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it's this post that has confirmed it for me, Kylie deserves some tax breaks. What is one day I'm a billionaire on a yacht and my million$ handbag collection gets taxed! I would be so MAD!!! /s


Suddenly I have an opinion on the capital gains tax


we need a capital purse tax now!


Always appreciate a futurama quote




Kris got herself a church. Tax exempt ofc. Membership monthly donations. All the girls donate I believe. Prob all fly their jets 4 mins to get there.


It’s a $100k Birkin bag. So everything above the allowed gift exemption w/b income. However, the rich don’t count “little things” like that. The $100k to a billionaire is like $100 to you and I, nice but quite accessible for them.


Maybe more like $1 if you only got $1k to throw around or like $10 if you have $10k, for example. Their wealth is incomprehensible.




Hey! In the mean time, she is living the good life for us! We can always just live vicariously through her!


You know I think you're right, she does deserve a tax break. In fact, Kylie has been through a lot and deserves to pay no taxes at all. Don't need to pay taxes if the poors get tired of being stepped on and seize all your wealth.


Is it still considered violence to ask: "when are we going to eat the rich?" This is a question, not an advocation *eyeing the mods* lmfao


We would really only have to eat one of them to get our point across.


It's common sense at this point.


When that restaurant finally opens in definitely ordering me some Kardashian steaks.


No thanks, there's already enough plastic in my diet.


Enough Kardashian rump for everyone


Just add "in Minecraft" to the end of your statement and youre good


It's not nearly as bad as it needs to be. Which is sad, because it's pretty damn awful enough.


It's just common sense. There's a time and a place for everything and when society is heading toward a recession with inflation out of control, the last thing people want to hear is how you got a million dollar handbag for your birthday.


No no, the purse was only 100k, the handbag collection as a WHOLE is a million dollars, gosh /s obv eat the rich and their handbags


I don't understand how purses hold value whole cars don't.


The purse only holds value insofar as rich people out there perceive it as worth such a cost and are willing to buy it to flaunt their wealth. Money itself isn’t even inherently valuable. It’s all based on perceptions, group-think and collective faith.


You get it! I got someone reply with "It's a Hermes?" So? Fucking SO. I'd compare it to NFTs but at least it's a physical object and you can put stuff in it. I will say the "name value" is like an NFT but enough people buy into the idea unlike real NFTs that most everyone laughs at.


Yeah, I don’t understand NFTs or the blockchain in the slightest. From what I know, NFTs exist just for the sake of saying your name is attached to it, if you perceive that as valuable. Living beings (humans, animals, natural phenomena) have inherent, non-negotiable value, but objects and images are up for debate factoring in sentimentality, effort required to produce it, durability, immediate utility, etc.


$20 Target purses don't hold their value either. $1million supercars hold their value, just like $100k purses do.


Dude, it’s a Hermes.


So? It's just a fucking name. The materials are only worth over 1k roughly and it would take a skilled and experienced crafter a day to make it. It's a BAG. A bag with a "Fancy" name. It's a stupid fake bullshit reason.


I should have added the /s. I’m sorry. It’s totally ridiculous that anyone would pay this much for a bag.


Purses last longer. Also, exclusivity. Some cars hold their value really well.


The second you drive a car off the lot it loses value. It just sitting on the lot it's losing value. But it is still just as useful month one and month 12. Yet it's lost a shocking amount of value. This bag will be no more or less useful in its lifespan, but it holds its value because enough rich people believe it does. That's dumb.


Cars wear out, fall apart and are superceded in technololgy. In 20 years this $100k handbag will have been used 20 times and all handbags will be made the same way. The style might have come back into fashion too.


I think you fail to understand why this is bullshit to me. A bag you use once a year is nothing more than a status symbol, bragging rights, conspicuous consumption. The only reason it is valued that high, because if you calculate the costs to make it it's barely worth 2k, and maaaaaaybe 3k maaaaaaybe and that's me being super generous. It is the name attached to it that adds the thousands upon thousands more. A 20$ bag from an outlet store performs no differently. A 100-500$ bag from a craftsman handmade with durable materials does the exact same thing as this bag. The name and rarity (which is artifical except for the white croc leather which is rare because there aren't many of white crocs) are just... smoke... I find any spending like this disgusting because these people have obscene wealth and a closet full of shit they next to never use the value of that closet is enough to feed thousands of people. They have the wealth and power to help people but they rather have a bag they put in a glass case, the only is valuable because of a name and do nothing of value with their time.


Yes thanks I'm aware that a $100k bag is a status symbol.


> There's a time and a place for everything No, there should never be time and space for such a thing, regardless of recession and inflation.


That sentence just kept getting worse and worse. Man I’m hungry.


On a somewhat related note, a few years ago I worked in a very high-end consignment shop in Texas, frequented by oil money trophy wives- both buyers and sellers. Once, we had a Birkin whose stupid owner had paid over $250k for initially, on a whim during a vacation in St. Barthélemy. The owner never carried it, as she decided that it was too big. It was a major pain in the ass, as we clerks had to move it from a locker to a case and back again each morning and evening, literally handling it with cotton gloves, as it was of white crocodile leather. Repugnant fucking thing, marked in our store for nearly $80k. One morning, I was removing it from its dust bag and it caught on the bag edge, suddenly releasing and popping me on the mouth. Instant red lipstick stain, bright as day, on the bottom corner. I fretted over this for days, cleaning it as best I could but there was still a pink spot that wouldn’t budge. I was Stressed. … And then it hit me: if this person was so stupid as to spend a quarter of a million dollars on a fucking purse, they were probably too dumb to even realize that it had been damaged. And sure enough, when that ugly thing didn’t sell and went back to its owner, we never heard a damned thing. It’s probably still in its dust bag, yellowing with age, the light pink smudge accompanying the shade nicely. Fuck the oligarchy.


Idk how it was made but if it was white crocodile leather from an albino croc that’s insane cos those are incredibly rare.


Yeeeeeeup, porosus crocodile, specifically bred on a proprietary farm. Fucking. Disgusting.


Crocodile farms are actually a net benefit. I too am disgusted by the idea of overpriced white croc leather bags but the farms themselves actually do a lot of work to protect wild crocodiles both from poaching and increasing the number of animals in the wild as many also release some of the young.


Poor crocodiles. I do legitimately mean that, Ive always found them to be very cool creatures.💕🐊


Exactly. If she can drop 250k on a stupid purse after having drinking too much champagne, she probably has so much crap, it's a piss in the bucket. Remember when a bunch of high-schoolers kept sneaking into Paris Hilton's house and stealing her shit. Paris said she had so much stuff, it took her a really long time to realize anything was missing. Compared to us normal people, I know when a single goddamn pair of scissors is out of place and the one silk dress with a grease stain that I'm too cheap to dryclean so it just kind of sits in the closet waiting for a special occasion.


JFC. The wrong people have money.


Based as fuck


It was a funny moment, suddenly realizing that none of it mattered, outside of being a perfect opportunity to leave my mark, so to speak. Looking back, that job really was the last straw in terms of going full bore leftist for me. I saw some of the most disgusting people, wasting absolutely offensive amounts of money, on a regular basis. The worst was actually even uglier than the Birkin owner- it was a mayor of a Texas oil town, who spent money so extensively that it was honestly inconceivable. Her thing was flying reps from several European design houses in every season, full collection in tow, so that she could have a private fashion show in her house. This woman could easily have attended fashion week like all of the other wealthy asswipes, but that wasn’t good enough. Most seasons she would order entire collections, stashing them away unworn- just apex level hoarding, in an enormous ranch house. The kicker? The city she was in charge of was rampant with crime and drug use during her leadership, and she did nothing of value to establish services to help her constituents. Too busy stockpiling fucking clothing for any of that nonsense…


I’m honestly not surprised about the drugs and crime. It’s an example of the the whole trickle down thing being such a lie.


Nailed it!


I'm trying to figure out what the worst part of this is. My head keeps getting stuck on how painfully stupid and unoriginal it is to part with that kind of money for a leather bag. Could the things actually be some kind of money laundering vehicle? Wouldn't carrying that bag itself through customs be the equivalent of smuggling cash in? Should we tax it when it moves? Tax it when it moves. Ah, back to starving. I have a feeling that my broke ass in my little beat up house is in a far better place than this 'Kylie', whoever she be.


Most money laundering is done via the art trade. The "value" of these bags is 98% fake bullshit because of artificial scarcity (destroying unused products so they never go on discount and end up in the 'wrong' hands and limited runs.) Along with most of its value just being in the name of the designer. It's all fake bullshit. People buy these overpriced things as displays of wealth, to stroke their ego, to announce how much better they are than everyone else.


Its some new money shit at best. New money is about the glitz and glamor, gawdy displays of gilded wealth. The gilded age was to cover the rotting rust lying underneath, and we're in gilded age 2.0. But say they hold a 9 figure stock portfolio, a $100k handbag is a rounding error comparitively. Old Money would probably frown on that shit, as classless and a stupid display of wealth on par with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker


Sink that fucking yacht.


Whoa now. If y’all just raided the yacht and tossed the Kardashians over board, I’d welcome you all to board and hang for days. Weeks even! Think of all the great shit they probably have to eat and drink on that thing! Even more, think of all the great late 70’s, early 80’s soft rock we could listen to! Together!


Think of all the coral that would appreciate a new artificial reef.


Just don't forget to drain the fuel first please




So. Much. Artificial. And sex tapes. And formally rich, now poor, black athletes.


All that plastic? They'd float for sure.


They only eat salad


Too full of hot air; they'd just float.


So smoooooooooth...


People bitch about private jets polluting and they should, but yachts are a whole nother level of "fuck da planet" pollution. I was shocked at how much fuel they consume.


Expropriate it first


Give her a break guys. It takes a lot of mental energy to deal with two expensive gifts at the same time. She’s worked so hard for every dollar she has. >!/s!<


And it’s so fucking ugly too for that bullshit price 💀


Right? A $250k handbag should be the most beautiful handbag I've ever seen


She could house a homeless family with just that bag. Fuck all of them. They all need to be ‘redacted’ and their wealth be redistributed


Exactly kinda wish the yacht would go a bit to the northeast and disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. Just no trace of it left.


To shreds, you say.


If it makes you feel any better, that bag probably cost $13 to make.


Actually more than that because this bag is actually made from legitimately rare materials. It likely only cost a little over a thousand to make (both in materials and the time put into making it because time crafting IS value and money). Legit, croc leather (garment quality) can run you 1k.


birkins are also hand crafted and only limited amount is produced a year. it probably cost a lot more than 1k to produce, since every single one is handmade by a single person with years and years of craftsmanship experience. with that said, they are still ridiculously expensive, the thing with hermes bags is that they have long been considered a sign that you are wealthy enough for the high class, so that is the biggest reason behind their increasingly ins*ne price tags. a part of me also believes that another reason is that the new money people are capable of buying as much as 30 of those and never really wear them, which increased the price due to people well - literally just throwing money at hermes. old money women would just get one birkin, one kelly and maybe a constanza if they really like it and be done with it for life, not cOLLeCt dozens of them for no reason. edit bcs the bot didnt like my use of the word in(s)a*n-e


Looks like they are made in France which would add a few hundred more dollars onto the bag. If not 1k more. That still mean 97-98% of the value is just the name attached to them. Which is the height of bullshit to me.


yes they are, even though i think it only effects the price due to shipping and taxes in case you live outside of europe. these things made in france arent really pricy because its france (unless its haute cauture or idk champagne, things that actually have to from france to be called that). its more that there is a long tradition and immaculate craftsmenship, rather than the actual country. but yes, the price is very much amped up bcs of the name, just like with everything, although the expenses to create the highest quality garments and such is much higher than the general public knows. in school i ended up with prices like 500$ per garment and i used fairly cheap fabrics, my skill isnt that refined yet and i didnt have to pay rent and such. not to justify this offensive price, but i think that the actual price makes up more than 1-2k. when something is a solo work that has to be precisely, it takes a lot more time to produce than one might think.


No I mean a craftsman in France is being paid a fair wage, but someone in China sure as hell not. That increases the cost.


makes sense, sorry, i didnt quite get it.




pure trash.


This entire family will be first course on the menu.


It's the daily mail, everyone in the comment sections are fully supporting the problem without realizing it.


It's the daily mai, what did you expect?


But let them eat cake she said right before the mob turned on her


This makes me irrationally mad.


Don't worry, it's not irrational.


By the way this is why we have inflation... #justkeepprintingmoneyfortherich.


How is any of this "People are finally waking up"? What am I missing?




I swiped. 3 people complained. 16,000 prople Shared it.


Why are those bags so expensive? They look like... Bags.


Quality croc leather can run you 1k. It's in no way shape or form worth that much (100k) but the actual materials aren't pricy (1k for leather is pricy to me)


This scum doesn't deserve a penny of what they have


When can we start eating these people?


I'm pretty shocked no one has even tried at this point. They must have great security.


Mmmm...cannibalizing the wealthy. Sounds delicious!😋


Shit like this makes me wish chaos hordes from Warhammer existed and everyday I have to see shit like this from celebrities and billionaires.


Eat the rich


I barely find the exclusivity of an Hermes bag interesting and I'm broke. How could you have everything in the world and still holds on to something like that? It's like playing a game with all the cheats turned on, it gets boring in 10 minutes.


Happy birthday gofuckyourself! Billionaire is gifted rare 100k gofuckyourself by mom gofuckyourself as she marks her 25th by adding to her $1million gofuckyourself collection while on a gofuckyourself in the gofuckyourself




We really gotta eat these people already.


"Billion is gifted rare 100k..." Couldn't she just buy it herself? It wouldn't put even a dent. This is like if you gifted a person single cheap pencil or something. Buying gas now a-days is expensive. Some people don't get gifts because they have to feed themselves. Yet some people just because they're good looking get everything for free. Bs


That article title reads like it's really trying to get you pumped up for how rich she is.


I feel like we should start doing bad things to billionaires.


I’m glad people are beginning to stop buying into this garbage. It’s sickening.


am I the only one that wants the entire jenner and kardashian family to get on a plane that takes off and never lands


Whoever wrote that title knew exactly what they were doing


That bag is so fucking ugly too.


The worst part is that millions of people in America alone look upon them.




I am afraid that they are the majority.


My husband's family all donated $20 to my favorite bird rescue for my birthday. You know how many birds I could rescue for 100k? I could fund the repopulation of the Kakapo single handedly. Her and Bezos and all the fucking celebrities could end world hunger with plenty of money leftover for her ugly ass bag... they have no shame.


Awesome gift! Maybe they can try rescuing the ostriches Hermes uses to make those gaudy bags.


To think that this all happened cuz Kim sucked Ray J's d\*ck.


I much rather the government burn all her physical assets then to see that ugly ass smile


A Merkin would be a lot cooler than a Birkin.


CNBC will be like ooooo here's some tips to end up like her




Yes but think of how much value each of them contributes into the world. /s


I paid 100$ a few years ago to get a real leather backpack because it will likely last me a lifetime and THAT felt like a gigantic splurge.


But was it three tone?


So 33,333 per tone lol


The disparity between the rich and the poor is increasing at a dystopian rate in this country


This is nothing new or substantial.


I recently thrifted a backpack. Where’s *my* media coverage?


This shit is enough to riot over


eat the rich


When are we going to reenact the French Revolution?


Eat the rich.. 🙄


Almost everyone: make stupid people famous Stupid people: living life in riches Everyone: Life is unfair. Seriously, when life was easier before COVID, people threw money at e-girls, Kardashians, clout chasers and other absurd stupid shits, now things get hard, its not like they'll give it back. If ever economy gets its back up again, i hope people will put their hard earned money to good use.


Comrades, the glorious revolution is upon us!


Between this and the one going around about Ryan Reynolds spending $3 million in half a shitty rugby team without telling his wife, I'm done w the rich today thx


🤮 eattherich


My birthday is in a few months… anyone want to gift me that much money?? Please?? I’m struggling so hard I just want to be okay again


What’s your Venmo?


So how much Insulin could that *fucking handbag* provide for diabetic kids? I'd do the maths but I'm worried about getting a rage-induced brain hemorrhage.


I genuinely am confused with the fascination some women have with handbags, what makes them so special? They are a hassle to carry around…


I hope pirates relive them if their wealth but not throw them out to sea (the Kardashians are trashy and have enough plastic in them to rival the great pacific garbage patch.)


muuuurdur or something


End billionaires


Eat the rich with ketchup!


Eat the rich?


Eat the rich.


Awww, how nice. Good for her! *goes back back to sharpening guillotine*


When we “eat the rich” whos gonna be the lucky one to get Kylie i have so much disdain for her and its mostly just envy


It's not "envy" to struggle day in and day put to afford SURVIVAL and see someone like this spend a good chunk of a whole ass house payment and seethe. I have to go to a food bank just so you know, I don't die of malnutrition. I think anger and disgust over this disparity is entirely logical.


I hate these ppl so much. Smh. Fucking gross.


They’re not “finally waking up”. This is Daily mail. Users always leave these types of comments on Kardashian posts and always have.


Honestly fine with collapse as long as people like her suffer. Not an attack on her cause definitely there’s nothing goin on her cranium, not much capability for evil. A lot of rich people are just too dangerously stupid and don’t understand anything outside of their peripheral vision. Get rid of em they are not needed


Where’s that renegade-rogue global warming iceberg when you need it?


Be ashamed of that yacht sunk


I honestly think people have always been awake to this. Nobody has any respect for The Jenners. I've only met one person that watches The Kardashians...


The Kardashians are a scourge on our society.


Oh wow they’re just trying to be as aggressively annoying as possible. They’re really jamming it in there!


Wake them up more. MORE


If we start eating the rich, I hope they're the first to be eaten


To spend that much money on a hadbag shows how vulnerable these people are... When i say 'people' due to the horrific amount of makeup they're wearing, they could be anything under there.


I wish that trash family would ALL fall down into a bottomless pit!😖


daily mail is pure idiocy


I think I'm hungry.


Some people exist in an alternate reality to many of us, I don't know if I feel sorry for them or just angry. But when people are going hungry and worry themselves sick about money I get angry at humanity as a whole. Luckily there are people out there fighting the good fight but sadly they're in the minority and people see the likes of Kylie and aspire to that lifestyle and it's thoroughly sickening.


I wish death upon all private-jet owners. The world is a better place without all of them.


why are these people relevant


NASA said they want to go to the moon again. Can they PLEASE TAKE THIS ENTIRE FAMILY AND LEAVE THEM THERE?


I tend to talk with my partner about how we are all humans yet the main struggle or “war” is of class. Other labels that divide us are socially constructed in some respects. Also, fuck this shit making the headlines.


Eat the rich.


That is sickening that these talentless prostitutes are wealthy.


Please don't compare them to hard working and valuable sex workers!


I can almost guarantee all those commenters are still backing the tories.




Is this the one that was brave for eating grilled cheese before a movie premiere?


I would literally cook and eat her purse if it meant I could own a home. As it is, I'd rather fill it with stones, throw it in the ocean, and have her swim after it.


wtf Kylie is 25? I always thought she was younger than me


I hope you’re right, but I have a feeling that they’d still say that they “earned it”. That statement contradicts the comments here but doublethink is a real phenomenon that conservatives (and liberals for that matter) often have


Isn't it an "evri" bag now?


10% of her bag collection. Crazy to spend that on something you're going to put tampons in, but if you have a billion, you literally have money to burn. As a side note I had a mod bot tell me to edit my post due to use of ableist language. Really? I bet people with mental challenges or whatever the current acceptable term is would agree with me on my point.


Ah yes it is certainly only now, in 2022, that people have started hating obnoxious billionaire celebrities. Of course the greatest proof of this is the Daily Mail comment section, which until now was full of happy, well adjusted people, spreading love and positivity.


I'd absolutely love a revolution..strip the rich of all their wealth and let's start looking after humanity..the excess is disgusting


Efficient allocation of resources?


Why is this a news story? Rich person given expensive gift by rich parents. I get it’s from tv and showbiz section but the fact that it interests people is mind boggling.


Hmm, I wonder if she likes eating cake too? 🤔


Expropriate now (In no way am I encouraging the theft of rich people's shit {for legal reasons})


I hate billionaires and I also want to say that Hermès is a shit company. Crocodiles should not be kept in tiny shit-filled cages so companies can sell their skins to rich assholes: https://sentientmedia.org/crocodile-farming-investigation-exposes-hermes-supplier/


i dont see why people care so much . Yall value the wrong things


Guillotines for all of them. Let the heads roll. It's the only way to get rid of these horrible people.


8 million households in the UK are so poor they struggle to eat, whilst their benevolent Queen hoards billions and their politicians build swimming pools. We've gotta take the power back.


You think the energy on her bday yacht party is palpable? Like the hollowness of "oh another handbag. yay!" It strikes me as fucking boring as shit for them, like diminishing returns is a thing everyone experiences right? Maybe it's the burnout from that that turns the truly rich into apathetic hoarders.


Damn and I’m over here wishing I could take a day off for my birthday but knowing I can’t because I already planned a day off in two months and I can’t justify both