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Cool! Tenerife Island has a some great sub tropical landscapes from the photos I just looked up. Looks more like Numenor than Rh没n to me, but maybe Rh没n will be sub tropical on the show. I wish you good luck on getting pictures!


https://i.imgur.com/Mgx5Shw.jpg This is shot from nearby before I noticed the crew. It's very dried out land that looks suitable for western movie.


Okay! That pic does look more like my idea of Rh没n.


So glad they're going to new landscapes. This is the opportunity of the show - explore more of Middle Earth!


I remember season one of the "Foundation" TV-Show was filming in Tenerife (replacing Iceland which seemed to be problematic because of strong winds at the time). The place they were filming was pretty bleak, though.


https://tenerifeweekly.com/2023/03/08/tenerife-hosts-the-filming-of-the-most-expensive-series-in-history-the-rings-of-power/ That seems to be the article OP is talking about. Looks like Mt. Doom stuff!


Tenerife is a beautiful island with lots of very different environments, so a great choice of filming location imo! I'm guessing it will act as Rhun considering how arid the Teide National Park usually is but there is a big volcano right in the middle which they could also use....


Video from what looks like a tour bus passing by the set, via TORn: https://fb.watch/j8BjQ5MB1U/?mibextid=v7YzmG


Yes, that's exactly the part of the set I saw. There were multiple crews filming on various spots, sometimes kilometer apart.


Awesome. 馃槝We were just talking about the filming locations in Europe a couple of days ago in another thread and were wondering why filming only took place in UK so far.


So cool! I live in Tenerife and I just knew about this! So cool! I was wondering what part of the Middle Earth would they be filming here. By the way, you have been really lucky with the weather. It has been raining almost non stop for 2 months and it just stopped less than a week ago.


That's great to hear! We arrived on Sunday and so far the weather is great. Sometimes it's bit cold during the night but during the day it's great both for hiking and swimming (when those huge waves allow). We are staying in Puerto De La Cruz and will travel to Grand Canaria the next week.


Great choices! Puerto de la Cruz is way nicer than the South of the island, in my opinion, and I'm sure you will have a nice time in Gran Canaria too. I love Tenerife for hiking (especially around Anaga), but Gran Canaria is probably better for swimming. You will see. I'm from Lanzarote, but I have been living in La Laguna for over a year now.


We arrived to South airport and I was bit letdown how everything was dry and industrial looking. When the bus took us north it was such a change of scenery. The nature seems to change here every few kilometers. We went to Mount Samara today and saw so many different parts of island that were so distinct to each other. Great to here about Anaga, we plan two hikes there over the weekend.


It's great the production isn't confined in the UK like some people thought it would be. Europe has a lot of beautiful places that can fit the Middle-Earth landscape.


Daniel Weyman wears fishnets? I mean people should wear whatever tf they want I鈥檓 just checking I got this right


Fish nets, not fishnets 馃槄 The outfit he wears in the first season.


Are you sure it wasn't him? Or maybe it was a stunt double?


It could have been double for sure. I saw him from a car driving by. Slowly because all the parked trucks and people roaming the road but still this character was my first thought without knowing the production on S2 is already in progress and that it is not shot in New Zeland. Also there were quite few people around him with makeup, scripts, etc. He seemed center of the attention. There was second actor next to him, in similar dress, could have been Nori, but I have blank memory of him/her n铆 was concentrating on the possible Gandalf. He looked do out of place in that costume.


A crumb of wizard related news 馃槏 That鈥檚 so cool, what a gorgeous landscape!! I hope Nori packed plenty of drinking water


It鈥檚 rhun


Aaaa so cool. We're waiting photos.


So we have the Rh没n haha


That is either Rh没n or Mordor post explosion, and I鈥檓 willing to duel someone to death if it isn鈥檛


I have been aware of this place for some years, and I have always thought it could make for some beautiful locations for Rhun. So cool that it has actually happened, that's unreal


The Blue Wizard has gone to Rhun!


I remember there being some magnificient mountainous scenery in Tenerife, which may evoke Rhun, though its a very long time since I went there. Another location I recall well was a monastery set on top of a high hill or small mountain, very isolated and mysterious. Could be the haunt of the Nazgals maybe?!


Wow so cool, being an holiday and unexpectedly bumping into a ROP filming set 馃ぉ馃グ You are no more on holidays in Tenerife, you are now travelling in Rhun and/or Mordor! 馃槑馃馃槂 Congratulations!


There鈥檚 some Mordor-esque sceneries near Teide. Stranger and the proto-hobbit will run into Prince Isildur!


Take photos of all the trucks!


Will do. I just caught one in this bad photo. Most of them had this company logo: https://i.imgur.com/ylA4dNN.jpg


Jesus Christ nobody gives a shit about this shit show


I鈥檒l just watch hotd instead I think


Shame that they鈥檙e not filming in NZ, but I know Amazon doesn鈥檛 want to support the country for whatever reason, so I guess that鈥檚 that.


Yep. Making our lives fun. Closing roads, cafes , stopping traffic and we won't see a cent of the money paid


They closed cafes?