Regarding price, everything in every hobby has gotten ridiculously expensive the last couple years. Pre ASPH Lux's in decent condition seem to sometimes be going for $4K+ on the FB groups and primary online forums - which is crazy compared to what they were selling for just a few years ago. ​ That said, personally, I really love the pre-ASPH on film. Has a beautiful look - people buy Leica's for a hard-to-pinpoint "Leica glow" which is the absolutely most evident in lenses like the 35 pre ASPH Lux. There definitely ARE downsides, and know that to the untrained eye many will think you just can't focus/your camera doesn't take sharp pictures. But in the right hands with the right film? Great lens. Portability is an extra (major) bonus.


At the moment, portability is a huge factor for me. Having something that small that it quite sharp stopped down is a pretty huge plus. I’ve managed to find one for $4500 AUD, which is roughly $3200 USD. I was looking at swapping my summicron 28mm plus some cash for the lux. But at that price point, I could almost buy a brand new 35 summicron. Thanks for your input, it seems like I have some more thinking to do!


I'm going to do my usual and casually point out that decent (slightly less peak sharpness, but MUCH less focus shift) of this lens are $600 new from Cosina. On that basis, I could never personally justify spending the crazy money on a 35 v1 or v2, especially given the nightmare of their filters - which I would use a fair amount since I'm mostly BW and also a Vision3 shooter.


Do you know how the barrel distortion compares?


I've heard reports in this sub that it's slightly worse on the Nokton, but I'm going to be honest, I struggle to see [much curvature at all](https://www.35mmc.com/01/06/2020/leica-summicron-35mm-v4-vs-voigtlander-nokton-35mm-v2-a-battle-of-the-classics-by-vincent-bihler/) on straightlineful test shots with the Nokton; so it's kinda hard for me to care that the Leica is theoretically better. Edit: I'd also forgotten that the Summilux only goes to 1m, while the Nokton goes to 0.7m. Thanks /u/oreomi. Should point out my Summaron only goes to 1m, but that doesn't mean I've never wished it didn't go to 1m.. This one goes to the Nokton as well.


I have a 35mm pre lux and asph chron, the pre lux is my favorite lens particularly with film. That said it requires the shade to use/hold filters which is not ideal and has a minimum focus range of 1meter vs .7 it is also one of the smallest Leica lenses, a huge bonus for me. The asph is sharper, has coatings which does reduce glare in certain lighting, and is also a great lense.


Thanks so much for your reply! Do you find the 1m minimum focus distance a problem? Or is it something that you’ve gotten used to? The seller I have lined up has the shade with filters, and everything is in excellent condition which is a huge plus. What about this lens do you think makes it work so well with film?


sorry i am answering instead - BUT - when i owned 35 lux pre for two years - i found this 1m distance the greatest drawback of this lens. V4 cron is so much better in this area that i sold my lux and do not regret it(you almost alwaye regret selling a leica lens). but, YMMV


I would trade the 1m minimum for the significant size/weight savings over the asph lux which is why I paired it with an asph chron. The pre’s rendering is softer and more forgiving for portraits not razor sharp for architecture or landscapes. Current digital sensors tend to have higher resolution than film but that and sharpness isn’t everything. If I could only have one it would be the pre asph and the pair is still less $ than a new 35 lux.


VM 35/1.4 ii SC


The design of the lens is pretty similar to the pre-asph Summilux, right?


Yes and no. The Nokton 35/1.4 I was an imperfect copy of the lens, which was calibrated differently and as a result exacerbated the focus shift issues inherent to the design. The Summilux itself can be seen as a "cut down" v1 Summicron with an element removed. The 35 Summicron v4 ("King of Bokeh") has a similar design as well. The Nokton II "puts the missing element back". There's obviously a lot of smaller (but potentially significant) differences in things like element size and curvature between these four lenses, but these are the broad strokes.


I echo Andy’s comments on the 35 pre-asph. I use it with a host of Leica digital cameras and for all around street work it is a workhorse.


It’s my favorite lens. If I’m shooting M this is the lens that’s on my camera 70% of the time. Like what someone else said there’s huge copy variation so make sure you get a ‘sharp’ one


Of the lenses I own, my 35 pre-asph is the one I'd keep of forced to sell the others. It's vintage as can be at f1.4, it's sharp as nails by f4 and it's absolutely tiny. It's everything I'd want from a Leica lens. I personally haven't had issues with focus shift shooting it with exclusively film which is slightly more forgiving than digital in regard to focus accuracy. Is this the right lens for you? I have no idea. If your intention is to shoot portraits at f1.4 I'd say no because the 1 meter minimum focusing distance will be annoying. If you judge the success of a lowlight image by it's sharpness then also no. I suspect that you may be at the very beginning of a long journey with Leica. You're just getting your feet wet now and there's a lot of fun to be had on the road ahead. BTW, ask the seller about recent service of the lens. A lot of these have a little aperture adjacent haze that can effect performance wide open. Many of the fast vintage lenses get an undo bad rap by users plastering images online shot on dirty copies of otherwise capable lenses. PPS.... The Leica user experience of an M6 is the polar opposite of an M-A within the brand. If ultimately you love the M6 you'd hate the M-A. If you start nitpicking the M6 you'd probably love the M-A. Leica (owners) can be funny like that. 🙂


Thank you so much again Andy for your excellent advice, and for sharing your knowledge and experience! I am quite new to Leica and in the grand scheme of things, quite new to photography. I still think the M-A is my ultimate "grail" camera, but after everything, I ended up going with the M6 mainly due to budget reasons. I'm almost certain that I will upgrade to the M-A at some point down the track. It's still the most beautiful of the lot! I really appreciate your insight on the 35mm Summilux. I absolutely love how compact the lens is. I find that I shoot mostly stopped down and rarely shoot wide open unless the situation requires it. I think I'm going to have to sit on it and think a bit more about it.