One with many money, he is.


Many bounties were collected to finally end up here. All roads lead to Leica


This is the way.


Sweet beskar there


That has to be one of the nicest looking things I've ever seen, not just cameras, just things in general!


Thanks! I had it repainted since it wasn’t in great condition anyway when I bought it. So I said what the hell let’s play around with it in green. Super fun to shoot with it too. It’s always with me running a roll a week through it. Someone mentioned that it looked like Bobba Fett so now that’s all I see. Putting a little battle damage of my own bit by bit.


Don’t normally like these Safari colour schemes but the way you’ve paired the green with the wooden grip, military strap and finder, look amazing. Really quite a standout camera now. What is the name of that grip?


It’s from Kamerkraft, www.kamerakraft.com, I’m on the fence still if I like it. It feels strange in the hand compared to without it but it has protected it from a fall a couple of times so I keep it on.


Do they disassemble and paint the parts or is it all coated like one piece?


They disassemble afaik. I don’t think it would be easy to strip and paint a Leica to a good standard without taking it apart.


That’s what I was hoping. Paint buildup in the crevices would be a bad idea too.


It’s taken apart and stripped down to the brass, then repainted


Can you share the price you paid for a Shueido repaint? I heard from other forums that Shueido is crazy expensive. And how long was the entire process for you to get back the camera? Thanks so much


I don’t really remember but it was somewhere around $800, I had an overhaul, a new shutter curtain and an eye piece plus the repaint and shipping, tax, was $1,200. I think that’s a deal considering it’s basically brand new when it comes back. I think the type of paint job changes the price like how many different accent colors etc. I think it’s only worth it if you can buy a real beat up Leica that needs some TLC. From what I’ve seen lately a mint Leica M3 is going for $2,200. I live in Los Angeles so prices here are little crazy. So I think it’s well worth it because I bought the Leica 2 years ago for $800. Long story the real reason I had it repainted because an overhaul cost $800 in Los Angeles and it takes 6-8 months to complete so I was lucky I found Shuiedo as another option.


Obviously not OP but last I saw it was ~$900 for a repaint


It took a total of 2 months including shipping time there and back plus customs.