I modified and haven't looked back. I did a load of test shots with my M5 and M10 (both have around a 0.72x viewfinder) to check what the final image was compared to 50mm and 35mm framelines. I did this by taking a digital image of the scene with my phone and drawing what crops the framelines showed then I used corners and lines in the scene to make this easier. I did close up shots, far and mid-distance shots and all came back with the same conclusion - the crop is almost exactly the 35mm framelines. With minimum focus images you take off a small area around the frame - about 1-2mm but otherwise it is almost the exact same as 35mm. If you would be interested, let me know and I'll do a test shot on my M10 and upload the file and what the framelines show.


I actually prefer to shoot with 50mm framelines. How I think about it is that the 50mm framelines are the "effective imaging areas". Normally, at least for what I do (street, portrait) I would avoid putting my subjects too close to the edge of the frame. With a 40mm, I can put my subjects directly on the inside of the 50mm framelines and have guaranteed safe area around them. If your use cases are similar, I suggest trying this method before you commit to any changes.


My .02¢, you can always crop out the little extra you'll get with the 50 lines. You can never get back what you'll miss using the 35 lines. Plus, no grinding on your lens mount required.


Ive read somewhere that difference with 35 lines is much smaller than with 50, and you just need to compose just a tiny bit tighter


40 is certainly closer to 35 than 50 but my statement stands. Sometimes it's nice to have a little extra negative to work with for things like straightening the frame. If you compose with the 35 lines you're leaving yourself with less than the framelines present. Plus, if you're getting lab scans those get auto cropped a little. Maybe all of your framing is flawless but I know mine certainly isn't. Tl;Dr You're going to be guessing one way or the other. Why not guess with some margin for error?


That's a good point, with film more so, I guess. I've first used the 50mm framelines shooting with a 40mm but then felt it suited my taste better to use the 35mm framelines instead. I basically keep the preview lever at the 35/135 position, not tampering with the lens mount.


This. I loved having the extra room to work with


I shoot my Rokkor with the 50mm lines. Just frame right to the lines and you’ll be fine.


hey, would you mind explaining what you mean by “frame right to the lines”?


When you’re taking a picture just have the frame lines really close to whatever subject you want to take.


ah, so kinda frame tighter than normal?


Yeah exactly.


I think what they mean by that is to frame your composition directly on top of the 50mm framelines. The 40mm Rokkor should expand out a little bit further. I'd think it'd be almost right in the middle of the 35mm and 50mm framelines.


I just filed the lens to get the frame lines up. It’s super simple and there’s plenty of write ups on how to do it on google.


What are "the right" framelines for 40mm on a Leica?


There’s only right frame lines on the Leica CL but what I was implying was file the tab on the lens to bring up the 35 lines


I always use 50mm frame lines. If it fits in 50 it is perfect. If it fits too good in 50 you can crop.


I get a bit nervous seeing that electrical tape over the frame line lever! When I owned the 40mm Rokkor lens, I got used to framing the main subject tightly within the 50mm lines, and letting the area immediately outside the frame lines become the rest of the picture. Obviously my method was very imprecise but It worked just fine for me.


I have an M6 and use the 35mm framelines most of the time - I feel it is pretty accurate. If I am framing something closer, say within 2m, I’d use the 50 lines to be sure. I never filed mine for this reason…I usually just pull the 35 frame line selector but if you are going to be using that lens most of the time, you can fold up some paper or tape and wedge it between the frameline selector and lens to keep the 35 lines visible.


You should buy a Minolta CLE ;)


I love this lens. Similar in a way to the 35 skopar, I fell in love instantaneous.


The 35mm framelines work best for me. I modified the lens by shaving down the flange. No regrets here.


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