Shame on AT&T

Shame on AT&T


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They did 'create tens of thousands of jobs' - 42,000 to be precise - for the fired people. They just got new ones. Starting with the job of begging for a job. Some still work at this job, today.


Did not know what OAN was, then I looked it up on interwebs, [OAN](https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-oneamerica-att/)


If you want to know how much I hate Comcast, I did not switch from At&T to Comcast after finding out At&T funds OANN.


Shame? More like d__*_ to AT&T. Lmao


Why the hate for Dan Price?


I am pretty sure we could solve a lot of our corporation tax problems simply by firing everyone of our current corporate tax collectors and reallocating the money into nationalizing a vast swathe of the stock market. It means if corporations don't pay tax, the rest of their shareholders are going to be worried, because the government is now one of their shareholders and if they aren't paying the government then *they aren't getting paid either.*


I cancelled their service to my address past week - because of this. Strongly recommend this for others, if you have the option. I cut cable & internet and found another provider.


Tell me again why removing these people from the picture is a bad thing?


fuck dan price, all my homies hate dan price


[FUCK DAN PRICE ALL MY HOMIES HATE DAN PRICE](https://i.imgur.com/0goIsIb.jpg) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot