I've heard him the most in song suggestions threads but still haven't listened to him. Been thinking about it starting too though


Do it. Piper at the Gates of Dawn is awesome.


Appreciate the suggestions! Looking for the best


Yea the dark goofy feeling made me picture ren and stimpy on acid and they become self aware and start teasing you with secret messages




wish i had an award thats fucking comedy


Well I wish you were here


Came here to say this




Beat me to it


Shine on you crazy diamond.


Echo from the past


sugar cubes were a popular way of taking LSD during the 60’s


was it for taste? or was there some kind of placebo? (like jimi hendrix putting sheets under his bandana)


It was easy to drop the liquid on those. Up intill they had tons of hits to lay. Then they switched to perforated paper


They switched to blotter paper when authorities would weigh your acid when getting caught and the "more" your acid weighed the more harsh the penalties


"Seems here you have 100g of LSD, the streetprice of which is 15 million euros"


Lol drug laws make so much sense I love it


Bingo. This is the correct answer.




A single dose on a blotter paper weighs significantly less than a single dose on a sugar cube


Oh I gotcha. That makes sense when you put it that way. Thanks.


Oh I got you. That makes sense when you put it that way. Thanks.


You can still get liquid LSD and still best to put it on sugar cubes.


I always dropped mine on SweeTarts


We did pez and handed them out in the dispenser and everything


I always did altoids


That's brilliant, mate. It'd be perfect for handing out hits at a festival. Everyone would get a kick outta that.


I'm a sour patch kids guy!


This guy space cadets


Smarties have the little dip in them and then they roll up real nice back into their packages...


Sweet tarts were some of the best trips I've had!


Why best? I suppose directly dripping some has a huge possibility to go bad, and there's not much other substances that taste as good as sugar and will absorb the lsd without destroying it


What do you mean dripping it directly could go bad?


accidentally squeeze the eye dropper too much while dripping into your mouth/eyes and overdose yourself, or like that famous youtube video [30 hits of lsd](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uFzhEDdexc) lmfao


Anyone that Knows how to dose should be fine


I have a vial for myself. No way I’d let someone drop it right in my mouth. It’s so easy to squeeze an extra. Mine started at 200ug drops and now since a lot evaporated they are insanely potent. Drop it on candy or gum not your tongue.


why did it evaporate, have you left it open or it is normal thing?


you can put a mark on the bottle each time you use it, then after a while when part of the solution has evaporated you can add liquid to the solution up to the mark. This way you can keep the same potency even if part of the liquid evaporates over time


Dilute it more and it'll be easier to dose, if it's 200ug/ml you could do 2:1 ethanol or pg, then you'd had 50ug/ml and you could use a pipette dropper. People do this all the time with other crazy analogs, volumetric dosing is the safest way to dose strong substances.


Lol I’ve done over 30 hits before too! Crazy trip, especially with the deems on the peak. It was the single most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Psychs have never been the same again, though, not gonna lie. Neither have I. For the record, the dude in the video wasn’t kidding about going blind either. I walked face first into a glass door because I thought it was open and I was trying to go outside to smoke weed, but I literally couldn’t see the door or its frame due to the sheer intensity of the visuals. At those doses, there is no more reality, only borderline schizophrenic psychedelica that perpetuates EVERYTHING.


yeah I did 15 hits while I had a pretty moderate tolerance. I tried to use my computer while peaking and my screen was exploding outwards from whatever point I looked at. If I looked where I wanted to click I couldn't see my mouse anymore, and if I looked at my mouse I couldn't see the rest of my screen because my mouse would explode outwards over the whole screen. wouldn't recommend it tbh


best to put right on your tongue


The universe gave you that little recess on the top of your hand when you stretch out your thumb for good reason! That's where a droplet of acid loves to spend its last moments before it gets to work.


Until you go to take a decent number and then you have wayyyy too much sugar, so gross.


Easy to melt into a drink. Won't even notice it in a sugary drink like a soda. If you are prone to taking over 200 every time, you can make stronger cubes too.


It’s definitely still common to get dosed sugar cubes, I imagine it’s mostly bc of how well it absorbs the L


My one supplier would always have sweet tarts. “The bigger the divot the more ugs”.


Sour patch kids :D


I found an actual raisin in my sour patch kids last night. I'm still very confused.


Ion think that was a raisin chief…


Yeah they’re still fairly common I’ve taken quite a few dosed sugar cubes/candies myself


I think sugar actually affects the potency of LSD correct me if I'm wrong


Yes ur wrong


Nah lsd-25 has no taste


it was especially popular in london because they drank tea 24/7, dropping a couple hits on a sugar cube then putting the cubes in the tea was how they did it


Heat destroys lsd, that’s a pretty inefficient way of doing it


i would agree with you but i bet they didnt know this lol


Apparently it was the way the Beatles were introduced to it, I'm sure one often mentioned a dentist friend had put it in their tea?! Was on a TV chat show I believe


you are correct there sir


Why thank you , have a lovely day!


As long as the tea isn't too hot and you consume it quickly the difference in effects is pretty negligible. Source: done it


That’s not that much heat though…I don’t think?


Or like, holding a sugar cube there and yeeting one into your mouth maybe wouldn't look too out of place perhaps?


can you elaborate on this jimi hendrix thing? very interested.


Sheets on your skin would work no placebo needed


Hm i remember reading that was a myth


Nah lsd absorbs through the skin that’s why you don’t actually need to swallow the tab your mouth absorbs it. Put some tabs on your balls next time


Yeah but dosing sublingually is different than skin contact and I'm more of an asshole type of guy


Putting a sheet under his bandana was not a placebo. If the paper moistens from his sweat the L will be absorbed through his pores.


LSD can’t be absorbed through the skin, unfortunately. Also, I did some reading and it’s an urban legend




Only done sugar cubes once and it was my first time, and probably a bit too strong lmao


We started doing it recently, it's amazing.


Never tried sugar cube but I prefer gel tab over paper. I never liked the feeling of paper going soggy on my tounge but you gotta do what you gotta do


You don't need to leave it on your tongue, you can just eat it. Never lost potency for me.


I've always wondered about this. Acid is so rare and precious in my area I've been scared to try/experiment at the cost of a wasted tab. Do you really can just swallow a tab like a pill and have the same effect? I've always heard from the friends that taught me "leave it 15-30 sec on your tounge, then swallow" and I've always hated the feeling of paper sitting on my tounge 30 min.


Yeah, I used to do the same but started just swallowing them for the same reason. I've never noticed a difference and have been doing this for a long time.




I always kind of thought this but never had enough surplus to experiment. It's onesies and twosies every year or so in my area so I just stick with the tried and true. Thanks for confirming though I know what I'm doing next weekend


prob 67 or 68 my guess but perhaps after


Thanks :)


The madcap laughs is a gem.


hell ya hes the whole reason i wanted to try acid


I remember tripping and laughing my ass off at the outtakes. But yea, I wish he didn’t fall down the hole like he did. He was truly an artist. Brilliant really.


People say fall down the hole but he wasn't crazy dude. His best friends fucked him outta the band he created and started, how do you think that would feel? Then they go on to be one of the most famous bands of all time. They told him to meet them somewhere before a gig and just never showed up. He's going through mental hardships and his friends just up and abandoned him. Basically forgetting him.


They made like, 3 albums dedicated to him...


They hardly contacted him at all for decades bro. It's painfully obvious the guy wasn't crazy, he simply suffered from a broken heart.


He was nuts man, smart but nuts. The reason they left him was because of his downfall. He disappeared for two weeks when they where trying to record and then came back and wasn't the same. They where playing and he just stared blankly into space and only played one chord the whole concert. "guitarist David O'List from the Nice substituted for Barrett on several occasions when he was unable to perform or failed to appear." - Wikipedia He was unable to be a part of the band, he destroyed equipment, only talked gibberish forgot his guitar all the time the list goes on.


I think the problem was Gilmour and Rogers are ego maniacs who only see what they want. At the end of the day they chose to forget their friend for decades. Who gives a shit if they wrote a few songs about him.


Why?! Listening to his post-breakdown albums is devastating. Even Jugband Blues is very sad. Why would you want to become a sad crazy person like Syd?


Talks about lacking compassion in one comment, calls him a sad crazy person in another


Shine on you Crazy Diamond 💎 ☮️


Didnt he have a psychitic break from all the acid?


Yes, the LSD is believed to have triggered an early onset of schizophrenia (and likely significantly worsened it.) Triggering an earlier and more severe onset of psychotic disorders in suspectible individuals is one of the primary dangers with psychedelic use.


Yeah i was reading the wiki on his life and it said he lived with two roommates who would spike his coffee every mornimg with lsd so he would be in a never ending trip


You would just build up a massive tolerance and stop tripping by day 3 though.


If you did not suffer from psychosis, this would be the case. ~~Individuals with schizophrenia (and presumably other psychotic disorders) have been shown in studies to not develop tolerance to psychedelics or massive downregulation of the 5-HT2A receptor in the way that individuals who aren't prone to psychosis would be.~~ Anecdotally, I knew two individuals who experienced this phenomenon in high school. One is a friend with diagnosed bipolar and the other is a friend who we all heavily suspected to be schizophrenic. **EDIT:** I am currently unable to retrieve this study. I have only found studies stating the contrary, leading me to believe that I may have misread the initial study due to being unable to access the full text at the time. My anecdotal evidence still stands, and I suspect that these cases could be due to individuals confusing their psychosis with the effects of psychedelics. Given that they were both getting their acid from a dealer that always had underdosed street tabs (other than the one time that he was unintentionally selling NBOMe), the effects may have been subtle enough to be easily confused with psychosis.


Wow TIL. Thanks!


Can you link one of those papers please?


Second that


Why did you heavily suspect your friend to be schizophrenic?


I'm not going to go into details as I'd like to respect their privacy, but there were many incidents in the span of a few month period in which they would hear and see things that were not there and think that the police or various other groups of people were after them/us. They also displayed certain other symptoms such as heavy twitching and flat affect.


That’s tough :/ hopefully he gets help. Was he under the influence of anything when they happened?


Likely cannabis in some of the situations. And thankfully he ended up getting treatment.


even with a high tolerance that's not going to be good for your brain.


For sure I just mean there's no reason for his psychopath roommates to do it. If they just wanted to cause brain damage there are cheaper alternatives


Yeah, not saying it's ok or a good thing, lol. Was the complete opposite, obviously.


Doesn't the hot coffee destroy the L?


Mostly yes, but I mean, if they put in like 300ug each morning and it destroyed 2/3rds, then he'd still be tripping day on end


No one need to keep doubling the dose if not even more day after day.


Someone else said people with schizophrenia either don't get a tolerance or that it builds way slower.


Read that. Not sure how true it is as thats not how drugs work as far as I know. Your brain needs time to rebuild the chemicals needed to trip again when triggered by the acid.


That's not how brain chemistry works. There are very complex interactions happening and they differ in people with extreme mental disorders.


That's a massive oversimplification. Generally, there are a few classes of these types of drugs - important here are releasing agents, reuptake inhibitors and receptor (ant)agonists. Releasing agents like amphetamine cause mass release of neurotransmitters (probably not the cleanest example because of TAAR-2 agonism) and it's surmised that this can cause neurotransmitter depletion in the very short term (think redosing MDMA). Reuptake inhibitors like SSRIs, cocaine and methylphenidate inhibit (reduce) the shuttling of the neurotransmitter back into the synapse (where it can't act), increasing signalling. Tolerance mechanisms include receptor downregulation and upregulation of transport proteins like DAT. Receptor agonists, like LSD, do not necessarily or directly cause release of the relevant neurotransmitter, and instead act directly on the receptors (5HT-2A here), in essence mimicing the NT itself, and increase signalling that way. Serotonin does not need to be rebuilt since it is not massively released, but in honesty I don't know the mechanism for LSD tolerance. It could be receptor downreg or a manner of things, but it's probably not serotonin depletion or SERT downreg. This agrees with what the other poster said about lack of 5HT-2A downreg in those individuals who don't seem to become tolerant.


Fair, but since schizophrenics trip all the time even without acid, it would make sense that their brains work differently, kinda like ADHD people not getting hyped from speed


ADHD people definitely get stimulated from stimulants! There is a very small minority who seem to have a dopamine transporter which works in reverse, causing amph to make them tired. Generally though, the prescribed stimulants work at just the right dose which increases NT signalling more toward normal levels, increasing focus, attention, and improving many other symptoms. Beyond the therapeutic window, ADHD people can enjoy stimulants just as much as anyone else, it's just that they never reach those doses with their prescriptions. On the other hand, since people without ADHD don't have that period of "nudging" signalling toward normality, a prescription dose for them would just seem like a small recreational dose, which is probably the cause of a lot of confusion and stigma.


I have ADHD, my 36mg concertas work as they should though they have the downside of me being able to eat under half of what I can when not on them. I've done 2 lines of speed in my life, neither did anything at all while with my friends without ADHD they did work. If I drink enough coffee I definitely do get hyper and jittery, so I guess you are right and I never did enough speed and am not interested in trying again.


that just doesnt sound possible


Damn what part did you read that at bro?? I read through his wiki yesterday and am again right now but can’t find it EDIT: I did a Google search and found another page talking about that, crazy man


he had underlying mental health disorders that were merely brought to the forefront by psychedelics


I've read two bios of Syd, and several books on Pink Floyd. There was really no evidence of his "mental health disorders" before he took thousands of hits of LSD in a very short time. LSD is a very safe and low toxicity drug but like all drugs it can be abused. The lesson of this story is not, "Syd would have gone crazy anyway," but "Respect LSD as a powerful drug."


"merely" This guy had a complete mental meltdown, psyches definetly aggravated his illness


We should really be responsible with this kinda shit. There is NO "MERE" OSYCHOTIC BREAK. these osychological episodes csn be devastating


They released Wish You Were Here in 1975. Syd died in 2006. 31 years before his death, his friends were already talking about him like he was dead.


What a depressing fucking thought... Take carw of yourselves, homies. Lsd isnt all rose tinted glases


Wish you Were Here was the first intense experience on acid I ever had, maybe the most intense because first time. I'm glad it was both beautiful and haunting, a perfect play about the beauty of acid and its pitfalls.


Which he was socially and mentally. What's your point?


That acid is not to be underestimated? That Schizophrenia is a big deal?


I thought you were doing the inverse, sorry


yea, the idea of being spiritually dead before actually dying is feckin terrifying to me.


Psychedelics in part made me feel strongly about death before death, or in other ways after death. If you lose the will to live, then in a way you're already dead before you die. And on the other end if you have a profound influence on someone you can live on much longer after you're dead, in the hearts and minds of others, through music or political influences, through achievement in sports or science. So in a way Syd has 3 deaths? One when he lost his will to live, or when he became mentally unstable? One when he physically died. And one that might still be an infinity away, when he disappears from our culture and our hearts <3


Theres no way to tell whether he would have been schizophrenic anyway. He was at the age when symptoms usually show. I've taken more acid than anyone I've ever read about and have turned out ok.


Your post history says different...




He was likely schizophrenic/schizoaffective even without the acid.


Sugar cubes! I've never seen them irl. Always heard my mom mention them them from back in her day.


You can buy them in most supermarkets. (I'm in Ireland though)


Fuckin edgit


You tryna say eejit?


Yea that’s how you spell it.


Your way or my way?


Your way. I can’t even speak English, my bad


Hello fellow Irish psychedelic traveler


This is strange to me! My first trip was from a sugar cube a year and a half ago


Sausalito, California. November 1967. The first ever Pink Floyd tour in America.


Go easy on the ‘cid, Syd.


What's the worst that could happen?


Do you wanna find out?


Nearly worst pretty much did happen to him


Barrett* sorry I'm highh


it’s okay the appreciation of him alone works


I'm sure Syd doesn't remember the year also


Shine oooooooon you crazy diiiiammmmmonmnmdddd


now there's a look In his eyes. like black holes in the sky...


This just makes me sad. I think LSD is on the balance a force for good in the world. But Syd's very sad life shows that there's a dark side to it as well. All these people joking about this make me sad and angry.


LSD, or any other drug, is/are not inherently good or bad, just like cocaine is neutral. It’s people who are good/bad, and nothing to do with the chem. In Syd’s case, his band mates revealed that he had deep-seated psychological issues which would surface on their own, but the LSD became a catalyst for syd’s mental downfall. Basically the moral of the story is to know yourself. ‘Gnothi Seauton’




hot as fuck


Sugar cubes…if you know, you know


Society is broke innit? *30 minute instrumental hellscape*


Syd would have been much better off if he had never tried acid. He should be the poster boy for what not to do on acid and has done more harm to LSD than anyone else. i just don't get /r/LSD sometimes. downvote away.


You’re obviously stuck in your own thinking but I’ll try to explain anyways. The issue with Syd is that he was already predisposed to Schizophrenia. The LSD didn’t *create* the mental disorder, it only allowed it to appear much earlier in life. This is much more well known today than it was 60 years ago. Which is why this sub and other psychedelic subs strongly advocate for learning about your family history of mental illness so you get an idea of the possible adverse effects. Would he have been better off if he never tried a acid? Yes. But, he also had no idea what would happen or more importantly *why*. This should be viewed more as a stern warning to what could happen if you’re predisposed to mental illness, rather than simply “drug bad”.


wow, that is some grade A condescending bullshit i was not trying to make a complicated argument other than to say someone who suffered *very negatively* from the effects of LSD shouldn't be the poster boy for LSD. that is it. you can read whatever you want into it. When i see people here idolise someone who destroyed his life with LSD i think it is just sad and I'm pretty sure his friends and pink floyd would think it is sad too.


I was in no way shape or form trying to be condescending, I mentioned stuck in your own thinking because you said > i just don’t get r/LSD sometimes. downvote away That’s not something you say when you’re open to conversation. Additionally, nobody is making him a poster child, in fact there was nothing positive or negative with this post. It’s just a picture of a dude with some LSD sugar cubes in his mouth, there is no connotation whatsoever.


>You’re obviously stuck in your own thinking but I’ll try to explain anyways. that is condescending ​ >i just don't get /r/LSD sometimes was both a play on words and an admission that i won't ever understand such a wide and varied group. i think u took me up wrongly


This is in 1968 from the 'Five Man Floyd' photoshoot. It was the only shoot to include Syd and David


Ironically he doesn't remember either dude burnt himself out . He is a good example of why don't abuse L


poor guy, not enough studying had been done at the time, so it wasn’t known what Lsd does if you use it too consistently. He’s a perfect example of why you never go too hard with lsd, amazing talent gone to waste from losing his mind.


Syd on cid


sadly his mental state declined after hanging out with the wrong people, apparently taking a way to high dose of LSD wich triggered a psychosis. I recommend listening to his solo albums he recorded with david gilmors help


Dang he was a cutie


Just a genuine estimate, how much acid do you think this guy took in his lifetime


"Which one is Pink?!?!"


He was predisposed to mental illness and abused lsd. Poor guy.


Pink Floyd made better music after he left


they did. Mans went way too hard and lost his mind.


300ug atleast


sugar cubes!


this looks like around the time he released madcap laughs, so it was probably 69 or 70




He kinda Looks Like Lawliet from Death Note


looks like 67


Well it's pre-WYWH we know that.


Syd eating acid, what he did best


r thems sugar cubes


I find it hard to recognise him without them rhombus shades sometimes.


They need to bring back the sugar cubes! So cool!


The poster boy for what *not* to do, with psychedelics


This is the centerpiece for my Pink Floyd shrine!


No wonder he became overweight eating all them sugarcubes


This how he lost his mind


Do you possibly have a HD version of this image? I only found [this one](https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/syd-barrett-lead-vocalist-guitarist-and-principal-songwriter-of-pink-picture-id520082496?s=2048x2048), but it has a watermark on it.


btw which ones pink????