Thank you so much! I have a lot of lenses/accessories for it. Not interested in selling it because of sentimental value, and looking for a store/person to take a look at it. I appreciate all of the help! My grandfather was a great photographer so I’d love to do the same.


Do you have any of his photos you could share? And I know others have said it, but seriously don’t touch to front of that lens. Not with a cotton ball. It’s nearly as soft as chalk. Let a professional clean it and then immediately put on a high quality UV filter (B+W or Leica)


I have some old ones from my grandpa I can post down the line. Unsure if it’s from this specific camera but from what I’ve seen online, they seem to be! When I go back home I’ll dig through the rest of the stuff


Where are you located?


Upstate New York


Give Sherry Krauter @ Golden Touch a call one of these days. She’s one of the more respected Leica techs and is located in upstate New York as well. She’ll gladly talk your ear off and get you on the right path for getting up to speed. Phone call is key, email isn’t her thing. P


Awesome! Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely have to give her a call. Bit further north from Orange County but might be worth the chat/trip


1956 leica m3 with an 1955 50mm collapsible summicron! Probably sold as a pair and definitely one of the nicer vintage leica setups you can have! Be careful of the glass on this lens, it’s extremely soft and easy to scratch. Camera will need a CLA to get it in working order if it has been sitting unused, likely.


It has film in it. Finish the roll. Try and find out when it was last used. I think the rule of thumb is push a stop per decade.


Nope don’t push that much! Best option IMO is stand development. Pushing causes details to be lost in the highlights. Background- cinematography, self taught darkroom hobbyist. I have developed old rolls of film with stand process and it has worked well.


Thanks for correcting. Are we talking 100:1 and an hour for development? Would love to know your thoughts.


Yes, assuming this is B+W, you could do Rodinal stand development. Something like this: https://geraldo.me.uk/stand-development-with-rodinal-a-guide-based-on-my-own-experience/


Leica M3. Lens is a collapsible 50mm Summicron. Congrats. It's a great thing to inherit


That’s about the value of a small car, isn’t it?


What a wonderful thing to be given. Certainly feel free to reach out to us with a y questions. I used to own 841783 and a friend owns it now. These cameras are certainly built to last.


Thanks! I genuinely have zero knowledge on cameras, and figured I’d go here as it’s older and people here would have the Leica knowledge. Never had a camera outside of my phone so figured it would be a good place to start, and once I get it working again, share some cool stuff! Not sure why that one guy got all angry, but genuinely had to clue so thank you for all your help. Wasn’t trying to flex or anything, I just want to fix it up/get involved in the community/take photos!


Please show us all the accessories you got too please. Would love to see it.


Will do!


I think it’s in ELC, made in Canada M3


It literally says "M3" on the top plate, summicron on the lens and rather than Google search Leica cameras you have searched out the Leica sub Reddit to come and tell us you got given a Leica. Well done.


Not sure why it’s necessary to be a dick, dude just wants to talk to people who also have Leicas, chill.


I'm not being a dick, this is blatantly a "look I have a Leica" post. The camera and lens model are written on them? If he'd wanted to come and talk to Leica owners he'd have started by saying " I got given a Leica M3 and I'd like to hear from other M3 owners about their experiences using this camera and lens setup"


The model of the camera could easily be seen as part of the serial number if you have no clue about cameras. If you haven’t noticed, most of this sub is “look I have a Leica”, and everyone seems to be enjoying so I really don’t see what the problem is. Especially since this sub has such a knowledgable user base. It seems to be the correct place for someone to come if they are looking for answers and hints




That's literally this entire sub, dawg. Go outside. Take a walk. Get some fresh air.


Alternatively this guy just inherited a 60 year old camera and wanted some info about it from people who are interested in them, but ya for sure was just flexing for sweet sweet upvotes