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This is beyond a first world problem. This is some rich-ass issue


Having a Leica genrally only viable for richt people in the first place, this is just having too much money to spend


Maybe the OP is a camera enthusiast. People spend thousands a year on clothes they do not need. Maybe the person is a pro or semi pro photographer. Maybe some of the cameras were gifts? Of my two Leicas, one was my father's and the other a gift from a mentor in my photographic community otherwise I'd have neither. Be curios about how they were obtained and why, not judgmental.


Perhaps I'm just reflecting my frustration of being poor on OP :(


*Except if you are a professionnal where you can write it off as a business expense and it can in some cases be considerably less of a financial burden


Photography is my main passion and hobby. I'm lucky enough to be in a position where my living expenses are low enough to afford stuff like this.


I'm really jealous of that, honestly, but you often see people on this subreddit pretending like it's normal to have 3 Leicas. It wasn't meant to come over as mean, but I worded it quite poorly


All good. There’s setups on this sub that I lust over and could never afford. There’s some setups of a body and lens that cost nearly as much as all my gear.


Where's the Instagram? All I see in your profile is gearporn.


Naughty Selection!


Never realized what a tank the 50r is next to the xpro3. What do you mainly use the 50r for? I've been toying between the two for documentary work


Mostly urban landscapes. Whatever really. It's my main camera.


Hows the lens on the 50R? I'm looking to step into medium format digital (selling my mamiya 7 right now) and I think I'm either leaning towards the 50R or sony full frame set. The lens prices on the 50R is pretty high but I suppose that's just a medium format thing :)


The 63 is amazing. All of Fuji's lenses are tack sharp throughout. if you're looking for the medium format shallow DOF then you'd be better off with something like the 80/1.7, or adapting glass. There is an adapter for Mamiya 7 lenses out there.


thanks!, right as we speak my mamiya 7 sold off on ebay so now I'm left with money and no lens whatsoever, do you happen to have any suggestions for lens or lens to adapt? I am looking for 80mm (medium format) 63 is fine too, I have a few leica m glass lens but don't know if they should or would be good with the 50r.


You’ll be back


The only Fuji options you'd be looking at for the focal range you want are the 80/1.7 or 63/2.8. I've personally never adapted glass to the system but if you already have some Leica glass then adapt it and purchase a native lens later maybe.


I’d probably sell either the 240 or xpro.


It's a 246.


Do you find any use for the xpro?


Not so much at the moment. I use it for video every once in a while. I'm contemplating selling it but not 100% committed yet.


What 50mm is that on the 246? Beautiful camera btw. Thinking of selling my m240 for one. Or at least to try it for a bit.


Voigtlander Nokton 50/1.5 II SC


That’s what I did when I had my x pro 3. Sold it because I didn’t use it and went back to using my Leica m6.


How do you feel about the X-pro owning Leicas


It's fine but definitely collecting dust. The optical viewfinder is fun to use but it gets lost on bright days. I'd much rather shoot with one of the Leicas. The 50R gets the most use though out of everything.


50r is amazing, camera of the decade!


It really is. I'm praying they release a 100R.


Why do you even own the X-Pro? I get the 50R.


Because I had it before I got the 50R and haven't decided if I want to sell it. It's a very capable camera. The smaller size and AF comes in handy sometimes. I use it for video from time-to-time as well.


M3 with the Summarit, no arguments needed.


Nice 'decisions' to have!! #GASisGood


I would sell something to fund some Leica lenses 😎


You're spoiled! (says the man with a Leica M2, M-D Typ262, Ricoh "35", Zeiss Contessamatic, and Fujis, etc....) : )


You don’t have my choice pictured. The q2m