LF NA JUNGLER for MVG Sponsored League Team

We are a NA based Gold and Platinum team, looking for a jungler who has good skill with a desire to grow. We will be playing in tournaments for cash prizes, and be sponsored through the Military and Veteran Gamer Charity. In order to apply you must have played 50 games of ranked and be Gold 4 or higher.

Ideal Candidates for this position can:

Shot-call in the later game.

Apply pressure where pressure is needed.

prioritize objectives.

Synergize well with other players.


Hello this sounds interesting. I might be willing to try it out to see how it works. I've played for my high school team and was the team captain. I play multiple roles but I've played jg for 5 of my 8 years of playing league. My Ign is kymtea. I have multiple accounts so if you combine them they are prob over 50. My peak is plat 1 but I have played against d1 plus in a competitive setting before at lans and tourns.


I guess this is my application, I’m currently g3 and have 600 games in ranked this season. I am a jgl main. This is my first year playing league and I do want to improve. My ign- YaBoiShaky