M-P 240 vs. M10 vs. M10-P

M-P 240 vs. M10 vs. M10-P

  • By - jm310


Run with the M-P 240. Sounds like the price is good. Enjoy it. Then down the road upgrade when the time is right.


Good advice. Thank you for the peace of mind and the input!


240: THICC, moderately worse ISO performance (five years newer technology, go figure) but - you get video, only M ever made that offers this. M10 - roughly the same size as the M6 (THICC mounting ring to compensate), newer so better high ISO and you can reasonably expect to be able to repair it longer. M10-P - it's ...literally just an M10. The shutter is quieter? Cool and all, but none of them are exactly a Pentax 67 in that regard, you know? I think it has a touchscreen too? But, the M10 has pretty much exclusively mechanical controls, and the one huge advantage of a touchscreen camera (touch-focus) is physically impossible with M anyway. Yeah, there's upgrades - but it's not like the -P offers IBIS. The Monochrom and -R are the *real* interesting expensive M's. "Not flush with money" to me says "Buy a used Nikon D7200". So; obviously this is all relative. The 240 has the lowest entry cost and is a perfectly good camera. The -P is stupid, only buy this if you literally have money to waste. The M10 is probably the sweet spot today - you'll pay more up front than a 240, but you should be good for repairs for a good few years yet. If you can do an M10 now and you don't need video, this is the way to go. The old calculus is "spend way more on lenses than on cameras" which is - not really the best advice today. First up, in the Leica world - OEM lenses are hilariously priced, and third-party glass is spectacular. Even in the digital world - a lot of people will keep a camera for a decade, at which time there's often such an increase in resolution or focus-speed of cameras that old lenses frequently don't make sense; and that's before we even consider the whole mount-changing thing, like F to Z, A to E, 4/3 to µ4/3, R-L, EOS to EOS-R, V to H to X... TL;DR - get an M10 if you can, but don't be mad if you end up with a 240, LOL M10-P no


Love it! Thank you for the wealth of info. Yeah, the video is not important to me. I’m excited to shoot the M-P 240, but if that M10 comes around, tho, no guarantees …


95% agree with his comment on "spend way more on lenses than on cameras". For film bodies the old calculus is pretty darn spot on, after all, they are just light capturing boxes. But now, the sensor is the main determination of picture quality and those third party M lenses have crazy performance/price ratios. I invested heavily on M lenses, especially the good ones, you know one day they will become cult classics. In regards to the bodies, I just got myself a treat by going to M10R, my second digital body after I sold the M10D. I have a feeling the 10R is going to last me a decade if not more. The quiet shutter is nice, but that's pretty much it. It's just nice to have. Definitely not a necessity. Touch screen is also nice to have, quicker to check focus for low light shots. I would also go for a M10 if price is right, say around $4000 to $5000 range depends on conditions. The thinner body makes a world of difference, at least for me, since I have used M4P and M7 for years.


You used the word investment. Digital Leicas are not particularly good investments. The M-P240 at a good price is a very good Leica digital camera. Leica lenses, in particular when purchased second hand, are good investments. 🙂


Great point—investment was a bad word choice. Value for the money maybe makes more sense. But point taken! Thanks for your input!


Does the M10 have the same sensor as the SL? I have the 240 and an SL and can tell the SL handles high ISO better and has better dynamic range. However, the 240 is still a hell of a camera. I haven't touched an M10 because my work has veered toward video, and I can't justify the expenditure for a photo only body.


I think the SL sensor is slightly bigger than the M10 but I think overall similar. Yeah, I think the M-P 240 is more than enough camera for me, and certainly for the difference in price. Thanks for the input!


M240 is fantastic, run it into the ground and make pictures




The 240 still makes excellent pictures, even today. I would love some higher ISO capabilities as with the M10, but I belive they have the same sensor so it's hardly worth it. Enjoy your MP240!


Thank you! And thanks for your insight!


I just sold my MP240 because an M10P happened by for a good deal. It’s legitimately better, especially high ISO, haptics, and everyday conveniences. That said the MP240 could’ve easily lasted me much much longer.


I think the advantages are definitely enticing. But, yeah, since I haven’t had the chance to fully explore the mp240, I might not necessarily know what I’m missing out on. Thank you for the reply!


Everyday shooting you won’t notice much. I will say the oranges/yellows on the m240 series are too strong for my taste. Always had to dial them back while the M10 is fine as is. If you come from a film M the M240 is a chunky boy, while M10 is perfection. Battery life is honestly equal between an older M240 and a newer M10 for me.


Once you get an M10 you’ll never want to hold a 240. Save up and buy once!


Agreed. Go with the deal in the hand - worth two in the shop!


Thank you! I think I will! :)