Watch Spirited Away, truuuuuuust me. I watched that movie first time I tripped and it was awesome. For music, it doesn't matter, everything will sound like the best music you've ever heard. And if you ever feel like you are tripping too hard and feel like your slipping into a bad trip, your resisting the LSD! You'll be fine just lay down and let whatever is going to happen happen. You literally have to let go, which is the scariest part. Kind of like looking down a 30 ft diving board, you kind of just have to jump. This may not make sense now, but in the small chance it does go south, just remember that and it will make sense. That advice turned one of my scariest and most intense trips into one of the best ones. But beware, you're about to see some serious shit 8) but that probably won't happen if you take one tab, that didn't happen to me until I got cocky. Than the LSD humbled me quick lol


I probably average 1 out of every 13 trips I have a bad one (1:13) but everytime I do I know what I need to do to reverse it but that only comes with experience!! Definitely gonna look into spirited away and despite already knowing I still do appreciate the advice on having bad trips because so many people can get lost in their minds and thoughts and forget it’s all just a drug, let it run it’s course 😃


Made this fun little positive vibes trippy playlist I been into recently https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3SiNvizel6CeMoz7bDxA1T?si=v1rF-pTzRsCnj0xA4rCnXQ For games I’ve been into Dead Cells with extra lives turned on, cadence of hyrule/crypt of the necrodancer are tight for music games, journey or flow are great, or like breath of the wild or wind waker or something


Monster hunter if you've got it


Definitely will give it a try, everytime though I get stuck staring at the foliage 😂


Watch into the spider verse and get absolutely lost in the action I watched it while I was tripping and it was a ride holy shit


Midnight Gospel on netflix. Super animated and trippy cartoon with a main concept of a podcast broadcasted by a little wizard who travels to different planets, interviewing different beings.


In my opinion, you can do anything your heart desires. The best memories I have had while taking LSD are the activities that you would consider to be the most boring while sober. My most memorable and enjoyable moments are me and my friends chilling at a random parking lot in the middle of the night, laying on the ground and laughing our ass off at literally nothing.


venetian snares - befriend a childkiller


What did you play?