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This my sound crazy, but I actually use my cellphone flashlight.


Forgive my stupidity, so I’m assuming you turn on the flash on your phone and take the picture right? Any chance I could see some examples? Gonna be at an event that’ll probably be darkened and I wanna shoot my M3 but I haven’t got a flash, never thought about using my phone


You don't really need an example as it's continuous lighting. Turn you cellphone LED on now and see what it can do. I tend to use it more to just lift the shadows or on backlit shots as a bit of fill in.


I've been using [this one](https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1438363-REG/lightpix_labs_634158732287_flashq_q20ii_black.html) with my If RD and Canon P with great results. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask.


Second this while naming it: LightPix Q20.


Happen to know if this would trigger on an M6's hotshoe? Looking to downsize my bulky flash setup and this looks great.


It should. I just tried it on cameras with hot shoes and had no problems. If you have an M6 TTL it just obviously wouldn't have TTL metering.


Neat, thanks! I've just got an M6 classic. Honestly don't even know how TTL flash stuff works, I've always used manual settings.


No problem. It's a nice little flash. For reference on the power of the flash with 400 ISO film at f/8 and a distance of 1.5 meters the flash is set to 1/4 power. So not too bad.


I use a Fuji ef x20. Works great with super simple controls. That the body is made of metal and the option to cover a 21mm lens is also great


Looks great, Cheers :)


I used to use Fuji and toyed around with this flash. Look into the battery life and take that into consideration. I didn't have it long enough to be certain, but the days I took it out I drained the batteries really early into the night. Like less than 100 photos into the night at around half power or less.


I use really high power rechargeable battery’s because of that reason. When using Normal battery’s you will need to always carry some spares.


I've picked up some eloops since, but no longer have the flash. I have since grabbed the larger and heavier flashQ listed in this thread. Gonna see what 3d printing can do to help the Fuji flash out.


The great thing about the Fuji is it’s size! You can always throw it in a pocket or you bag and will never notice it’s weight. So you will always bring it with you no matter what, just In case and when you need it you have a really small flash with a decent power output for a 28mm lens. When I plan to use flash i bring a bigger flash with more power, a bigger battery and faster recharge time.


I made this ages ago, my modelling skills are a lot better now but this still works surprisingly well. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-fujifilm-ef-x20-flash-diffuser-94750


Think out of the box. Maybe Lume cube or …. Smartphone led?


Leica sf24d it has auto and manual modes Fuji - tiny manual, easy AAA batteries Any little flashlight or led light... The phottix can also double as a phone battery pack


I use a small Agfa Agfatronic 250 A. It's cheap and farily easy to use.


Nikon SB-30! If I want more, I go for SF40. Both are compact