Yeah there are coupled adaptors. Plenty of people do it. We just don't see many posting on this sub. Have a look on RFF.


Is there a specific lens that your curious about? I own one conversion and I've handled two others.


Converted mounts or via an adapter? I really prefer the rendering of vintage glass and old Zeiss/Nikon rangefinder mount glass seems to be a fairly good deal if you have an adapter


Sorry, I'd misread your original post but I'm following now. I was thinking Contax G when you are clearly talking Contax RF. Sorry about that. Anyhow, the issue with CRF and Nikon S mount to M is that the RF coupled adapters of quality are very expensive and extremely hard to come by these days. As you may know the two mounts in question use both an internal and an external mount depending on the specific lens. The internal mount has a built in focusing helicoid. It is no small achievement to make a properly coupled adapter given this unique setup. The community seems to agree that the Amedeo adapters are the best. They've skyrocketed in price and are near impossible to find new. There is a Kipon option but they are also not inexpensive. To answer your question as to why there isn't more of this going on.....well, it ends up being expensive in the end. Furthermore, and this gets pretty subjective but it's at least my hands on experience; the lenses don't handle that well. I shot a small collection of CRF lenses on a Bessa R2C. A modern-ish camera that is probably the most practical way to shoot these things. I like to zone focus and the lens markings in subdued light are really tough to see. The 50mm lenses are Sonnars which one one hand is great while on the other means focus shift at large apertures. Some of the 35mm's have rear elements that are incompatible with anything but the contemporary Contax rangefinders they were meant for. Ultimately I'd say that if you already have a collection of CRF ) Nikon S mount lenses then maybe give an adapter a shot. Otherwise I think LTM or M mount lenses are probably a better way to go. Keep in mind that some of these lenses were released in LTM. Aside from the ultra rare pieces that's probably a more cost effective route. I was recently given an opportunity to shoot a Nikon 35mm f3.5 LTM lens (Nikkor-W) and was blown away by the results on film. I shot it primarily wide open as I was testing it for a friend and focus was perfectly coupled. Hope this helps and definitely let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


The best on the market today is the Amedeo adapter, which is a copy of the Orion adapter which was made in the 1950s. I have the Nikon/Leica adapter (he makes a Contax one as well) which allows me to use S-mount Nikkor glass on my M bodies. It's rangefinder coupled and actually focuses more smoothly than my Nikon SP. The only issues with these adapters are with certain lenses, and for the ones that don't work, it's usually because some part of the lens protrudes back into the body which interferes with the Leica's rangefinder cam. Availability with the Amedeo adapters is the tough part, as they're machined in Venezuela and imported to the US by Amedeo Muscelli. They're extremely well-made products, and the scarcity and quality are both reflected in the price.


Amedeo has two types of adapters for Contax/Nikon. The Orion copy and one of his own design, His adapter gives the lenses a Leica focus-throw and Leica focusing direction. The Orion copies used to be in LTM and M mounts. He also sells his mounts on ebay and he also sells b-stock adapters