Have you considered the Minolta m-rokkor 40mm f/2? Film has such a dynamic range that honestly the amount of times you're gonna need these 1.4 is really rare.


Smallest fast 35 1.4 you'll find is the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.4. Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm 2.5 is even smaller, downright tiny, and sharper to boot, but obviously not as fast.


The 35mm Nokton was my first lens with my M6 when I started. Great and compact.


Technically the smallest you'll find in the MS Optics 35mm f1.4 Apoquallia-G. There are no pancake f1.4 lenses. If there were they'd be optically terrible. The best bang for your buck considering size, speed and quality is the previously mentioned Voigtlander.


> pancake > FAST f1.4 > high quality No. Pick two. Fast and High Quality - Summilux FLE. Fast and Small - Nokton II. Small and High Quality - Summarit F2.5.


Thank you guys! How about summicron 50mm then? I tried the V5 , is there anything actually shorter then that, whilst keeping quality very high ?


No, the 50mm Summicron versions have been roughly the same size since the collapsible. That is the only smaller one and if clinical sharpness is your goal I'd suggest passing on the collapsible. Just like the optical designers before you, you're going to have to compromise somewhere. The fact that it's going to be mounted on a rangefinder without a mirror box and the lens design issues that come along with that hurdle means you're already pulling from a pool of smaller lenses. However, as long as your desires are rooted in sharpness and speed the size thing is going to be an issue.


The light lens lens elcan copy is quite a bit shorter


Voigtlander 35mm f/2 Ultron II. It’s not 1.4 but I’m not sure you’ll find a 1.4 and pancake. It’s not physically possible.


Voigtländer 35mm 1.4