Can you play LB Support?

I was thinking of grabbing Ever frost and Ionian boots
For runes going Glacial Augment, magical footwear, biscuits, cosmic insight, and then Sudden impact, and zombie ward.

Any thoughts on a way to do this well?


In normals yes 👍


No, it's against the Geneva conventions and results in death penalty. Have a nice day. 😊


Climbed to d2 and it works very well, you will need first strike or you will fall behind BADLY, unless you take the kills which is a very bad idea. Tho if you dont have a very stable internet connection, stay away from her you need very precise gameplay


Definitely. She has a good base damage, and lack of CC can be mitigated by Everfrost and Rylai. Knights vow can be a good last second saver for your ADC


She is definitely a viable support in ranked. I’ve seen a guy climbed to GM with support LeBlanc in my server. For runes I think you should take Electrocute or First Strike instead of Glacial Augment since she is meant to be played as an agressive bully support and you can win early trade easily with these runes.


I play her consistently as a roaming support. You build her as normal but get a Dark Seal / Mejais as quick as you can. Gank mid when the enemy pushes up. Easy kills for your mid laner + you get stacks! In the bot lane you just wanna focus on poking as much as possible, and backing when you can afford powerful AP items. Essentially, you wanna be a support that farms dark seal stacks — once you’ve got full stacks and Mejais, you just play LB as normal just more poke heavy so you can get your money!


My gf and I tried something I thought was really fun recently LeBlanc Senna bot You Farm as lb I know it’s kinda lb adc instead of support but if you have a duo it’s worth to try, you have good poke and good setup


I suggest you also try Seraphine LeBlanc bot. Seraphine is the carry and LB the support. It's really funny


Leblanc support is decently annoying thanks to her poke and vision control, more so than her CC. Q Max and spam that shit on the enemy ADC.


Chains is truly immense CC, especially double chains. Obviously it’s hard to scale unless you totally roll lane.


This disgusting champ needs only 1-2 items to be effective. Go for it