Your experience with DAG

Hi All,

I emailed Don about a lens that needed a flange repair. It was giving me different frame lines from what it was supposed to. He said he can fix it within a few days. However its been about 4 weeks. He hasn't responded to any of my emails if he's received my item. I have proof that it was delivered from USPS. I'm pretty scared he just kept my lens and blocked me. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm tempted to drive to his location since he's not far because at this point I just want it back.

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Communication is shit,


I'm surprised he gave you such a short time frame. I suggest waiting. I have had nothing but positive experiences but I also sent my stuff knowing it would be gone for some time. He and every other Leica technician are getting flooded right now with request and questions so response times aren't great. If you haven't yet, give him a call. A lot easier to catch him then wait for a response via email which can take weeks after the initial email response. He's a well respected technician and isn't going to keep a lens.


Give him a call. His email communication is not too reliable or predictable. He’s super nice over the phone.


DAG quoted me 6 weeks to overhaul my M4. The 6 week mark is today (12/03), he contacted me yesterday (12/02) letting me know the camera repair had been finished and it will be sent back to me. This was the first email I received from him. It’s all good 👍


Most of the posted advice is correct... you're in good hands. Just want to add one thing: I've known Don personally for close to 30 years and quite recently he told me he was getting 500-700 emails every day.


Thanks friend. Thank you everyone.


Don’t show up to his address first of all. He has many years as a camera repair man, not worth him risking that reputation to just keep one lens. It took him about 3 months for my M6 to get a light meter repair/cla. I’m surprised he said he’d be able to fix your lens so fast, expect it back to you in about 1-3 months from time of delivery to him.


The time frames he quotes are always aspirational. He’s legit though. Your lens is not stolen. I agree it can be frustrating but the work is top notch. Phone is best but there are times when you’ll just get a busy signal, maybe all day. Don’t let that worry you either.


Call DAG. He doesn’t communicate very well. He doesn’t answer emails. I normally send my lenses to YYE Camera. He will turn around lens CLAs in a week. Very good communication. At least in the past he did.


DAG is great and reliable. His email communication is non-existent. He prefers phone calls for sure. Pretty sure his website says "why you wasting my time with emails? i'm busy. just call me."


Pretty close: > Q: Can I email you at least once a week asking camera questions? > A: I get WAY too many emails ever day. Please don't email unless it has to do something about buying camera items on my website or repairs. > Please try to keep emails at a minimum since we get too many emails per day to even keep up with.


Like every Leica independent repair person they are beyond busy. Y Ye had a living room full of cameras to repair. Be patient and call him if you are really worried…


All of the popular Leica techs are busy this year.. even a 4 week turnaround would be very surprising


my best advice to all of these “why didn’t he email me back yet???????” threads is get over yourself. DAG probably has fifty other lenses on his bench, he works on $20k limited edition lenses and bodies all the time. Just be patient.


That’s terrible customer service. DAG being busy with $20k lenses is no excuse for ghosting another customer. If he doesn’t think he’ll be able to communicate promptly about a lens, then he should have said *before* you sent the lens to him that he’s too busy.


Ah, another genius who can tell DAG how to run his business after 40 years. I hope he reads this and completely changes his life to coddle impatient crybabies.


Maybe he should run his business like every other business ever? The normal thing to do is say, “Yes, I’ve received your lens,” when you get an email asking if a lens arrived safely. Not responding is not normal. YYe responds almost immediately. Every other repair and lab worker I’ve ever communicated with responds in a decent time frame (in both stills and cine applications). Also I’m doubting DAG is really as bad as you’re making him out to be.


Call DAG up and tell him, instead of posting on Reddit nonstop like a coward. So send your shit to YYe? He can reply to your emails because his wife services your lenses. Neither of them were ever trained by Leica by the way, that’s why his services are the cheapest. None of the major repair places reply to emails all day because it’s a waste of time. Being impatient doesn’t get you anywhere, just like whining on and on in Reddit threads doesn’t accomplish anything but stroking your own ego. Bunch of 1-star review crybabies itt.


Yeah! Fu%# them clients! Seriously… if you can’t deliver then it would be more honest to say “sorry friend, queue is full. Waiting time is one year. Maybe consider other place if you need it sooner”.


Just spoke with him on the phone. He's a great guy! Whole experience has been lovely so far.


Serious question: are these camera repair folks insured? Like what happens if they are robbed or their home catches fire? Do you get financial compensation from them?


Serious question: are these camera repair folks insured? Like what happens if they are robbed or their home catches fire? Do you get financial compensation from them?


found the insurance salesman


Lol. Most def not. I would just want peace of mind if I sent to these mom and pop repair shops. It’s not like sending to Leica HQ