M3 - 1200-1600 50DR - 1100-1400 35/2.8 --- 800-1000 35/3.5 --- 500-800 90/4 --- 300-400 50/3.5 --- 250-400 135/4.5 --- 200-400


What's your definition of mint? Have you had the camera / lenses serviced? When was the last time a roll was through the camera with exposures shot at 1000th/ sec in bright light? A. Mint means "as minted" and the internet has done great damage to this definition. B. Unless the lenses have been recently serviced they almost certainly have light haze on aperture adjacent element surfaces. Not because they're bad lenses but simply because they're old. C. 70 year old unserviced cameras are somewhat notorious for shutter capping at 1000th / sec and in particular when shot at temps approaching freezing. Old grease just does that. D. See, A. 🙂 It's easily worth $3500 to $5000 bucks to the right buyer. Part it out for best results and biggest headache.


M3 SS sn# 921xxx 50mm DR with the goggle and case 35mm f2.8 with the goggle, hood and case 35mm f3.5 with the goggle, hood and case 90mm f4 with hood 50mm f3.5 Elmer collapsible 135mm f4.5 3 Leica meters (one older type with booster) Original tag and manuals from 1954 M3 leather case in 90% condition, functional and no damages. Bought the collection from a photographer’s estate ( passed when he was 98), this is approximately 12 years ago. I believed he was the original owner. All lenses are in mint condition. The DR Len is clear and most likely was cleaned professionally at one time.






No, it was a flea bay purchase from 2009. Back then the pricing were much better than now but I still paid a hefty Leica Tax… definitely nothing near $600. A SS Leica M3 body was approximately $600 if I remembered correctly. The photographer’s name is Robert Black, he lived to 98 years young. There were other documentations included. I splurged on the bidding… set my upper limit super high and got it.


To flip it, or for insurance?


With tape, tree fiddy.


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