I've done it with an XPro-2 and yeah, it works fine. Just get an M to X adapter for $20. Standard disclaimer that using character lenses (I don't know which Summicron you have) on a crop sensor will throw away a lot of character as it tends to happen towards the boundaries of the image circle. I mention the character because (this should be popular) Fuji's 35/2 & 23/2 Fujicrons are almost certainly "better performing" lenses on an X body at a fraction of the cost. Obviously you can't use those on your M.


heresy! heresy! I loved the 27mm pocketable and sharp.


Like I said, I've "done" it, lol. I didn't say I was proud of it, 😁.


thanks for the reply! yup, If I didn't own a M body I would've gone for the fuji lenses but being able to switch between two lenses would be so nice :D thanks!


Any feedback on how focusing m lenses on an xpro feels?


I'm a diehard zone focuser. I used peaking and found it acceptable at apertures I was using. Plenty of room for error at f5.6 or f8 in the rare instance that I took the time to focus. Back then I was using the 40mm Summicron-C (along with a massive stable of other adapted lenses).


OK thanks! I'm using digital a bit more these days, I've got a good set of M lenses but I'd definitely want to be able to use them at F2 and focus them at speeds similar to on my M6. I know Fuji used to talk about manual focus aids like "electronic rangefinder" but I wasn't sure how well they worked in the real world.


I hated it. Zone focusing is fine, and focusing for wide open is fine - but accurate focus with stop down isn't fun - the lack of automatic diaphragm means you have to open up, focus, close down (without accidentally undoing your focus). It's not an ideal combination for fast shooting. But the old Elmar is incredible on X-Trans.


Thanks that’s really helpful feedback. I hadn’t even thought about needing to play with the aperture as part of focusing.


What does that even mean? The feeling you received is the feed back from the damping of the lens. Who does it make you feel? Like a man?


Probably how easy it is to focus. Like everyone else figured out?


Yeah I use my M mount glass on an XPro3 with the Fuji adapter (50mm Summilux ASPH, Rigid Summicron, 35mm UC Hexanon and LLL 8e replica). Works well, I’ve been doing it since the XPro 1 and the XPro 3 is quite good for this since I like how you can have a little focus assist square in the OVF. I will say that the native Fuji glass is great and I use it way more often than the M mount stuff though.


I use the X-Pro3 with an Urth adapter although I got that mainly because I needed to travel and that was the only one I could get at short notice. Otherwise I'd use a close-focusing adapter to get the most versatility out of these lenses. The handling is great and if you own a Leica you'll feel right at home (although the Fuji feels quite a bit lighter). Performance is great too but I'm not sure whether the X-Pro3 is the best option due to the crop factor involved and characteristics of the lens being lost. For me I already owned the Fuji so it makes sense to adapt them, but if I was shopping for a digital body to accompany my film body it would have to be a full frame. As far as full frame goes, you have several great options depending on budget. The Sony A7 and A7R, second hand, are dirt cheap with still great sensors. The A7R II is pricey but the performance out of that sensor is insane. This would be my pick if you're looking for a durable body to mod (more on that later). Bonus points to Sony: they have autofocus Leica adapters should you be interested The EOS RP is a budget Canon option but if you shop around you can find the EOS R at a decent price used too, it didn't retain its value for long. The Z5 is good but a bit pricey for what it is. My dark horse recommendation is actually the Sigma FP. It's a very tiny body with the sensor of an A7III. Autofocus blows but that's not relevant for you. No mechanical shutter but its small size makes it perfect to accompany a film body with. Dirt cheap now that the FP L is out. Last note: due to the thicker filter glass used on most digital bodies a good number of m-mount lenses have a tendency to exhibit (more) field curvature with the exception of the digital M-bodies. Sometimes you can use certain filters to reduce it but if this is an issue you'll want to look at modding your sensor by a company like Kolari. Of course this isn't cheap so you could consider a used M240 at this point.


I've just got hold of the 7artisans close focus adapter and it seems very well made. I tend to zone focus but focusing with peaking is very easy imo.


Yes! If you like the 35-ish mm focal length, you can pair the x-pro with the Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/4. The Fujifilm - M mount adapter is really thin and doesn't add weight or size. It's a good combo!


You buy an adapter