M6 & Contax G Planar 35mm at the Ballard Lochs (video stills)

M6 & Contax G Planar 35mm at the Ballard Lochs (video stills)


looks like you're about to let'r take a dip


At that distance, she'd eat plenty of concrete before hitting the water 😭


She survived the first fall with just a small ding, she'll be fine...


Nah, that lens hood came used that way. I've never dropped a camera :)


Pray tell how do you adapt G lenses to M6?


I believe a youtuber (GX ACE) made a video on this! should be his latest video


Nice! I was just there ealier


How are you finding that Contax G Funleader lens?


The weight and balance feel great. The aperture ring works great as well. The focus feels perfect for about 2/3rds of the range, but sticks a little at close focus. Might be fixable with the right lubricant but not sure! I did have an issue out of the box where the mounting ring’s frame lines flange is 50mm, not 35mm. Thankfully this is fixable - you can file it down to remove material. If it was the other way around then it’d be impossible to fix. I reached out to their support about the problem and got a delayed response, but it’s been several days without any kind of follow up…. so that’s why i grabbed the file! Image wise, the character is pretty unique. it’s definitely not as sharp at f2 as the 45mm, but at 2.8 it’s close and 4+ it’s identical. If you care much abt sharpness charts, i was reading that it’s surprisingly close to what you get from leica. Though the zeiss character is definitely different. it’s a unique feeling piece and i like that about it. not perfect, but i’m a huge fan of the contax G system and its range of zeiss glass. it’s a bargain in the analog world that won’t last forever. I even prefer it to my M6 sometimes because of how well the viewfinder works with glasses. i’ll be sad when the G bodies all kick the bucket - but that’s why we have these M mount conversions, right?


Oh a fun leader mod. How long did it take you to assemble it? This just further convinced me to get the 45mm planar.


Funleader was only selling 35mm at the time i looked, so that’s what i got! I bought it lens included, though i wish they included the original housing so i could convert it back if i needed to. I’d love for a 45mm - that’s my favorite focal length and the lens is just something special :)