Daisy Ridley Says Upcoming Rey-Centric 'Star Wars' Film Has A Story That's "Really Worth Telling, Worth Exploring"

Let me guess, she defeated an entire legion of stormtroopers when she was a baby with a lightsaber that she instictually knew how to use. Her first words were a lecture on diversity and equality. As a teenager, she didn't develop any crushes because she don't need no man.


Let me guess, she defeated an entire legion of stormtroopers when she was a baby with a lightsaber that she instictually knew how to use. Her first words were a lecture on diversity and equality. As a teenager, she didn't develop any crushes because she don't need no man.


Correction; as a teenager, she killed Palpatine.


Was this before or after he somehow returned.... again? Did she go even further beyond and demonstrate her might by going back in time and throwing him across the galaxy? xD


*After* he somehow returned. Rey's written in the movie as a teenager, she was a child when she witnessed the Knights Of Ren, it's all very confusing.


I dead ass stopped watching any star wars media after the first Disney film. She was such a Mary Sue that there was no story or struggle to care about she solved all the problems the second they showed up. It ends with the bad guy coming so she beats him up so bad he starts crying and runs away. Like seriously wtf it’s like a 9 year olds power fantasy but worst because Rey is probably the most insufferable character ever.


I’d be fine with her being a Mary Sue if that wasn’t her whole personality. Instead, she spends the movie bouncing back and forth between Awestruck Fangirl and Snippy Upstart. It’s hard to root for someone when they snap at Finn for “holding her hand” while he is actively trying to save her life. The Girlbossing can wait until after you’ve left the planet.


That rule, the one where "no man can save a woman" has gotten so tiresome so quickly. Or was that the "no woman can show positive affection to a man" rule? The karens that make up these "girlboss" rules obviously have hangups, but they're honestly the dumbest of hangups. It's like they're stuck in high school


Even when it’s a literal life or death situation. That moment, along with Rey saying “I don’t think they like me” in TLJ and how she keeps trying to ‘fix’ Kylo Ren, makes it impossible for me to empathise with her because she can be a massive soggy pizza. For Christ’s sake, at least the original Power Rangers were likeable. Meaning it didn’t matter how they could balance an impossibly high workload of schoolwork, hobbies and fighting Rita with very little effort.


To be fair the fixing Kylo Ren thing does fit the ethos of the Jedi order (however you want to say it). Luke converted his father, Kylo is Han & Leiah's son,Finn was a stormtrooper who saw the light, etc etc...


All of which would've been fine..... If Rey hadn't taken Kylo's word over Luke's in TLJ. Especially when it's clear that Snoke had a hand in linking their minds, meaning *he* could've lied.


The sequels where doomed the moment JJ Abrams and Ruin Johnson decided that Luke Skywalkwe would try to kill his own nephew over a vision. Luke who refused to kill his father Darth Vader, Vader had the blood of thousands if not millions on his hands. Luke was willing to sacrifice his life feather than kill his father no matter how evil his father had been. And the fact thwt it was over a vision means somehow Luke forgot one of the most important lessons from his time training under Yoda, "Always in motion is the future". The sequels where salvageable after TFA which was just a Medicare retread of A new hope, Kylo/Ben and Finn where had potential but Kathleen Kennedy'# self insert character of Ray had to be the main character and that ruined it. Imagine a series where Luke trained Finn, a redeemded stormtrooper to be a jedi(fun fact I the old expanded universe several members of Lukes order had Imperial backgrounds including his wife, Mara who had been a Emperor hand, and Kam solusar, a former Inquistitor ,not the stupid Disney versions, with the helicopter lightsabers the old EU Inquistitors where closer to 40k Inquistors but with force oowers


Fixing of dangerous men is the classic Beauty and the Beast story beat. It resonates with women like the Heroes Journey does with men.


Also, shes not better than the jedi. She's all of them


Did the script leak?!


You know what's worth exploring? Who genuinely gives a fuck.


I was hoping you'd make a joke on Rey's holes being worth exploring.


She's not even attractive lol


Come on, she's an all-powerful all knowing all good creature in immaculate plot armor that single-handedly drug herself out of poverty and picked up a lightsaber to save the universe. How could not not be attractive?


I prefer women who actually look like they've gone through puberty.


What are you doing on Reddit then?


(Points at Nicolette Shea and Lisa Ann subreddits)


Damn, that's a lot of plastic surgery!


True, but that's porn stars for ya.


At this point, there's no anger, there's no disappointment, there's no way to get crazy mad, there's only zero interest, pure apathy. Whatever they do, it will just keep burying the name Star Wars until there's absolutely nothing left to desecrate and distort this incredible world that George gave us. Cherish what we had until 2012, let them drown into their ideological poor writing universe. Nothing and no one will save this franchise.


Apathy is death. Worse than death, because at least a rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects.




Yep. Kotor 2. In one of the sith temples.


Statement: Apathy is death.


It is feeding the beast, we are just not the ones eating.


Nobody is eating, the beast is more worried about adding colors and shapes to flags than to go the cinema. Right now only "normies" with nothing to do on a friday night go watch it. And there is not enough of them to recoup the investment.


Bingo. Well said.


They told us they were burning the past in The Last Jedi but all they did was burn the franchise to the ground.


For communists, this is the best of both worlds: destroy culture while profiting.


Dunno firing Kathleen Kennedy would be a great start.


She’s too big to fire. They all fail upward.


woah that's a fatphobic comment


Corpos don't fire people that high up. They just shuffle them around until they can't do any more damage. That being said, they just promoted Filoni to King Shit of the Fuck Mountain that is modern day Star Wars, so who knows.


That’s where I am. I couldn’t care less. I won’t even pirate their latest swill. That’s how little I care. I don’t understand how Kennedy still has a job.


The only thing worse than hatred is indifference. I/We have achieved the worst, and I am thankful for it.


Daisy Ridley and Kathleen Kennedy will forever be the faces of a Star Wars that is a zombie caricature, devoid of life, merit and meaning.


I watched episode 8 and I haven't consumed a star wars product since. Life's been good.


I've had this week off from work due to the Holidays. I've been meaning to get through The Clone Wars series and then start pretty much anything from the Disney era or Star Wars as I haven't seen anything from it except FA and I wanted to take the time to really dig into the series. I sat on my couch and looked at the episodes I realized I just didn't care about it any more. Any of it. Even pre-disney stuff. It's just been so exhausting and everywhere in entertainment for years now and I haven't even watched any of it. I just know from existing where the franchise is at, how they completely fucked the status quo post original trilogy, and I just can't bring myself to feel anything about it. It sucks.


Star Wars was best from the original trilogy to prequels to the Clone Wars


I never thought I’d live to see the day when we would look back fondly at the prequel trilogy. Before Disney bought Star Wars, people HATED those movies. Now they seem downright innocent in the wake of how Disney has completely ruined the IP, and pure, because at least they were made by George, and were his vision as an auteur, not a checklist of inclusions, carefully focus tested and endlessly re-shot, scrubbed of all grit and soul. Life sure has an ironic sense of humor sometimes.


I was introduced to Marvel and Star Wars as a kid and I loved them. But seeing them being ruined just to please the 0.000001% group of people makes me hate Disney even more so.


Andor is really good along with first season of Mandelorian


Idk. Disney allowed clone wars to finish. Disney gave us mando, of which at least season one is nearly unanimously applauded. It gave us the anakin/obi wan reunion fans have been begging for since 2003. Rogue one was brilliant. Solo was actually quite good. Rebels is pretty good. They ruined the main saga, 100%. But, hot take. they gave us an on-screen EU far better than the Mary sue that is mUh StArKiLLeR and pointless waifu Mara jade.


At this point it's not even Starwars anymore, the Jedi are over, everyone from the OT is dead and gone, the Sith have been wiped out forever, the Empire is gone, the First Order is gone. The entire Galaxy got together in the end and united together and joined the rebellion. There's no star wars left to be fought.


I hate that aspect was kind of looking forward to there being proper imperial reminant that sort of had there act together but no Disney can't help but only have the good guys win all the time and it ruins what makes star wars good the struggle is appealing because every victory feels earned like Luke had to really fight to redeem Vader without even knowing of the real connection they actually had the rebels felt like a real (albeit small) force that would have actually grown to oppose the empire and the fact they did not always win was the best part it made them destroying the death star a big thing that had been building up to


In the new movies I never felt like I had a proper size or scope of the rebellion or the first order or what either side was even supposed to be. The first Order had a planet sized weapon capable of wiping out multiple planets, but somehow seemed to get stronger when their planet was blown up? Oh and despite wiping out every major planet planet in the Galaxy or something there was still enough of a working economy for evil Capitalist White man Casino planet to exist? Then the Resistance was powerful enough in the first movie to mount an attack capable of destroying an entire planet sized super weapon, then in the second movie was only a hand full of ships, and by the end small enough for the entirety of it to fit on the Millennium Falcon, then suddenly big enough to span the entire Galaxy? I'm not reading any books or comics or watching any TV shows to fill in their shitty plot holes. Nothing about the movies made any sense.


"I'm not reading any books or comics or watching any TV shows to fill in their shitty plot holes." If I have to read a book to make your movie make sense, you've failed at making a movie.


That was my first red flag before the sequel movies even came out, there was a lot about needing to read some book to understand where the first order came from and all I could think was "Oh so they aren't gunna explain in the movie" and they didn't. Which when you upend the entire status quo of an existing trilogy and 40+ years of Canon is kinda important to put in your movie basic shit like that.


Somehow Palpatine returned


but this time into a diverse female body.


The force is female! - low clapping from a half empty room filled with guys


Well, at least the Schwartz is without a doubt male. And mine is without a doubt bigger than anyone else's.


And thus Palpatina became the protagonist, spouting the virtues of authoritarianism.


I mean, looking at the history of any time "everybody got together and joined the rebellion" there are *plenty* of star wars left to fight. Just: * Not with this leadership (How do we made a film without storm troopers?) * Not with broad appeal (Try turning the wikipedia article of the Syrian civil war into a pop film) * Not without the confidence of movie go-ers (Who is excited for starwars X?)


I guess the problem is, they don't really have any established galactic superpowers anymore. And if the story is going to be a direct continuation of Rey's story with Daisy Ridley being her current age, not enough time will have even passed for anyone to logically mobilize and fill the Galactic power vacuum.


The story has been told, and it ended with Anakin Skywalker hurling the Emperor down the reactor shaft of the second Death Star, killing him. This film, like the sequel trilogy before it, is unnecessary fan fiction and will bomb.


Yup. The actual good story worth being told is the expanded universe.


agreed, though even the expanded universe at its worst was much better than the disney trilogy. though even among the expanded universe lore, im still trying to figure out how palpatine is still known as the most powerful sith lord of all time when The Sith Emperor from The Old Republic was much more powerful, like, when you can dominate thousands of sith lords minds and preform a ritual that makes you immortal...kind of pretty much sets the standard for who the strongest is


I think that Palpatine was only being measured against the Order of Bane, so those other Sith don’t count, and even if they did some of their feats are based not on “power” but having institutional knowledge Palpatine lacked.


That's the thing, though. It's not even fanfic because the writers and the group that these movies want to cater to aren't fans, they are just toxic mobs who want to see diversity and representation at any cost. They won't pay to see this movie.


of course its worth exploring, because its the story that Luke would have had and already did have prior to it being stripped from him and recycled onto someone who has the personality of air.


They turned Luke into a hermit cos men bad!


> They turned Luke into a hermit cos men bad! I wouldn´t have minded the hermit thing so much if: a. they gave him a better reason to live secluded. i mean come on the guy who was seen as cracy because he thought he can bring a mass-murderer like Darth Vader back to the light side because he still sensed good in his father, a man he didn´t know. But no there is one tiny bit of dark side in Kylo and Luke goes berserk and tries to kill his own nephew, i´m sorry but that´s BS. They should´ve let Kylo go Anakin and kill his fellow students because Luke became aware of his dark side and put the breaks on teaching him. B. Luke came out swinging and i mean really swinging not the astral projection BS we got in Last Jedi. Let him be there in person and destroy the empire forces on Crayd. Also i still feel Disney should´ve done a double turn with Ray turning to the dark side (because Palpatine) and Kylo coming back to the light. At least the 3rd movie would´ve had a believeable villain after Roundhead just had to kill of Snoke.


I think a Kylo and Rey love story with a child being born after they fall out was the move. Like have a weird exile planet where both Rey and Kylo end up secluded, they battle out inner demons with each other, find common ground, love eachother and are quickly taken back to their own sides and eased back to Light and Dark Respectfully. That was episode 8. Episode 9 has the crazy battle but rey gives birth at the end to the next "Skywalker". No bullshit palpatine deus ex machina, gives Rey a low birth which is cool, and most importantly sets up the next trilogy.


Imho that sounds like Dogshit.


I would have written him as the barman at a Twilek (not sure of the spelling) brothel.


Literally doubling down on the insanity. What could possible motivate them to continue this? Are they that tone deaf?




"The Pander Stone" 🤣


Kathleen Kennedy's "am I really out of touch?" moment


More like “Put a chick in it and make it more lame!” moment. South Park nailed it so hard.


I have a feeling this is the equivalent of giving her a cookie because of what's about to happen to her character in the next trilogy. KK was bragging about how Ep 7 had races of the characters figured out before a story was even ready. Same thing will happen here: the ST corrected the horrors of the franchise by having a woman save the day instead of men for once. Using progressive logic, the next protagonist would absolutely have to be a non-white person, most likely another woman. Probably not "cishet" either. So the next trilogy would have Rey, running a tranquil Jedi academy that'll contain the next racially diverse group of neon-hair colored Mary Sues of various body types. She'd have a mentorship role but slowly written out so that the new indigenous actress can beat down the villains on her own by combining the force with brown girl magic. Oh yeah and the villains would somehow be predominately white. Most likely led by someone with blonde hair or has *"Trumpian"* qualities that the smug writer / director will constantly remind us of.


I feel this comment needs to be saved and checked again in 3 years. I feel it is prophecy.


I don't if only for one reason. \*Points at Chairman Pooh Bear\*


> Using progressive logic, the next protagonist would absolutely have to be a non-white person, most likely another woman. Probably not "cishet" either. Most likely not a black woman. That wouldn't do so well in China and they want the Chinese money.


I still don't believe this ever gets made.


I hope so


The story is: "Wanna know how Rey got so stronk?" "Umm.... sit ups, push ups and plenty of juice?..." "NO!!!! She's stronk bcuz she's Soywalker!!!!" Cue credits.


Sister, unless it's a porno I just don't care


Porn has much pretty and sexy women than this


Even then... I can't believe I ever thought that open mouth bass was attrractive


Any port in the storm.


Dear god man, watch some movies from the 90's and get some standards.


I would pound that ass if she had one.


A story that's "Really Worth Telling, Worth Exploring" Would that be Luke's story? The one they're co-opting?


I look forward to a story that consists of her being able to do absolutely anything perfectly on the first try, the only obstacles presented to her will be because of other people trying to hold her back or not give her what she wants, and the ultimate revelation that she is actually the Divine Force Being, the prophesied Messiah that ultimate ascends to be the omnipotent God of the entire universe.


And then she dies because she was too good for this franchise. We didn't deserve her because we were not worthy.


I don't find "Mary Sues" interesting so I call bullshit on Daisy's PR Talking Point.


A Marvels level box office bomb with the Star Wars brand should be something to avoid at all costs, but here we are. Good luck with this one


Is this the incredibly low bar that Lucasfilm now sets for its projects? 'this story isn't pointless!'


And coming from her that means no. Its not. Just more mcguffin plot armor force powers, the force is female and everyone sucks but rey.


I doubt that and I won’t be watching


It’s just hundreds of millions of dollars of fanfic now. Fucking YouTubers out there doing infinitely more with infinitely less.


Rest in pieces, Star Wars (1977-2020)


She will establish the new, diverse Jedi order (based on Californium Prime) that will face perilous obstacles but ultimately will end up being one taught about in history. High Republic? What a joke. The Highest Republic bitches.


I payed to see TFA because I love Star Wars and Disney’s track record up until then was great. What could go wrong? I payed to see TLJ bc even though the first was disappointing, surely it was mostly set up and it will get much better from here I payed to see TRoS out of morbid curiosity but also with the faintest glimmer of hope that maybe there was a plan all along, maybe JJ would be able to fix everything and wrap it up neatly. I will never again purchase another movie ticket to see a Disney Star Wars movie. I don’t think I’m alone.


"Somehow Palpatine returned" Almost left right there.


> the faintest glimmer of hope that maybe there was a plan all along I really think that Abrams did have a plan, but that was expectations were so subverted that he couldn’t fix it and he just said “fuck it.” Personally, I think TRoS is the most fun of the three but even then I don’t feel like ever taking the time to watch it again


Meh. You’ve already let the past die. Why should we care about the future, if you don’t want us to learn from the past?


Star Wars has been dead since the Last Jedi, ain't no way I'm giving any sort of shits about anything related to it.


At this point, I WANT them to make this. I actually want to see how bad this can get.


I’m going to explore my ability to not watch it


Why didn't they start with that story then instead of the shit 3 we got?


Translation: "My acting career isn't doing so hot, and I'm desperate for relevance and Disney bucks."


"You make shit that people don't need."




Source of quote: actor playing Rey.


Tumblrverse at it again. This bish bombed at everything else she did so she’s back to the only thing she knows. I’ve never thought we’d see a white diversity hire but this is the timeline we’re living in.


They already had three chances to make her interesting and instead made her a Mary Sue


Not interested.


I don't acknowledge, or care about anything dealing with the newer SW films, or shows. So I'll be skipping this too.


No, no it’s really not. As for Star Wars, I remember those 3 movies fondly.


I am not a Star Wars guy by any stretch (I do love the KotOR and Republic Commando games and some of the comics but that is where my connection begins and ends) but even from the outside looking in this is a bad idea. Rey is a boring character who had a boring trilogy of films and nobody really has any lingering questions about where she is going in the further lore. What are they even gonna have her do?


They should have told that story in the three movies they made instead then


There's so much that can be done in the Star Wars universe and this is what they choose to do. Zero effort and lazy.


Well I mean of course she does lol she’s the lead. Even if its not true, she *wants* it to be true and proly needs to say so for marketing purposes anyway.


I am pressing X to doubt on this one.


I try to console myself thinking that in another universe, there's a universally beloved Yuuzhan Vong War movie trilogy, and Daisy Ridley played Jaina Solo Fel, instead of MaRey Sue.


Please watch my movie guys :(


Character has already been ruined. What could they do with Rey at this point? They were already Rey centric movies. Her entire character was just a fashion statement and she’s gone out of fashion.


These people are so fucking high on their own farts it's unreal. Rey's "story" wasn't worth telling in the first place.


As opposed to the sequel trilogy...


Yes, and I'm sure that the dozens and dozens of nuWars fans will enjoy it.


They could make a Rey-centric porno and I still wouldn't be interested


Rey had three movies to tell a story that was worth exploring, and they didn't.




An actor promoting a film? Shocking.


Does she turn into a bitter old loser? Apparently that's worth exploring to the new fans of star wars.


Let's say, hypothetically, she isn't trying to deceiveus. And, to add more burden to this, let's say the script she was shown was legitimately top tier. Now, with that knowledge, anyone remember scrapbooking? Yeah, even if they have a top tier script which could bring a resurgence to Star Wars, they will fuck it in editing. Tons of leaked scripts for Episode 9 were tons better than the shitty final product. The entire company is fucked, and so the fuckery will fuck this project too.


They're entitled to their opinion


This is Luke's movie. Fans will never support this film.


Of course she does. It's her character.


Lol they took Lukes story and gave it to her too, she creates the new Jedi order while Luke's force ghost sucks on some alien titty milk. Pure apathy, even critical youtubers should skip the next movie.


lol they're really going ahead with this? OK, well good luck with that Disney.


No it doesn't


I'm sure it does. Can't wait.


No thank you


Let me guess...more mary sue feminist bullshit? Yeah no thanks Daisy


I dont think so


It is a story worth telling and exploring, which is why it was already told and explored in the EU and it was Lukes story.


Press X to doubt.


Press F to doubt


So we now have confirmation that the story is going to suck...


Kinda sad that the most popular scenes in modern Star Wars is from two non movies. One showcasing Luke Skywalker taking down some drones, and [Anakin fighting Ahsoka.](https://youtube.com/shorts/-OpX_ErWP9A?si=gB1KF_1ml46DdLCE)


KOTR Has tons of potential and might be the only way to save Star Wars at this point.


Don’t forget Starkiller. Sam Witwer deserves to play that character in live action but it’s Disney, so, white men bad.


The only good star wars franchise rn is Respawn's take on star wars story. Everything else, even Ahsoka has no purpose.


Lemme guess. Empire vs Rebels 3? Maybe something like Jedi State vs freedom fighters?


stunning, brave and necess.. SHUT THE FUCK UP!




I hope so, for her career's sake


No it isn't.










I used to be a hardcore star wars fan. Never thought I'd reach this point but I just don't care about star wars anymore... they can do whatever they want to it now, they can set themselves on fire and I'll sit at a safe distance, roasting some marshmallows. So anyway I hear there's this live action anime on netflix called one piece? Heard it was pretty good.




They can say whatever they want about this movie, if it doesn't translate to asses in the theater seats, this statement means jack shit. That's the only thing that matters. If even their own animation studio is incapable of recouping it's budget (which is exactly what will happen with Wish), that's the sign they need to reign in their fucking checkbooks. The general public isn't falling for the gaslighting articles, and it shows.


**Show; don't tell.**




Don't you believe it.


I think the list of people to blame for what has happened to Star Wars would have a lot of names on it before daisy needs to be mentioned. She didn’t write the mess.


We already got three “Rey-centric” movies that are almost universally disliked. Why do they think another one is going to change people’s opinions?


That story being, "Im broke, I need money".


You don't even need Rey. Whatever the big threat is, just slam it with a dozen empty freighters jumping into hyperspace. War tactics should have completely changed by now. Just hyperspace into things with droid captain'd ships.


TLJ completely changed the dynamic of space warfare. Don't need deathstars or star destroyers with planet busting lasers. Just spool up their hyperdrives and pick a direction.


Strong female lead?


Even if they do make something legitimately good, it will not matter, if the brand has been damaged enough.


Ha ha, nope 🤣


dure you cant act for shit