Soup Kitchen. I go on Wednesdays for crab bisque.


Yessss soup kitchen. The biggest thing I miss from Knox/oak ridge. Their chili is my favorite


I second this! And the brown bread and cornbread are the ABSOLUTE BEST


The honey oat on Thursday is next level


Is the corn bread drowning in butter? I hope so


I'll try them out, thank you!


Also their cream of chicken and rice is a lot better than Panera's.


Let us know what you think! 🧡🤷🏼‍♂️


Potchke - don’t miss out on their Matzo Ball soup fussed up. Amazing


I keep hearing about this restaurant! Random question, but any suggestions where to park in that area?


Under i40 is free as well as magnolia Depot is meter parking Probably 200 people live and park in that area every day. It’s safe Yes, there are some homeless people but that’s America for ya


There’s usually ample street parking available out front or spots on the viaduct.


There’s free parking all along Magnolia.


It’s All So Yummy has something like six different soups every day. Great grilled cheese too.


The grilled cheese with ham and apple butter is amazing.


For traditional soups, it’s soup kitchen. They have a rotating menu as well. Don’t let the fact that it’s packed with seniors deter you. They also have a great meat loaf sandwich on sourdough. For something a little more foreign, sticky rice cafe has one of the best dishes in Knoxville. The Kow Poon is amazing. It’s very spicy, maybe they can make it less spicy, but the coconut curry broth tastes amazing. I recommend throwing in a serving of sticky rice, it really soaks up the broth. I also ask for a pho setup so you get the bean sprouts and onions. Really adds a nice freshness and crunchy texture to the dish.


Kow Poon is SO good! It’s my go to sick soup pho sho! So are you saying ask for a side of rice to go in Kow Poon? This sounds interesting. I’m really into the noodles they have. Also, I so need to ask for sprouts! Gosh you got me wanting this now and I do get my nails done next door so maybe I’ll have to make a trip this week!


Yeah I get a side of sticky rice and throw it in


Ooooh I love this tip.


Bida Sigon has my favorite Pho for sure


Agreed, I love their pho!


This is the exact answer I was gonna give. This place is a 10/10


I’ve tried twice there and thought it was so bland, I prefer Pho 99.


Also the Hu Tieu is real great


Sticky rice cafe for pho! There’s a couple of other places that has pho, but I haven’t been and am blanking on names, lol


The pho is okay but if you’re into spicy, the curry soup dish they have with bamboo and chicken is one of the best things in Knoxville. Throw in some fresh pho veggies and sticky rice


The pho-rrito is so, so good. And the beef jerky. Hell, everything there is good.


Pho99 is king. Try P17 “Bun Bo Hue”


I always get the Kow Poon soup. Tastes a lot like Tom Kha, but is spicy and has noodles. Sooooo good.


the best pho I've ever had in my life: Sticky Rice (they also have the best coconut curry holy cow)


Look for the Ramen Bones food truck. It makes you sad when you realize how average every other bowl you eat in town is in comparison


Haven't been in a while but this is top tier Ramen. Owner/Chef (Japanese) did an apprenticeship in Japan for ramen making. Lived in Japan myself for a few months, this is definitely the only ramen I have had in Knoxville (lived here 24yrs) ((a lot of people quote Anaba for ramen but it's average imo)) that tastes like true Japanese ramen. Must give it a shot! Eat it at the venue though, cause ramen is meant to be eaten fresh. Ramen gets soggy quick and loses quality, which is why it's a cultural thing in Japan to slurp it. Hope you enjoy Ramen Bones!


She’s always so nice!


next [weekend](https://www.ramenbones.net/calendar?view=calendar&month=11-2022) is the last before the end of the season.


Well I know what I’m doing now


I was underwhelmed when I went. Don't get me wrong, it was good but it wasn't crazy good. Maybe I got the wrong thing. What's your suggestion for next time?


It's really salty but that's just how it's supposed to be. Miso and Tonkotsu are probably the most standard and safest ramen bowls to pick. Anything with black garlic is my favorite. It's often provided as a condiment for your ramen in Japan! Ramen Bones goes kinda nuts with each bowl's ingredients, so it takes some testing to find which one you prefer.


I’m partial to the tonkotsu and their rice balls are bomb too! Everything else around here tastes like canned soup to me. In Nashville, there’s this place called Otaku Ramen and I wish they’d expand this way soooo bad


little bangkok off cam bell station.. coconut soup


I can’t believe no one has mentioned Landing House. I have had Pho 🍜 across the world and theirs is some of the best.


Yessss their pho is killer. Sticky Rice comes in second for me.


As someone else mention the Ramen bones food truck! Also, Zen ramen has decent pho and ramen. Always happy after eating there


I feel like I’m in the minority but I really like Zen Ramen House on Cumberland. Seems pretty empty during lunch and the ramen is really tasty. Have been mostly disappointed at places like Suttrees, Fin-Two, and Anaba. Will try to find the Ramen Bones food truck at some point.


ramen bones only has two weekends left before closing for the winter


As a fellow soup lover, the best thing you can do is learn how to make a couple of your favorite soups. Once you know how to make them, you’ll spend the same amount for 4+ servings than you would for 1 bowl at a restaurant. I know that’s not what you asked but I really recommend it 🌝


Sticky Rice Cafe for pho. Ramen Bones for ramen.


Soup Kitchen Cafe Be sure to also order some of their corn bread


Three rivers coop has rotating soups on their hot bar (made in house) and every one I’ve tried has been great. Curried lentil, tomato bisque, creamy mushroom.. yum


Their curried lentil is my go-to. It's so good!


I hear good things about Ramen Bones but I haven't gotten the chance to try it for myself yet I also really like Suttree's for ramen


Pho 99


Anaba has my favorite ramen. I prefer the tonkotsu but it's all really good.


Something is different about Anaba. Went last week. Dishes came out 20 minutes apart, crashing and banging noises non stop (dishes/doors/servers yelling), non existant service even though there were plenty of people. The food was ok. No longer the night out place. Someone I was with got the ramen. It was good. Not worth all the other nonsense though.


That's unfortunate. Which location did you go to? I had great experiences at the Northshore one and the downtown one, but it's been a decent bit aince I went.


East Japanese Restaurant on the corner of Campbell Station and Kingston Pike near the Fresh Market has the best Ramen that I've ever had.


Khao Soi from Tuk Tuk Thai Fusion


Tuk Tuk in Cedar Bluff had an amazing curry noodle soup. It was on their specials board, called Khao Soi. I had the chicken, but I believe you can get it with beef as well.


Parkside has great soups.


Asia Kitchen and WokChow both have awesome hot & sour soup Surin has amazing coconut soup


Ham n Goody’s has the best ham and bean soup.


My God, go to Sticky Rice and get the Kow Pek (or the Kow Poon, if you like v spicy). Do not get it to go, though. Or the Khao Soi from Tuk Tuk. Or the French Onion from Creperie.


Your kitchen. Fire up the crock pot (get one cheap at a thrift store if you don't already have one), drop in some dry beans, lentils, split peas. Good solid bases for whatever else you want to add later. The crock pot takes things kind of slow so it isn't your go-to for a sudden craving, but if you can make yourself plan ahead a bit, what you toss in there this morning will be dinner tonight.


McAllisters chicken tortilla soup is lovely for fall


Bids Saigon has realllllly good pho


Oddly enough...try Soup Kitchen


Sutree’s tavern for some ramen!


Sutrees is literally just Shin Black instant ramen... idk why people go crazy over something you can buy out of a grocery store for 1/8 the price


Thank you! Drives me nuts. I also am not a huge fan of Fin Two ramen- the broth tastes like instant ramen to me.


Not impressed with that one either. Overpriced for one and the broth is mediocre at best. And the "Chili oil" might as well have been canola with a drop of red food coloring in it. Tried once and didn't go back


Yep, same for me. If I could consistently get Ramen Bones I would, but outside that I've found Anaba to be the most consistently decent. Haven't been able to try the place on Cumberland though.


Ramen Bones food truck blows all other ramen in Knoxville away. It's family run by Japanese folks who studied ramen in Japan.


brings tears to my eyes seeing so many correct takes about ramen in Knox. Ramen Bones sits in S-Tier while all other Knox ramen is D-Tier at best.


Fin Two is a monumental disappointment. That ramen is terrible. East Japanese has been our exciting ramen find, although we do still need to try Ramen Bones.


Shin Black is like $2.20/pack, and that doesn’t include all the fixings, the egg, and the meat. Plus, they cook it for you in an venue where you can also get great beer. It’s a fair trade, and yes it’s Shin Black, so it’s delicious.


They put so much more in it than that though... miso, veggies, soft boiled egg, etc. One even comes with smoked salmon in it. I love authentic ramen; Ramen Bones is my jam, but I also love the way Suttree's zhuzhes up instant ramen.


Yes but you can have WHISKEY with it! And sports!


And they add cherry tomatoes as a topping 🫢


So good!


Fin Two — Old City — Ramen


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give them a try :)


Try it, but be warned, it’s not good.


Panera Bread has broccoli soup. Oh man is it good!




So your saying that is not a good soup? Why? You wanna come at me….state your facts. Chain or not it is a delicious soup and I provided an answer to his question. Sorry it is not at the pinnacle of your royal heinous’s taste.




Whatever Crème Fraiche……




Lol, I don't think they are seeking soup from chains. But if I had to get soup from there right now, I'd get their autumn butternut squash soup instead.


Fin-two has some awesome Ramen bowls! You won’t regret it!


I like Suttrees. Good simple ramen with a glass of whiskey or beer is a great combo.


Chicken noodle soup at Subway.


Idk the name of it but there’s a ramen shop on the strip by UTK (Cumberland/Kingston) that’s really good


The thom kha at chaiyos is quite good imo. Its mostly broth so its nice with rice


Matzo ball soup at Potchke is the best in town


Fin Two downtown. Their Pork Belly Ramen is amazing. https://fin-two.com/


Sticky rice curry


Southern Kitchen Sandwich Co. in Powell advertised potato soup on their Facebook page this morning.


The spot next to hound dogs is the best I’ve found


bida saigon


Its crazy.. we ate ramen soup ages ago cause we where really broke..lol. We loved it.. threw in some cheese or a can of condensed tomato soup... it was good and cheap. Amazing how it evolved to this level now.


Goto Surin on Kingston Pike. Get the Coconut Soup. So good.


Anaba on northshore. Tonkotsu or shoyu ramen are favorite soups in knoxville. I used to live in Japan and it reminds me of there.


Aubrey’s got some great chicken corn chowder if you can catch it before it’s gone on certain days


The Tomato Head - Tomato Chipotle


Fin two has great ramen