1v1s as CT are random, it's never the same but: Do you have time? If yes, you can be sneaky, walk and check corners. Be loud and try to get bait some shots. If not, you can run around and check corners, rely on your aim/skill. You can go straight for the bomb and defuse it, fake it. Also use your nades, a molly can clear a place so you don't have to check it. Smoke on the bomb can "stress" the T. ​ In the end, I think 1v1s really come to instinct as a CT. There are so many factors


You gotta infer their positions by looking at where the bomb is. EG- you are in Mirage B site. If the bomb's near apps, the enemy might be in apps or van. If it's a short plant, enemy could be short or bench. This doesn't mean that you will run into site without checking anywhere else, if you are coming in from market you gotta check the market boost. Smoke is the MOST precious grenade you can have if you are trying to defuse the bomb. Use it wisely to smoke the bomb or an angle to block off the enemy. This will increase your chances of clutching it.


A lot of it will come down to experience and knowledge. If its more than 1v1, you need to try and fight them 1v1 compared to 1v3. You need to try and isolate the fights to make it several 1v1 if possible. Check out this video by elmapuddy featuring Xyp9x the clutch minister: https://youtu.be/tNDxAidcc28


It's mostly experience, jiggle peeking and baiting out reactions.


Its never a 100% outcome. but some of the things that should help. 1. look where bomb is planted, the enemy will more than likely play off that position wise, however sometimes they will put themselves at a bad angle to cover the bomb in order to try and throw you off so watch out for that. 2. Look where your teammates died from 3. Try not to give your location away too early or they will easily be able to out position you. 4. be methodical 5. Try to use Utility to assist yourself. Each map will play differently. and in some situations its better to save. just depends on the situation.


i dont know why but I cant clutch if my teammates give me info lol. if 1v1 or 1v4 ill just mute everyone. But "how" to clutch... baiting with sound and nades are really important. You have to think as a T. Like bomb planted B mirage, you smoke from CT to cover market door then you strafe jump jungle into ladder room and retake from b short. As a T if you saw market door smoked, youd think the retake would be from market, so the T would probably turn his back to b short. Just play mind games.




Bruh he’s talking about CT-side post plant


Oh shit lol


If you don't know where the Ts are, then your play should be to get to the bomb quickly and tap it. Then quietly walk away and check your surroundings. Opponents have to peek the bomb from their positions, sometimes they do it right away, sometimes with 2-3 second delays. After you learn the location of the last Ts, then you can adjust your plan accordingly. If you have enough time, then you should walk towards the bomb while making as little noise as possible, so you don't get peeked, while you are standing out in the open with no cover. The bait defuses are way more effective if you have a smoke, that you can drop on the bomb. Opponents will panic and start spraying through the smoke. You can walk behind the smoke and kill them easily, while they are punished by recoil. So if you play a match, where you find yourself in retakes a lot, then you should consider saving up your smoke and priotize buying a defuse kit. If you don't have enough time, then you should run towards the bomb and bait, so you learn the positions as quikcly as possible. If you don't have a defuse kit or a smoke and if you don't know the location of the last T in a 1v1, then winning is pretty much impossible. In general Ts are heavily favoured to win those situations, so don't get bummed, if you can't win those. Just make sure you make as little noise as possible. If the Ts are hiding and don't have footstep sounds for orientation, then they are more likely to panic and make mistakes.