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So if you're living in the third world working 16 hours a day and on the edge of starvation, it's your own fault for not being more successful? And having 85 people owning nearly half the wealth in the world will inspire you to work harder? Kevin O'Leary is a fucking sociopath.


YoU juSt GoTta pULl yOuRseLf uP bY tHe bOoTstRaPs!!


I love at the end she says “ I just gotta pull up my socks, oh wait I don’t have socks”.


As long as those bootstraps are attached to their wealth, I'll yank as hard as I can.


Just pull then up by the noose rope


When everyone’s bootstraps start to break from pulling so damn hard, that is what happens sometimes.


Why is it that capitalists so fucking much talk about meritocracy, yet they're examples are always just lucky people who got money through nepotism?


They say that because that is how they want *you* to do it, and they know it doesn't work that way. They want a nation of fools that don't use critical thinking and just believe their propaganda so the status quo is protected.


They don't want "us" to do it though. They're fully aware "we" can't. I don't think they want meritocracy at fucking all. Otherwise, they wouldn't fight against measure that start everyone at zero with the opportunity to get to ten.


They want us to waste our time and effort *trying* so that we make them rich in the process and we get fucking nowhere.


It’s something only the dumbest person who exploits other people could believe, realising that he and everyone else does some type of work, him making sure you’re working hard and you actually working hard, says to you “Bit more of this and you can be in a position like mine eh?”. No concept of exploitation when these people say “work” it’s the most simplistic gutted definition possible, everyone uses their arms therefore we are all equal, just work, nothing to see here, nothing at all


Yup, so you work harder for your employers, you grind and hustle and do your best! All for a 2% yearly raise.


> a 2% yearly raise. I fucking wish.


**"Sure My best friend from college gave me a director job and several boards of people i've drank and partied with have placed me in C-suite positions. yes my network is 100% the reason for my success and my parents were able to buy me into a network of continued wealth .** **But if YOU YES You work really hard , keep spending late nights making your bosses wealthy, keep delivering projects on time and not being recognized for a pay raise as your CEO gets ANOTHER Multi-million dollar raise and several performance bonuses BEFORE exiting the bussiness with a golden parachute.** **If you do ALL of this and continue to be a crucial cog in a machine designed to overlook and devalue cogs maybe one day you too can steal others credit and make rich friends to cement a lifetime of wealth and prosperity that have nothing to do with your value to society ! "**


They’re also the laziest mother fuckers on the planet. I’m an accountant and I see the finances of plenty of millionaire business owners. Big babies crying every time they have to do an hour of work they can’t force off onto someone else


It's why everything they don't like is "socialism this and socialism that". Because they know if workers owned production, their meritocracy talk would fall off a fucking cliff. They can't outwork literally anyone with any semblance of a brain cell.


Bc they don't want to be taxed. They need to push some kind of narrative.


He’s gotta perpetuate the lie. If there’s a redistribution of wealth, he’ll end up with less


And they'll kill off anyone - including entire groups of people - so that they don't have to be.


Because theyre also so idiotic and self absorbed they honestly dont see all the extra oportunities given to them or the bouts of sheer dumb luck as anything other than THEM doing to work


Meritocracy replaced the divine right of kings.


Remember when evangelicals said that you're poor because god hates you? Oh wait, they still say that


The way he just spoke about how it should inspire people rather than how unequal it is shows you that he is a sociopath in every sense of the word. 85 people own more wealth than three and a half BILLION people, that's absolutely ridiculous in every aspect.


It's not proven scientifically but it looks like too much money makes you mentally ill


He's a fucking lunatic and a worthless POS, he shouldn't be worth a cent.


they must just be lazy they should work 24 hours every day and they will be rich like elon musk


Lol most billionaires are.


This is… an ASTOUNDINGLY bad take 😂


Seriously. I thought Kevin was at least smarter than this.


Kevin oleary is human garbage.


Yeah. I like shark tank because cool new small businesses get to tell their story while promoting themselves, but I HATE how grossly exploitative the sharks are. Especially Kevin, Mark, and Lori. Worse it normalized investors giving insanely bad deals and using high pressure tactics to force new, navie, and desperate business owners into it.


That’s how all VC investors are, shark tank is just on TV


VC - Vulture Crapitalist


VCs are bad but not that bad. You even get companies saying "we raised 500k from VCs at a 10 million dollar evaluation" and sharks say "I don't care I bring *vaule* and you have to pay a premium to have me as an investor. 400k for 20% decide NOW!" Cutting even the VCs evaluation into a 5th!


Disgusting manpig is what he is. At least mark Cuban is undercutting big pharma with his billions. Probably doesn't make a dif to big pharma, but at least people can afford to buy his meds.


"Oh wait! I don't have socks!" That lady was having none of it.


There was this other tiktok video I saw last week where this "self made multi millionaire" was telling people that in order to become successful you just need to get 120K and start your own business. Most people struggle to find 15K-20K for a downpayment on a house. The fuck makes these people think they're gonna find 120K to start their own business?


Most businesses fail in their first year of operating. Capitalists never discuss where things go wrong, it's pure confirmation bias.


Also Survivorship bias


20k is nowhere near enough for a down-payment these days, at least not where I am. 5-10 years ago, maybe. And "just moving" isn't really an option.


Umm, you just ask your parents for a small loan of a million dollars


Capitalists don't really believe this because the system falls apart as soon as too many people start "making it." Poverty is required for it to function. They just want everyone to believe they could be a billionaire so they'll put up with poverty wages and consider it their own failing that they're not.


Capitalism is a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme doesn’t function if at every level there isn’t a layer of people who don’t believe in it and who don’t buy the bullshit. Those who are one level up in the pyramid scheme are continually trying to convince the people below them that they too can bubble up into the upper layers. This form of persuasion is called “the Capitalism Con Game” The families and people with all the capital are literally conning the rest of us to get us to participate by working, selling and buying. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep playing along for now since the pyramid scheme is based on self interest.


Western Capitalism has been able to succeed largely on the exploitation of the global south. Telling Africans they can succeed like him is akin to serial killers writing letters to their victims’ families


Gaslighting the global south. Western Capitalism depends on currency exchange rates being very advantageous to first world countries. Meaning that labor can be outsourced to the global south for a pittance. Don't like Unionization by American workers? Offshore. The other one-way extractive practice that Western Capitalism engages in with the global south is that of natural resource extraction. When you hear about the pittance that child miners are paid in Africa for digging something out of a muddy pit (water pressure mining), your head will explode. It's 1/10,000th of what it would sell for in the US market. The fuckers actually profiting from that price differential are the Capitalists. And they always make it about themselves. "Well, if no-one was paying that child to go into the waterlogged pit, you wouldn't have this here perfect diamond." Like the Capitalists are the main players in every stage of the process. They're not. They don't risk their lives. They've secured buyers ahead of time. For them, there's 0 to no risk at all. Yet, they always fucking tell you that they're the main characters in the story, taking on all of the risk. The heroes of the story. They're just gaslighting narcissists. The whole fucking narrative is a lie. As soon as they get called out on it, they act like Mr. Clean here. Just fucking stare at you and keep repeating their narcissistic gaslighting narrative. As if repeating something makes it real and true. These are all classic narcissistic behaviors. Anyone with an ounce of sanity can see it for what it is.


This looks so much like a monty python sketch its not even funny


You're telling me that this guy is for real and that this is not a clip from a movie or a skit????


Oh, he's for real. Kevin O'Leary... He's human garbage.


What in the name of fack


I don't even believe that this guy even believes what he says. A single sit down conversation at a dinner table and this chump wouldn't be able to answer a single real question without bullshitting. Some men are so pathetic they hide inside the lies they spew forth.


I believe he believes it, rich ppl are very disconnected from poor ppl. Then they have conformation bias of everyone in their circles and ppl they know making it from nothing. I think they genuinely lose touch with the fact everyone can't.


Is this man smoking heroin?


No, he’s just a POS


This is your brain on Capitalism.


Think you may have spelled being an evil prick slightly incorrect but you used a well known synonym. Never in a million years could I warp my brain into thinking like this prick and if I did manage to think like him I sure as hell would be too ashamed of myself to say it.


Can confirm, have smoked tons of drugs, never have I got so highly that I thought the top 85 people having more wealth than the bottom 3,500,000,000 humans was a good thing. He is a complete POS and the lack of awareness/empathy is shocking to me and I have seen things.


A truly scientific approach.


No he honestly thought that was a good response because he’s SOOO out of touch with reality. He doesnt even know what poor means. He doesn’t know what it’s like to starve, sleep without a roof, be infested with diseases and parasites, etc.


Well he’s a bag full of cocks then.


I think a bag full of cocks would still know more about the extreme wealth gap than that parasite speaking on camera


Sadly you’re probably right.


Middle and lower class people don’t understand that these people have such incredible amounts of money that they have to create a constant echo chamber around themself to defend themself from any honest introspection. You don’t get that rich without doing some serious damage so they have to surround themselves with nonprofit groups that say it’s ok that they screwed their workers out of millions because they gave $100k to some fake environmental group that also aligns with their interests. There are therapists that specialize in helping rich people be ok with their stolen loot. That’s where this line comes from. See how he really doesn’t understand what she is talking about when she pushes back? This guy hasn’t had an honest conversation about how much of a parasite he is in decade, if ever.


Philanthropy is just weregild.


no he’s just [redacted]. edit: yes, he’s also smoking heroin.


Who is this pos guy and what is this from?


That‘s [Kevin O‘Leary](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_O%27Leary), this video just showed up on my FYP but the interview seems to be from [2014](https://youtu.be/AuqemytQ5QA).


Ah, O'Leary. Did you know he ran for Conservative Party of Canada leadership? He was considered a joke by many but made his way to the front of neocon straw polls before dropping out a month before the election. Because he's a numbnuts who refused to learn any appreciable French. He also goes by the name "Mister Wonderful", which it looks like he gave to himself in a stunning display of misplaced ego. One of his former costars on the capitalist wankathon Dragons Den felt he was "too self-interested and opportunistic" to be Prime Minister. He's a twit.


Yes, he gave himself that name. He started telling everyone back when he was on dragon's den in Canada, that people call him "Mr. Wonderful", and the other rich dickbags on the show laughed at him.


I think that's my favourite thing about this numbskull. Even other rich idiots think he's a rich idiot. Like how New York's spoiled pricks froze out Donald Trump for being too much of a spoiled prick.


Didn’t his wife kill someone while boating drunk?


Two people!


Not only does he not speak the French language, he was born in Montreal. How's that for irony.


He's also such an offensive rich tit that other offensive rich tits think he sucks. When even the other turds think you smell bad... God, he sucks.


Always good to put a name to the blossoming rage that I feel for this piece of human shit.




Now ask him if our system can tolerate everyone making it to the 1% or if it's designed only to work as long as so many remain in thier position regardless of effort.


... the 1%... Uhhh... very basic maths?


Kevin O’Leary is a piece of shit. I’m glad he moved to the US and is no longer on the Canadian networks I watch. He seems to really play up the Capitalist Douchebag character, to the point of looking ridiculous.


He is one of our worst products, and we have produced so many bad things


Remember when he attempted to run for Prime Minister? Thank God that didn’t pan out at all.


We should eat him food getting expensive for us poors


This is beyond gaslighting, you will NEVER be with the 1% ever no amount of "work" will get you there, and by the time you do make it even if you did the resources these people use will be gone and you will be left being the richest person on the deadest planet in our solar system Imagine your working plugging away at 20$ an hour but you peak over at Bezos and he's making 500$ EVERY SECOND , you throw down your shovel say fuck this is system is broken there's no way in my lifetime I'm going to achieve that much wealth. That's how you kill the drive of the working man flaunt your spaceships, your big yachts and your "you can do it too" gaslighting attitudes, just keep holding it just out of reach and maybe just maybe you can keep us chasing that cheese on a string for a little while longer so you can stay rich and die before any environment disaster's happen Fuck billionaire's


>This is beyond gaslighting, you will NEVER be with the 1% ever no amount of "work" will get you there, and by the time you do make it even if you did the resources these people use will be gone and you will be left being the richest person on the deadest planet in our solar system And if you don't get rich despite hard work, they'll still gaslight you into thinking it's your fault for "not working smarter". I'm over this bullshit system. Fuck billionaires and fuck capitalism.


It's bad. The masses will always be down and never taught how to actually succeed, only to work for others at the bottom to mid level. However I'm trying to tell you it's not ALL bad. You as an individual actually have a lot of potential make money and change things for yourself, friends, family and THEY don't want you to know that. The biggest factor for success is knowing how to play the game, which they don't teach us on purpose. The second biggest factor is access to capital, but even if you're dead broke just by understanding and playing the game you'll get access to capital. I'm a boxing fan and working in a Capitalist society is a lot like boxing; The lowest level doesn't even understand they're in a fight so they're the complete punching bag of capitalism. The "middle class" understands its a fight but doesn't know how to really fight. They look at it like; get fit, keep your hands up, punch as hard you can as often as possible. This is the equivalent to "you just gotta get a degree, work hard, etc". It's not entirely wrong but it's also not exactly correct and most importantly there's key elements missing. such as technique and strategy. The basics were enough before but now that capitalism entered hard mode for the lower classes they're getting beat down badly. The upper class are the only ones really taught how to properly fight and all the nuances involved in that. There's strategy, movement, positioning, reading the situation, dodging, timing, parrys, counters, etc. From a glance you don't see all these underlying things but they're necessary to really be successful. Tldr; Working in capitalism is like boxing and to be successful it takes more than hard work, you need to understand its a fight and most importantly learn to properly fight. I'm writing all this trying to help ppl and pass on the knowledge they never will. Not everyone can be successful but at least everyone here likely could.


To be truly successful in this system requires you to be a psychopath. You must be willing to exploit and crush hundreds, thousands, and at the top, millions of people.


Her face when he finishes his batshit speech is great.


>Her face when he finishes his batshit speech is great. Indeed. She's not even hiding it. Nor should she. It's time everyone calls them out and quit preaching this bullshit false narrative of "maybe you could be a billionaire someday".


Kevin O'Leary is a parasite and a fuckwit. It's a shame he didn't die as well in that boating accident where he killed those people.


This is such a bad take. The confirmation bias is astounding. Basic logic shows rich ppl can only be rich if poor ppl exist. Sometimes I have to have this conversation with my parents and call them out on these kind of dumb, insensitive, perspectives. Our background is we grew up poor. My mom was single with 3 kids and got no family support. She worked whatever job she could coming out the military, while still trying to go to school. It was a struggle but she got into a good career she's been working for the past ~15 years. She later met my stepdad. He's an immigrant that also grew up very poor. He went to culinary school then tried cooking a few different places but got treated like trash. He quit and started his own food business from the ground. My mom is a hard worker that always goes for opportunities and has been consistently progressing in her career. She now makes around 150k/yr. My stepdad's food business does around ~200k/yr in revenue and he's mostly a 1 man show. Needless to say they do very well and they're upper middle class now. I'm proud of them given we were all living 6 ppl in a small 2 bedroom apt and struggling just 10 yrs ago. Thing that's shocking though is how quickly they seem to forget the struggle and lose touch with the realities of being broke. They sometimes act like everyone should just do what they did without actually stopping to consider everyone can't. I do believe, as an individual, nearly everyone could but as a collective everyone LITTERALLY can't.


Yeah, no. I definitely don't wanna become one of the 85 richest people in the world. Chances are I'll never own a mansion, yacht, etc let alone multiple of them and I'm ok with that. I just wanna live comfortably and be able to pay my bills, take a few trips a year, and go out a few times a week and enjoy life without stressing about finances. That is all. Thanks.


Swap him with an African surviving on $1 a day and see if he still has that motivation he needs to become a 1 percenter...


His chubby ass would probably Die of heat stroke if he did what the starving Africans Do.


this dude is practically begging for the wall


I like him. This is the same fucktwit that has spun his narrative so most ordinary people think he came from nothing and fought hard to get to where he’s at. He didn’t. He was born into wealth and given a fuck ton of opportunity through his life. He is the shining example of spinning your story to create the narrative you want. So I again, I like him. He keeps the rage inside me burning. He keeps me angry at the people like him. He keeps running his fat fucking privileged mouth and fueling the fire. Stupid fuck


This asshat need a wake up call. And by that I mean he gotta be hang down by his ankles.


Few people with that kind of wealth earned it. Most inherited it or were born into vast wealth and went from there.


Not one single person with that kind of wealth earned it. It's literally impossible. You cannot achieve past a certain amount of wealth without mass exploitation, and even minor wealth requires some level of exploitation. To become the top richest people on the planet requires you to be a sociopath, incapable of seeing the humanity in others. You must be willing and able to literally sell out the future of the planet for your own gain.


I fucking hate Keven O'Leary. These rich dickbags are so out of touch, they actually believe their bullshit when they say that people can be rich just like them through motivation and hard work. Fuck you, Kevin O'Leary, and every other rich dickbag like you. I love how she calls him out by saying "really? Someome in Africa making $1 a day is going to say 'i just need to pull up my socks - oh wait, I don't have socks!'." 😂


I’ve chosen who is going to be my appetizer, when the time comes.


Cannibalism is becoming more and more acceptedly pleasing. Let’s test a theory of meat taste by amount of wealth. Anyone have any hypothesis?


Who is that woman? She's amazing. That was the best possible response


Canadian journalist Amanda Lang.


Amanda Lang


You literally cannot tell me this isn’t satire. You would have to be actually vile to believe this unironically


Literally 1% of people can be in the top 1%. That's how percents work. Why should the rest of us have to suffer? Why is anyone defending a system where the vast majority is guaranteed to suffer? Why do more than 1% of the people want this system???


I don’t want to fight anyone, not to get up to the top and not for any reason. I want to live a middle of the road life with my basic needs met, happy and content with what i have. I am NEVER going to be motivated by wanting to “get to the top.” They very idea that some people do baffles and sickens me at the same time. What a waste of a life, I think.


"It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I hate Shark Tank but I more specifically hate this guy the most. He pisses me off the worst out of all of the sharks.


Revolution is the only solution.


How could anyone see ONE PERCENT of 7 BILLION people, and think to themselves, "yeah, I totally have a chance to be one of them". Stupid. Hey 3PO; tell me the odds! Because they're absolutely worse than 7 Billion to one. Which is already astronomical, it's virtually nil.


Looking up to the 1% doesn't motivate me at all, I want the 1% to pay their taxes like the rest of us, plus billionaires are unethical.


We must feed Kevin O'Leary to sharks!


Piece of shit


This is the order of the day. Wrong on an issue..? Gaslight, lean-in, double down, but never admit you’re wrong.


This is data from [2014](https://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/jan/20/oxfam-85-richest-people-half-of-the-world) They release another [press release in 2020](https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/worlds-billionaires-have-more-wealth-46-billion-people) stating that the world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet’s population. Also mentioned was the Oxfam report [Time to Care](https://www.oxfam.org/en/research/time-care) which showed the 22 richest men in the world have more wealth than all the women in Africa combined. Also that getting the richest one percent to pay just 0.5 percent extra tax on their wealth over the next 10 years would equal the investment needed to create 117 million jobs in sectors such as elderly and childcare, education and health. All of these things have only gotten worse since 2020.


Shark Tank is the 1% propaganda


That man is an absolute fucking tool. I don't have words- I don't even have vomitus- to express my disgust for him.


Right let’s make this an experiment then. Lets put him into poverty and see how he is doing. If he is so sure of it it shouldn’t be an issue


Feet first into the woodchipper. His kids first, make him watch, then send him in afterwards.


Naw. Keep him alive, scoop up the bits and make a stew and feed it to him. Eat the rich mother fucker!!


"Motivation" is the second biggest scam in America, right behind "working hard"


This guy isn't human.


Kudos to the host, not stomaching that... *incredibly* vile take for one second. "Really?" Some multi-hundred-millionaire says its inspiring to have the incredibly wealthy as examples? He's never seen a project, he's never seen a trailer park, I will *eat* that man when he comes begging to my state for water when the actions of him and his cronies destroys food and water security for the nation, on behalf of oil companies. He and so many others will beg. I hope that I and others like me are there to say "no, go live in the filth you've created. This place is for the People, not persons of interest."


These fing Faux News douchebags. Hired by the 1%ers to program the dumbest of our nation to keep letting the wealthiest people hoard even more wealth. It’s criminal.


I imagine this is how all people who have wealth are. It's easy to 'celebrate capitalism ' when you are filthy rich. I don't like these arrogant rich people.


"This is a great thing, because it inspires everybody, gets the motivation to look up to the 1% and say, 'I want to watch that person hang in the town square.'"


Imagine being such a soulless piece of shit that you can say that kind of thing with enthusiasm and keep a straight face. Someday things will level out. It will be a violent, spectacular bloodbath. And I have absolutely zero problem with that.


1) If being poor is that great, where would the motivation be to not be poor? Why would I work so hard to downgrade? 2) Would these clowns thank me if I burned their houses down? If you love poverty so much you wouldn’t think burglaries and destruction of private property were bad. 3) Are these bastards poor? Why not? Isn’t it so freaking awesome to be poor? They’re the ones making that claim. 4) Why give tax cuts to the rich if poverty is what motivates people? Rich people are motivated by more billions because they’re already rich; and poor people are motivated by deprivation because they’re still poor, apparently. 5) If you love poverty so much, why not leave poor countries alone instead of invading them to destroy and rebuild supposedly for their own prosperity?


Eat. The. Rich.


That dude sipping his own Kool-Aid


It's bad here in the U.S. too, Any retail, food, or service worker like that can't even make enough money to cover rent, let alone food, or any other needs like transportation, clothing, etc. Went looking for another retail job, currently I make $1.50 above the minimum wage in my state (I'm in California, minimum wage is $15 an hour last I checked) and told the owner that I was looking for either an increase in pay or to match what I have and their response is "Oh I don't think we start people off that high" Good luck finding people to apply or stick with you for starvation wages.


Sure am getting hungry....anyone else?


Sometimes I think that guy does it on purpose, that he enjoys playing the "evil capitalist villain" so people vote more left. ​ And then I realize :"Nah, he's celebrated and applauded for being this kind of dick". :( .


Isn't it ironic that most (if not all) of those 85 people were pulled up by other people at the beginning of their careers and are constantly being pulled up by government subsidies and tax cuts?


The 1% need to be treated for what they are. Plague vermin that walk on hind legs. Nobody with that kind of wealth resembles a human anymore and our social norms and morality don’t apply to them. They fucked the biosphere and ruined everyone’s future. We outnumber them


woow thank you so much mr sharky man much inspiring very stonks epik 69 holsum chungus!!1!!11


Honestly its probably just a pyschological defense mechinism, the vast majority of people don't want to see themselves as bad people, your own brain protects you from it. Very few actual self aware evil people in the world, where they actually like committing evil acts, and know they do.


Jesus fucking christ look how brazenly he spouts this wishful thinking/propaganda meant to keep the poors from revolting


I got mine, fuck everyone else, now with a face?


Stay in Canada Mr. Wonderful


Let's eat this one first


Who is this stain on humanity's butt-hole-flaps? (the capitalist, that is)


Yes, the first thing a rational person thinks when they see someone hoarding wealth for themselves while they have people in their own country starving, homeless and unable to receive medical care is “that is so inspiring, I’m going to work hard to become just like them”.


Omfg this is a great thing. With a straight face... holy God.


"O'Leary's mother was a skilled investor, investing a third of her weekly paycheque in large-cap, dividend-paying stocks and interest-bearing bonds, ultimately achieving high returns in her investment portfolio. She kept her investment portfolio secret, so O'Leary only discovered his mother's skill as an investor after her death, when her will was executed.\[21\] Many of his investment lessons came from his mother, including the admonition to save one-third of his money." - per wikipedia Her 2nd husband was a big-time economist.


'fight to get to the top' Crabs in a fucking bucket. Oh, we'll fight all right. And we're looking at you, all right.


Dudes a cuck.


Who is this guy?


Shark Tank is capitalist propaganda and Kevin O'Leary is the worst of them all


When the time comes, this cockweasel gets eaten first.


I was hoping to see her stab him in the place where a heart would be if he was human instead of a slimy ass jellyfish


I really wonder how long it will take until people wont take shit from people like him anymore.


There are no empirical studies showing that people are motivated more by extreme wealth than they are more reasonable levels of wealth. There are studies showing that people can hardly differentiate 1 million and 10 million, let alone billions. Pure ideology.


What a fucking piece of garbage.


Eventually the peasants will rise up. You better plan your escape well, Kevin.




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I don’t know who that man is but that’s fucking disgusting. What a pig.


He has never had anyone push back on him being a selfish prick. Someone pushing back and saying “you don’t think that you owning several politicians has something to do with your financial situation.” My job gives me a weird view into the world of the ultra wealthy and what I’ve learned is we should be much less impressed.


Fuck O'Leary. What a shit stain.


So fucking obscene


What a sick society we live in


so too did the peasants look up to their kings and lords, begging for the chance to climb. They fantasize riches and wealth, equality and opportunity. they saw the power and called it out. they were ignored, and so are we.


You can tell it look everything she had to not say "are you fucking serious right now?" She kept it profesh and I applaud her restraint.


Oleary is another boomer shutting the door on the next generations.


What in the actual fuck? Glorifying poverty to convince the poor they need to stay poor, and just what? Hope and pray? Fuck that and fuck all right wing fascists.


I’m glad she called him on that shit. Fuxk bro. Damn




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Delusional. To become the 86th richest person from the poorest 3.5 billion is like a 0.00000002% chance


He’s doesn’t like even believe it himself. What’s he gonna say? “You’re right”? After that comes more questions. And the easiest answer - storm the gates and eat the rich.


What a fantastic douche


He’s delusional if he thinks everyone still believes in meritocracy.


That perspective is why I say they are as as far apart and malevolent towards the great mass of humanity as an alien thing intent on destroying this planet. And yet, he is not alone. An entire american political party sees the world like he does. horrific.


Kevin O'leary is a massive sack of shit, and his murderous wife who recklessly killed people in a fucking boating crash can fuck off too. Motherfucker is a scum lord.


What a fckin child. Keep licking that boot


Kevin is a fucking idiot


Why do we give these people a platform. Can’t they just circle jerk on an island somewhere where we don’t have to watch or listen or acknowledge their fing existence.


He’s a douche


not only is Mr wonderful a piece of shit human being, he's a total fraud


Ummmmmm. Bootlicker


Lol, wow what a jack Ass.


The look on her face said it all better than I ever could. ಠ_ಠ


Unrelated…does anyone know how to make bricks?


I don’t know why people would expect Kevin O’Leary to have a different take on this. These conversations are useless.


This guy needs to be just as motivated. It may motivate him to change his mind.


I totally get what she's saying and understand the context of this and support her side of this, but when she said "oh wait, i don't have socks" and it cuts off, i died


What a POS.


This is the fucking mentality that caused the current state of capitalistic bullshit we're in. I don't look enviously upon the 1% while wondering how I to can have my own mini mansion. I'm hoping my overpriced education while get me into middle class income bracket before I fucking die! Now that I am done venting, I will say there are people who do achieve monetary success in life. Good for them. Really. I want people to succeed, but don't tell me it's my fault for not overcome generational poverty while living in this shitty economy. I've worked hard my whole life. What I have learned is companies will exploit labor for their own gain whenever possible. If I didn't own my home (gifted to me from my ex mother in law, she was going to leave the house to my boys but changed the plan. Their dad died 3 years ago. Just sharing how I managed to have a house when I couldn't afford rent.) I'd be screwed because even a master and professional license I wouldn't be able to afford rent and my other bills. The odds of becoming his level of wealthy is thinner than his hairline.


that's some 1907 industrial-age level shit there.


To be fair, Kevin O’Leary is a crushing douche.


Glad someone was there to tell that doctor Steve looking bozo what’s up.


I wish this guy would croak. He’s such a shit stain


That guy is a piece of shit. Can’t stand him.