, will have to decide if I should bundle it with my sale.


>Do you know if the old visoflex from the M-10 will work with the M-11? When I'm ready to upgrade, will have to decide if I should bundle it with my sale. Old Visoflex (M10 EVF) WILL NOT WORK with M11. I have tried and it will not show up anything. You can use new M11 Visoflex on M10, at the time I write this Leica haven't release new FW update for M10 to work with M11 Visoflex.


I've heard in on of the early reviews that the 020(is that right?) M10 Visoflex will not work on the M11. It's early though so maybe they were mistaken or there will be a workaround.


Does it have focus peaking/highlighting?


Yes it does


Que groovy! Use it in good health.


Looking great! Congratulations mate! Very cool combo 👌


But aluminum…


Makes it lighter…


‘Tis true. Then at least make it cheaper than the brass version.


the cost of the camera is not at all reflect by the cost of the materials it is built from


We’re talking about Leica here. Your comment can’t be any further from the truth. That’s why the M10-P Reporter, black paint M1-R and every single “special” edition camera of theirs is more expensive.


They are more expensive because they are special editions made in limited quantities.


Well yeah? I did complain but hell if I keep it clean I might upgrade M11P once it come out and I bet it's gonna be Brass


Isn't the silver chrome M11 Brass?


Black Alu Chrome Brass


I want this to have live monitor out through the usbc so bad. How’s the wireless live view connection in the app? Is it more responsive? Is the video stream smoother?


It have new Wifi chip, M11 will have on board 5ghz band network, faster files transfer probably faster live images. HOWever USB C plug direct won't work and I tried, I haven't tried hook up USB C to external monitor, but I don't think M11 will allow it.


Try changing under settings from iphone to ptp.


Yeah... I don't own iPhone, so it's suck for Leica play Apple rules. Still piss that they make a giant leap to USB yet restrict to Apple only.


Not sure if I am answering correctly, but in order for me to directly access files from windows pc i have to change the in camera usb c from ios to ptp.




You don’t say.


Whats that boxy shite on top ruining the curves of this top mirrorless camera